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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Lord and Lady Weller, part 9 
30th-Sep-2009 10:54 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Name: Lord and Lady Weller

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: Conzak

Rating: K+ – M/ PG-13 – NC-17

Warnings: yaoi, citrus (mainly lemon), crossdressing (it’s Yozak, damnit!), OC (minor character) and OOC, fluff, romance, ... duh.

Summary: Conrad and Yozak wanted to marry since a long time, but things changed and Yozak is getting impatient. How far is Conrad willing to go in order to keep the one he loves by his side forever?


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Kyou Kara Maou. If I did, it would be censored 18+ and a whole episode would be dedicated to Conrad f*cking Yozak into the matress. And Yuuri would finally marry Wolfram. And so on. Seeing that none of this is happening, I guess Kyou Kara Maou doesn’t belong to me. Sadly. But I’m making plans on seducing the owners and inherit the rights.

Well, I have to thank you for your requests. They’re acknowledged and inspired me. However, I tried. I really tried to write a seme Yozak, but I couldn’t. I have a major problem with it. You’ll have to cope with what I was able to produce here.

Also, the plan is that they won’t speak with anybody from Blood Pledge Castle untill the end of the year/honeymoon. That’s the whole point of the fanfic: Away from Blood Pledge Castle, ‚free from them‘, as if they never lived there. A new life. A dream which lasts a whole year. But I’ll update on the castle from now on. And who knows...maybe, maybe, may be...

And please note, that this fic isn’t about sex, so don’t await any graphic descriptions, or kink, or anything like that. This chapter is the only exception I’m going to make. I do agree with you that Conrad is completely the type to like kink, but don’t search for one in this fanfic. It will be hinted, but not described (only partially, like in the cottage chapter). Just like their wedding night had been. This is also the only time I’m writing a seme Yozak. It has been enough for a whole lifetime, really. Never again. Gah.

Also, I need to fill out like about...30-40 weeks with something. So if you have a request: A week in the countryside, a cruise, tropical island (each one is planned and serves as an example), feel free to tell me. Don’t tell me how you would like to see Conrad, or Yozak, dressed in black or white, bottom or top, naked or dressed with leather, that isn’t something that should concern you. Try to think about what they should do in a peculiar country to fill out the 40 weeks and get your mind out of the gutter! The idea with the bandits was a very good one. That could last a week or so. That’s something I’m deffinitely writing and I already have wonderfull ideas for it.

Sorry to bother you with this so much and sounding as if nothing could satisfy me ^^“ *apologetic smile*

So, now I’ll finally leave you to the chapter. Hope you all like it.

Exchanging expieriences

Surely enough, the next day they arrived at the capital of Small Shimaron. They didn’t search for an inn, because it was custom, that the attendants of the ball and their servants sleep in the castle, in special rooms reserved for this occassion. The ball season of Small Shimaron was a grand event which lasted a whole week. A whole week of dancing, sleeping like kings do and actually speaking with a real one. The tables were always overflowing with food, the halls were decorated in the colours of the country, each candle and torch were burning, lighting the halls and floors up as if it was the bright sky they were in. Only the nightsky would give away the actual time of the day.

But that was still far away, since the carriages and carts only started to arrive at the castle. Tomorrow morning would be the most critical time. The reception would start, right after that the royal audiences and in the evening the long awaited event. So it was a good thing that by sunset the cart of Lord and Lady Weller passed the city gates.

They were showed into a rather spacious room, decorated in light colors, with a huge wardrobe, a balcony and a kingsized bed with skies in the middle of the room. A wooden table and a secretary were present too, together with every other thing a guest room in a castle needed. It didn’t take them long to make themselves comfortable, both being able to quickly adapt to new conditions.

„I’s spacious.“ Stated Lady Weller the obvious as she was putting their clothes into the large wardrobe. Lord Weller nodded, while he proceeded to help his wife.

„It is.“ Then he looked behind himself, his smirk predatory. „Especially the bed.“

Lady Weller gave him a sideways glance. „Mylord is thinking things again. If I might be so bold to remind you, I want to dance tomorrow.“

„The ball starts in the evening.“

„The audiences in the morning.“

„I still can carry you.“

„Mylord! By all means, you are starting to get rude!“ Lord Weller looked at his wife with a startled look on his face. But Lady Weller still wasn’t finished. „You really would be even as rude to humiliate me in front of everybody to get what you want! I’m sick and tired of it! Every evening, every night, every day, it’s the same melody, over and over again! Do you think I’m your puppet or a toy?! I didn’t marry you for that! Seriously, sometimes I have the feeling you didn’t change since the academy and are still the same, promiscous bastard you were back then!“

Conrad only stared at his wife in shock. He never expected, much less foresaw such an outburst. But the last sentence made him really flinch. Was he really overdoing it so much? Lady Weller turned sharply around, showing her husband her back and the Lord noticed that she was trembling.


„I’m no woman!“

He flinched again, though he didn’t know if it was the sentence which made him, or the broken voice. „Yozak...“ he heard a silent sniff and he knew instantly, that he did, indeed, overdo it. He made his love cry again. „I’m...I didn’t...I...“ he sighed. „Is it...really that bad from me to want to be with you?“

„No...“ came the weak answer. „Just sometimes it...makes me feel...like a whore...“

That hurt. It really did. He actually made Yozak feel like that? He kicked himself as hard as he could and wrapped his arms around the strong waistline and noted that Yozak was wearing a corsette again. But this time it didn’t turn him on as usually. „I’m sorry...I never realized...I...didn’t know that...it reminds you of how I used to be. I never expected that...“ he stopped his words right there. What he was about to say would be really unfair. But as Yozak asked „that?“, he couldn’t but answer, with all honesty „That you doubt me like that.“

To his surprise Yozak didn’t draw away from him. Instead he answered: „I can’t help it. Sometimes, I just...Every time you eye me like a Lion in heat, I see you, how you give that look to one of your girlfriends. Most of the time I see Marta in my imagination and the closeness you two had. She was your longest affair and I saw how close you two were. It was then, that I started to think I had no chance, that you found the one you actually would like to spend your lifetime with. I didn’t show it, but I was depressed. When I was alone my cheerfull mask dropped. Only Rob noticed. You remember the blond halfmazoku I was dating before you, don’t you? You know, he actually knew. He knew where my heart lays and he still tried it with me. But as he saw how depressed I am from the mere thought of you being with somebody else, he broke up with me. To spare us both even more pain. I was thankfull for that actually. I hated that I hurt him with my feelings, I hated that I was dating somebody I didn’t love, I hated that I pretended, lied to a friend I really treassured. So he did us both a favour and ended it. It brought me at least a little relief and it meant that I could finally confind in somebody. Actually he was the one who helped me sneak out of the academy as the security became tighter. I dressed as a girl and he posed as my boyfriend. He did it only so I could meet you. And we came together.“

„The first time I saw you in girls clothes was the first time I felt more than friendship towards you.“

„I know. You told me that once.“

„While I’m happy that I realized my feelings, I hate myself for what I felt back then.“

„I know that too. And yet...“ finally Yozak turned to him, his eyes unbelievingly sad. „I still doubt you. I’m a jerk.“

Conrad shook his head. „I’m the jerk. I’m the jerk for taking so freely what you are offering to me. I’m the jerk to be incosiderate about your feelings when you willingly submit to me, most of the time only because I coax you into it...“

„You know that I love having sex with you...“

„But you hate that I always make you unable to walk.“

„I don’t hate it...“

„It makes you frustrated and exasperated with me. For me that equals hate, because it means I made you feel negative. I’m sorry. I really am. For making you feel like that, even more for never realizing this.“

Their eyes met and to Conrads surprise, Yozak kissed him. But he pulled away shortly after. „Don’t be. If I really didn’t want it, I wouldn’t cope with you. I love you and I love the things you do to me. Even if they make me frustrated and unable to walk.“ They kissed again, this time moving simultanously. This kiss didn’t last long either. „So anata, why don’t you carry me to our bed and mark me as your territory, my wild lion?“

„I love you.“ They kissed for the third time and this time, they pulled away only as they desperately needed air, after a total of five minutes, as their were laying on the huge bed and their upper clothing was already removed. The trousers (in Lady Wellers case the unserskirts) and undergarnment (the push up bra too this time) followed shortly after that and soon enough they laid panting, their bodies joined in the most intimate way.

Half an hour later, they laid in the bed, bodies pressed tightly together, both drenched in sweat, but content and relaxed. Lady Wellers head was nestled on the strong chest of his husband and Conrad watched the peacefull face of his wife, stroking the fiery locks, a loving smile on his face. How come he never noticed the amount of the devotion he gave him? Only now he realized the depths of their love and vowed to himself to take it more seriously. He felt a smile against his chest and shortly after that he heard a silent murmur: „How come Mylord didn’t jump me again, yet? One time never sates you...“

„Didn’t you wish for just one time? The wish of my beautifull Lady is like a command to me.“

„Mylord is so kind...“

„But say, why didn’t you ever tell me? Also, this was the first time you spoke about your break-up with Rob. You never really told me the reasons, only that he ended it, not you.“

Yozak was silent for a while. „I didn’t think of it as significant. At first I didn’t want you to know about my feelings, in order not to risk our friendship. And after we came together, it didn’t matter why we broke up. I had you. There was no need to be depressed, or dwell on things, which really didn’t matter.“

Conrad nodded, still stroking his hair. Suddenly a thought crossed his mind. At first he shook it off, but after a short while it came back and kept bugging him, untill he couldn’t surpress it anymore. „Yozak.“

„What is it, anata?“

„Wanna top?“

Yozak sat straight up, staring disbelievingly into the honeybrown eyes. Conrads look was honest, without any other thoughts, simple curiousity and no doubt in his shining orbs. The sun has set, it was dusk.

„What?“ he gasped out.

„I asked if you want to top me.“

They stared at eachother, both looks searching. „Why?“

„Curiousity? I don’t know. It just popped into my mind and I can’t shake it off.“

„But you...I...you...“

„I know. I have never. At the academy I had this controll complex and as we came together...it kinda never occured to me. But now it seems...natural. Let me tell you, I just realized that if there’s anybody whom I know I can trust as much as to give myself to him, it’s you.“

Yozak was speechless. He was openly gaping, without even the strenght to blink. Conrad just asked him to dominate him? No. Conrad would never, Conrad couldn’t, damn he knew Conrad for almost a century now and he knew, that the brownhaired male had major problems with being controlled. Just as he knew that he had major problems to controll somebody. He always let himself be led. He wasn’t a leader, he was a follower. Yes, he made independent choices, but always according to orders. And this applied to his husband even twice as much. He followed the man everywhere, without hesitation, without doubt. Exceptions only confirming the rules. And now they should...reverse? But then again, it was just sex...he told himself, but right on cue he shook his head mentally. No. Their sex always reflected their relationship. To dominate him wouldn’t feel right. And also, there was this one other problem weighing on his mind. Something he never told his partner.

He looked away. „I...I don’t think I can.“

„Why not?“ Conrads smile was understanding, not curious. And yet he still asked.

And Yozak answered. „It...wouldn’t feel right.“

„Don’t know untill you try.“

He looked again at his husband, again surprised. „I...“ maybe it was time to tell him. He looked away again. „It isn’t just that...“

„What else is there?“ There wasn’t a bit of curiousity in that voice, but Yozak didn’t wonder why. He felt that really it was time to tell him.

„It’s...I...“ he was thinking where to start. Maybe from the beginning.

„I always knew that I loved only you. Somehow, somewhere along our road we walked together, I realized this. I knew you were the one and so...even if I dated somebody...“ he sighed. „Remember? I had only two partners in my life. One girl, Carrie. Back then I was...still...uh, shy...as you might recall...And so we, ah, never...really did...anything.“ damn why was this so hard?! He thought he got over his ‚shy phase‘.

It was true, yes. As he was still a child and in his early puberty, he had that complex. He never approached anyone unless he knew that it was safe, like Dan Hiri, Conrad, or his adoptive family, or his friends. But as he did, he was fidgeting while talking. And he didn’t loose it untill...like 50 (AN: 15 humans age). And then...

„And then there was Rob. By then I was even more sure, that I want only you. And even if I considered...“ only a few more words, then it would be done. But Shinou, this was embarassing... „giving myself to him...I always pulled back. It wouldn’t have been fair, since the only one I thought about, was you. So as we two, you and I, finally, after months...I still haven’t told you how I admired your patience back then,“ (his small remark didn’t really lessen his embarassment, or made him more in ease and he sighed) „it wasn’t only our first time together. It was mine too.“ He finished in a whisper and noticed that his face was burning and that he couldn’t look at his husband.

(AN: I know it’s ridiculous and irrealistic for Yozak to be virgin at that stage. But still, in this fanfic, I think it’s fitting. Always knowing that he loved Conrad, he wouldn’t be a jerk to give false hopes to somebody, or do something that he would deeply regrett, only because ‚everyone did it‘. Yozak isn’t everyone. He’s an individualist. And he stands for his decisions and beliefs, so if he decided that Conrad would be his first, he would be.)

„I know.“ This made him turn his face back to look at Conrad and what he saw was a knowing, gentle smile.

„You what?“ that jerk knew all along?! „But how?“

Conrad chuckled. „That time, I knew you worried about our relationship and how a night together would affect it. I saw those doubts and I completely understood them. If I was in your situation, I would’ve felt the same. However, what I saw in your two, wonderfull, skyblue eyes, wasn’t only worry, or fear about the change which it would bring. You were scared. I saw the fear, I felt you trembling. You thought I wouldn’t notice you trembling, ever so slightly?“ Conrad closed his eyes for a moment. As he opened them, Yozak saw shame and regret. „Even if I feel like a complete ass about it, I had sex with many virgins, I knew how they tremble and I knew when I saw one.“

„But...why did you never...“

„Tell you? Because it was obvious to me, that since you didn’t tell me, you wouldn’t like to talk about it. I waited untill you approach me. Even if it took a good deal of years.“ As he looked at Yozak again, his eyes held a mischievous sparkle. „That’s why.“

Yozak was stunned. That...damn...jerk...knew...all...along...and...he...didn’t...tell...him! He sighed. „Busted...“

Conrad actually chuckled. „So...Are you willing now to reconsider?“

Yozak raised an eyebrow.

„About what I asked you a few minutes ago.“

Oh. Conrad was still smiling at him as Yozak considered the offer. Should he? „I still don’t know...“

„It isn’t that difficult as it looks.“

„That’s not the problem!“

„I know.“

Yozak sighed again. Damn jerk...Difficult...It didn’t even look difficult! In, out, where was the problem? He simply still had a problem with it. „You do realize that I’m the on who wears nighgowns and dresses, and has the title Lady?“

„So what? You still aren’t a woman. Or why did you shout at me, that you aren’t one?“

Touché. What other argument had he? None. Besides one, but never in any hell would he confess, that he was afraid of doing something wrong. Or to hurt Conrad. He knew that his husband has never been bottom and he knew that when not carefull, the first time hurt. Not from own expieriences, Conrad was carefull enough (and now he understood why), he heard it from other guys and even a few girls. It was one of the reasons, why he was so afraid that first time. And now, since he didn’t have any expieriences in dominating, he knew this would go so wrong...

„Don’t know untill you try.“

How did he...

„You spoke out loud, anata.“

That damn, smug bastard... „Fine.“

Conrad grinned like a cat who just ate the neighbours canary. ...Or a lion which ate a full gazelle, in that matter. And suddenly, Yozak had the feeling, that he was in deep shit. Conrad seemed to sense this, since he leaned forward and gave him a small peck on the lips. „Don’t worry. I know you’ll do wonderfull. At least I’ll know how you feel in the mornings.“

„Like shit. The first time...“

„Why do you keep bothering yourself with it? Don’t think. Feel.“

And slowly, Yozak leaned forward, kissing his husband. It was a strange feeling to be the one to deepen the kiss, to be the one to initiate deeper contact, to be the one leading. The worst thing was he didn’t know how to. He knew how to passionately respond, not how to passionately start. Conrad seemed to notice this, as he sighed and suddenly kissed him roughly. Yozak flared. This was how he wanted to feel. He felt like on fire, as he responded with equal roughness and didn’t even notice, how it suddenly was him who seeked the deeper contact, as he led Conrad. He didn’t notice untill he felt himself fall forward. He pulled away and realized that Conrad let himself fall backwards. Or did he actually push him into the blankets?

His husband licked his lips. „Like that, yes. Now, would you please care to continue? I was enjoying myself immensely.“

Yozak felt overridden. Was this how he always looked like when Conrad kissed him? Were his lips this swollen? Was he as flushed? Was he really so sexable? Suddenly, he absolutely understood how Conrad could be turned on so much only by looking at him. To know that it was him, who made the man under him feel like that, made him twitch. He leaned forward again, and hesitated only for a mere second before he leaned down and kissed his husband. He still felt unsure, but as he felt those lips moving with him, by his command, in that direction he wanted them to, parting and closing like he led them, opening for him as he darted his tongue forward, he felt himself grow bolder.

He released Conrads shoulders (he really pushed him down, didn’t he?), one hand supporting him, the other tracing down his side, while shaking with nervousity of doing something wrong, even if he did what he loved when Conrad did to him. Then he remembered, that before Conrad stroked and massaged his side, he always groped his tighs, wandering up and down. His hand jerked abruptly away, but what surprised him was the moan, which escaped his beloved lords lips, as he broke the contact. He knew that sound – he always made it when Conrad teased him by making him wait. Slowly he put the hand back again and massaged the strong hip. As he felt Conrads back arch, he massaged it some more and it earned him a toss of the head and a deep moan. So he proceeded to stroke the lower abdomen of his lover and Conrad bucked underneath him.

He really couldn’t believe this. Was this how Yozak always felt, when he did those things to him? Was this why he moaned so much and begged for more, even if it was like the 5th time the night they did it? It felt so good... Of course he recognized his moves, he knew how he always traced the sides, the ribs, stroked the hips, massaged the abdomen. But to expierience his own moves on himself, was unbelievable. He felt his throat being kissed and he shivered. It felt so good...so phantastic...No wonder that Yozak never hesitated to let himself surrender into his touch.

And suddenly he knew why he insisted so much on changing the positions – it would make them understand eachother more, allow their relationship evolve to something deeper, more intense, more intimate. For example, he never realized how skilled Yozaks tongue was untill now, when he licked his chest with it, massaged the nipples and finally darted it into his navel. He moaned at the contact and bucked his hips, but felt himself being pushed down. He made a mental note not to stop his wife anymore from doing it, because, Shinou, it was such a torture, not to be able to move like his passion ordered him to. As he felt Yozak take him into his mouth, he let out a groan. It wasn’t something new, Yozak did that often, but never did he know how it felt, when he was being pushed down, not being able to do anything.

But nontheless, it wasn’t entirely allien, so he shooed his love away from it. At the questioning gaze he moaned: „...Else.“ Understanding flashed through Yozaks eyes and Conrad prepared himself for what was about to come. He knew it – Yozak copied his moves, so he knew very well. But even if he tried to prepare himself for it, it still made him scream from pleasure as he felt that skilled tongue dart inside him.

Yuck. That was Yozaks first thought, as he did what made him always scream, just like Conrad screamed now. How could he bear that?! It was such a bitter taste...But the scream it earned him made it worth it, so he coped with it a while longer as his tongue ‚explored the cavern‘ of his beloved husband, while groping the strong tighs. He felt the trembling and heard the gasps and suddenly the bitter taste didn’t matter anymore, he wanted to hear more of those sounds. But as Conrad let out another scream, he pulled abruptly back. If Conrad came now, the fun would be no more and only he would be responsible, as the leading one. It was strange how the whine satisfied him.

And suddenly he felt lost. If he went further with copying his husbands moves, he should now...Through all of his lust, uncertainity found her way back and he searched for Conrads eyes. As their gazes met, flashes of thoughts and feelings passed between them and Yozak pushed himself upward, so they were face to face, their eyes never breaking contact. Slowly, milimeter by milimeter, their faces drew near until their lips met and words unsaid and thoughts unspoken were clear to both of them. They didn’t need to hear anything from the other, their souls already connected to eachother in a deep bond. A touch, a look, a kiss could tell more than thousand words. Their lips parted and their eyes met again, questioning, asking, reassuring, understanding and finally deciding. Yozak searched for something they threw earlier onto the floor.

He found the small bottle among the wrinkled clothes soon. He picked it up and stared ta it for a while, uncertainity still raging within him. He noticed, how he was trembling, if from uncertainity or lust he didn’t know. Maybe both. But he wasn’t the only one. He felt the man trapped underneath him tremble too. He shut the thoughts and doubts out and slowly opened the bottle. Now, how went this again? He sighed soundlessly. Of course he knew how to do this. He has been prepared enough times now, for him to know. So he put a little of the oil in the bottle onto his fingers and made the first step of the second stage, feeling honeybrown eyes watching him.

Conrad gasped for air, as he felt the completely allien sensation and didn’t even bother trying to bite back the moan. It stung...but it felt so good...It felt so good being filled with something solid, even if it was just a finger. Never did he imagine it feeling so good... He gasped again, as he felt his insides widen and realized Yozak added a second finger. Now, this actually hurt a bit. And as he felt the scissoring movements stretching him, he hissed. As soon as he did, the movements stopped and suddenly, he felt as if he was about to explode from frustration, realizing how much pleasure the movements brought. The possibility of them stopping... He moaned desperately. „Don’t stop...“

For a second nothing happened and then those movements continued and this time he felt pleasure, even if it still stung a bit. He was being effectively stretched, so he didn’t even notice the third finger entering, preparing him fully. Was this how Yozak felt that first time? Was this the feeling of letting himself fall into nothing, uncertain of somebody catching him, but too curious to fight it? But he knew, that there was somebody who would always catch him, no matter how far or deep he fell. He whined as he felt those fingers being removed and he looked into Yozaks bright, blue eyes...and nodded,

To hear the sounds he always made, from the mouth of an other, was overwhelming. Conrads eyes were clouded and darkened with lust and Yozak finally prepared himself mentally for the ‚third stage‘. Their gazes were still locked together as he guided himself inside his husband (AN: HEEEEEELP, I’m dying...). The feeling almost made him faint. Damn, it was so tight...So, Shinou, wow, damn, oof... He wasn’t even halfway inside and he was already breathing hard and had to rest. Good grief... He felt a heaving chest against his own and heard pants just like those he made and knew that Conrad felt just like he did now, overwhelmed by new feelings and sensations. They looked at eachother and an exchange of emotions passed between them, suddenly expieriencing the feeling the other had to feel. Yozak leaned down and kissed Conrad gently at first, then passionately, desperately and finally roughly, as he pushed himself fully in. It still felt so tight...

It was so...overwhelming... That was the word, which fitted best to describe, how Conrad currently felt, but he doubtet that it could express the intensity of it. He felt like he was drowning. He fellt so complete, so filled...He always felt like this when he made love with Yozak, only now was something different...now he was expieriencing Yozaks side of the bond, while Yozak was expierienciing his. This deep meaning of exchanging their expieriences in a completely different level, made their connection even deeper than it already was. And suddenly, he wanted to burst as he felt stars flash in front of his eyes and he screamed from absolute pleasure.

Yozak didn’t hear only Conrads scream, but his too. This was the scream he always gave when Conrad hit that one peculiar spot. And now he expierienced what Conrad felt in such moments of utter bliss. He couldn’t restrain himself. He went faster and deeper, hitting firmly, hearing his and Conrads scream echoing in his ears and mind. And suddenly, his world consisted of tightness. Tightness and then relax, only to be replaced by another tightness. He screamed as his vision went white, before fading into black.

Conrad bucked his hips and arched his back, as release hit him like a raging tsunami, sweaping him away, making him drown in gigantic waves of pleasure. He felt his inner muscles clenching, fighting against the hard length within him and stars flashed in front of his eyes, like he was flying through the whole universe with speed even faster then the light had. He felt warmth filling him and he knew that Yozak came too, that he, Conrad made him come and suddenly, he felt so victorious that he let out an almost animalistic roar of sheer pleasure only a warrior could feel.

They collapsed on the bedsheets, both spent and tired, chests heaving like after ten marathon races, hearts beating like army drums, bodies sweating like after a hard fight for honor.

Finally Yozak summoned the last of his strength to pull himself out of his husband, but didn’t bother to move down from the warm body. Instead he nestled himself on the broad chest, used the strong shoulder as a pillow and sighed in content. That he did his husband the pleasure to dominate him, didn’t mean, that he would play the bed and pillow for him. That was a role Conrad would remain untill the end of his life. Period. He wasn’t giving this comfort up, for nobody. Not even for his husband.

Conrad however didn’t mind and he put his arm around Yozaks shoulders, satisfied with the world and himself, still not realizing that the morning would be very interesting.

Both pressed tightly to eachother, they fell in a deep, content sleep.


Now, this shoul’ve continued, but I decided to break it here up. Blood Pledge Castle updates will appear since the next chapter.


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