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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Lord and Lady Weller, part 10, p1 
30th-Sep-2009 11:05 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Name: Lord and Lady Weller

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: Conzak

Rating: K+ – M/ PG-13 – NC-17

Warnings: yaoi, citrus (mainly lemon), crossdressing (it’s Yozak, damnit!), OC (minor character) and OOC, fluff, romance, ... duh.

Summary: Conrad and Yozak wanted to marry since a long time, but things changed and Yozak is getting impatient. How far is Conrad willing to go in order to keep the one he loves by his side forever?


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Kyou Kara Maou. If I did, it would be censored 18+ and a whole episode would be dedicated to Conrad f*cking Yozak into the matress. And Yuuri would finally marry Wolfram. And so on. Seeing that none of this is happening, I guess Kyou Kara Maou doesn’t belong to me. Sadly. But I’m making plans on seducing the owners and inherit the rights.

Here’s the better part of the chapter. Finally some Lady Weller. The last chapters were more Yozak-ish and not in essence of this fanfic. But that doesn’t mean they were bad. I just lost the track a little due to work, but now it’s better. I’m quite satisfied! ...Hope you readers are too!

Now, enough of my rambling and on with it!

Lighting up the spot

Eventually morning came and surprisingly enough, the first to wake was Yozak, around ten. It took him an amount of time to make his brain function enough to know what’s his name, let alone where he was and what was that pleasent smell tickling his nose. He smiled into himself as he recognized it: Sweat mixed with flowers and steel. And then he remembered.

He raised his head to look at the familiar face, content and relaxed in sleep. That Conrad didn’t wake up before him spoke volumes. Slowly, Yozak sat up and rubbed his sleepridden eyes. He remembered how Conrad always brought him breakfest to bed after a night of passion and love, so he might as well repay him that little sign of affection. But first a bath. He didn’t take one yesterday evening and he had a good guess how they had to stink. So he opened the balcony door and fresh air started to fill the room and he went to the bathroom. Half an hour later he was ready and pulling on his nightgown and morning coat and pulling his chest out, he called for a servant and ordered something light, since in two and half hours it would be already lunch time. The food came soon and all he had to do was putting the tray next to his husband.

Conrads eyes fluttered open. It took him a few minutes to realize who he was, where he was and why he was. Only then he turned to the source of the pleasant smell and wandered from the hands holding the tray upwards, untill they rested on the face of his wife. He rubbed his eyes and sat up. „Morning...“

„Good morning to you too, Mylord. I assume you slept well, considering what time it is.“

Conrads eyes travelled to the balcony door and his look became blank. Yozak chuckled. „Sometime around eleven.“

„Oh.“ He tried to sit up completely, but discovered that it was much easier said than done. With a whine he sunk back into the sheets. „Just what did you do to me?“

„What you wanted me to.“ Yozak simply answered, torn between amusement and guilt.

Conrad sighed and finally managed to sit up.

They ate in silence, basking in the others presence, comfortable silence and understanding between them. Finally the food was eaten and Yozak put the tray away. „I already took a bath, so if you want to, you don’t have to wait for me. Besides, I need to straighten our clothes a bit so they are fitted for a royal audience.“

Conrad nodded and slowly stood up, venturing to the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Yozak sighed. So his husband was grumpy. Maybe that will teach him to rethink his sometimes stupid and questionable ideas. Hopefully a bath will make him feel better. It always worked on Yozak.

By the time Conrad came out of the bathroom Lady Weller was already dressed, clothes neat and perfectly straight. As she looked at her husband a small smile spread across her lips. Her husband looked better...maybe even in good moods. Lord Weller approacher his wife and took her into his arms, planting a chaste kiss onto her lips. „I haven’t greeted you properly yet, my beautifull lady, so, Good morning, beloved.“ And he kissed her hand, making her smile wider.

„Good morning once again, to you, anata. You seem content and relaxed.“

„I am, my beautifull lady.“ He smiled at her.

„I love to hear that, but Mylord should get dressed or else he might catch a cold. That would be highly unpleasent.“

„As Mylady says.“ And so Lord Weller got dressed and slowly made their way to the audience. Of course, since they came pretty late, they were the last ones to be taken in.

The king was smiling, which Lady Weller couldn’t understand, for the youth was up probably since around 7 (the audiences started at eight) and had to bear four hours of smiling politely and doing pointless smalltalk. Upon seeing the two arivals, his face got startled at first, then his violet glasses flashed, shielding his eyes for a few second and then he looked at them, his smile reaching his curious eyes.

„What a pleasent surprise!“

The pair bowed in front of him. Well, Lord Weller bowed. Lady Weller courtsied. „Your Majesty. Lord Conrad Weller and wife Lady Yozak Weller express their respect.“ The lord spoke and straightened again, his wife following his example. Out of the corner of his eyes he noticed the piercing gaze of the kings guardian. It was neither curious, nor surprised, but he knew that inside, the darkhaired male was burning with curiousity.

„Lord Weller! What leads you and your beautifull wife to my small country?“

„Your Majesty, it’s actually our honeymoon.“

„No way!“

„Your Majesty, we are travelling across the world for a year, visiting different countries, doing just what crosses our mind and our path. From our loyal servant we heard about the ball season and we decided to attend it, since Lady Weller loves to dance, and if I am honest, I do too.“

The Lady bowed her head and courtsied slightly, spreading he fan politely to express her humbleness.

„How exciting!“ the young king exclaimed. „May I inquire what your next station is?“

„Actually, Your Majesty, we don’t know yet. Caloria, Francshire, Cabalcade...it could be anything.“

„I see...“ Saralegui nodded. „It’s a pity we don’t have that much time now, but I would love to hear about your journeys some more. Maybe you could spare me some time in all your enjoying yourself? Given that Lady Weller agrees to take break from all that dancing.“ He chuckled to show the statement wasn’t meant to be rude in any way and Lady Weller courtsied again.

„We would love to, Your Majesty.“

„I love to hear that.“ Suddenly the king stood up. „Now, if you excuse me, I have to overlook the preparations for lunch. I’m sure their Lordships are already starved.“

„Actually, Your Majesty, we ate not so long ago.“


„Yes, but it was only lite food, so His Majesty doesn’t have to worry. We will surely enjoy lunch with you.“

Sara smiled. „Then I’m relieved. Now, if you excuse me...“

„Of course Your Majesty.“ The pair bowed and the King left the room, his guardian following him.

The two walked for a few moments in silence, untill the king sounded. „Lady Weller, hm?“

Beries looked at him. „Your Majesty, that man...“

„I know, Beries...“ he smiled. „But let’s go along with ‚their little game‘.“

„Your Majesty?“

„It’s very amusing after all. Entertaining even. And if there’s anything this castle misses, it’s entertainment. Even if the ball season starts, life here is so dull...Don’t you think so too, Beries?“

„You’re right, Your Maejsty.“

An hour later everyone was sitting at the long table which, arranged into a square took in the most of the great Majesty Saralegui took care personally about the sitting order, so right next to him their Lordships Weller were sitting, making everybody glare a whisper among themselves. Who were these two people they have never seen and were now sitting at the kings side, chatting happily with him? Who were they, that they could be so near the king? The nobles and merchants present in the room have never seen them, so they couldn’t be as important. Lord and Lady Weller ignored the whispers and just smiled and answered the kings questions the best they could and apparently, it satisfied the king, since he squealed almost after every sentence.

„I never though that the world could be so wonderfull...“

Lord Weller nodded. „Lady Weller liked especially the small lake I told you about. The one our servant showed us.“

„You sure have a good servant.“

„We do. Even if we travell together for less than a month, he’s proven to be reliable.“

„That’s a good thing. A servant should be like that.“

Lord Weller nodded with a smile and took a bite of his food.

„I hope the food is to your liking. It consists of specialities made only in Small Shimaron.“

„Oh, it’s delicious Your Majesty.“

„I hope Lady Weller thinks the same. I would be very sad, if something wasn’t to the taste of such a noble Lady.“ With that the king turned to Lady Weller, who swallowed the bite she was currently chewing and took a sip from her wine. The king was indeed very polite and knew how to behave. It was considered a compliment when anybody in a conversation with a married pair, turned the attention directly to the Lady, if only with one question. But it would be entirely rude not to do so. Especially when the Lady behaved just like she had to: Be quiet unless asked and listen to her husband talking, while smiling charmingly.

So she just put down her glass and answered with a smile: „Your Majesty’s meal is delicious. If it would be appropriate I would even ask for the recipe.“

Sara laughed slightly. „Unfortunately Mylady, I cannot oblige. They are all secret recipes. I would betray ma land if I gave them away.“

„That’s why I’m not asking for them, Your Majesty.“

„I never doubted that.“ He turned again to Lord Weller. „So you came to attend our ball. It’s really flattering to know that people from Shin Makoku are interested in the events in our country.“

„That is because of our good relations Your Majesty and His Majesty Yuuri created together.“

„It would be a good thing when these relations will bloom and deepen. They would bring prosperity to both lands.“

„I certainly believe that, Your Majesty.“

„It’s a shame that Yuuri couldn’t accept my invitation.“ The king said ‚innocently‘ while closely watching Lord Wellers reaction. It almost didn’t show, but the lord tensed. „But I understand it. Political issues are to be solved as soon as possible, after all. And besides, another oportunity will present itself surely. Don’t you agree Mylord?“ Of course Lord Weller noticed the calculating look of the young king, but he didn’t try to avoid it. He was a cunning youth after all and Conrad knew he would figure out things soon. He just hoped that they didn’t have to run, when a Shin Makoku Ship would appear on the horizon.

„Your Majesty is certainly right.“

And again Lord Weller noticed the knowing gaze. „Am I? Ah, but of course there will be a quantum of oportunities. We don’t have to hurry. Everything has its time.“

There was a hint in that sentence, a small implication which ceased the lords worries. No ship then. „I completely agree with Your Majesty. And I’m sure Mylady sees it the same way.“ With that he turned to look at his wife and again a flash of understanding passed between them and they came to a silent agreement. This was another proof that they could understand eachother without word, with only a blink of an eye, a small look, a wink. Hearing unspoken words and reading between the lines was something they learned to do a long time ago. And both of them understood the same thing in the kings words: He would send a pigeon only after their departure.

Lady Weller turned to the young Majesty. „Of course I agree with Mylord and Your Majesty.“

Sara smiled. „I’m glad you do. But say, Mylady, I hear you love to dance.“

„Your Majesty heard well. I really do love dancing.“

„Then say, would you spare me a dance tonight? Of course if your husband allows it.“ Lady Weller was stunned speechless for a small second. The king wanted to dance with her. But she recovered soon enough to be polite and give an answer. „It would be a honor to dance with Your Majesty. And I’m sure Mylord has nothing against it.“ With that question she turned to her husband, who in return smiled and nodded.

„I don’t see why you couldn’t.“

The king smiled, obviously delighted. „I’m glad you accepted my small, but daring request.“

„Our pleasure, Your Majesty.“ Lord Weller answered.

As the lunch ended the guests had some spare time, since the hall had to be prepared and everybody had their hands full. So the pair ventured to take a walk in the gardens.

„What does Mylady think about His Majesty’s request?“

„To be honest with you Mylord, I don’t know what to think. His Majesty is...hard to read after all.“

„Is Mylady comfortable with this arrangement?“

„It would be rude to refuse.“

„That wasn’t my question.“

Lady Weller sighed. „Comfortable...? Rather curious.“

Suddenly Lord Weller smiled a predatory smile. „I am too.“ The Lady eyed her husband questioningly and he cared to elaborate further. „Mylady is two heads taller than His Majesty. I’m really...looking forward to it.“

The Lady’s eyes widened slightly in disbelief and honest surprise for a second, before they turned into a sly smile. „Mylord can be so wicked sometimes...“

„That’s why Mylady loves me so.“


He smiled as he leaned forward and kissed her softly. As they parted, he motioned to a bench. „Shall we sit down for a while, Mylady?“

„Sure, Mylord.“

They went to the bench and Lady Weller straightened her skirt and sat down, while Lord Weller held her hand gently to support her, so she didn’t slump down on it, completely unlady-like. Then he sat down too. Lady Weller spread her fan as he looked around. „The gardens are really beautifull here. I dare to say that they might even compete with the one of your mother.“

„True, my beautifull lady. They are really wonderfull. If it wasn‘t considered treason, I would collect a bouquet of wonderfull red roses in full bloom only for you.“

Lady Wellers smile grew gentle. „Mylord is so kind...“

„Because I love you so, Mylady.“ He took her hand and looking into her eyes, he said: „Your beauty is uncomparable to every beautifull thing in this world. Something from deep within you shines to me and blinds my eyes, like the sun. But no sun, no moon and no stars can shine as bright as you do. I love you so much it makes my heart ache. I don’t think I could ever live without you, Lady Yozak Weller.“

Lady Wellers eyes were shining and her mouth was opened ever so slightly in awe. She was speechless. Even if it was true, that Lord Weller made her such compliments almost every day, they always made her unable to speek, or think, even breathing was difficult. They always made her eyes shine with tears of joy. Even if she never let them fall. She saw how her husband lifter her hand to his lips and kissed it, causing her to blush slightly. „Mylord is the kindest person I’ve ever met. Please, forgive me for not being able to form words of affection which could compare your own. My voice feels too weak right now.“

„It doesn’t matter Mylady. You’re here – that’s all I desire.“ They smiled smiles of deep love and affection and didn’t even notice how another pair approached them, untill the man spoke.

„What a wonderfull display of affection! May we join you for a little while?“

The two looked up at the pair startled, exchanged quick looks and finally with a msile, Lord Weller nodded. „Sure, you can. Please, sit with us.“

But before that the Weller pair stood up to politely greet the newcomers. They were both quite young, Yozak would give them less than 25 of human age. The man had long terracotta brown hair and limestone green eyes. He seemed forward and outgoing. The woman however, was blond, almost whitehaired, with the eyes of the deepest royal-blue. They looked so sad to Yozak, that his look almost softened in compassion.

„My name is Lord Franklin Cunningham and this is my wife Lady Silvia.“

„Lord Conrad Weller, and this charming creature next to me is Lady Yoz...efine.“ he held back a sigh of relief as the two shook their hands. He almost called him Yozak...Old habits die hard, huh? He risked a glance at Yozak, but he was only smiling amused, waving her fan to cover it.

The Lady held out her hand and Lord Cunningham kissed it. „A pleasure to meet you Mylord.“

„The pleasure is on my side, Mylady.“ Meanwhile Lord Weller kissed Lady Silvias hand too. After the pleasentries were done they sat down.

„Will their Lordships tell us the reason they decided to join us?“ Lord Weller asked politely.

„It’s simple eally, maybe even a little selfish. We just wanted to get to know the pair which seems to be on such good terms with His Majesty.“

„I see...Well, the only reason is, that he liked the stories from our travells.“

„You travell?“

„Actually, we are now on a honeymoon travell around the world.“

„Oh, my congratulations! You really look good together.“

„We’re told that quite often, thank you.“

„Actually we’re married only shortly too. It is our first anniversary. We spent the honeymoon here, at the castle, on the grand ball, didn’t we, beloved?“

The lady smiled a small smile, which still looked very sad. „Yes, we did, love.“

Lady Weller raised her eyebrow, but quickly reminded herself where she was and forced it to stay down, and fought the thoughtfull frown.

„That’s wondefull. Please accept our best wishes. I and Mylady are attending this ball for the first time. You have to know, Lady Weller loves to dance.“

„I’m sure that Lady Weller is a very good dancer too.“ Lord Cunningham turned to said Lady, who in return smiled. „Judging from the way Lord Weller wants to dance with me the whole night, I would dare to say I’m indeed, very good.“

„Lady Cunningham likes to dance too, don’t you sweetheart?“

Lady Cunningham smiled again so sadly. „Yes, that’s true, Mylord.“

The other pair exchanged quick glances, but as the attention turned back to them again, they smiled politely.

„But I wonder, since you love to dance, why did you never attend the ball season? It’s a famous event in the human countries.“

Lord and Lady Weller exchanged quick glances again, and then Lord Weller smiled. „That’s because we aren’t entirely human.“

Silence. Deep silence reigned for a few moments between them, as the other pair sat there, staring at the Wellers with blank looks on their face. Until the Lord smiled. „Is that so? I never would have told.“

„You seem fine with it.“

„These days it doesn’t matter anymore.“

„That’s true I guess.“

„And since the political situations and blooming relationships are more than ideal, we decided to visit this place and event.“ Lady Weller said. „And as you said, Lord Cunningham, it doesn’t matter anymore these days, which is a lucky occurence. Not so many years ago, it was unthinkable.“

„Is Mylady interested in politics? That’s highly unsual for a Lady, excuse me if I’m being rude.“

„Oh, you aren’t. And as for interested in politics...Let’s just say, I’ve been to many places and I picked up a few things.“

„Does Mylady like to travell?“

„It’s rather that I enjoy being free. And now I have somebody to share it with.“ Lady Weller turned to smile at her husband and it was returned.

„We always shared many things. But I have to admitt, never in uch an intense way as now. Being married is just a new adventure to explore. Together.“

Lady Weller smiled and turned again to Lord Cunningham. „You see, it really isn’t a surprise that we chose a travell for the honeymoon, judging at how much we both are used to wandering across the world an back.“

„That sounds very interesting. To say the truth, I and Lady Cunningham never travelled as much. It never occured to us, but listening to you, I start to develope curiosity. How about it Mylady?“

„It sounds interesting, Mylord.“

„It does, doesn’t it? Ah, Lord Weller, there’s a question I needed to ask you. But it might take quite a while and I don’t want to bore the Ladies.“

This time Lord and Lady Weller didn’t exchange glances as they felt that both of them thougt the same thing. The Lord smiled.

„Then why don’t we let the Ladies speak about more interesting things. I’m sure Lady Weller would love to tell a few stories from our past and present travells.“ He smiled at said Lady, who smiled in return.

„Sure, Mylord. There are many things I would love to share.“

„Well then.“ He stood up and made a motion to Lord Cunningham. „Why don’t we walk for a while?“

The other Lord stood too and they left the Ladies by themselves. For a whhile they walked in silence, until Lord Weller spoke. „Be honest – you never wanted to ask me something in the first place, isn’t that so?“

Lord Cunningham sighed. „You’re right. You know, the second time I saw you and Lady Weller – second because I already noticed you at lunch, was now, as you were so romantic together, sharing openly your feelings. While Silvia is a wonderfull woman and, even if it might not seem like it, we both love eachother, she’s always silent, never says something, only wearing that unbelievingly sad look in her deep, royal-blue eyes. I simply thought that maybe a little talk with your Lordships, and especially Lady Weller, would do her good.“

Lord Weller smiled. „Yes, Lady Weller has that effect on people. A talk with her makes you see things in a full new light, from a side you never would have considered.“

„Se looks like an intelligent woman.“

„Oh, she certainly is. She has been through many things in life, has seen many truths and has been to many places, maybe even more than I can imagine. But through that everything, she still has a big heart and is devoted to everybody she cares for.“

„It might be daring to say this, but, you seem to love her very much.“

„From the bottom of my heart.“

Meanwhile the Ladies didn’t stay silent either. Lady Weller started chatting the moment the men disappeared behind the next heck. „It might sound blunt, but, you really seem a devoted wife.“

„I love Mylord for the bottom of my heart. Aren’t you the same?“

„I am. But I still don’t agree with everything he says. We discuss things, you know.“

„In the beginning we did too. But then I found out, that we agree in many opinions, so I stoped voicing mine.“

„And now that you husband isn’t here?“

„I’ll listen to your opinions.“

„Are you sure your husband wants you this way?“

„He loves me and I love him. That’s all that matters.“

„Sometimes love isn’t enough.“

„I beg your pardon?“

„I have loved Lord Weller for almost all my life now. We’ve known eachother since childhood. The first time we met – he gave me a smile. In that instant I knew that he’s the one I am able to accompany on his road maybe even untill death. We have always shared everything. Toys, food, tents, and then the heart and our love. We might agree most of the time, but we do argue occassionally. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.“

„Then you can’t understand me. I agree with everything.“

„So if Lord Cunningham asked me for a dance you wouldn’t get jealous?“


„Well then, when you say that, it must be so. You know yourself the best after all.“ Lady Weller smiled.

„I’m glad you feel that way. I have encountered women which tried to persuade me otherwise, or talk me into something I didn’t like. And then there were ones which agreed with me. But I have never heard anybody say something along the lines ‚It’s your life and your choice.‘ You are other.“

Lady Weller chuckled slightly. „It might sound conceited but,- I’m aware of that.“ Silence settled itself between them, but only for a few moments, untill Lady Silvia spoke up. „But there’s something I wanted to ask you.“

„Just boldly.“ Said Lady Weller with an encouraging smile.

„Where did you buy that dress? A while ago I wanted to get something like this, but I never found what I was searching for.“

„Oh, actually, this one’s from a boutique in a small fishertown, near to Bandarbia.“ Lady Wellers smile changed to a smirk.


Lady Weller smiled slyly. „Bandarbia. Really and island of dreams, so much I can tell.“

„But isn’t that a little irresponsible? I apologize if I’m intruding.“

„Oh not at all. But to answer your question: It is spontanous, irresponsible and unacceptable, moreso for a man in Lord Wellers position, but sometimes, you simply need those things. Though I really can imagine his brother, I beg your pardon for these crude words – going on rampage. He probably totally disagrees with this.“

„Doesn’t he accept your relationship?“

„No, that’s not the case. He’s just...let’s say strict about these things. But I’m sure he understands.“

„I guess we’re both lucky then. The families of me and Lord Cunningham were always befriended. That’s why he court me in the first place. We have known eachother since childhood and so it seemed only natural. And I really do love him. Lord Cunningham is very gentle and polite.“

„Gentle and polite...Yes, that describes Lord Weller as well. But we have to add strong and determined fighter, serving his land, serving his king, ready to abandon everything in the blink of an eye, not caring what he might loose.“

„Fighter? That sounds brutal.“

„Brutal...I guess so...“ a nostalgic smile settled itself on Lady Wellers lips. „Maybe a little like a lion.“ Lady Weller noticed the shiver which ran down Lady Cunninghams spine. „You don’t like lions?“

„They’re too wild.“ Lady Wellers lips twitched upwards at that statement.


„It sounds like you like brutal and wild things pretty much.“ As soon as those words left her lips, she covered her mouth with one delicate hand, her look frightened. „I apologize! I’m being rude.“

„Merely saying the truth. And voicing your opinion. I consider that good. I think I like this side of you better.“ Lady Weller smiled and got a look of utter awe. Suddenly she heard footsteps approaching them. They belonged to two men, one of them she knew by heart. Sure, long strides, not hasty, but not slow either, determined, focused and regular. Firm, but not heavy. Mixing with them were small, hurried strides of an unsure man. And even if she didn’t know the latter set of footsteps, she knew before she turned around, that the former belonged to her husband and she was right. He was walking towards them, Lord Cunningham right next to him. She stood up to properly greet him, just like Lady Cunningham stood up to greet her husband.

„My apologies when we’re interrupting.“ Lord Weller said as he stood right next to his wife and kissed her hand. „I was just thinking if it isn’t high time for us to return to our chambers. Mylady needs to dress apropriately for the ball and the same goes for me.“

Lady Weller smiled, grasping the Lords idea (of leaving the other pair alone) and stood up. „Mylord is right.“ Lady Weller turned around one last time and her look rested on Lady Cunningham. „I hope to meet you again sometime this week. I’m curious about a few things.“

„I assure you, that is completely reciprotated.“

The pairs bowed to eachother and with a another few pleasentries exchanged, they parted ways, Lord and Lady Weller heading for their chamber.

As soon as they were out of hearing range, Lord Weller spoke up. „So, what do you say?“

„Lady Cunningham is very interesting.“ Lady Wellers eyes were glinting. „She says, their opinions are always the same, so she only voices her agreement. I tried to covince her, but she said I could never understand her.“

„How rude.“

„She’s a determined woman and goes after what she believes.“

„Just whom does that remind me of...“

Lady Weller smirked. „Actually, I asked her that since she agrees with everything her husband says and does she wouldn’t get jealous if he asked me for a dance.“

„What did she say?“

„She said no and changed the subject, asking me where I got this lovely dress.“

„Really now? It would be interesting to find out if it’s true at all.“

„In this particular thing I completely agree with Mylord.“

The exchanged sideways glances and both of them were wearing the same sly smiles. Tonight will be fun.

„I shall speak to Lord Cunningham, then.“

„Please do. I’m very curious how this turns out.“


They spent the rest of the afternoon with preparing for the ball and they didn’t even notice the hours passing by as it suddenly was almost seven. Lord Weller was putting some cologne on, while Lady Weller adjusted her highpinned hair for the last time.

„Mylady looks stunning.“ Lord Weller complimented his wife and she smiled.

„Mylord is flattering me again.“

Lord Weller smiled more and offered his arm. „Shall we, my beautifull lady?“

Lady Weller hooked herself into her husband. „As you wish, my kind lord.“

And so they left their room and went to the great hall, where everything was prepared and waiting for them to join the fun. People were already gathering and just as the clock struck seven, the guards announced the king. Sara entered the room with dignified steps, head held up high, He crossed the room and stood in the front of it, on the top of the three steps, which sevred as a podium on occassions like this.

„My Ladies, My Lords, dear Lordships, dear Friends. It makes me happy we have all gathered in such high numbers here, on this occassion. I’m sure you have anticipated this moment for a long time now, so I’ll cut it short: Let the festivities beginn!“ he claped his hands and wonderfull music started to play, but nobody moved. The first dance always belonged to the king. Each woman was trembling in anticipation to be the chosen one, but their hopes were shattered as Saralegui took steady steps towards the pair they have never seen before and extended his hand to Lady Weller.

„May I have this dance?“

Lady Weller courtsied. „My honor, Your Majesty.“ That instant whispers started and through various hushed voiced, Lord Weller could make out a few sentences dripping with envy, which aren’t worth mentioning.

Lord Wellers words proved to be true – the dance was very interesting to watch from the matters of height difference, but due to Lady Wellers and King Saraleguis dancing skills, it soon turned to a synchronized, beautifull dance. Lady Weller knew how to be led and apparently, Saralegui knew how to lead, so their dance got from awkward to wonderfull, that it even made Lord Weller feel jealous. And as he looked around, he noticed he wasn’t the only one feeling that way, judging the looks his wife got from the women present in the room. For Lord Weller it was a small eternity until the dance ended and His Majesty returned Lady Wellers hand to his, bowing to her while thanking for th e dance.

„The thank you is mine, Your Majesty.“

Lady Weller got a handkiss and the king went to sit. Some of the guests headed for the tables, to get something to eat, and some went straight to the dancefloor. Lord and Lady Weller remained standing where they were.

„What do you say Mylord? Was it interesting enough?“

„To be honest with you Mylady, you made me jealous.“

„My goodness!“ she put a hand on her cheeks, feigning shock. „Please accept my humble apologies Mylord.“

Lord Weller smiled. „How about you make it up to me?“ he extended his hand and the lady smiled slyly, laying her hand into his.

„Have you something in mind, Mylord?“

„Perhaps.“ And with that he scooped her onto the dancefloor and they danced. They didn’t even notice, how everybody around them stood still as they noticed them, lost in the rhythm and in their heartbeats, their bodies melting into one, hearts beating in unison, their eyes never breaking contact, unless there was a pirhouette or something similar to be performed. They didn’t bother with words. Every look, every step, every movement was like a tale, each one of their little actions a story to them. There were stories about love, stories about despair, stories about loss, stories about happiness, stories about laughter, stories about tears. They exchanged love confessions, compliments, promises of support and devotion, through good and bad, untill death. After their first dance ended and they woke from their fairytales, the first thing which reached their conscious was claping. Surprised they looked around only to see the people standing in a cycle around them, applauding and slowly smiles spread across their faces. Even if they noticed jealous looks of envy, mostly from the young ladies. But that didn’t matter. There were still several stories to be shared. They spent several dances together like this, untill after a dance, Lord Weller said: „Mylady looks flushed. Maybe we should take a rest for a while.“

„I guess Mylord is right...“

„Perhaps Mylady is hungry. We haven’t eaten dinner yet.“

„I might be a little hungry.“

„Well then, please sit down somewhere, while I get us something to eat.“

„I’ll be waiting on the balcony.“

So while Conrad went to the sideboards loaded with food, Lady Weller went onto the balcony and looked around for a free table. She found one but the her eyes caught sight o fthe balcony rail. And she couldn’t resist the urge to approach it and bend over it and take a look on the city light, shining like billions of stars underneath them. She smiled at the lovely sight. As Lord Weller walked onto the balcony and spotted his wife standing there, overlooking the city with a content look on her face, he smiled. She looked so beautifull illuminated by all that light from the heavens above them and the city bellow. He laid their dinner on one spare table and approached her with two glasses of champagne.


She looked at him with shining blue eyes and took the offered glass. „Thank you very much, Mylord.“

„It suits you.“

„Excuse me?“

„Those light, the elegance, the glamour. You look so good in the middle of it. There is no hand which could portrait the beauty of it.“

Lady Weller smiled. „Anata.“

„And to add to the beauty, your smile shines at me like a wonderfull testiment of your happiness.“

Lady Weller took a sip from her champagne, turning to look at the lights. „You are saying romantic things, Mylord. They make me happy. You make me happy.“ She looked at him again and their eyes met, content love shining in them. As long as they wre like this, as long as they had eachother, they were happy. Conrad took one step closer and Lady Weller turned fully towards him. They both put their glasses onto the rail and drew closer, Lord Weller putting an arm around the waist of his wife, who in turn, laid her hands on his shoulders, bringing him even closer. As the breath of her husband tickled her cheek, Lady Wellers eyes fluttered close and a burst of wondefull sensation went through her body as their lips met in a chaste kiss. Their lips moved barely, slowly, gently, not demanding or desperate, but accepting and loving. As they parted Lord Weller put his hands on his wifes cheeks and brought their foreheads together.

„I love you, Lady Yozak Weller.“

„I love you too, my beloved Lord Conrad Weller.“ she said and with a sigh he let his head rest on his husbands shoulder. They stayed like that for a while, untill a soft murr sounded and Lady Weller blushed. „I guess, it is time to eat something...“

Lord Weller chuckled. „Our dinner is over there.“ He motioned towards the table where he put down the food and led his wife towards it, offering her the chair. Only after Lady Weller was seated he sat down too. They ate in silence, only occassionally exchanging glances with smiles on their faces. And after they finished dinner, they went to stand next to the balcony rail, gazing upon the stars or at themselves. Their eyes laid just on the constellation of the so called ‚drawn sword‘ as Lady Weller spokue up.

„You know, anata, I would’ve never even dared to dream about this. You and I, a ball, stars and our honeymoon.“

„And the ‚drawn sword‘ ready to fight against the world alone.“

„Alone together.“

They smiled at eachother. „Just the two of us.“

They leaned in closer and less than 5 centimeters was seprating their lips as a familiar voice sounded: „Lord Weller! Lady Weller!“

The both turned to the source of the voice and Lady Wellers face lit up.

„Lord Kelly! What a pleasent surprise! I didn’t think we’ll meet here. What winds blew you here?“ she asked him as he approached them and shook/kissed their hands.

„Lord Weller, Lady Weller. I’m here on the behalf of my country, strenghtening the forming bonds Small Shimaron and Big Shimaron are about to make.“

Lord Weller nodded. „I see. I heard about the unification of the two Shimarons. I just wasn’t sure how much serious His Majesty Saralegui is about the plan.“

Lord Kelly nodded. „Very serious actually. Even if most of the people in Big Shimaron disagree with it. But that isn’t a topic which is to be brought up here.“ Then he turned to Lady Weller. „Even moreso when such a beautifull Lady stand next to us, who surely isn’t interested in the boring subjects of politics.“

„Oh, I actually find them amusing.“ Lady Wellers eyes twinkled.

„Really now?“

„Yes. It’s interesting how everybody wants the most from something and intrigues against others, only to have it, possess it all alone for himself. Interesting are the consequences.“ They held eyecontact and the smile of Lady Weller held a hidden meaning, which Lord Kelly, didn’t miss.

„You’re an outstanding woman, Mylady. I never met such an intelligent woman as you are.“

„I can only return that compliment Mylord. You’re an interesting man. It’s a shame we never get to know us better.“

„Why don’t you invite then Lord Kelly to our residence then, beloved?“ Lord Weller said only to announce his present. His wife would’ve been flirting with Lord Kelly for hours, without even caring that her husband stood right next to her, if he didn’t step in. Lady Weller enjoyed playing with the mind sof other people too much. Lady Weller turned to her husband a blinding smile on her face and (but this was noticed only by Lord Weller) a mischievous, almost wicked gleam in her eyes.

„That’s a fantastic idea Mylord!“

Thought, thinking about it...Lord Kelly at Blood Pledge Castle...Maybe he’ll have to reconstruct the old Weller mansion, which has been abondoned for over the half of a century.

Meanwhile Lady Weller turned to Lord Kelly and promptly invited him to their ‚residence‘ and Lord Kelly was just happy to comply. They exchanged another few polite phrases and then said their goodbyes for the day. The Weller pair remained outside for a while longer and then they went back in, Lord Weller asking his wife for the next few dances. And dance they did, gaining again the attention of the whole ballroom, dancing in the middle of the dancefloor, where the spotlight was the brightest, simply enjoying themselves, sharing their emotions and dreams. But after five dances in a row they became flushed again and had to rest for a while. It was then that the Cunninghams approached them again.

„Lord Weller, Lady Weller.“

„Lord Cunningham, Mylady. We meet again.“ Lord Weller said as they expressed their pleasentries.

„And again it’s you who seeks our presence.“ Lady Weller said half-mockingly. „You seem to find liking in us.“

„I just though I wished to speak with your Lordships again. Especially because Lady Cunningham seemed to like the convesation she was having with you earlier the day, Lady Weller.“

„I enjoyed it very much, yes.“ Lady Silvia confirmed and Lady Welelr smiled. She didn’t expect the action to start so soon, but oh well.

„I also, have enjoyed it and I sure would like to continue it, sometime soon.“

„My wife wasin good mood for the rest of the day and I’m curious how you managed that, Mylady.“

The Wellers exchanged a quick glance, which went unnoticed by the other pair and they both smiled. The fun started.

„Lady Weller has such an effect on most of the people she meets.“ Lord Weller said and Lady Weller didn’t fail to continue. „I learned that from Lord Weller. I fell for him as he smiled at me the first time we met.“

„Now you picked my curiousity even more. Say, Mylady, if Lord Weller allows it, would you spare me a dance?“ Of course, Lord Weller had already spoken to Lord Cunningham so they had a few minutes to develope a plan, so they didn’t have any complaints and soon Lady Weller was scooped in Lord Cunninghams arms, who led her gracefully on the dancefloor, while Lady Cunningham was left with Lord Weller. At first they shared a pleasent conversation and as the music ended, Lady Cunningham turned expecting her husband coming back to her, but to her surprise, he didn’t. Instead he kept dancing with the other woman. And it didn’t stay by only one dance. At first she ignored it, but then she got annoyed. Who was this woman who had the guts to dance with her husband? And how could that man ditch her and dance with that dirty sl...only her good manners prevented her from finishing that thought. It took her a fe wmoments longer to notice she was jealous. She tried to shake it off, but as they went to the third, she couldn’t stand it any longer. Even if she agrred with her husband most of th etime, didn’t mean she had to tolerate him cheating on her. Just as she was about to head straight towards them with the intention to give her husband a proper cheek, Lord Weller started walking towards them. Gently he tiped the Lord shoulders and asked politely, albeit apparently in a tone which held no place for an argument, his wife back. She saw how he shook hands with Lord Cunningham who then kissed Lady Wellers hand and the pair headed towards her. „Mylady,“ he said as he stood in fromt of her. „We are retreating for the day. Mylady has grown tired.“

Lady Cunningham nodded distantly. „Of course, Lord Weller.“

The smile Lady Weller gave her as they shook their hands was really suspicious and as said Lady passed next to her, it hit her why. Because as Lady Weller brushed against her, she whispered only for her (and maybe Lord Weller) to hear: „I see now how you agree with your husband.“

She wanted to turn around and demand an explanation, but her eyes caught the ones of her husband and it made her stop. Maybe it wasn’t Lady Weller whom she needed to talk with. With that though she made the first step towards her husband.

They were already halfway towards their chambers as Lady Weller said: „Did we really have to retreat already?“

Conrad smiled. „I see you’re tired. Besides, we still have the rest of the week. And the mission for today was completed.“

Lady Weller smirked. „Did you see her expression as we were about to start the third dance? It took her actually longer than I expected. I underestimated her.“

„That’s rare.“

„I started to think she really wouldn’t get jealous. And then you came and I noticed her look of utter jealousy.“

„It was certainly interesting. I’m curious how this proceeds.“

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