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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Lord and Lady Weller, part 12 
17th-Nov-2009 07:41 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present Chapter 12 of Lord and Lady Weller!

Name: Lord and Lady Weller

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: Conzak

Rating: K+ – M/ PG-13 – NC-17

Warnings: yaoi, citrus (mainly lemon), crossdressing (it’s Yozak, damnit!), OC (minor character) and OOC, fluff, romance, ... duh.

Summary: Conrad and Yozak wanted to marry since a long time, but things changed and Yozak is getting impatient. How far is Conrad willing to go in order to keep the one he loves by his side forever?

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Kyou Kara Maou. If I did, it would be censored 18+ and a whole episode would be dedicated to Conrad f*cking Yozak into the matress. And Yuuri would finally marry Wolfram. And so on. Seeing that none of this is happening, I guess Kyou Kara Maou doesn’t belong to me. Sadly. But I’m making plans on seducing the owners and inherit the rights.

Closeness and Differences
The day after the pair and their servant had parted with Alford, 5 days after they had left the capital of Small Shimaron, they arrived in Caloria city. If King Saralegui did indeed send a letter to Shin Makoku, it should be already there and only the mental image of her brother-in-law made Lady Weller chuckle. Though she highly doubted he would show any reaction, or come after them. But he was so easily readable for her, that she simply had to laugh. She knew he was boiling inside.

The first thing they did was find a hotel they could stay at. Not that there was much to choose from. Caloria was a very small country, consisting mainly from the capital and a few villages surrounding it, distanced only by a few hundred meters. And then the forrest, which marked the border with Small Shimaron. The coast was where the most of the population concentrated. But it was a nice country, Lady Weller liked it very much. During those few years Lady Flynn managed to restore the country very well. The port of the city was beautifull and nice for a small evening walk.
The pair planned to stay here for a week, but they wanted to avoid Lady Flynn. Her relations with His Majesty were too good and while His Majesty Saralagui was a cunning and astute man, who knew when to talk and when to be silent, the devoted and gratefull Lady Flynn wouldn’t think twice about informing Yuuri about their stay in Caloria. After all, she had a crush on him. And apparently, the feeling was mutual – His Majesty Yuuri, much to His Excellency Wolfram’s dismay, has come very close to the queen of the small country, which gained its souvereignity mainly thanks to him.
Though, maybe after their elopement, the young Maou would come to see the things how they really were and not how he wished them to be – meaning, that he noticed his genuine love for Wolfram. Both Lord and Lady Weller saw what the eyes of the engaged couple mirrored and how they acted around each other. They had experienced the same, after all. And now here they were – in the small but charming country that was Caloria, sitting in the cart, waiting for Bast to return from the search for a hotel.

They didn’t wait for long, Bast returned only half an hour later after he had left. There was only one hotel in the city, but it looked nice and suitable for a longer stay. They checked in and paid for a week. For now that would be enough and then they would see. It wasn’t like they were lacking money.

As they entered the room, the warmth of a home welcomed them. Even though the room was rather spacious, it was furnished with polished wood of a beautifull auburn colour and a carpet laid across the whole ground, motives of flowers and plants adorning it in sophisticated ornaments. It all created a warm and comfy atmossphere, which beconed them to snuggle into it and simply feel well. And one look at the bed told them, that it would lull them into sleep without the least effort. The door to the room for the servant was at the far end and the walls seemed thick. Needless to say, Lord Weller was very pleased.

„It’s...beautifull.“ Lady Weller breathed as she stood in the middle of the room, looking around, basking in the warmth.

Lord Weller simply nodded in acknowledgement, standing next to his wife, his hand brushing ever so gently over hers.

Bast laid their travelling bag into one of the corners, next to the window and waited for his orders.

„You are free for two hours, Sebastian. Go and enjoy a good lunch.“ Lord Weller said and handed his servant a few coins.

Bast bowed. „Excuse me then, Mylord, Mylady.“ He bowed to them and left for his own room.

Lady Weller smiled at her husband. „Shall we then, mylord?“

Lord Weller smiled. „We shall, my fair lady.“

They enjoyed an exquisite lunch in the dinning room and a nice afternoon in the lounge of the hotel. That was when Lady Weller remembered that she needed to buy needles and yarn to stitch a small hole in her dress, inflicted by those barbaric people. And so the pair sent their servant to investigate the city and after he returned with the exact locations of shops selling needed artefacts, the pair headed there, dragging their loyal servant along.


It was a matter of five minutes to arrive at the shops, the hotel and the shops are being both in the trade district of the city. After that the two men were dragged into every available shop by the Lady, who claimed she simply couldn’t find the right shade of yellow. And after what seemed like an eternity of running around, Lord Weller and Bast reduced themselves to dragging instead of walking. At firt Lady Weller scowled, but after a while she sighed and told them to sit down and wait, saying that she was capable enough of buying a few needles and a meter of yarn.

So currently, the two of them were resting on a bench next to the sidewalk, watching how Lady Weller entered another shop. They both sighed. Slowly, they satrted to drift off into their thoughts, their eyes becoming unfocused, but still staring ahead.

As Bast thought about it he came to the conclusion that Lady Weller was very energetic and determined, radiating life and a strange kind of power everywhere she went. When she talked, she talked a lot, but had never forgotten to stay ladylike and also, she always knew when was the right time to fall silent. ...And when to speak up again. She was also intelligent and knew what she wanted.

„If you keep staring at Lady Welle rlike that, I might get jealous.“

Bast jumped as he heard that and his head snapped towards his master. He didn’t even notice he had his eyes on his lady. He started apologizing immediately. „How out of place for me, please forgive me Mylord, I didn’t mean to, I didn’t notic-“

He was interrupted by Lord Weller’s laugh. „It’s fine. It happens to me too.“

Bast nodded, still embarassed and looked away, intending not to say anything else that could embarass him, or cause him to fall into Lord Weller’s disgrace.

„I...It’s just that...“ he only didn’t seem to be able stop talking. And Lord Weller seemed to fully understand that, judging by his smile.

„Just speak boldly what’s on your mind. You don’t need to hide from us.“

„It’s just that...Lady Weller is a formidable woman.“

To his surprise, Lord Weller laughed. Then he smiled gently, lovingly. „Formidable...I guess she kind of is...And very outstanding.“

Meanwhile said lady was still going from one shop to another, still in search of the precious needle and yarn, slowly but surely growing impatient. Thankfully there were only two more shops left. She just hoped they had what she wished for. It was then that somebody rounded the corner and unable to stop, Lady Weller colided and sent said person to the groun, herself also falling. She started apologizing immediately. „Oh please excuse me and my clumsiness, are you alright?“ She noticed that person was a brownhaired woman around her age looking at her with startingly golden eyes, deep and mysterious and smiling a sheepish smile, very similar to her own.

„Oh don’t worry. I was in a hurry and didn’t pay attention to my surroundings.“

And only then Lady Weller noticed the yellow yarn in the what she assumed was the lady’s basket.

„Where did you get that?!“ she exclaimed, then covered her mouth with her hand. „How rude of me, please pardon me.“ She stood up and helped the lady onto her feet.

„It’s alright, no offense taken.“ Then she looked towards the corner she appeared from so suddenly. It led into an alley, with a simple wooden door on the end. „The shop over there.“

How come she didn’t notice it earlier, Lady Weller mused. Then she turned to the lady. „Thank you, you helped me a lot.“

„I’m glad to hear that. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m in a hurry.“

„Of course. I wouldn’t want to hold you up. I apologize again for this incident.“

The woman smiled. „Nothing happened. Now, if you’ll excuse me.“ And just like that she disappeared in the crowd without the least of trace, leaving an astonished Lady Weller behind.

A few minutes later, Lady Weller was back at the bench where the two men sat, just like had she left them there, seemingly without moving an inch. She sighed. Lazy creatures. But as soon as they noticed her they both stood up and Bast bowed while Lord Weller kissed his wife’s hand and greeted her.

„Has Mylady found what she was looking for?“

„Yes, Mylord, I did. I apologize for taking so terribly long.“

„No problem at all. May we retreat now?“

„We may.“

On their way to the hotel, Lady Weller noticed some posters hanging on the walls. She scanned through one quickly and smiled. This was good...She would save that piece of information up for later. As they returned, Lady Weller immediately sat down to work and it didn’t take half an hour for her to bring the dress back into perfect shape again. She smiled satisfactory as she regarded her work.


In the evening Lord and Lady Weller went out for a small walk and ended up in a small café on the main square. The Sun had already set and it was a brisk evening. Not warm, but also not too cold. Very pleasent. The waiter came almost immediately and they ordered – Lord Weller a green tea, Lady Weller a capuccino. As they sat there and observed the nightlife, Lady Weller’s eyes travelled to the neighbouring table and what she saw made her blink in surprise. There she sat, the woman she had run into at the market, a handsom dark-brown-haired man with a mustache sitting next to her. She seemed to catch the glances and as she turned to take a look at who was watching her, her eyes widened. „It’s you!“

Lord Weller and the handsom man, whom she assumed to be the husband of the lady, looked questioningly at the woman.

Lady Weller turned to her husband and explained. „Mylord, I met this Lady at the market. She is the reason I was finally able to find the right yarn.“

The Lady inclined her head. „I’m pleased to meet you again.“ They both stood up and shook their hands.

„Lady Yosephine Weller. My husband, Lord Conrad Weller.“ Something sparked in the Lady’s eyes, but it diappeared to quickly for Lady Weller to distinguish it.

„Lady Sonja Brauer. My husband, Lord Oliver Brauer.“ (AN: read: Brower) (to my beta: I actually planned to use Fridrich – it was in the ‚names already used somewhere‘ in the list of names I sent you for that insanity – here but I wasn’t satisfied with it so I reread those names I sent you and picked Oliver. Hope you don’t mind. At first I was playing with the idea to use Oscar, but we’re still not sure if we’re going to use that name, so I changed it into Oliver)

„Pleased to meet you.“


They exchanged thier pleasentries and sat down again.

„We haven’t seen you around. May we inquire, if you are newly moved here?“

Lord Weller shook his head. „No, merely passing.“ He put his hands on his wife’s. „On our honeymoon travell around the world.“

The faces of the pair lit up. „That is a wonderfull occassion for a visit.“

„And you? Do you live here?“

The pair nodded. „We moved here a year ago. Our home was becoming suffocating.“

„How so, if I may ask?“

„Just...uncomfortable memories.“

Seeing that they didn’t want to talk about it anymore, the Wellers refrained from asking any further. Uncomfortable silence would have settled, if the pair didn’t start asking about their honeymoon and the newlyweds didn’t hesitate a moment to take the chance of retailing about their happines.


The Brauers decided to spend the remaining time with the Wellers, showing them around (which wasn’t really needed, but who cared anyways?). They met right on the next day and currently they were sitting in the living room of the Brauer residence, chatting hapily their time away, the hosts pointing out the wedding pair a few places which were good to visit or spend time at.

„We know about a wonderfull club house here, I’m sure you’ll love it!“ Lady Sonja said and Lady Weller’s eyes lit up.

„That sounds wonderfull!“

There was no doubt to it – the Ladies found each other.

„We’ve been there a few times, since we moved here.“

„Where did you live before, if I may inquire?“

„Abroad. Overseas.“ was all Lady Brauer said and the pair didn’t ask any more.

„And why did you choose Caloria, if I may ask.“

Lady Brauer smiled. „Because it’s a beautifull country. Small, but very hospitable, the people here are nice, and Lady Gilbit is taking very good care of it. Here is the sea, the woods, a nice city, and all in all everything we need to be happy.

„I completely agree with you Lady Sonja.“ Lady Weller said. „Caloria is a beautiful place. Maybe that’s why we decided to drop by on our honeymoon.“

„Then it’s all settled, me and Oliver will show you around! Now, speaking of which, where did he go?“ Lady Brauer looked around.

„He excused himself a while ago with Lord Weller. Probably discussing something manly and boring.“

Lady Sonja chcukled. „Most presumably. But tell me something about you.“

„About me?“ Lady Weller cocked her head to the side. „Oh, but I’m just an ordinary lady, the wife of my husband, and an utterly boring person.“

Lady Sonja raised an eyebrow in an amused way. „Really? I really don’t get that impression.“

Their eyes met and Lady Weller simply smiled. It was clear that she and Lady Brauer were on the same wavelenght.

„You’re half, aren’t you.“ It really wasn’t a question.

„Look who’s talking.“

Lady Sonja closed her eyes, the smile remaining on her face. „The first time we were in Caloria, we fell in love with it, so we both promptly decided to move here. It’s not that we don’t love our country, but...“

„It holds too much pain.“

„Exactly. But I’m surprised about you. One would expect that Lord Weller...“

Lady Weller simply shook her head. „He isn’t that type.“

„True. He didn’t seem like it.“

„But say, why don’t we let our country be our country and enjoy our stay in this wonderfull part of the world!“

„I absolutely agree with you, Lady Weller.“

„Please call me Yosefine.“

„Only if you call me Sonja.“

„Well, you two seem to get along very well.“

The two woman stood up at the arival of their husbands. Lady Brauer turned to her husband. „I and Lady Weller were just talking about that wonderfull club we often visit.“

„Oh, that’s a lovely place. I’m sure Their Lordships would enjoy it. How about it Lord Weller? Will you accept our invitation?“

„It would be a pleasure for me and my wife.“

„Then it’s settled. How about we meet the day after tomorrow? It’s music day then and many folk bands will come and preform.“

„That would be very nice. Lady Weller loves that kind of music.“

„Will you allow us to pick you up?“

„It would be most kind of you.“

„We’ll be at the entrance of your hotel at six o’clock in the evening.“

„We’ll be waiting.“

With that the pair stood up and excused themselves. After they were out of the house, Lady Weller smirked. „What a nice couple.“

„I agree with you, mylady. And very polite.“

„That’s true Mylord.“

They decided to take a convenient walk to the hotel, enjoying the crisp evening air. Although, it didn’t take them long to arrive, Caloria was a small town after all. Since it was still a bit early to go to sleep, they headed into the hotel bar for a drink or two and only two hours later retreated to their room. Lord Weller went into the bath first, as always, his wife following him afterwards.

As Yozak emerged from the relaxing bath, he sat down onto the bed and noticed that Conrad was still up. What wouldn’t have been as surprising if he was watching him like a hungry animal.

„This is rare. You’re still up and you’re not eyeing me like your second dinner.“

Conrad gave him a smile. „I was just thinking about today. That we would meet people like us,- who would’ve thought!“

Yozak grinned. „True.“ He lied down and put his head on Conrad shoulder. „Still, I’m looking forward to it. The evening sounds very promising.“


„Ah, by the way, I read on a poster something about some travelling actors coming to Caloria ang giving a performance.“

„What’s the theme?“

„Romero and Argent.“

„How interesting. That they would play a Shin Makoku drama...Well, the relations became very good, indeed.“

„I thought about going to watch it.“

„That would be nice.“


„So...wanna top?“

Yozak shot up and gave him a look of utter disbelief. Conrad was just about to laugh as something flashed through his wifes eyes, which made the words die in his mouth. Suddenly he found himself under Yozak, the other male straddling him. „Why not?“

„That was a joke you know...“ Conrad said, but he couldn’t keep from smiling as he played with the blue nightgown. This one was shortsleeved and shorter than the pink one, going only a little under the knees.

Yozak smiled his fox-like smile. „You don’t seem to mind too much for me ‚not realizing that‘.“ Yozak bent down a few inches.

„Hmmm, how astute we are Mylady...“ Conrad said huskily as he slowly pulled Yozak downwards.

„Why, mylord is complimenting me again...“ Yozak rasped. The distance between their lips was half an inch.

And they kissed. Slowly, gently, seductively.

Yozak pulled away and with a malicious glint in his eyes he pulled his husband’s pants down.

„So, my wild lion...how about a ride?“

„Well my cunning fox, that is a wonderfull idea.“

„Ready to go and mark your territory?“ Yozak purred almost animal like and Conrad’s eyes widened a tiny fraction. Yozak chuckled darkly. „Now, you seem to forgett, my king, that I am the vixen and your liege. Also it wouldn’t be very gentleman-like if the Lady gave the Lord a ride...It’s supposed to be the other way around...Let me ride you...“

Yozak saw Conrad’s eyes darken and he felt the heated flesh underneath him twitch, impatient and frustrated of not being able to jump up, presenting itself in all it’s glory. Yozak smirked. Perfect.


Morning came and with it another day at the beautifull city of Caloria. As Yozak woke, Conrad was already up and dressed, donen with his morning work-out, sitting at the table, a cup of what Yozak assumed to be tea next to him. His jacket was open and he was reading the newspaper. He looked really good, how the sun shone onto his face, tan tunring into gold and auburn into soft brown.

„Good morning.“ He said and put down the book, smiling at his wife. Just Conrad to notice he was up without the need to look at him.

„Morning.“ Yozak sat up and rubbed his eyes. „How late is it.“

„Eight in the morning.“

„Just the time to get up.“ Yozak snuggled into the covers and closed his eyes.

„So I see.“ Conrad’s tone was amused and Yozak heard him stand up and he heard footsteps approaching. The bed shifted and he felt a cold hand caressing his face. Conrad’s hands were always cold, he knew that, but nonetheless it made him shiver.

He heard a chuckle. „Still the same...“

Yozak smiled, but didn’t bother opening his eyes. „Look who’s talking.“

Conrad chuckled again and the cold hand was repleaced by warm lips, their softeness contrasting sharply with the roughness of the rest of the body. !Come on, rise and shine. We’ll miss breakfest if you keep lazying around.“

„Do I look like I care?“

„Do you want to stay hungry?“

Yozak didn’t reply.

„Will you at least drink your tea?“

„It’s probably cold by now.“

„I can warm it up.“

„You really want me to get out of the bed.“


Yozak sighed, finally opening his eyes only to see the sheepish smile of his husband, shining down on him. „Will I get rewarded if I get up?“


Yozak sat up again and pulled away the covers. Conrad handed him his morning coat and the both went to the table and Yozak sat down on a chair, while Conrad warmed up the tea.

They sat in silence until Yozak asked: „Any good news for today?“ he nodded towards the newspaper and Conrad shook his head.

„Nothing in particular, just the newest gossip and recent happenings. They also wrote about the performance.“

Conrad handed it ot him and Yozak scanned quickly through it. Seeing that there was really nothing interesting, he put it down and drunk his tea.

There was silence again. They never talked too much in the morning, both of them enjoying the calmness and peace of the starting day, when everything was still peacefull, everybody was just standing up, getting ready, nobody rushing...

„So, will we go breakfest?“ Yozak finally asked. „I’m getting hungry.“

Conrad nodded. „Yeah.“ He stood up and gave Yozak one more good-morning kiss, what made him smile. Yozak got up too and headed to the bathroom. He was ready in a few minutes, dressed in his casual yellow dress, looking lady-like and stunning as ever.

Conrad kissed his hand. „Mylady,“

„Mylord,“ Lady Weller smiled.

„Shall we?“ he extended his elbow for Lady Weller to hook into it and they both went down into the dinning hall.

They spent another nice day together, takig walks into the town, looking around, simply enjoying eachother.

Nothing much happened untill the evening when the carriage came and brought them to their meeting point with the Brauers, in front of the club the pair talked about. They exchanged their greetings and went inside.

The Brauers should remain right – the Wellers really loved the club the first time they stepped in. It was a typical night club for higher society, with dim light, nice music and tasty drinks. Since it was a nice evening, they sat outside in the court of the club. Tables were scattered around and a few trees gave a pleasent atmosphere of a garden. On a small podium a band stood, playing melodical country music, a few pairs dancing to it. The four joined them.

They spent a nice evening together and in exchange for it, Lord and Lady Weller invited the Brauers to joing them watching the drama. They saw how a look of reluctance crossed their faces, but in the end they agreed. Slowly the evening neared to an end and they were enjoying the last moments of it, chatting happily. That was when Lady Sonja remembered something.

„Ah, by the way, I don’t know whether you heard...“


„There’s going to be cruise from Francia to Cabalcade in two months. It takes place every year and we already took part on it a year ago. We enjoyed it very much and we’re planning to go again. Maybe you would like to do that too.“

„It certainly sounds interesting.“ Lord Weller said. „When exactly will it be?“

„We can send you the informations, about the exact pier and time, if you want to.“ Lord Brauer said.

„We would be honored.“

They stayed a few more minutes and finally excused themselves, promising to meet soon and left.


The next week the four of them met almost every evening, once they even went to lunch together into a small, but comfortable restaurant. And with every passing minute Lady Sonja and Lady Weller seemed to like eachother more and more. Clearly the two woman were on the same wavelength and they came to understand eachother wordlessly onla in a short time. It didn’t take them long to grow into best friends. The days flew away like dove and soon it was the day before the evening before Lord and Lady Weller’s leave.

The pair decided to spend it by themselves, deciding to say their goodbyes in the morning. At sunset Lord and Lady Weller were taking a walk in the harbour of the small city of Caloria, as s black furr caught Lady Wellers attention and she stoped and took a look into the direction, only for her blue eyes to widen slightly. Lord Weller looked at her worried, before asking: „What is it Mylady?“ as no answer came, he too followed his wifes look and his face became like out of marble. He somewhat roughly jerked Lady Weller away and hurried away from the certain danger. There, a few meters away from them, a Ship of Shin Makoku docked and His Majesty was being welcomed by Lady Flynn, Gwendal von Voltaire next to his side.

„Well,“ lady Weller said, „This is unexpected.“


„I just wonder what His Majesty is doing in Caloria.“ Lady Weller inquired as they waited for their dinner to be served. After seeing His Majesty Yuuri in the city, they hurried towards their hotel, carefull to stay unnoticed. And since it was already dinner time, they decided, they might as well go and eat something.

„Probably a royal visit.“ Lord Weller answered. „Shin Makoku and Caloria have very good relations with eachother, after all. At least we can assume they’re staying at the Gilbit house. But we’ll have to be carefull nonetheless. Fortunately we’re leaving tomorrow.“ The waiter served their wine.

Lady Weller nodded. „You’re right Mylord, even though...“ the words she was about to say died in her throat as she saw who entered the dinning room. A silent moan escaped her and Lord Weller didn’t even need to ask.

„They’re here.“ It was a statement. A statement which Lady Weller confirmed with a nod and her eyes followed the direction where they went. She breathed a small sigh of relief. „Their table is at the far end of the room.“

Lord Weller nodded and their dinner was served. „Be calm Mylady. Calm and natural. That’s the best way to stay unnnoticed.“

The Lady nodded. „I know, Mylord. Don’t forgett w at my profession is.“ And so they began eating, only Lady Weller occassionally took a quick glance at the royal table. She was halfway through her meal when she noticed how the oldest looking mazoku stood up and headed right towards them. She tensed slightly and at her husbands questioning look she said: „Brother just stood up and is heading straight towards us.“

They both stared into their plates and tried focus on eating. Only after Lord von Voltaire disappeared out of the door they breathed a small sigh of relief. „It seems he didn’t recognize me. However...“ she looked at her husband. „I’m certain he’ll recognize you Mylord.“

The Lord nodded. „I’ll pretend that I’m going to the restroom and hide somewhere. I’ll come back after brother.“

Lady Weller nodded and her husband indeed stood up and went out. A few minutes later Lord von Voltaire returned into the room and again, didn’t notice the familiar face. A minute after him, Lord Weller returned and sat down opposite her.

They were nearly finished with dinner as Lady Weller stated: „Brother has been looking at our table for the rest of the evening now. Does Mylord think he noticed?“

„There is that possibility, yes.“

„It seems that Lord von Kleist noticed something too because he’s saying something to brother. Now he too, looks our way. Oh. Bad. His Majesty is looking at us and I don’t like that grin...“

„Fabulous.“ Conrad said as he put another piece of meat into his mouth.

„It gets even better.“ Lady Weller took a sip from her wine. „Brother stood up and is heading straight towards us. His gaze is settled on your head. He looks, I beg your pardon for these rude words: royaly fucking pissed.“

„What a nice refreshment in our program!“ Lord Weller took too a sip of his wine. „Say my beautifull lady, we’re still eloping, aren’t we?“

„I believe we are.“

„Good. Now, I hope you’ll pardon me, Mylady.“ With that he stood up and in a matter of a moment, Lady Weller was bend over her husbands shoulder, who was running towards their room, ignoring the scandaled: „Quickly after him!“ and the simultanous: „Mylord! What are you doing? This is“

„Spontanous, unacceptable and absolutely irresponsible?“ he finished for his Lady with a grin on his face. At first startled, but then a small smile spread across Lady Wellers face upon hearing the exact words they used to describe their marriage.

„Something like that.“

Lord Weller snickered and threw the door to Basts room open: „Change of plans, get the cart, we’re leaving now!“ he didn’t wait for an answer as he burst into their room and locked the door behind them, aiding it with a chair. Without thinking Lady Weller took their clothes out of the wardrobe and throwed them into the travelling bag, while Lord Weller placed a few coins on the bed, as a pay for their stay and jumped out of the window, just as the door banged open. Lady Weller was with one big step next to the window and didn’t bother with throwing the luggage first, jumping with the bag in the hand out, falling right into her husbands arms.

„After them!“

They heard several people falling onto the floor but by then they were already halfway in the cart and Bast bid the horses to gallop as fast as they could. Lord Weller leaned out, to take a look at their current situation. „They’re following us.“

„Faster Bast!“ Lady Weller called.

„Aye ma’am!“ and he went faster. „Where to ma’am?!“ he asked as they neared a cross.

„Wherever you want! We have to loose them!“

The next moments were filled with a blurr of colors, drastic, spectaculous turns and falling from side to side, earning a few bruises, but also, with hysterical laughter. „We’re doing it again!“

„Phantastic feeling isn’t it, Mylord?!“

After several more twists and turns they seemed to have lost their pursuers and so they stoped in a small side street to let their horses rest and think of ‚their next moves‘.

„That was a close call...“ Lady Weller said and Lord Weller breathed out.

„This is true.“

Suddenly Lady Weller noticed the suspisious looks their servant sent them. She smiled. „Bast, if there’s something you want to ask, then please do.“

The youg man looked away. „Well...“ then he lifted his head to look directly at his masters. „There would be one...two...things.“

„Which would be?“

„Are, I beg your pardon, are you eloping?“

Lord Weller smiled and said only one word: „Yes.“

„Not that the family is against our relationship.“ Lady Weller said. „We just...felt the sudden urge to do it, so to say.“

Bast, speechless, simply nodded, processing the information.

„And the second thing?“ Bast looked up at the Lady. „You said you had two questions.“

„Well...“ Bast looked away again. „Not that it matters much, but...You two are mazoku, aren’t you?“

„Not entirely.“ Lord Weller said. „But at least the half of us.“

Bast nodded and smiled. „Thank you for being so kind to me and tell me the truth.“

„For the things you do for us, let me tell you, you deserve it, Bast.“ Lady Weller smiled at him and the young mans face lit up. Full of respect, he immediately bowed to ‚his Mylady‘.

„Now that this is done,“ Lord Weller sounded, „We should think about what we are going to do. Brother won’t stop his search, I’m certain about it.“

Lady Weller nodded. „I’m pretty sure myself. It’s no use, Mylord. We have to leave earlier. We can’t risk sir brother finding us.“

„I agree with Mylady. We’re leaving. Now.“

Lady Weller turned to their servant. „Bast.“


„I’m sending you to Lord and Lady Brauer to officially say our goodbyes and apologies of not doing that personally. We needed to depart hastily. Tell her that.“

„As Mylady wishes.“

Lady Weller smiled. „Also, my greetings and my hopes of meeting again.“

„Yes, ma’am.“



„Brother, we haven’t found them yet.“

„Then search further! We need to find them! Every minute is a minute in which they could leave the town!“

„Brother, maybe it would be better-“


Yuuri watched Gwendal barking the orders and sighed. But as his voice was about to turn into shouting, he decided it was time to step in.


The mazoku turned sharply to him, his eyes hard.

„Stop the search. It’s meaningless.“

„Your Majesty, with all my due respect“

„Stop the search.“

„Yuuri...“ The young King silenced his fiancé with one sharp glance. Gwendal watched the king with calculating eyes, deciding how serious His Majesty is. Then he closed them defeatedly and nodded.

„As His Majesty wishes.“ He turned around sharply again and with swift steps he stalked off back to the hotel, while Yuuri, Wolfram and Günter watched him.

„I’ll go after him.“ With that the royal advisor bowed to the king and hurried after Gwendal, leaving Yuuri and Wolfram alone.

Yuuri sighed. „Really now...“



„Why did you stop the search?“ Yuuri turned to Wolfram. „You really want to find Conrad, I know.“

Yuuri sighed again. „I do, but...Conrad ran. That means he doesn’t want to meet us. I...wanto to respect that. I thought Gwendal would do that too, but apparently, that’s not the case.“

„I don’t think so.“

Yuuri looked questionigly.

„As we recieved that letter from Saralegui and he stoped you from rushing out, it was because of that – he wanted to respect Conrad’s wish to spend time alone with Yozak. But now that Conrad is in the same town as he, he has the opportunity to ask him, to get an explanation. That’s why.“

Yuuri looked thoughtfully for a few moments and finally nodded. „You’re probably right. I too, want to ask him, want to know, but if Conrad doesn’t want to meet, then he doesn’t. It can wait after he’ll return.“

„It can wait, huh?“ Wolfram muttered.

„What did you say?“

„Nothing.“ Wolfram hesitated. „Just that...“ he hesitated some more and finally shook his head. „No. Nothing.“


The blond looked away. „Just say...doesn’t it bother you that Conrad eloped with a man? Most of the time you always flip out when you as much as hear about homosexuality. Why is he a exception?“

„Wolfram, are you jealous?“

„You’re a cheater.“

Yuuri chuckled and laid a hand on Wolfram’s shoulder. „I might...fell a little uncomfortable thinking about it, but...Conrad is still Conrad, no? And Yozak is Yozak. Even if he has a new dress. I’m starting to accept it.“

„Yeah?“ Wolfram’s voice was sharp. „And when will you accept me?!“ his eyes were butning with fury as he looked deep into Yuuri’s, startling him.

„I...“ Yuuri looked away. „It’s a lot harder.“ His eyes met Wolfram’s again, look honest. „It’s harder to accept yourself being gay than somebody else. Give me time? I also wanto to talk to Conrad about this. Maybe it will make me accept things easier.“

„You are such a wimp!“

„Don’t calle me wimp!

Wolfram sighed exasperadly. „But I guess it’s one of the reasons why I love you.“

Yuuri smiled. „Thank you.“



Bast arrived at the Brauers house in a short time, despite being carefull of not being recognized. Even though the mazoku lords saw him only for a split moment, that didn’t mean they couldn’t remember his face. He knocked on the heavy, wooden door and not a minute later the door was opened by the sevrant wo looked equal to his age, but Bast guessed he was at least 50 years older. Most likely even more than that.

„Lady Weller sends me with a message for Lady Brauer. It hurries.“

„Very well.“

Bast was welcomed in and the servant disappeared, but shortly after appeared with Lady Brauer. The woman smiled. „What does Lady Weller want to tell me?“

Bast bowed. „Mylady sends me with and apology. Their Lordships needed to leave the town hastily and express their humblest apologies of not being able to say their goodbyes personally. And their Lordships also express their hopes of meeting again.“

Lady Brauer smiled. „Is that so...If that’s the case, please wait here a minute.“ Bast watched the Lady exciting the room and judging the dull thumping, she went upstairs. She returned a few moments later, two small pieces of paper in her hand. She handed them to Bast. „Please give Yosefine this. Also express that there’s nothing to apologize for and my promise that we’ll meet again for sure.“

Bast took the two pieces of paper and bowed. „Yes ma’am.“

As Bast left, Lady Sonja eyed the door for a while. Leave suddenly, huh? She smiled. What a troublesome pair...But she guessed that the word trouble went with the name Weller.


Hope you liked it!

Chapter 1 is here.
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