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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Love and Blood, part 4, p1 
9th-Jan-2010 09:29 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Name: Love and Blood

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: Gwendal/Conrad

Warnings: incest, yaoi, lemon (citrus in general),

Rating: T – M/NC-17 – R

Summary: The brothers were always very close, maybe even closer than brothers could be. Especially two of them. But what if the truth came out? Maybe it's time for Conrad and Gwendal to reveal their greatest secret.


Disclaimer: Sadly, I do not own Kyou Kara Maou. The geniality of it doesn’t belong to me.

A.N.: LJ decided it is too long, so I had to divide this chapter into two halves. Seriously... *sigh*

Chapter 4 is here! The next will be- naaah, I won’t spoil the fun! But feel free to guess. It isn’t that hard...quite logical actually.


Have fun!


Trust is the mainspring which desires the truth


It was right the day after the visit of the ten nobles, that the young Maou acted normally around Gwendal. (And probably he would be acting normally around Conrad too, but the swordsman was still tied to the bed, though feeling a lot better than two days prior.) He even went as far as talking to him and smiling again, after what seemed to be the eternity. While Gwendal was greatfull for this sudden change, it couldn’t have come from nowhere. Something had to happen to change the opinion of the young boy so drastically. And Gwendal was determined to find out what.

„Could you please hand me those papers, Gwendal?“

„Sure, Your Majesty.“

He stood up and went to the desk and as he handed the papers to the king, he got a smile. Not being able to hold it anymore, he blurted out: „Why?“

„Huh?“ Yuuri looked perplexed. Both of their hands were holding the papers now.

„Why, so suddenly, after a month?! What changed?!“

Yuuri blinked, then sighed. „I...accidentally...I didn’t mean to spy, but the door to the room was ajar and as I saw you there I peaked in. The way you treated him, took care of him, like a big brother is supposed to...and the fondness in your eyes...and the deep affection for him as a brother and a lover...It made me think. He...you...he’s very precious to you, isn’t he?“

Their eyes met and Gwendal saw simple honesty in those obsidian orbs. He nodded. „More than my own life.“

„Keep good care of him.“

„You needn’t even tell me that.“

Yuuri smiled and finally Gwendal released the papers they were still both holding and Yuuri took them. „By the way, how is he?“

„Better. Maybe tomorrow he’ll be ready to stand up, Gisella is optimistic. Conrad always had a quick recovery rate. But he’ll have to take it easy.“

„I trust you’ll make him.“

At Gwendal’s dumbstruck look Yuuri looked smug, but the ravenhaired man quickly collected himself and narrowed his eyes. „Your Majesty says inappropriate things. Restrain yourself.“

Yuuri bit back a chuckle. „Yessir!“


Exactly at noon Gwendal opened the door to Conrad’s room. Surprisingly, Conrad was lying on the bed and not running around, like Gwendal thought he would.

„Did something happen?“ he asked as two sparkling eyes rested on him.

Conrad chuckled. „Nothing, Gwendal. I was just thinking that perhaps if I am pretending to be still so weak, I’ll convince you to feed me today too.“

For a few moments Gwendal simply stared at him. Was that a joke or did he actually mean it? Judging by that miscievous smile, he really meant it. Gwendal sighed. Spoiled brat...

„You are incorrigible.“ He sat down onto the bed and held a spoonfull of soup in front of Conrad’s mouth. „Say aa.“


And Gwendal stuffed the spoon into his brother’s mouth, who swallowed it, that mischievous smile still playing on his lips. „You can be such a baby...“

„But only for you.“

Gwendal stared at him. „Would you finally stop smiling like that?“

„How should I smile then?“

„How about not smiling?“

„Impossible. How could I stop smiling if you’re here?“

„I can go.“

„Oh, and here I was looking forward to a personal cure.“

„You’re pushing it.“

„I am fully aware of that.“

Gwendal groaned. Younger brothers could be so, so, so...exasperating! And Conrad didn’t seem to have a tiny bit of bad conscience.

„Things you do for your younger siblings...“ Gwendal muttered as he stuffed another spoon of soup into Conrad’s mouth.

„You know, I was hoping you would hold me like yesterday.“

„Since you don’t seem to have problems with sitting up, it’s not necessary.“

„Crap. I knew I forgott something.“

„Conrad...“ Gwendal growled.

„Yes, Gwendal?“

That blasted brat knew exactly how to wrap him around his fingers! Only one of that sheepish smiles and he was lost and couldn’t deny him anything. „You are so spoiled...“

„And whose fault is that?“ another spoon landed in his mouth.

„Certainly not mine. I was always strict.“

„Whom are you trying to fool, Gwen?“

„Probably myself.“ He spoonfed him again.

„At least you admitt it.“

„You really want me to spank you, don’t you?“


Gwendal’s hand froze in mid air, the last spoon of soup stopin ten inches before it reached its destination. „What?“

Conrad didn’t hesitate to take advantage of his brother’s momentary freeze. „Oh come on!“ he quickly put the plate of soup and the spoon away. „I’m feeling a lot better now! We didn’t do it for so long!“ And he yanked Gwendal down. That finally woke the older from his transe and he started to struggle. „Absolutely no! You’re still sick and“

„Afraid you’ll catch it?“

„What?! No!“

„Well then, nothing is stoping you.“ And he started sucking on Gwendal’s throat. It cost all of the willpower of the mazoku in order not to groan.

„It could worsen!“

„I on the other side think, it’ll make me feel better.“ Conrad’s hands were undoing his belt now and Gwendal found it harder and harder to restrain himself.

„Somebody might come in...“

„Then we’ll have to hurry.“

„One time never sates you.“

„We can continue tonight.“ And as Conrads hand grasped something inside his pants, Gwendal officially gave up. Fighting would be meaningless – nobody could ever win against the best swordsman of the country, after all. Especially not when when the swordsman was his little brother. So all there was left for Gwendal to do, was to fumble with the pants of his brother and pull them down, while he felt the same being done with his. Gwendal hissed as his hot errection met the fresh air of the room and he heard Conrad chuckle. He silenced him with a hot and needy kiss. His hands went under Conrad’s shirt, stroking the chest and massaging the nipples, making Conrad arch and moan into the kiss. With one tug, Gwendal spread his legs and his brother’s eyes snapped open and he gasped for air. Their gazes met, glazed and darkened with lust and Conrad pulled him down for another needy kiss. They didn’t waste their time with undressing and foreplay, and Gwendal spared only half a minute for preparing Conrad, while his brother demaned him to hurry with a hiss. And when Conrad commanded, Gwendal leapt to obey. As Gwendal thrusted forward, into the tight, hot hole of his younger brother, two wanton screams of pain mixed with pleasure echoed through the room. It was fast. It was rough. It was needy. It was absolute lust. And it ended way to early as they both came with screams and their vision went white.

Fifteen minutes later Gwendal was in his office again, determindedly signing papers, ignoring the curious glance of His Majesty, who probably was yearning to know what spurred him on this much.

Dinner time came eventually and again, Gwendal brought Conrad his food, This time however he didn’t feed him, the memory from the lunch still fresh in his memory. But Conrad had more ways than that to make Gwendal yearn for the same things he wanted. This time it was the subtlety of touches and a few words with double meaning, and of course, his smiles. Those smiles Gwendal could never resist. And so, before he knew it he found himself in his brother, pressing him into the matress with his body, his thick and hot member in the tight and hot hole, sliding slowly in and out, massaging the sweet spot instead of mercilessly hitting it with forcefull impacts. It leaved them both gasping for air and drenched in sweat. A drop trickled down Conrad’s forehead and Gwendal caught it with his tongue and licked down his own trail, towards the neck, where he found the exact place which would make his lover arch and nipped on it gently. And indeed Conrad arched, moaning and in the silence of the room it sounded like a scream. Conrad always had been the vocal type...always moaning, screaming, demanding for more... Gwendal on the other side, prefered to be silent. Silent in his pleasure, enjoying it to its fullest.

Gwendal kissed him with a long and lingering kiss, getting another low moan. They lasted like this for another half an hour before they finally came in unison, the pace already deep within them, synchronized and completely in tune with the rhythm of their bodies.

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14th-Jan-2010 02:24 am (UTC)
I liked the way Yuri had his answer ready. At least it seemed like that to me. He just talked with such detail. Like he had thought about what he saw a lot.

Okay. I think my mom is coming home (panic!) so I'll have to finish and comment later. But. Never fear....I will comment!!

P.S. I love Conrad, don't you??
20th-Jan-2010 05:34 pm (UTC)
Since it's Yuuri...I guess he did. ^^

Love Conrad? Hmmm...I guess he has his good moments, but sometimes he annoys me so very.very much (with his saint Julia)...
But I guess all in all I like him. I only dislike how he treats Yozak.
But he is an interesting character and his jokes, comments and sighs are so adorable that I just have to love him,
so to answer your question: I guess I do.

Conrad: That's nice to hear ^^ . And Yozak asks for it.
Yozak: C'mon capt'n...Like your sadistic side doesn't enjoy my masochism.
Conrad: Yozak!
Gwendal: *coughs* *sighs* A narcissist and exhibitionist. I need a holiday.
Me: *pat Gwen* Wanna share?
22nd-Jan-2010 09:55 am (UTC)
Okay! I'm on to the "continue reading"! I think live Journal is just spite full sometimes. Would it really be that hard to add both parts as one??? Really??

I love the way(<-- I say that an awful lot, huh?)that Gwendal is always so strong and firm..until Conrad begs for a spanking, of course. ^__^ And then he's simply big brother butter!

Ok. Must continue!
22nd-Jan-2010 05:41 pm (UTC)
Tat's just Gwen-chan for ya ^^
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