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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Love and Blood, part 5, p4 
25th-Feb-2010 11:24 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Suddenly the windows broke and soldiers marched into the room, drawn swords held high, all of them running towards the newlyweds. „Die you dirty scum!“

The moment it happened, Wolfram was next to Yuuri and dragged him along with Murata into safety. Conrad, who has reached for his sword the moment the sound of shattering glas sounded and found that he didn’t have it, was now scanning the room for something in his reach what he could use as a weapon for time being, but found none. Everything was too far away. But maybe he could use the carpet?

„How could this happen?!“

His whipped around towards Gwendal, and what he saw confirmed his guess. He was shouting at Yozak.

„You were responsible for the security!“

„Gwendal!!!“ but Gwendal ignored his ‚brand-new wife‘.

„My apologies, Your Excellency, but we’ll deal with this later! Right now there’s no time for this!“

With that Yozak pulled out from somewhere a mini-crossbow and fired once, at the head of the soldiers. He missed.

„HA! Think you can shoot me with such a pathetic shot?!!!“

Yozak sighed. „No helping it then.“ He turned towards Conrad, with an apologetic look. „Sorry. I really wanted to avoid bloodspill at your wedding, but...“

He turned away and lunged forward and a moment later the leader fell to the ground, blood seeping through a wound on his chest, caused by Yozak’s dagger the spy had conveniently hid under his skirt, which has changed it’s color from that beautifull deep periwinkle blue to the dark crimson color of blood. He yanked the sword out of the fallen man’s hands and belowed: „Conrad! Catch!“ Reflexively Conrad caught the sword thrown at him. „They’re after you!“

Conrad had figured as much already, since it seemed that none of those soldiers wanted to fight Yozak, no matter how much he tried to hold them back. And there was no way their target would be a noble.

„Stop them!“

Conrad’s eyes widened as he heard that voice and suddenly there was a bunch of ninjas in front of him. „Raven?“

„Stoffel?“ Gwendal turned around with a surprised look on his face. The thatch-haired man smiled at him and Gwendal’s surprise increased.

But ninjas weren’t  the only thing that appeared in front of them. „Your Excellency!“

„Sargent Conolly? Corporal Lindt?“ And several other brown-clad soldiers. Conrad’s  soldiers.

„It’ll  be alright. This is your wedding, so leave the fighting to us.“

„Relax, capt’n!“

Now, where did Yozak come from so suddenly? Wasn’t he a second ago over there?

„Lieutenant, what are the orders?“

„Scatter and catch the traitors. Kill only when necessary.“

„Roger!“ As the handfull of soldiers did as they were told, Yozak turn briefly to Conrad. „Go! They are after you, so fighting now would be running into their arms.“


„As expected, there was no way the Lion of Ruttenberg would have a quiet wedding...“

Conrad whipped around as he heard the voice he absolutely didn’t expect to hear this evening. „Adalbert! You came...“

The outcast smirked. „First I thought it was one of your ‘puns‘ but as I heard the rumors spreading I thought it could turn out to be interesting, so I came.“

Conrad smiled. Yeah, sure. „You’re late.“

„Che. I think that my timing is just perfect. Now, why don’t you go enjoy yourself and let us take care of these minor inconvenience?“ with that he took his fighting stance beside Yozak.


„Also, you can’t let them take your wedding night, can you?“ and with a wink, Yozak and Adalbert charged simultanously. Conrad wanted to follow them, but a strong hand seized his arm.


„They’re right. You would be doingl just what they want you to. And this time, there’s no need for it.“

Conrad looked at him thoughtfully. True, but...

„Stop being so stubborn!“

And Conrad realized that this was the only reasonable thing he could do. After all, from this day on, it wasn’t only he and his fate he had to consider. „You’re right. Let’s retreat.“ He looked the scene over. „They’re almost finished, anyway.“


Sure enough, half an hour later, Yozak entered the throne room (the only room with a capacity to hold up to 200 people), blood all over him, his gown no longer blue, but dark red. „Phew...“ he breathed out. „We have secured them. Only 3 have died.“

„Yozak.“ The spy flinched at the harsh tone. It wasn’t that he wasn’t already used to it, it was rather what it implied. And that he felt the same exact way. „You were responsible for the security and you swore to me, that nothing will happen, so explain us in this instant how-“

„Gwendal, if you don’t shut up in this instant, I’ll divorce.“

Needless to say, it worked perfectly and all eyes were set on Conrad. „If I might remind you, it wasn’t only the security Yozak was responsible for, but the whole wedding. From ordering the flowers to sending invitations to around 200 people. I’m sure that there is a perfectly human reason for this incident.“

„Actually, not human this time, captain.“ Yozak looked at him. „I’m sorry, Gwendal is right. It was my responsibility.“

„And that’s why there has to be a very good reason for this. I can’t imagine you make a slip.“

„There were traitors. Among the guards.“


Yozak nodded and then snorted in despise. „One would think they would be loyal at least to His Majesty, who was happy to perform the ceremony, but apparently, that’s not the case. They were radicals. Extremists. Nothing mattered as long as this marriage didn’t take place.“

„Then why did they wait for the end of the ceremony?“

„They didn’t state their reasons, but we assume it was because we lost our cautiousness for a moment. We awaited an attack in the middle of the ceremony. We never thought it might come directly after it.“

„Did they act on orders of someone, or was this an action of their own?“

„It was their idea. They wanted to...get the garbage out of the military, as they said.“

Conrad nodded. „I see. I wish to talk to them.“

„Captain, I don’t think that’s ...“

„The garbage am I, right? As such I have the right to know the one who brings me out.“

„You’re starting to be poetic again. It didn‘t suit you then, it doesn’t suit you now.“

„Do I have to make it an order?“

„You might as well, because there is no way that as a friend I’m letting you.“

„Have it your way. Lieutenant Grie, bring me to the captives.“

Before Yozak could answer, Günter called: „Conrad, wait!“

Conrad turned to Günter.

„What do you wish to accomplish with this? It’s uneccessary to do this. You already know the answer to the question you want to ask them, so the only thing you gain from this is pain. Why?“

Conrad smiled ruefully. „I’m a masochistic brat Günter. And a sadistic jerk. At least that’s what Gwendal keeps saying. I guess it’s time to live up to those words.“

„Wretched fool! Stop it! Stop it right now!“


„I won’t let you, do you understand?!!“

„Do you think you can order me around as a husband?! I’m not your property!“

„Not as a husband, but as a genral! Instead you, I will speak with them.“

„Keeping all the fun to yourself?!“

„Stop it! You’re being ilogical! Go and lie down. You’re delirious.“

„How dare you?!!!“

„SILENCE! Will you two idiots just shut up?!“


Upon hearing the sound of that voice the two hassles whipped around. „Yozak...“

„You married not an hour ago and are already arguing? I didn’t expect the first crisis come so early.“ His voice was dripping with sarcasm and slowly it dawned on Gwendal and Conrad what they were causing right now.

„Yozak, listen...“

„No, you are going to listen!“ Yozak’s head was hurting, he was tired and not an hour ago he had witnessed the wedding of the two person from which he would’ve chosen one to share his future with. Not that he didn’t wish them luck, it was just that...seeing them argue was like seeing your chance in front of you, but out of reach. It hurt. And it wasn’t fair. „You two love each other, I know that. I know that, because if I didn’t, I would’ve never surrendered and would’ve fought for a chance. But I didn’t. Instead I kept your secret, supported you, hell I even organized your wedding, saved your asses and am doing everything in my might to make this your happiest day alive, so I would await from you at least a little piece of gratitude! I’m happy for you, I really am, but it hurts to...At least try not to fight...“


Yozak turned on his heels, ready to march out of the throne room, not wanting to hear any of it, but apparently, his heels had other plans. Whether it was tiredness, or clumsiness, or the heels were to high, he didn’t know, but the result remained: He stumbled and fell face down.

„Yozak!“ Conrad and Gwendal hurried towards him.

„Fuck...“ he wished he could cry. Not only does he pour out his heart in front of 200 people, he even falls onto his nose in front of them. Oh the humiliation! He wished he could die on the spot because living with this humili- suddenly there was a hand in front of him.

„Get up, will you?“

„Adalbert...“ he stared at the hand for a few moments and then looked up into those blue eyes, blue like his own and then back at the hand. Finally smirking, he took it. „Mylord is so gentle...“

Adalbert pulled him up and with one gracefull movement Yozak was on his feet again.

„If there’s a way I can give back to you...“

Mylady shall do as he wishes. But first get out of those dirty clothes.“

„Mylord is so direct...“

„...And put on clean ones...“

„Does Mylord like long foreplay?“

Conrad and Gwendal sighed. Just Yozak for you. Be back to his cheeky self within one minute. But still...


He turned around. „What is it gentleman? Want to joing our little intermezzo?“

Conrad didn’t take the bait. „I’m, we’re sorry. We didn’t realize how-“

„That’s alright. It’s alright.“ Yozak smiled. „I got carried away. It wasn’t my place. I guess I’m a bit tired. It has been a lond and rough day.“

„Maybe, but still, we shouldn’t have-“

Suddenly there was a hand on Conrads shoulder, stopping his speech. „It’s alright.“

He looked up into Yozak’s sparkling eyes, and the cheerfullness he saw there, convinced him, that it really was.

„So, now that this is settled, why don’t we let the party begin?!!“




Later on...


„Such a grace in movements...“

„I never thought two soldiers can move like that...“

„Do you see how light their footsteps are? As if they were flying...“

„I heard they are renowned dancers...“

„So handsom...“


A few feet away...


„So, what happens now with those guys? Will they be punished?“

„Obviously, Shibuya. They have commited a crime after all.“ Murata said, smiling.

„We can’t let them get away with it! Ruining my brother’s wedding...“ Wolfram fumed.

„Ah yeah, Wolfram, what you said back then was really nice.“

„Shut up, wimp!“

„But he’s right, Lord von Bielefeld. I’m sure that you made Lord Weller really happy with that.“


Yuuri decided to change the subject before another catastrophe (the probability of an inferno was very high) happened. „Ah, by the way, don’t you think it’s weird?“

„What is, Shibuya?“

„I mean...“ the young king turned towards the middle of the room, where the two newlyweds dominated the dance-floor, wearing smiles on their faces, obviously enjoying the company of the other. „They act like nothing happened, going all lovey-dovey...“

Murata chuckled. „I guess for them, this is a day, nothing can ruin.“

„I see...And Yozak? He seemed pretty upset...“

„He’ll be fine.“

Yuuri frowned a little. „Isn’t that a bit cruel to say?“

„Nope. I don’t think so.“ Murata answered wearing that secretive smile of his, which said ‚I know something you don’t‘ and filled the young king with a sense of dread.

„You’re just a wimp, that’s the whole problem!“

„Don’t call me whimp!!!“


„I wish Lord von Voltaire would ask me for a dance...“

„Which one?“

„I wish Lord Weller would ask me for a dance...“

„It’s Lord von Voltaire from now on.“

„No, I heard he didn’t change his name.“

„Really? How awfull...“

„Isn’t it understandable? Everyone remembers the famous Lion of Ruttenberg as Lord Conrad Weller, not as Lady von Voltaire.“

„You should restrain yourself from saying such things.“

„Who cares how he is called an how not?! I still want a dance!“

„Oh, what’s that? They stoped dancing?“

„He comes our way...“

„Lord Gwendal does too...“

„Maybe they want a little change?“

„Not to grow tired of themselves so soon, he?“ Giggles.

„There he comes!“


„Mylady, can we have this dance?“

Yozak raised an eyebrow at them, completely ignoring the bunch of the young aristocrats nearby, pulling on their hairs, sobbing, fuming and biting on their satin tissues. He had already changed from the blood-stained periwinkle-blue dress into a similar salmon-red, which suited him just as much.

„A dance?“

Conrad smiled at him. „You have done so much for us, so now it’s time we do something for you. We’re all your’s, for the rest of the evening.“

Yozak gaped. „What?“ Suddenly he laughed heartily. „That’s so...silly...But it’s sweet.“ He flashed them a dashing smile. „Thank you, but I already have someone to keep me company for this evening.“ He smirked. „However...“ he laid his hand into Conrad’s „One dance would be nice.“

Conrad smiled back and already made a move to lead him towards the dancefloor as his eyes fell to the single ‚Conrad-stands-upon-earth’ in a white vase on the table next to them and an idea struck him. „But before that, there’s something I want to give you.“ With a small smirk he took the flower and presented it to Yozak. „On Earth there is this tradition called ‚Bouquet-throwing’. The bride throws her bouquet into the crowd of young ladies and the one who catches it, is the one to marry next. I didn’t have a bouquet, but I believe this single flower will do too.“

Yozak smirked. „I thought you said it has to be thrown.“

„Take it as an order.“ Yozak blinked and Conrad smiled his sweetest smile. „You’re the one to marry next, whether you like it, or not.“

After several moments of dumbfounded silence, Yozak laughed and took the flower. „Acknowledged, captain! But for now, I’ll enjoy this dance with you.“




„This was a hell of a day...“ Conrad said as he slumped onto the bed.

„You think so?“ Gwendal retorted, while getting out of the exceedingly uncomfortable suit, his back towards Conrad.

„Wedding. Dressing, preparing. Again wedding, attack and hours of party. Yes, I dare to think so.“ Silence. „Gwendal, look at me.“

„No. Because if I do, you’ll give me that deeply seductive look and then my clothes will be absolutely wrinkled on the floor, instead of neatly put over the chair.“

„Now that would be a shame. They compliment your eyes...“

„Do they?“ It was a rhetorical question, so Conrad didn’t answer. Instead he asked something that has been bugging his mind almost the whole evening now.

„Say, in the end we didn’t find out who was the one to keep Yozak company, did we?“

„Is it that important?“ and Gwendal, out of the shirt, leaving only the pants on, turned around. There he was lying flat on his back, his love, as expectedly with that utterly seductive look Gwendal was never able to resist. And now wasn’t an exception. He quickly unbuttoned his pants and stepped out of them, threw them across the chair and hurried towards his partner.

„No.“ Conrad smiled mischievously. „Not right now at least. Rigth now you’re more important.“

„Good to hear that...“ he kneeled down onto the bed and bent over Conrad. Mesmerizing...

„You still didn’t tell me how good I look...“

„Gorgeous. Captivating. Stunning.“

„In the end, mother did a good job with the suit.“

„I wasn’t talking about the suit.“ Gwendal said in a whisper and burried his hand in the for once silky locks.

„You like the hair? Mother did it. Looks like a lot of work but it took only one hour to make it.“

„It’s beautifull. It makes you look godly. It’s like you shine...“

„Isn’t that rather the make-up then?“

„Huh? Make-up? You wear make-up?“

A sigh. „Only a bit powder and eyeliner. It was Yozak’s idea. Said it makes the silver shine of my eyes come out.“

„So that was his doing...“

Conrad only smiled and Gwendal couldn’t but return it.

„All in all, brother dearest, you look like a half-god ready to be crowned the king of all gods.“

„I don’t think ‚god’ would be a job for me. I couldn’t enjoy the earthly pleasures then.“

„Do you want to enjoy them now?“

„With you?“


„That’s truly my only wish now. After all, this is our wedding night.“

Gwendal’s chuckle was silenced with a kiss.


Was it too long? I apologize. Hope ya liked it anyway! ^^





16th-Mar-2010 06:59 am (UTC)
Poor Boys. Couldn't have a quiet wedding. When Worlfam went for Yuri and Murata I was all "No! Run for Josak and Conrad!!". Please know that if you had found any kind of way that wither of them died in that retreat/fight, I would have bit your head off. I mean this in the nices way. *evil smile*

Ohh! Wolframs' so cute when he has to own up to being nice. Not many people would get angry when somebody pointed out that he sad something nice. Then again, Not many people would point it out, knowing Wolfram. But that's Yuri! ^____^

*sigh* It's over. *goes to check friends page to see if you have written any more*

It wasn't too long so long as you don't mind me reading it over a couple of days!

Thank you!!

16th-Mar-2010 08:26 pm (UTC)
I think they had enough angst as it is.
...And the fic couldn't have continued the way I wanted it to if someone got killed.
Bite me?
*mischievous sparkle*
*licks her lips*
Be my guest.

That's just Wolf-chan for ya. The little cutie-pie he is.
Wolfram: Grrr...

Sorry, nothing yet. Honeymoon's a bit hard to write.


My pleasure!
29th-Mar-2010 07:30 am (UTC)
Ahhhh. I forgot. We're vampires. *bites* Sorry! I got blood on your clothes. *looks down* And on mine. *kicks something*

It's all right. I feel wierd replying late to comments without looking at my friends page. I don't know if you've written more or not! ^^ *goes to check it*
29th-Mar-2010 07:47 pm (UTC)
That's fine...
*sly smile*
I like the color and the smell of the blood in the late evening-sun...

Not yet. Missed your reviews and didn't have an inspiration.
But now...
*calls for her muse*
Oi! Get your lazy ass here and give me a swift kick into the ass!
My muse: Naaah...Come over and let me kick you!
Me: Lazy ass!
My muse: Right back at you!
30th-Mar-2010 07:27 am (UTC)
I kick you if she/he won't!

Oh! Sorry! I do enjoy reading your storys and commenting. I have been getting all of my school done every day very nicely and playing with younger siblings. But I never get on the computer!!
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