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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
26th-Sep-2008 01:31 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

B-day fanfic for haruyan

^^ Happy Birthday sweetheart! I thought it's tomorrow, but it's today!

So here it is! Kira uke, as you wanted and it's with Shuuhei (since you like it that much ^^)

Name: Behavior
Genre: shounen-ai/yaoi
Pairing: Shuuhei x Kira
Warning: graphic lemon
Rating: M (ratings from fanfiction.net)
Disclaimer: I really do not own bleach... *sniff*



Kira wasn’t weak. He graduated as the best of the class, he had a strong zanpakutou , very good kidou skills and was a lieutenant. He was loyal, he always did his duties, he was the first to volunteer for doing something. Yet it didn’t change the fact that he was considered weak. And he stil didn’t know why. Was it his soft looks? The blond hair and the blue eyes? That he was always polite? Or was it the fact, that he was manipulated so easily?


But even then – thinking of it so often, weighing the option, judging the situation, he still didn’t see it as a manipulation. He just did his duties. He was just loyal. Yeah. Loyal. Loyal to a fault as they say. But stil, as a lieutenant it was his duty to protect a captain. It was his duty to do as the captain ordered. It was his damn duty! And if there was a person that did always his duties without the ghost of a hesitation and with the greatest determiation, it was Kira. Ironically, because of this he was considered weak. Just because they got it the wrong way. And it pissed him off! He was pissed beyond belief! Hence the energy he put into the signing of this... what was it? Oh well. It had to be signed and that was all he cared for. Right now he was too tired and too sore to think about it. He was too tired and too sore to do anything.

So he just mechanically signed the papers, without even reading them. He could only think about his comfy, warm bed...

Just right at that very moment the door slammed open with a loud BANG! Which made Kira jump at least 10 ft. He looked at the door, seeing a grinning Shuuhei. The tiredness came back with a hue of annoyance.


„What is it Shuu?“ he asked politely.


„The work’s over!“ Kira ignored the statement.


„So...“ Shuuhei walked to him and grabbed his hand. „You’re gonna put this pencil down...“ he took the pencil from Kiras hand and laid it on the desk. „And come home with  me.“


„Shuuhei...“ Kira sighed exasperated. „I can’t, I mu-ooh...“ The words died in his mouth as he felt callused hands on his back, massaging the tightened muscles. „A little bit higher...an inch to the right...ooh...yes right there, oh gods...“ He felt how he relaxed and melt under Shuuheis touch.


Maybe he should really go home, into that warm, comfy bed. Maybe Shuu could join him. And maybe they didn’t have to got to sleep immediately...



The blond stood. „Let us go home.“


Kira and Shuuhei shared an apartment for few weeks now, since they came together. It were Renji and Shuuhei who helped him to recover from Ichimarus betrayal. While he had a crush on Renji since academy times, he loved Shuuhei from the very first time they met. Funny, that it was Gins betrayal that made him realize this. He chuckled at this tought.

„What is it?“ asked Shuuhei, looking puzzled at him. They were already on the halfway to the apartment. Kira shook his head.

„Nothing. Just thinking about how I love you.“

Shuuhei smiled and gave Kira a peck on his lips.


The rest of the way they walked in silence. The arrived at the apartment in silence and they entered it with silence. The first sound that was made was, after the door was closed and Shuuhei laid his arms around Kira and the blond sighed at how good the touch felt.

„I want you...“ he whispered.



A passionate kiss followed and a bit of manoeuvring as they headed for the bed. And as Kiras legs hit it, he let himself fall back and sighed as his shoulders and every uncovered spot on his body had the full attention of Shuuheis lips.


It didn’t take the two long to lie be naked. But since they both loved teasing, long foreplay (another think that annoyed Kira: everybody thought of him as an sado masochist. In fact he hated it. It reminded him too much of his former taichou. And he wouldn’t stand if Shuu would hurt him like that, like that bastard had. Shuuhei was no bastard, and Shuuhei loved him. Why would he want him to hurt him?), it some time to get Shuuheis dick up Kiras ass.

At first Shuuhei kissed Kiras torso, after he roamed it with his hands. There was not a single spot which his lips hadn’t touched. Needless to say, the nipples got some extra attention. They were licked and bitten softly and licked again, until they were rock hard and the he blew over them. Oh how Kira loved it! It made him always buck his hips. At the time Shuuhei arived at the bottom of his stomach, Kira was painfully erect.



He gasped and moaned as he felt the wet, cold tongue lick over his hot and hard member.


„Izuru...“ the hot breath drew him insane. But Shuuhei pulled away. Instead of taking him into his mouth he proceeded to lick his inner tighs. Both of them. Slowly. Kira moaned and groaned and grid under him, his hands in the deep red hair.


And then Shuuhei did it. He thrust his mouth into Kiras opening. Kira screamed from pleasure.



Shuuhei was happy to comply. But after a while he let go. Kira whimpered at the loss. They saw eachother in the eyes. They were darkened from lust and Kira could see, Shuuhei was as hard as he was. The sight of that throbing, hot, thick, hard, long member, made Kira groan. Just the thought of it inside him, made him want to scream from joy.



Shuuhei trembled from lust. Hearing his name rolling of the tongue of the one he loved, in this way, made him shiver from wanting. He wanted Kira, he wanted him so badly...


„Take me...“

Shuuhei moaned. „Hell, yes.“


He kissed the blonde on the mouth, passionatly, full of need and all Kira could do, was returning the kiss with as much fierce. He uttered a squeaky moan (which sounded so girly and so ridiculous) as he felt calloused finger inside him, moving, stretching, sometimes almost as if on accident, stroking his prostate.


„Do it! Now!“ he called from need.

„Your wish is my command...“ Shuuhei whispered in a husky voice as he removed his fingers, only to replace them with his hardness. Kira screamed as he felt the jolt of pleasure.


Shuuhei groaned. Kira was so tight...not as tight, since he was always bottom, but tight enough to make Shuuhei gasp, moan and groan at the feeling as he entered him. It drew him insane every single time they had sex.


They moved in unison, their moves fast, feast and passionate. The hits on his prostate drew Kira on the verge of sanity and he felt pleasure building up inside him. And then...there was this feeling of ultimate pleasure.


Shuuhei screamed as Kira became unbelievably tight. And moaned as he felt the regular contraction, that stimulated his groin. He felt a wave of pleasure, large as a tsunami, that hit him as he came, hard into Kira, screaming his name.


They lay there, slumped on the bed, catching their breath and calming the raging heartbeat, neither of them willing to move.

Finally, Shuuhei gathered his last powers and rolled himself off of Kira and pulling him close.

Suddenly he smirked.

„Free for another round?“

„R U 'ns'ne?“ was the lazy response.

„Can’t anymore?“ the smirk grew.

„Don wanna...“



Shuuhei smirked as he shut up. He knew Kira could hold another round, he just didn’t want to, being tired as he was. No, Kira Izuru wasn’t weak. He just behave like it.


26th-Sep-2008 03:51 pm (UTC)
Hey, I'm guessing English isn't your first language? You've definitely got a decent piece, here, but the spelling and grammar make that a little harder to see.

I don't want to be rude, but I'm willing to give it a quick proofing, if you like -- just to fix a few of the things that really break the flow. Just let me know.

(And I like the idea that Kira is viewed as weak because he's not driven to prove himself at every opportunity, and does his job by the book. That's kind of a cool thought and it makes a lot of sense!)
26th-Sep-2008 07:27 pm (UTC)
Yeah, you guessed it. It's not my 1st language, far from it. I'm from Slovakia (Slovakia, not Slovenia, please. Not south, but middle EUrope. Next to the Czech republic)

Actually I thought of a beta and if you want to, you can take that role. I would be just glad. I have some troubles writing in english, seriously. But truth be told, today I sucked at english. I can write better. Today was just not my day. But even then it's far from flawless.

If you want to, you can write me per message the words or anything that needs to be corrected. Or if you think that it can't be done just with that, you can copy it, correct it in word and send it either per message or mail.

ANd thanks! It's just an analysation of the way he's acting. So I'm glad that it makes sense to you. It means that I'm not that far from the truth ^^
2nd-Oct-2008 04:38 pm (UTC)
Sorry it took so long, but the first round of edits is here. I have like a 12 hour work day, five days a week, so it's a little hard to get to things, sometimes. I'm going to do a little more fixing before I call it done, but I just didn't want you to think I forgot you. ;)
3rd-Oct-2008 10:35 am (UTC)
Thanks! But with that "R you insane?" was on purpose. Kira was too tired...But thanks!
26th-Sep-2008 04:55 pm (UTC)
OHMYGOOOOOOOOOD!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! *TACKLEGLOMPHUGGLE!* I love this~! It was great! I loved the way you portrayed Kira~ Thanks so much ^____^
26th-Sep-2008 07:28 pm (UTC)
Grlgh. Thanks...
I just thought it could be like that. Happy birthday!
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