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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Complicated as love 
19th-Oct-2008 04:48 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Fanfic: Complicated as Love
Music inspired: Everytime we touch, slow version (Cascada), Jet Airliner (Modern Talking), Thunder (East 17)
Genre: Shounen-ai/yaoi
Pairing: Ichigo x Keigo
Rating: NC-17/M because of later chapters
Warning: Graphic citrus (lemon and lime) in later chapters.
Summary: Puberty is hard, isn’t it? More then when you’re a substitute shinigami trying to save the world and an unsure boy who thinks his beloved doesn’t care. Find out how Ichigo and Keigo cope with the complicated thing called Love.
I do not own Bleach. If I would own Bleach, we would see Yumichika and Ikkaku fucking eachother senseless, Ukitake and Shunsui would marry, Gin would be killed by Kira and Yamamoto by Aizen. And some shounen-ai pairs would out themselves. Seeing that none of this happens, I assume I really don't own Bleach. Maybe in my imagination, but that doesn't count, does it?

Chapter 5 „Making love“


Music: Everytime we touch, tonight I’ll celebrate my love for you
Warning: graphic, explicit lemon
Rating: M
Summary: He slowly fliped them over, so that Keigo laid now on his back, while Ichigo on top of him, with one knee between the slender legs of the brunette.



Ichigos visits at Keigos after tenis became regular. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he would escort him home, kiss him senseless at the front door, then come in, greet his sister and if it was Friday sleep over. Though Keigos sister was overprotective and murderous at times, somehow she managed not to have a problem with Ichigo. And yes, she did know abou their relationship. On accident though. They didn’t hear that she arrived and she just stumbled into Keigos room right at the moment when Ichigo lay on top of the brunette and kissed him into oblivion. Ichigo doesn’t know how he survived that, but after some slaps and chasing around the house and an embarassing talk, Keigos sister was okay with it. But still since the incident she didn’t step over the border of Keigos room. Not that Ichigo minded at all.


Right now, on this nice Wednesday evening, he lay next to Keigo on his bed. Keigos head rested on his chest as he braced through some erotic magazine and Ichigo just read the sports news.

Suddenly Keigo put away the magazine and turned, so he laid now across Ichigo, chin resting on his hands, settled on his upper chest.



„Hm?“ he turned the side. There was this good article about the local Aikkidou league. Needless to say, Keigo scowled.


„What is is baby?“ Even though the response was this time a coherent sentence, the tone was unfocused. Keigo sighed exasperated. How could somebody be so dense?

He snatched away the magazine and covered the lips that uttered a dissatisfied „OI!“ with his in a heated kiss. It didn’t take long to forget the sports news.

„Keigo...“ Ichigo said in an asking tone as they parted for air. „What is the meaning of this?“

Keigo sighed. „How can you be so...“ Keigo stopped himself before ending the sentence. Instead he entvined their lips again, this time soft and slowly, almost a butterfly kiss, which, Ichigo could feel, hid more.

„Is it so hard to understand?“ Keigo asked as his hands traced down the well toned chest. Ichigo gasped.

„Keigo...“ and he grabed the wirsts, stopping them, the look on his face serious. „Do you really want this? Are you that sure?“

Keigo nodded. „More then anything. Ichigo, please...let us make love.“

Though Ichigo didn‘t show it, he was surprised. Since when did Keigo call Sex Lovemaking? Love... Did this mean he was serious? Not only about the sex but them as a couple. Ichigos lips curled into a smile.


He slowly fliped them over, so that Keigo laid now on his back, while Ichigo on top of him, with one knee between the slender legs of the brunette.


– ALERT! ALERT! lemon scene – for those who don’t want to read it: Scroll down to the ~~~ Thank you for the attention, you may now return to reading. – 


Keigo seriously didn’t know what hit him. The sweet tongue in his mouth, the strong tigh pressing against his middle, the caloused hands roaming down his sides and ah! massaging his hips...it all drew him insane. It was better then he imagined it would be. This new sensation spreading through his body, covering it in sweet pleasure was overwhelming. He squirmed and moaned softly under Ichigos touch.


Hearin the brunette moan and knowing to be the cause of it drew Ichigo beyond the border of common sense. And finally his hands did what they were born to do: Massaging the slender hips of the brunette.


Soon both were moaning either from the pleasure inside them, or because of the noises the other made, knowing he made them because of the feelings the other caused them in him.


Ichigo didn’t hesitate much as he removed Keigos T-Shirt and ravished his chest, at first with his hands, then with his mouth. The nipples were hard almost in an instant. The tongue darted into the bellybutton and the teeth bit slightly at the sensitive skin around it. Keigo was panting loudly.



Hearing his name roll of the tongue of his lover that way, Ichigo simply moaned and went more passionate each second. Soon his T-Shirt was thrown away, across the room and Keigos jeans almost simultanously with it. Ichigo wanted to undo his belt, but then he felt a pair of hands reaching for it, that weren’t his.  He looked at the flushed face of Keigo as the boy undid the belt and dragged down the pants, leavin Ichigo only in his underwear, clearly showing his errection. Only the sight of it made Keigo groan in anticipation.


Now both of them in their underwear, they stared at eachother for what seemed an eternity. Then Ichigo leaned down and laid his lips on the bent that Keigos errection caused in his underwear, and licked it through the thin fabric. The sound that Keigo made as he bucked his wonderfull hips satisfied Ichigo. Wondering what would it cause if he did it without the fabric in between he removed the shorts. He gasped at the sight. It made him even more aroused, of which he thought to be impossible. He couldn’t await it. In a matter of a second he removed his underwear as well, leaving them in their adamswear – completely naked and exposed.

Showing eachother in the eyes, Ichigo leaned down and licked the swollen cock of his lover. That only made the other buck his hips once again and groan rather loudly. That was enough for Ichigo and he slammed his lips on Keigos ones.


Keigo was panting like he just ran a marathon. Ichigos touches woke in him enormous pleasure. He never felt like this before. He felt like he was somewhere beyond the world, in an other dimension made of passion and love, where there were only he and Ichigo. Only the two of them alone. Together. Not as friends anymore but as lovers. He falt that this was a beginning of something new. But thinking about it wasn’t possible since the emotions inside him were brainshutting.

He felt a hand wander up on his upper tigh, then moving to the inner side, srotking it, massaging it a bit, making it spread wider. His breath hitched as he realized the meaning of this and not only did he spread his legs wider, but also wrinckled them, though more on instinct then purposly. He felt a pair of lips kissing his neck, wandering to his ear, warm breath tickling it and making him shiver as he was asked: „Have some lube and condoms?“

„In the bedside table.“ He breathed.

He heard the shuffling, but he wasn’t able to look, becuse his eyes were shut as he enjoyed the ministrations the tongue made on his earlobe. As he heard something being removed from the table and he gasped at the tought of what it could be. He opened his eyes ever so slightly and he saw something being showed into his face. It was a condom.

„Do it.“

With shaking hands he took the gum and clothed Ichigo in it. The he felt a slick finger sliding into him and he moaned at the unknown yet welcome sensation. It was when the second finger entered he whimpered in pain. Calming kisses were made on his face and neck, soft words whispered to him as scissoring moves were aplied in his anus. As the third finger entered he screamed in pain.


„Shhhh...“ was breathed into his ears. „Relax, relax...“

But Keigo couldn’t. He whimpered in pain as soft impacts were made, hitting whatever inside him. But then there was ajolt of electricity and he squeacked.

„Oh God...Do that again.“ And he felt it again. Though there was still the pain, there was pleasure building up in him. As he was hit at the place the 3rd and 4th time only the tiniest amount of pain was left. The 5th time was simply bliss.


Ichigo didn’t hesitate. He took Keigos hand and coated it in lube, then putting it on his errection.

„Coat. Now.“

And Keigo did. And that hot, pulsing thing drove him mad.


Ichigo groaned in pleasure. He couldn’t await it. He wanted Keigo, here and now. So he removed the hand firmly and pressed inside the body beneath him, with what he earned a moan. As he slowly pushed in, he sweat and groaned. The smooth, tight walls, the weloming warmth, the whole fact of being inside that wonderfull body of his lover, havin sex, making love with him was arousing him beyond belief, drove him over the border, drew him mad.

Fully inside him, he had to catch his breath for a moment and then he moved. Both of them moaned simultanously. And then he began slamming against that spot that made Keigo moan in bliss a few minutes ago and now yet again.


Both were moaning and groaning in bliss as they continued and they pace grew more fierce, more passionate, more needy and plain lust filled their senses. The release didn’t take long to come, but it came with full force upon them.

Ichigo groaned loudly as he felt the contracts of Keigos inner walls as the brunette came, stimulating him. For Keigo it was the best expierience he ever had. He was lost in bliss and gasping and moaning in a high tone, almost squeaking were the only tones he made, but not even hearing them. The only thing he knew was the endless pleasure and the pulsating flesh inside him, which burned him with bliss. He felt himself breaking over the edge and a second later he felt how the condom was filled with something. That made him groan and come again and again, until there was nothing and he collapsed. Ichigo kept slamming into him until the last of the cum came out of him, until the last feeling of lust was filled and satisfied, until he could and then he slumped against the other boy. For 5 minutes they laid there, panting and enjoying of what they thought it was the „afterglow“.




„Ichi...go...“ Keigo breathed. „Ichigo...“

The orangeheaded boy pulled out and with the last amount of energy turned onto his back.


They snuggled against eachother and while falling asleep, Ichigo heard words that scared him, yet at the same moment made him the happiest person alive: „I love you...“



So...Since in this chapter didn’t happen much besides „Lovemaking“ I hope you read that scene, so you can tell me what you think abou it. How was it? Did you like the chapter? Some suggestions for doing better?

Questions? – How will this continue? When the f*ckin hell will they tell their friends (and in Ichis case their family)? What will be Ichigos answer to Keigos last sentence? Will there happen something more, or will it be just a happy-go-lucky romance without a twist?

Tell me. I’ll be glad to answer it in the next chaps. ^^



P.S.: Sorry for being late with the update, but some complications arose so I wasn't able to upload it friday or Saturday. I hope you aren't angry with me. Gomen nasaiii


Cut from next chapter:He stretched and laid back. It felt so good to lie in this comfy bed on this early Saturday morning... And yesterday...yesterday was so good.


He looked to the side, where Ichigo laid, safe and sound asleep, a lite smile dancing on his handsome face. Keigo was happy he stayed even if it was only Wednesday.

...Wait...What exactly didn’t fit here?

Want to read more? Then follow me...



If you didn't and would want to read the other chapters, here they are:

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20th-Oct-2008 09:59 am (UTC)
Yay, another chapter! I really like this story, so sweet!!!!
I reckon they gotta tell their best friends first, and then everyone else finds them out on a date a couple of days afterwards, that was be cool. Everyone would be like, "Did you two know about this!" and they'd be like "maybe". Hehe. And we all know what Isshin would be like.... *smirks* Would be no problem, ha.

Thanks for an awsome chapter, bout time they did it! Can't wait for the nect one! Keep up the good work!
20th-Oct-2008 11:07 am (UTC)
We'll see, we'll see. But a good idea! ^^
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