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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Complicated as love 
24th-Oct-2008 02:07 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Fanfic: Complicated as Love
Music inspired: Everytime we touch, slow version (Cascada), Jet Airliner (Modern Talking), Thunder (East 17)
Genre: Shounen-ai + yaoi / boylove + slash
Pairing: Ichigo x Keigo
Rating: PG - NC17
Warning: Graphic citrus (lemon and lime) in later chapters.
Summary: Puberty is hard, isn’t it? More then when you’re a substitute shinigami trying to save the world and an unsure boy who thinks his beloved doesn’t care. Find out how Ichigo and Keigo cope with the complicated thing called Love.
I do not own Bleach. If I would own Bleach, we would see Yumichika and Ikkaku fucking eachother senseless, Ukitake and Shunsui would marry, Gin would be killed by Kira and Yamamoto by Aizen. And some shounen-ai pairs would out themselves. Seeing that none of this happens, I assume I really don't own Bleach. Maybe in my imagination, but that doesn't count, does it?

Chapter 6 "Being together"

Music: Everytime we touch
Rating: PG-13

Ichigo and Keigo jumped and broke the kiss, staring wide-eyed at the inturder.


But the raven-haired boy was already out.

He was content as he felt warmth spreading across his face and a smile crept upon his face. His heart fluttered and he breathed deep at the lovely feeling he got. And then he sneezed.

Keigo sat up and rubbed his nose.

„Man...damn sunlight!“ he looked out of the window. „But the morning is wonderfull.“ He gleamed.

He stretched and laid back. It felt so good to lie in this comfy bed on this early Saturday morning... And yesterday...yesterday was so good.

He looked to the side, where Ichigo laid, safe and sound asleep, a lite smile dancing on his handsome face. Keigo was happy he stayed even if it was only Wednesday.

...Wait...What exactly didn’t fit here?

Keigo sat straight up and uttered a high-pitched scream, which made Ichigo jump out of the bed and look around, like he wanted to protect anybody in this room from a hollow. But as he saw that nothing’s wrong, he breathed a sigh of relief and gave Keigo an angry look.


„We’re late...“ said Keigo while looking on the clock.


„It’s Thursday...“

Ichigos look turned blank. But that lasted only a second before his look was replaced by a look of utter shock. „Holy shit!!!“

They threw on their clothes, grabbed what they could and ran out of the house.


„Fuckin damnit! How could we- , how could you- , how could I...!“ never finishing a sentence and cursing every second like a madman he ran like his life depended on it, Keigo at his side.

„I forgott to put on the alarm-clock...“

Ichigo sighed. „Well, it’s not something you remember after having mindblowing sex...“

Keigo whined.

Abruptly, Ichigo stoped and that made Keigo halt. „What is it, love?“

„I...did you- “ But Ichigo found that he couldn’t finish the sentence, that he simply couldn’t ask. „It’s nothing.“ He walked to Keigo and stroked his face. „It was wonderfull. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you in the morning, in the rush.“

Keigo was touched to tears. „Ichigo...“

Ichigo smiled. „I like you a lot Keigo.“ And he gave him a soft peck on his lips.

„Let’s go. I want to make it on time at least to the 2nd class.“

Keigo smiled and nodded.

„Let’s go.“

And they ran again, but this time smiling and laughing on their way.


They reached the school short before beginning of the 2nd class. They ran the whole way up to their class, but before reaching it, Ichigo stopped once again.


„Hai?“ the shorter boy looked questioningly.

„We’re serious with eachother, aren’t we?“

„Of course! Why would you ever ask that?!“

„I think it’s time that our friends know.“

Surprise spread across Keigos face. „So that’s it...“ then he smiled. „You’re right. We should.“

„I’ve been thinking...Today after school?“

Keigo looked thoughtfull for a moment and then nodded. „Yes. I think that would be the best.“

Ichigo smiled. „Then it’s settled. After school.“

At that very moment the bell rang. Keigo and Ichigo saw their class running out, but as soon as they saw the two boys they stopped.

„Where were you, you lazy bunch?!“ Seems like Tatsuki was in a very bad mood.

„We, uh, overslept.“ Keigo rised his hands in deffense and smiled the sweetest smile he had to calm Tatsuki. Needless to say – it didn’t work.



„Tatsuki...“ Orihime laid a hand on the shoulder of her best friend. „They’ve come at last...“

Tatsuki scowled. „The next time it happens, I won’t be so easy on you.“


In a few minutes the break was over and the teacher arrived. Once she saw the two boys, she smiled her trademark evil smile.

„Kurosaki. Asano. How nice you pay us a visit.“

„Please forgive us sensei.“ Ichigo stood. „I slept at Keigos and we kinda overslept.“

„Overslept, huh? Well, since you can oversleep I’m sure you can clean the class after school, can you?“

Ichigo sweatdropped and Keigo swalloved nervously at the creepy smile.






 - Later the day -


Keigo and Ichigo stood in the class with a broom and a bucket of water.

Keigo sighed. „Guess we won’t tell them today...“

„Maybe they’ll wait for us.“

„You think so?“

Ichigo shook his shoulders. „Dunno.“ He took the broom and started with the cleaning and Keigo followed his example.

After a while, they both took a break and Keigo leaned on his table.

„Cleaning is sure tiring...“

Ichigo walked next to him. „Yeah. But I guess you get used to it.“

Keigo laughed. „Yeah. Especially when you have a sister that makes you clean everything 3 times and 2 parents that do nothing about it.“ He massaged his back. „Damn Mizuho. Always complaining.“

He felt how his hands were removed from his back and replaced by two strong ones, which massaged him with more effect, then his weak hands. He leaned into the touch.

„Why don’t you stand up against her?“

„I couldn’t stand a chance against her. I mean – she is doing Kendo and could beat me in a pulp within seconds! And I’m scared of her...“

„Keigo...You – “

„I know it’s cowardice, but at least I’m alive.“

„Do you really want to run away for the rest of your life?“

The massage stopped and Keigo sighed. Ichigo cupped his face and turned him so he could face him. „Yeah, you’ll live a little longer, but what is it to live a life of fear and running away. Is it really worth it?“

„Ichigo...I’m not a fighter...“

„And if you end up in a dead end? And there’s nowhere to run? What then? Will you beg for your life, which is by that time miserable?“

Keigo looked away. He knew Ichigo was right, but still, he was too scared and didn’t want to fight. He knew he was weak. He heard a sigh and felt his chin being lifted higher, so that his and Ichigos eyes locked again.

„I’ll be there to protect you. I swear. When you don’t want to fight, I will fight for you, for us.“

Keigos eyes filled with tears.


Their faces came closer. They could feel their warm breaths tickling them.

„Did you mean it? What you said last night before falling asleep.“

Keigo swore he could see every shade of that honeybrown eyes.

„Yes. I love you Kurosaki Ichigo.“

Ichigo smiled the softest smile, which could concure the smile of Ukitake Jyuushirou.

„I guess I love you too, Asano Keigo.“

And their lips met. The world stopped and there was nothing around them, but their love. They didn’t even notice how the door opened.

„Hey guys, I’m forgo-t some..thing...What are you two doing?!“

Ichigo and Keigo jumped and broke the kiss, staring wide-eyed at the inturder.


But the raven-haired boy was already out.

„Mizuiro!“ Keigo followed him swiftly and Ichigo followed Keigo. „Wait!“

But the floor was empty.

„Ichigo, go to the others!“ Keigo could hear himself speak. „This is something I have to do.“ Did he really say that? Oh, screw it. Mizuiro was his best friend. In this case nobody else could do the dirty work for him. This was his job.

„Okay.“ He heard Ichigo say softly and the orangehead didn’t follow as Keigo went to search for his best friend. But actually, it didn’t take all-too-long to find him. Actually he only needed to turn the corner. And there he was, Kojiima Mizuiro, lethargic as always, writing a sms.

„Mizuiro, I’m so sorry!“

The boy didn’t look up.

„Asano-san, I should be sorry for diturbing you. You say always wierd things, Asano-san.“

Keigo whined.

„I’m sorry I didn’t tell you! We wanted to tell you today, after school but we got detention for coming late, cause we overslept, cause we-“ but before the brunette could say something embarassing, Mizuiro stoped him. By simply closing his cell-phone.

„Asano-san“ (Keigo cringed at this) „I am not upset, if you think so. It’s not my business with whom you do what Asano-san.“

Oh how Keigo hated this, lethargic, naiv tone.

„It IS! We’re friends, so stop being so formal!“

„Sure Asano-san. Anyways, you say you wanted to tell me today, didn’t you?“


„So where’s the point in being angry?“

Keigo was speechless. Sometimes he felt like he never really figured Kojiima Mizuiro out. He simply couldn’t read in the boy. And all Mizuiro did was watch him and then state once again: „You’re wierd Asano-san. I’ll get the things I forgot in the class.“

And so he walked away, leaving a dumbstruck Keigo behind.


Meanwhile Ichigo figured, that since Muzuiro knew now, it would be only fair if he told Chad. So he dropped the broom and went to serach for his friend. The 1st place he looked at, was the roof. And that was where he found him.

„Oh, hey Ichigo! Done with cleaning already?“

„Not really. Chad, can I talk to you?“

And so he took Chad aside and explained everything. That he was over a month in a relationship with Keigo, that he is sorry for not telling, but that they wanted to wait, to be sure. And Chad listened, quietly, as always. But Ichigo could tell that the giant boy was dissappointed. But he could also tell, that he understood and accepted it.

„I see.“

That was Chad for ya.

„I’m happy for you, Ichigo.“ He said in his dull, monotone way. But Ichigo knew, that he really was. He knew Chad inside out. And he was greatfull, that he understood and forgave him for not telling.

Ichigo smiled a thankfull smile. „Thanks.“

And both of them knew how much meanings this word had.


Ichigo and Keigo met again in class (since they didn’t finish their work.

„How did it go?“ asked Ichigo.

„Honestly? I have no idea.“ And he explained everything that happened, asking afterwards: „What do you think?“

„That he’s okay with it and he accepted it. What else can it mean?“ Seriously. What  not understandable could be in the sentence ‚Where’s the point in being angry?‘

„But how could he be so calm?!“

Ichigo sighed a heavy sigh. „That’s Mizuiro for ya.“


„You’re probably right.“

Ichigo breathed in relief. He was exasperated and was not in the mood of explaining Keigo the actions of his best friend.

„Anyways, I talked with Chad.“



„And? How did he take it?“

„He was a bit disappointed, but he accepted it. You know Chad.“

Keigo chose not to answer that.

„But I asked him, not to tell the others. We will do it after we finish cleaning.“

„Yes. But...I dunno...we got to tell them, but has to be it today?“ Keigo looked at him as a hit lamb.

Ichigo sighed.

„It would be the best if we tell them now. Then we can leave it behind us.“

„You’re right...“ stated Keigo defeatedly. What Ichigo said was the truth, but still, the encounter with Mizuiro drained him.

„C’mon, let’s finish this. I want this done at last.“

Keigo nodded.


Half an hour later the were ready and on their way to the roof. As they arrived, they saw everybody how they chattered carefree.


„Ichigo! Keigo!“

As they came near, Ichigo, in front of 4 pair of eyes, took Keigos hands. And before anybody could ask, what the hell he is doing, he said: „We need to tell you something.“

Keigo nervously brushed his hair behind his ear.

„We...Keigo and I...are in a relationship. Going out. Making out. Whatever.“ At this point Ichigo was blushing furiously. Keigo was simply beat red. For a few moments nobody dared to move. In fact you could expect a bit of tumble weed rolling through the scene. And then...

„Kurosaki Ichigo!“

Said teen swallowed.


„Why are you fidgeting like a 7 year old?! One could expect you to cry from joy and you are fidgeting!“

Ichigo was speechless. But then again, he should’ve seen it coming. This was Tatsuki of whom we were speaking! And if Ichigo wouldn’t be Ichigo, he would’ve laughed. But since Ichigo WAS Ichigo, he simply smiled.

„Che. Tatsuki always yelling. I’m happy alright.“

„I sincerely hope so.“

They grinned at eachother. Knowing eachother for years, the understood what the other meant, even if he didn’t say it.


Ichigo turned to the source of that timid voice, knowing what was coming.


Even a blind could see, that she had a major crush on him. Him being in a relationship, with a boy nontheless, would leave her sad. But even then, she had to cope with it. And Ichigo knew she would. Inoue was strong.

„That’s amazing! I’m so happy for you!“

There was that smile again. The smile, she gave when she was sad, yet happy.

„Inoue...thank you.“ He smiled the most greatfull smile he managed.

Then there was silence again. And once again it was broken by Tatsuki.

„Wait...“ she turned to the 2 remaining persons, which didn’t say a thing. „Chad. Mizuiro. You don’t say anything. Have you known about this?“

Mizuiro was typing an sms, so he said only one thing: „Maybe...“

Chad chose not to say anything. Mizuiro said already everything.

And Tatsuki couldn’t be mad. Getting this 2 to talk, was something even she wasn’t capable of doing. So all that was left to do, was sigh heavily.

„Why do I even bother...“

Ichigo smiled, while Keigo laughed quietly. Both of them were relieved.. And now, Keigo didn’t even know, why he was dreading this so much. They were his friends. His and Ichigos friends. They wouldn’t abandon them because of something like this. Because they weren’t straight. Never.

As he looked at Ichigo and saw him smile, he knew instantly that this was right. It felt so right to be with the orange haired boy, that it plain simply couldn’t be wrong. Feeling happy like never before, the brunette leaned onto the taller boy and smiled contently, while Ichigo wrapped his arm around his waist and stroked it. Life was good...

„Now we only have to tell your father.“

But only sometimes.






„Can you feel my heart beat fast, I want this to last, need you by my side...“

Huh? Already done reading? Hehe. Sorry ‚bout that. I should really stop singing, while you’re reading. ^^


So...Didya like it?


For once I don’t know what questions you could have... So I think it’s finally up to you, to ask. ^_________^


See ya next time!





Cut from next Chapter:

The room was drop-dead silent. The atmosphere was that tense, that you had the urge to believe that there would come a bit of tumble-weed rolling through the scene, silently, yet so loud, adding the tension. Ichigo was certain, that even Zangetsu would have trouble cutting through it.

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27th-Oct-2008 01:07 pm (UTC)
why was chad disappionted? i dont understand. did he have a crush on ichigo?

also im assuming this is all before Ikkaku and Yamechika come to live with the Asanos?

there really needs to be more Keigo love fiction. hes such a spazz. i love him.
27th-Oct-2008 04:50 pm (UTC)
actually, I didn't think about a "time-setting" as I wrote it and it really doesn't matter. But if you want to sort it somewhere into the series, tne you might-as-well see it as a spoiler. It happens plain simply before the Winter War.
Chad was dissappointed cause Ichigo didn't tell him. But he understood why he didn't tell him and accepted it. I would be dissappointed (at least a bit) if my best friend wouldn't tell me something like this, no matter waht the reason. But if there would be a good reason, I would understand it. But I would be dissappointed nontheless.
I agree completely. There are really few ffics with Keigo. That should change.
Thanks for the comment! *huggles*
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