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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Complicated as Love 
14th-Nov-2008 02:29 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Fanfic: Complicated as Love
Music inspired: Everytime we touch, slow version (Cascada), Jet Airliner (Modern Talking), Thunder (East 17)
Genre: Shounen-ai + yaoi / boylove + slash
Pairing: Ichigo x Keigo
Rating: PG - NC17
Warning: Graphic citrus (lemon and lime) in later chapters.
Summary: Puberty is hard, isn’t it? More then when you’re a substitute shinigami trying to save the world and an unsure boy who thinks his beloved doesn’t care. Find out how Ichigo and Keigo cope with the complicated thing called Love.
I do not own Bleach. If I would own Bleach, we would see Yumichika and Ikkaku fucking eachother senseless, Ukitake and Shunsui would marry, Gin would be killed by Kira and Yamamoto by Aizen. And some shounen-ai pairs would out themselves. Seeing that none of this happens, I assume I really don't own Bleach. Maybe in my imagination, but that doesn't count, does it?

Chapter 7 "How to survive"

Music: Everytime we touch - slow version (Cascada), Thunder (East 17)
Warning: mild violence and lime
Rating: NC-17 – MA/R
Keigo shot up like an arrow and in a matter of moments Ichigo heard the door shut. As he looked at his clock he realized once again that Keigo was, indeed, a very good runner.

Chapter 7 “How to survive“



The room was drop-dead silent. The atmosphere was that tense, that you had the urge to believe that there would come a bit of tumble-weed rolling through the scene, silently, yet so loud, adding the tension. Ichigo was certain, that even Zangetsu would have trouble cutting through it.

Nobody dared to move. Not even a glance to the left/right was risked. Though there was nothing that Ichigo longed more for than look to his right side, where currently a certain brunette sat. Probably dying from nervousity. Ichigo didn’t like the possibility of Keigo dying, but it was his own damn fault. He came up with that stupid idea...


„Ichigo, we need to tell him. Our friends know already and my family does too.“


Thus their current arrangements.

How could he have even thought of the possibility to agree to this madness?! And his Old Man wasn’t helping either. Staring at him...at them like that...It has already been 15 minutes he stared at them like that. 15 minutes of no movement. 15 minutes of constant losing of braincells. He didn’t even dare to think how many years of his life he’s already lost... Thought that didn’t have to be necessarily bad. When dead, he could become a full shinigami.

Oh well. Think about it later.

„Dad?“ no way that it was his voice that sounded so utterly small and unsure. Yet it was he who has spoken, so it had to be his voice.

For fucks sake, can’t ha already say something!?

It was then when he saw his father was drooling. Ichigos temple became clearly visible.

„You damn freak!“ he managed to blurt out before he felt the air being knocked out of him.

„Ichigo...“ cried his dad, „My son is finally growing up!“

The next thing that happened was that his Old Man run to the giant poster of Masaki, crying from joy. „Our son has grown up, love of my life! He has ‚figured it out‘, can you believe it! The flesh that you gave birth to-“

„I don’t need to hear that!“ he grabbed Keigos hand. „We’re in my room!“ he called and tried to ignore the new outburst of his father. He managed to hear only a few words like: „He’s ready now“ and „How fast he grew“ and „even doing it.“ And that was enough. As he arrived at his room, he practicaly threw Keigo inside and shut the door, loudly. He  leaned on it, panting.

„Never again. Never.ever.again. That damn freaky Old Man...“

And for the 1st time in 20 minutes he looked at Keigo. Right now he was lying on the bed, beat red and too, panting like he ran a marathon. Keigo was a good runner.

He walked to Keigo and sat next to his boyfriend.

„And that was why exactly I was so reluctant on telling that shitty old man about us.“

„Ichigo?“ Keigo said between gasps.


„The next time I say something that stupid, stop me.“

„I will, trust me, I will.“


They fell into a comfortable silence, which didn’t last long.

„I’m glad it is finally out.“ Keigo said as his raging heartbeat calmed.

„Yeah, me too.“

They smiled at eachother.

„Now that this is settled what are we going to do the rest of the afternoon?“ asked Keigo with a seductive edge in his voice, but Ichigo, sadly, spoiled it.


„Huh?“ Keigo looked puzzled. „Excuse me?“

„It’s Tuesday. Study day...“

Keigo groaned.

„Sorry babe, but we agreed on this, didn’t we? Tennis-day – date-day, free-day – study-day.“

Keigo whined.

„It’s not like we’re some geniuses that we can allow ourselves skip learning.“

Keigo pouted.

„I’ll make love to you from dawn till the sun stands high on Friday, if you leave now.“

Keigo shot up like an arrow and in a matter of moments Ichigo heard the door shut. As he looked at his clock he realized once again that Keigo was, indeed, a very good runner.


 - Later the evening –


Keigo sat in his room lying on his bed, on his stomach and tried to understand derivations and intergrals. Please take notice of ‚tried‘. Because that’s exactly what he was doing: Trying. He really couldn’t do any better.

He looked at the clock. Maybe that’s why it wasn’t working – it was already 9 p.m. and his brain was already shut down. Maybe he should take a break. Or simply stop. It wasn’t like it was getting any better.

He sighed and rolled onto his back a hand laid on his forehead. It was then when his eyes caught the sight of his cell phone, lying there, forgotten on his night-stand. Maybe he could call somebody. Tatsuki? Nah. Orihime? ...No. Mizuiro? ...No. Ichigo? ...It was the most appaling option, but then he would crave his touch even more.

...Oh well. Screw it! He might as well...

He grabbed his cell-phone and dialed Ichigos number. Soon he heard ringing, but it didn’t last long.


„Hey love.“


„Hey...How are you doing? Finished with derivations and integrals?“

„Didn’t even start...I just finished english and before that I learned history.“

„I knew I forgott something...“

Keigo heard Ichigo sigh through the phone. „Baby you intend to pass, dontcha?“

„Pass, yes, but I don’t want to be top! Everybody will see me as a nerd like that Ishida is!“

And he heard another deep sigh.

„And besides, how could I think about history when I always have to think of you?“ pouted Keigo and this time he heard a chuckle as a response.

„I miss you.“ Whispered Keigo and he could feel Ichigo smile in the phone.

„I miss you too. But tomorrow we’ll be again together, you know.“

„I still miss you. Your scent, your face, your hair, your skin...I want to be with you so baldy right now.“

„Baby...“ Was it just him or sounded Ichigos voice a little bit heavy?

„When you talk like that you make me really crave you. I’m so addicted to you...“ Indeed, Ichigos voice was heavy, as his breathing.

Keigo gulped. What had he done!?

And Ichigo continued: „Especially your hips. I love you hips. If you were here right now I would so grab them, stroke them, massage them...“

Keigo gasped and he couldn’t stop himself as he laid a hand on his hips and stroked it gently. His pulse was racing and his heart beating against his chest.

„And I would lay my arms around you and kiss you.“ responded Keigo into the phone. He heard Ichigo gasp and continued: „I would press myself against you and grid our hips together.“ He heard a moan coming from the other side of the line and his breathed hitched.

„Keigo...I would grab your sexy butt and massage it, making the contact deeper...“

And Keigo moaned. He felt wet tightness against the fabric of his underwear and it drew him insane. The knowledge of what they were just doing didn’t help it either.

„My othe hand“ continued Ichigo. „Would move under your T-Shirt, up to you chest and“ (Keigo was trembling with anticipation at this point) „I would stroke that delicate nipple of yours.“

Keigo moaned loudly and the hand from his hip moved to his nipple. Right now he couldn’t care less about what they were doing. It was so turning him on...

„Ichigo...I...I would kiss you passionatley and...and...I would remove your shirt“ he couldn’t even finish the sentence as he heard shuffling of clothes. His eyes went wide. Was Ichigo undressing?!

„I would throw off your shirt as well and simply throw you on the bed in need.“ Keigo heard a gasp. „Keigo I need you so badly!“

Throug h Keigos body went a jolt of electricity and he litteraly jumped into the bed. „I would kiss your chest now, baby, your smooth fine chest...“

Keigo moaned as he stroked himself. „Ichigo...I’m gripping the sheets...It hurts, but it’s so good...I’m so hard!“

He heard another moan and threw his head back.

„Do something!“

„I’ll help you baby. I’ll unzip your pants and remove them with your underwear at once.“

Keigos hands were shaking from lust as he did what Ichigo told in his passion.

„I can’t hold it anymore I need you within me...“

Keigo didn’t even need to say what he would do. Ichigo knew it from his voice, frome his choice of word, from the tone of his moaning. He unzipped his pants and underwear also and threw them into space, letting them land wherever the wanted.

„I need to feel you Keigo, let me feel you...“

Keigos hand stroked his thigh, making it spread wider, waiting for Ichigo. „Ichigo...“

„So tight...“ Keigo moaned and he instantly pound a finger inside him, the second following shortly after. It felt so good...


Through the phone he heard the squeeking of a matress and only the thought of what it may be made his puls go flying. The image of Ichigo pounding in the matress, pounding as if he was pounding into Keigo made him almost go over edge.

„Ichigo, Ichigo,“ he was gasping. He heard Ichigo groan and he couldn’t but add a third finger. It made him groan too.

„Keigo, uhn, so tight...“


„I’m gonna-“

But Keigo didn’t hear it anymore. The fingers stimulating that sweet point in him, his imagination letting him think that it was Ichigo, who was in him, the knowldge that it wasn’t so and that they were making something this utterly erotic made him lose it as he came with loud „ICHIGOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!“

Yet at the same time, on the other end of the line (and the town) a loud moan errupted from the orange-haired boy. „-COOOOOOOOOMEEEE!“


Now both of the boys were lying on their respective bed, Keigo on his back, Ichigo on his stomach, both slick with cum, gasping, while realisation was slowly dawning on them.

„Good God...“ was the only thing Ichigo managed to say and Keigo couldn’t agree more.

„Well...“ what could he say? „See you tomorrow at school?“ Well, that was lame.

But he heard a chuckle coming from his phone. „Yeah. But Keigo: It was nice. We could do it more often.“

Keigo was for the first time in the evening glad Ichigo wasn’t with him, as he instantly hung up. Because that way, he couldn’t see his beat red face.




It was planned to be longer, but I didn’t want you to wait any longer. And besides I thought that this would be good end. What would’ve happened next is really something that should be separated from this, so cope with me ^^


Hope you liked this chapter.

It's been a long time, no? Sorry about that. But I'm fine now and therefore I can guide you, yo if you want to, you can follow me to the next chapter



15th-Nov-2008 01:18 pm (UTC)
oh, maximum hotness *drewl* first fic I'm reading with kiego, and I must say I'm happly surprised. hope this will continue soon, werry soon..... want to see how kiego reacts when Ichi tells him he's a shinigami <3
15th-Nov-2008 08:39 pm (UTC)
you're flattering me... ^///^
I'm really flattered to have picked your interest.
15th-Nov-2008 09:26 pm (UTC)
yeah, well, I've always thought that kiego was underestimated and now, when I've read like, evrything that includes Ichi, Renji and sex I thought "the hell, I'll give it a try" ^^
16th-Nov-2008 04:39 pm (UTC)
I'm happy you did!
8th-Dec-2008 01:47 pm (UTC)
please credit me if you want to use my icon 8)
8th-Dec-2008 08:09 pm (UTC)
sure, if you tell me how to
6th-Dec-2008 06:49 am (UTC)
I don't know why, but pron makes me laugh <3

That was hot though. Yummm *drools*
7th-Dec-2008 08:12 pm (UTC)
I'm happy you liked the smut stuff!
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