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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Lord and Lady Weller, part 7 
30th-Sep-2009 10:46 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Name: Lord and Lady Weller

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: Conzak

Rating: K+ – M/ PG-13 – NC-17

Warnings: yaoi, citrus (mainly lemon), crossdressing (it’s Yozak, damnit!), OC (minor character) and OOC, fluff, romance, ... duh.

Summary: Conrad and Yozak wanted to marry since a long time, but things changed and Yozak is getting impatient. How far is Conrad willing to go in order to keep the one he loves by his side forever?


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Kyou Kara Maou. If I did, it would be censored 18+ and a whole episode would be dedicated to Conrad f*cking Yozak into the matress. And Yuuri would finally marry Wolfram. And so on. Seeing that none of this is happening, I guess Kyou Kara Maou doesn’t belong to me. Sadly. But I’m making plans on seducing the owners and inherit the rights.

Here’s part seven! It’s sap and sex, so if you don’t like either or both, turn around. Though, I hope you won’t do that and instead enjoy the chapter. Even if it’s sex and sap. Also, forgive me the typos, it’s long and I doubt I have been able to erase them all.

Also, there’s something I would need your help with. I’m searching for a fanfic, which I read on fanfiction (at least I think). It was Yuuram. Wolfram got pregnant and left the castle with Conrads and Yozaks help and went to live with Yozak into his small house. Anyone know it?

Feeling together

„Here’s your pin money for the stay and food. The rest is yours, so feel free to do with it whatever you please. Wait for us in a week on the main square, around one in the afternoon. That’s all for your orders.“ Said Lord Weller as he handed Sebastian 3 golden coins. „The money should cover your needs.“ He and his servant were currently discussing the next weeks orders, since the Lord and Lady were leaving to spend said week in the mountains in a cottage, far from the city and the curios observers, just the two of them. Sebastian could fully anderstand that and it never crossed his mind to oppose it. The Lord and the Lady were kind people, that much he already learned from their short time together, and he knew they deserved to be left alone for a while. After all, he has been sleeping in a room attached to theirs for a week, gratefull enough for their thoughtfullness, since he hasn’t heard any suspicious sounds so far, and he noticed (with a knowing smile on his lips) that Mylord has been tense lately. It didn’t make him think worse of him, in fact, he saw him even more like any normal married man and it proved they were too, only people. Kind, but still only people. Even if they gave him a vaste amount of money.

„You are very grascious Mylord.“ Sebastian bowed, still in awe about so much payment.

The Lord smiled. „And you are a good and reliable servant. I leave everything in your care now. You haven’t disappointed me until now, don’t let that change.“

„I wouldn’t dare, Mylord.“

The Lord smiled. He had a very nice smile, that was another thing Basts eyes noticed. He had them to see after all. And he also saw how he loved his wife very much so. Á propós, Lady Weller was already (im)patiently waiting in the closed cart. He wouldn’t be driving them, simply because it was more convenient so. No need to explain the route (even if he knew his homeland, there were many cottages in the mountains, pretty similar too) and this way they could discuss everything with the owner, who would be accompanying them on their journey there, in peace. Thus he was now recieving his orders for the next week and has been left to his own free will. He made a mental note to spend the time wisely. He didn’t want to disappoint the pair which has been treating him so welll.

„Now that this is settled, we shouldn’t leave Lady Weller waiting any longer.“ The Mylord smiled and Bast bowed his head, more to hide his smile than from polite reasons. „Enjoy your free time.“

„Gladly so, Mylord. If I may be so daring to suggest, do the same.“

At first Conrad looked startled then started to chuckle lightly. „Don’t you worry about these things. I surely will.“ With that he headed for the carriage and got in.

As he closed it his wife smiled sweetly at him. „You certainly took your time Mylord. Did something happen?“

„Nothing at all, Mylady. I apologize for letting you wait so insultingly long.“ And he kissed her hand.

„You have my forgiveness. Now, let’s head for the week with only the two of us and the mighty mountains and snow of untouched innocence waiting for us.“

„As Mylady wishes.“ With that he called to the driver. „Let’s go!“

And they moved.

It took them something around two hours to arrive. The owner, which was accompanying them in the carriage, informed them about everything and they discussed the details with him, so as they arrived, they simply exchanged some pleasentries, he handed them the keys and with a the final promise to pick them up around eleven, he left and they entered the one-story cottage. It was made of wooden balks and had two entrances, one on the front and one in the back. The front one was the main entrance and two stairs needed to be walked to reach it. The back entrance had none. This was because of the slight rise in the terrain. A few meters away from the back entrance the first trees of a forrest appeared. The leafs were all fallen down, but that didn’t matter for everything was covered in a crystaline white powder – snow was everywhere. As they stepped inside, the first thing they noticed was the fireplace, which promised cosy evenings with hot tea and comfortable silence. A few other things came onto Lord wellers mind, but he put them away for later. On the end of the room, on the left side, were two doors, one leading to the kitchen and the second to the small, but comfortable bath room. On the right side were stairs which led to the first store which was occupied by a veranda and a rather large bedroom. Everything was so beautifull, so perfect, that Lord Conrad Weller suddenly wished to stay in this place forever. Only if it wasn’t so cold. He started a fire immediately, while Lady Weller took their belongings up the stairs into their bedroom. When she came down again, a fire was already burning in the fireplace, adding a golden hue to the room. The Lady approached her husband standing next to the said fireplace and put her hand on his chest, right over his heart a bedded her head onto his shoulder. „It’s beautifull.“

He nodded as he silently put his arms around her waist.

„Is Mylord hungry?“ To which hunger was she now referring to? As he heard a low growl, he assumed to the...more innocent type of hunger.

„I guess so, Mylady.“

„Then I shall cook us something. The man mentioned something about already storages.“ She pulled away from him as he nodded and went to the kitchen, her husband following her quietly. It didn’t take her long to cook some lunch and they ate in comfortable silence. Nothing happened until later, when Lord Weller entered the living room and saw his Lady sitting on the carpet next to the fireplace, staring unfocusedly into the fire, drinking a mug of hot liquid. As he approached he recognized it a cocoa (AN: I don’t think that in Shin Makoku – or Big Shimaron in the matter – exists cocoa, but it fits better there than tea, so cope with me.). He seated himself next to her, watching her for a while, then finally saying: „Myladys eyes will hurt if she keeps staring into the fire like that.“

The Lady didn’t answer to that. Instead she said: „I’ve never imagined it to be so beautifull.“

The Lord nodded, but otherwise kept silent. The Lady did not. „It’s like a dream. This place, this time, it seems so surreal...even if I realize that this is indeed happening.“ For the entire time she was talking she didn’t look at him. That was until now, as her blue eyes, in the fire seeming paleblue like diamonds, seeked his honeybrown. „It’s only you, I, the two of us alone here, in a place surrounded by snow and mountains. It’s something I never even dared to dream about and yet...now it’s happening. And I couldn’t be more happy about it. I love you, my Lord Conrad Weller.“

That was all it took the Lord to finally kiss his Lady, his legitimate wife, the only person he ever considered as his lifelong partner, his chosen one, the one he was bonded with until death. And he found that he couldn’t hold back. As their lips touched every chain binding Conrad eyploded from the overwhelming passion suddenly taking residence in him and not leaving anytime soon. He scooted closer and pulled his wife strongly to his chest, forcing his way into his mouth, desperate, passionate, in need of the contact. The Lady gasped. „Shouldn’t we take this to the room?“

„I don’t think I can make it.“ With that he pushed Yozak to the ground and a hand shamelessly wandered under the skirt of his red dress. The sheer intimacy of it made both of them groan. Yozak was always so desireable in a skirt, so utterly feminine in his own masculinity, it always made Conrads pants tighten. He loosened the dress, his hands shaking with the restraints he couldn’t keep much longer and it took him every bit of his willpower not to tear the dress apart. Finally, finally, Yozak was out of it, clothed only in his white undergarments, which consisted of several underskirts and a corsette (and Conrad didn’t dare to think what was under it). Suddenly he realized (with another tightening of his pants) that he never undressed a ‚female Yozak‘. As he came back from his missions he was already changed as he reported to either him or his brother. Or in the dead of the night, when he was in one of those nightgowns, which made Conrad also ache with need. But he never undressed him as a woman. This sudden discovery almost made him burst. His hands went under the several underskirts (apparently, dresses meant for the colder months, spotted them for more warmth) and discovered stockings and a garter on the right tigh. It made him moan. And as he imagined what could be possibly under those stockings...He banished that tought quickly. Not yet. His hand went to the corsette, but stopped a few centimeters from the exposed skin. Womans clothes, womans frame. Where in the world would he get such a chance...He leaned down and kissed him exactly in the middle of his chest. He felt how Yozak bucked under him and how the orange locks caressed his face, as he tossed his hair, while moaning softly.

„I always thought it was stuffed out...“ he muttered against the skin, flicking his tongue over it. Yozak moaned again and as he answered his breath was coming in pants.

„Sometimes, but sometimes it’s pushed up.“ Conrad moaned. Enough. He couldn’t bear it any longer. He quickly undid the corsette only to discover a push-up bra. He groaned as he attacked Yozaks chest again and his wife bucked again underneath him, his eyes shooting open. The underskirts were even more quickly removed than the corsette and revealed white, tight stockings and a red garter, hiding lube on the inside of the tigh, between the legs, and a dagger on the outside. He removed both of them, while attacking every single spot of the now sweat-covered skin. As he came to the abdomen he removed the garter and the stockings followed right away. Underneath them...panties. Another tease Conrad almost couldn’t bear. Just how could Yozak wear these things...? Conrad decided he would like that question rather unanswered. He was carefull enough, albeit his hands were shanking as he removed them and...undid the attachment of the...very manly side of Yozak and suddenly a hot shaft was proudly standing in all its glory in front of his eyes. He took it into his mouth at once and Yozak screamed from pleasure. Conrads hands shot to his pants to undo them and it was only then he noticed that his chest was bare. When did...? Oh well, he could meditate about that later. His pants and underwear were gone almost in an instant and they were naked (save for Yozaks bra), panting, looking at eachother with darkened, lustfilled eyes. Slowly, Yozak began spreading his legs. Conrads hands flew to his tighs, stroking them, then kissing them, wandering higher, making Yozak pant, moan and groan, toss his head, twitch and leak. Finally he reached his wifes ‚intimate zone‘ and, for a few moments observing, he then stuck his tongue into his tight opening. Yozak screamed again. He couldn’t stop moaning as Conrad worked his tongue, flicking and sucking, devouring Yozak, ignoring the somewhat bitter taste, simply enjoying the utter intimacy of it. With one final kiss on the opening, he sat up and regarded his wife. There he laid, legs spread wide, opening himself for him, naked in all his glory, yet with the bra...His errection twitched at the sight. Slowly, he leaned down and kissed Yozaks neck in slow but wet kisses, reaching his ear and whispering into it, his breath cold on the heated skin: „May I keep it on, my beautifull lady?“ he asked as he laid his hand onto the pulled up chest.

Yozak groaned. „Do what you want, just fuck me already!“

„As you wish, Mylady.“

Yozak whined and Conrad, opening the lube, smearing it onto his fingers, pushed one inside. He wasn’t gentle. He wasn’t slow. He was quick, needy and desperate as he thrust one finger in, stroking the inner walls, then added a second finger, just as firmly and quickly, scissoring the opening wider, and finally he thrust a thrid finger inside, to fully adjust the opening for his throbbing, heated and rather large errection, while Yozak was gasping, moaning, panting, screaming and groaning, all that in different orders, underneath him. As he finally removed his fingers, he paused to stare at his wife. Yozak noticed that he stoped and as he looked to see what was happening he was caught with two honeybrown eyes, fire from the fireplace reflecting in them. They stared eachother into the eyes like that for several moments, in a sense of recognition, while they felt their heartbeat quicken and their breath come in short gasps, pulse flying. Then Conrad took Yozaks hand and put some lube onto it, never breaking the eye contact. And then he put the hand on his errection, moving it, stroking himself. There was so much intimacy in it that it made Yozak throw his head back and arch up, his chest rising. Now. Conrad couldn’t hold back any longer and releasing Yozaks hand he positioned himself and thrust in. Both of them screamed. Finally feeling eachother touching in the most intimate places, flesh around flesh, flesh in flesh, melting together, fitting perfectly. Always when Conrad found himself in Yozak, he felt how perfectly he fit in there. Every other man, or woman he had fucked, or dated for a short time, in the past, before he started dating Yozak, were mere releases of frustrations, but this...this was right. This was the one where he really belonged (in)to. He felt it every time they had sex, whether they fucked or made love, it didn’t matter.

The sheer pleasure of being finaly inside his ‚destined one‘ was so overwhleming that he had to stop, or else he would have come immediately. He withdrew himself, which made Yozak whine, but he knew, that if he had hit that spot right away, there wouldn’t have been much left for them to enjoy. Maybe besides the afterglow. This time he pushed in slowly, making Yozak groan and slam his fists down onto the hard floor in frustration. He leaned down and soothingly placed little kisses on his neck and shoulder. Finally, finally, he was fully inside and began to move carefully, avoiding that one spot, which would have made Yozak come immediately. They needed to calm down, at least a bit. Their breaths were heavy with the effort, they put into holding back. Conrads breathing was labored, his breaths came out in deep pants. He was about to burst and, in spite of himself, his pace quickened and all of his restraints broke as he hit Yozaks prostate hardly, making him scream from pleasure. Vagualy he noted, that he managed to calm them down, because Yozak didn’t come right away. It took them a few more thrusts to finally release. As that moment came, and both of them opened their mouth in one last scream, Conrad slammed his lips onto Yozaks and darted his tongue into the hot, wet cavern, right before their world went black and white for an instant, and both thought they see stars (even if it was hardly three hours in the afternoon).

After the last remaints of pleasure and lust faded, they both colapsed, drenched in sweat, Yozak onto the ground, arms spread wide and hair all around him like a halo, and Conrad onto Yozaks chest. Only now he noticed that the bra was still on. He knew he should remove it...instead he snuggled into it, sighing in content.

„Kinky bastard.“ The comment made Conrad smile.

„It suits you.“ He muttered and he heard Yozak sighing and he was positive the orangehaired an shook his head. But it was true. None of the woman, he once had sex with, looked any better than Yozak. The first time he saw Yozak in a womans dress, was also the first time he felt an emotion other than friendship towards him. He knew even now that it was need back then and he was still ashamed of it. But he treasured Yozak and the thought of degrading him to a mere sex-relationship, made him sick. So he started to court him.

Of course Yozak knew about his escapades (sexapades?), in his rebellious years he never bothered with discretion, showing the other half-mazokus that there wasn’t anything to be bothered with, instead to simply enjoy life, because even people like they deserved it. At least that was what he made believe himself. Yozak always shook his head and sighed as he heard that. Admittedly, he always had fun. There probably wasn’t a waitress in the town near the academy, he hadn’t throughoutly fucked. The places differed too...

And this was the reason why Yozak was so carefull in their relationship at the start. Though he once admitted to Conrad that he hoped he would finally consider him as a lover if he would catch his attention (f.e. by dressing as a woman), he knew how much Conrad liked to...be intimate asap in a relationship. As far as his affairs could be called relationships. Conrad didn’t blame him for his caution, in fact he understood it completely. So all that there was left to do for him, was to prove Yozak the truth of his intentions. It was hard. It was frustrating. It was difficult. It cost him semen, sweat and tears to wait for months. Months. Months of frustration, despair and unreleased need. But Yozak was worth it. And he had to admitt, his reward was more than satisfying. He would never forgett their first night together. His cock still ached if he only remembered that night. They were together ever since and never did an other woman, or man cross his mind, ever again.

„What are you thinking about?“ he was brought back to reality by Yozaks hoarse voice. So he regained some of his energy. Good.

Conrad raised his head and smiled at him. „How we came together.“ Something sparked in Conrads eyes and Yozak blinked twice, then let his head fall back.

„Sateless devil.“

Conrad laughed. „You though that this will be it for the day? This was only to make sure we’ll be actually able to make it upstairs.“

Yozak sighed. „Remind me why I love you.“

„Because I’m a patient and kind gentleman.“

„Whom are you trying to fool, Weller?“

„Now, is this how a Lady should speak to her husband?“

„Kinky sateless devil.“

Conrad chuckled. „You know you like that.“ He rose to his feet and without much thinking took Yozak into his arms and carried him bridal style upstairs into their room and put him gently down on their shared bed, smiling.

Yozak raised an eyebrow. „Just what is Mylord planning?“

„To make love to his lady.“ And without waiting for an answer he kissed ‚his lady‘. This time, and the times after that, they were slow. They made love until sunset as neither of them had any more power left to even move. Not even their hungy stomachs made them stand up. They still could have a bigger breakfest. Slowly they fell into a deep, regenerating sleep...


The first to wake was Conrad. The first thing his foggy mind registered was the smell of the room. They forgott to open the window. Wonderfull. The second thing he registered was that he couldn’t move his legs. No fresh air for time being then. And the third thing he registered was that he was sticky. He lifted the covers he was thoughtfull enough to pull over them last night and as he saw the mess down there, his first thought was: Good grief... Maybe he was a sateless devil after all. Slowly, not to wake Yozak, lying next to him on his stomach, he sat up groggily and looked around with sleepridden eyes. His eyes fell onto the white garment near the door. On the second sight he recognized it as the bra and sighed. Kinky sateless devil, indeed.

A look outside told him it could be around eight in the morning. Late enough for him to rise. A glance to Yozak told him that he would be asleep for at least another two hours, which provided enough time for him to wash himself and prepare something to eat. He was starving and he was sure Yozak even more. That he didn’t wake to that hunger was the first sign that they maybe overdid it...a little! yesterday. He stood up silently and walked to Yozaks side of the bed. He lifted the covers higher so that his spent wife didn’t wake up because of the cold air, which would hit the room as soon as he opened the window, at least for a crack. You couldn’t breath in this room. And Yozak was very sensitive to cold weather. So he tucked him carefully in and opened the window for a crack, took his morning-coat and, with one last glance to Yozak, left the room.


Warm. Fresh. Warm. Cocoa. Those were the first things that came to Yozaks mind as he began to regain consciousness. His heavy eyes fluttered open and a tray with food and hot, warm cocoa came into sight and his stomach didn’t fail to remind him, that his last food was yesterday around one in the afternoon. He blinked away the remaints of sleep and rubbed his tired eyes. He noticed that he was lying on his stomach. No walking today then. He lifted himself up on his arms and looked around. There, sitting next to the tray was his husband, smiling softly down on him. „Good Morning, Mylady. I brought you breakfest.“

„Mylord is so kind...“ Yozak muttered and popped himself up on one elbow. „What time is it?“

„Around ten.“ Conrad answered with a smile and Yozak nodded processing the information. His mind didn’t function fully yet. He turned around onto his back, flinching slightly from the pain which shot through him and took the tray. Conrad slipped under the covers next to him and took one of the two plates and two toasts. Breakfest for two, huh? He noticed butter, jam, said toats, two knives, two spoons, two mugs of cocoa, sugar for him (Yozak liked his cocoa sweet), and a can of warm tea with two cups. He sighed contently.

„You’re so good to me...“ he took a toast and a knife and began to smear if with butter, then jam. His sense of smell noted that it was wildberry. His favorite.

„It’s rather that you are so good to me.“ Countered his husband with a smile and took a little of the jam too. „Whatever I did to deserve you...“

„Thinking about it, you didn’t do anything. And I don’t need you to do anything“ he paused for a moment, as he thought why exactly they were now in a cottage somewhere in the mountains of Big Shimaron and not at Blood Pledge Castle „Well, maybe sometimes, but otherwise it’s simply that I love you.“

They smiled at eachother and Yozak took a bite of his jam-covered bread. Halfway through munching it, he lifted his mug of hot cocoa and took a big gulp. Life was great. At first Conrad only watched him, then slightly shaking his head he lifted his teacup and took a sip. They ate while chatting a little about casual things, doing a little morning talk. As they finished, Conrad took the dishes and carried them back to the kitchen. He took his time, so Yozak assumed he washed them too. He was very greatfull for that. So while his husband did the work, he leaned back into the pillow and recapitulated yesterdays events, silently hoping that Conrad was sated enough for some time. At least for today. But there was no denying about how good it felt... Even if he couldn’t walk now. But that wasn’t as bad, was it? The tought about spending a lazy day in the bed was very apealing. Given that his husband didn’t start anything.

He didn’t. They spent a quiet day together, doing nothing but talking a little, Conrad attending to him, while cooking lunch and spending time with him. Eventually Yozak stood up around noon, to wash himself from yesterdays remaints, while Conrad changed the sheets quickly (as he saw the small pudlle of blood there, he stirred with guilt, until Yozak kissed him), but right after that he put on his nightgown and crept back into the warm, beckoning bed. That night didn’t happen anything too and the next morning came early, around eight o’clock. His husband was already up, as always, but unlike any other morning, he wasn’t somewhere around, but still next to him, holding him closely to his chest. It made Yozak smile.

„Good morning...“ he smiled at his husband and he got a smile back.

„Good morning to you too.“

„How come you’re still in bed?“

„I felt too good holding you.“

They kissed. It was a sweet, small, chaste morning kiss, not leading to anything, only showing their love and care.

„Conrad?“ Yozak asked as they parted. „Let’s go out today, take a walk in the forrest. It’s so beautifull outside.“

Conrad nodded with a smile. So they took a small bath, dressed, got a little breakfest and went outside. The world around them was a beautifull white. Lady Weller was hooked into the arms of her husband, looking around, a small smile spreading across her lips. They headed for the forrest.

After a while of walking and chatting a little, Lady Weller said. „Wait here a little.“

At the raised eyebrows she simply winked and walked off somewhere. Lord Weller didn’t think about it too much untill something hit him hard into the head. He turned sharply around and there, a few meters behind him, stood Lady Weller, another snowball in her hand, ready to be thrown. And thrown it was and hit the stunned Lord Weller right into his face. Lady Weller giggled.

Lord Wellers lips twitched upwards. „You little...“ and Lady Weller was just fast enough to hide behind a tree before the snowball of her husband hit her as a repay.

So their ‚little‘ snowballfight started. They throwed snowballs at eachother while running throgh the forrest, laughing and having fun like little children, but they couldn’t have cared less. It lasted until they were hungry enough for lunch and wet enough to change clothes. They lied in the snow, arms and legs spread wide, looking at eachother lovingly. Suddenly a flash went through their eyes and they started to move their arms and legs simultanously, making snowangels, with equaly wide grins on their faces. As they stood up and regarded their work, they noted with satisfied smirks on their faces that their wings were touching.

They went inside their cottage and ate a profouse lunch. Since their clothes were soaked, they were unable to go afternoon outside again and continue their ‚war‘, so they stayed inside, lazying around. They even enjoyed a hot bath together in the evening and this night, things did happen, though not in such drasticall meassures as their first day in the cottage. It was short, gentle and sweet lovemaking of a newlywed pair. And again, a pleasent breakfest for two in the bed waited for Yozak in the morning. Oh how he wished things would stay like this forever.

„Will we go outside today too?“ he asked hopefully.

„If Mylady wishes so.“ Conrad smiled. „However, today there will be no war. You were cold and shivering the whole afternoon, that I thought you’ll be sick.“

As if on cue, Yozak sneezed. They looked at echother and Yozak smiled sheepishly. „Oops?“

Conrad frowned and put a hand on his wifes neck. „You have high temperature.“ And as he looked into his eyes closely, he wasn’t pleased. „And a glazed look. You’re staying in bed today.“

Yozak pouted, but the strict look of his husband convinced him, that he was in deep shit. He sighed. „Fine, I’ll stay in bed.“ That satisfied smirk made him huff in annoyance. But if he admitted it to himself, he did fell kind of groggy. His head hurt a little and he felt the urge to sneeze.

„I’ll go make a warm tea.“ His husband rose to go downstairs and accomplish that task, however Yozak stopped him.

„Will you at least put sugar into it?“

Conrad regarded him for a moment and then sighed. „What you don’t do for sick people...“

15 minutes later he had a sweet tea in his lap, slowly drinking it. Conrad stayed with him the whole day, leaving only to bring him something to eat. Luckily, he wasn’t as sick not to have apetite. Next morning he felt much better. His head didn’t hurt anymore and Conrad even allowed him to stand up and breakfest in the kitchen, admittedly in his nightgown and moning-coat. This two things made him dare a question, which has been on his mind since he woke up: „Conrad, can we go outside today? Just a little walk...“

Conrad looked at him thoughtfully, as he laid warm tea in front of him. Yozak silently asked himself, if he added sugar today too. Finally Conrad asked: „No snowballfights?“

„Cross my heart.“ Yozak promised and Conrad nodded.

„We’ll see how you’ll feel in the afternoon.“

Yozak smiled and took a gulp from his tea, noting with satisfaction, that it was indeed, with sugar. It wasn’t that he minded to drink tea bitter, he knew how his husband hated sweet things. They made him even sick, so much distastefull it was for him. But some things Yozak needed sweet. Cocoa was only one example. Conrad used jam only to add flavor to his bread. Yozaks bread was always overflowing with it, because he needed the taste. Conrad despised honey. Yozak searched the forrests for it. He has long ago learned tha Conrad didn’t like the sweet taste. He liked bitter and salty things. Yozak didn’t care. He ate thing which were sweet, salty things, sour ones and, in some cases, bitter too. But then, Conrad always had something to eat, Yozak on the other hand, had been starving quite often, in the past. But he didn’t blame Conrad that he was picky. It was a natural thing for everybody to like something and dislike something. It was only that Yozak learned not to dislike anything. But he could be picky too.

He drank the last gulp of his sweet tea and Conrad immediately ordered him into the bed. And since Yozak really wanted to go outside in the afternoon, he obeyed without a word of protest. And if he was true to himself, he was glad that his husbad cared for him so much.

He kept his promise. After lunch, when Conrad took a look at him and decided that he was cured, he let him put on his dress and coat, and they headed for a walk outside. The fresh air made Lady Weller feel even better. Through the night new snow fell and called to be thrown at somebodys (Lord Wellers) head, but Lady Weller restrained herself. She has been sick after all and she didn’t want it to return. Even if it meant no more snowballfights. Lord Weller was very satisfied with it and as they went to sleep, he promised they would go tomorrow outside too. They did. In the morning and in the afternoon.

They ate lunch in the living room, next to the fireplace, sitting on the warm, fluffy carpet. „Today’s our last day here, isn’t it?“ Lady Weller asked between bites.

Her husband nodded. „Unfortunately, Mylady, it is.“

„I would love to stay here for another week. Perhaps even forever. It’s so wonderfull here.“

„I agree with Mylady. The scenery here is very beautifull. Even moreso when there’s such a beauty in the foreground.“ He smiled at his wife, making her blush.

„Mylord is saying such kind things, they always make me flattered.“

„They are true, Mylady. You are beautifull. You would be always beautifull for me. Because I love you, Lady Yozak Weller.“

The Lady almost dropped her plate as she felt heat shoot into her face. Conrad had never called her like that. She didn’t even know, why it made her blush so much. Because it was the truth? Because he really was a Lady? It made his stomach squirm, but it also made him smile. Lady Yozak Weller. It didn’t sound that bad...

„I guess so...“ she said and her husband smiled a knowing and understanding smile. She put a hand on his.

As they finished the lunch she washed the dishes and after a little while, they took their coats and went out.

After a few moments the Lord spoke. „We should start to pack our belongings today, so that we won’t be in any rush tomorrow.“

The Lady nodded. „I guess you’re right. It will leave us more time for eachother.“ She winked and the Lord smiled, resisting the urge to lick his suddenly very dry lips.

Suddenly, Lady Weller bend down and the Lord was instantly alarmed. „No snowball-“

„Who said something about snowballfights?“ she smiled at him and he eyes twinkled mischievously as she began to roll the snowball she made. The snowball became steadily bigger and bigger untill it reached her hips. By then, Lord Weller understood her intention and was creating also a ball like that, only a bit smaller. He laid it onto the big one and together they made one last, smallest, patting the snow on it. While Lord Weller laid the now slightly heavy ball onto the othe two, Lady Weller ran into the cottage and brought back a carrot and coal in a semi-big cooking pan, just big enough to fit onto the smallest ball. They attached those objects to the 3 balls and ready was the snowman.

They looked proudly at it, grinning from ear to ear. „Well, I think this is enough of a replacement for a snowballfight.“ Lord Weller said.

„I agree with you Mylord. This was just as much fun.“

They looked at eachother and laughed, delighted and happy.

As they went to bed that night and kissed, they couldn’t hold back again. Slowly Lady Wellers nightgown disappeared and so did Lord Wellers pyjama. Hands roamed their bodies and sweat covered them. They were kissing slowly, softly, Conrad prepared his wife carefully and profoundly, making him gasp. As he pushed into him it earned him a small, silent moan. Their lovemaking was silent this time. Most of the time they were both very vocal, but sometimes they were silent and peacefull in simple enjoyment of being together like that, not giving into their pleasure. Conrad moved slowly, not hiting Yozaks spot but massaging it, making him gasp. Their hands were clasped together, one of Yozaks legs around the waist of his husband, the other bend next to him. As they came it was nothing but a silent moan and they fell asleep after a long, breathtaking kiss.

They woke up together at nine and after enjoying a light breakfest, they packed the rest of their belongings. It didn’t take them long, they were just a few things and then there was an hour left untill the arival of the owner and Lord Conrad Weller was horny.

‚Silent lovemaking‘, as they called it, was nice, sure, but most of the time it left him unsatisfied. He enjoyed it throughoutly, but it wasn’t sex. They did ‚silent lovemaking‘ when their caressing went too far and they couldn’t stop, but neither of them considered it real sex. Only something above of caressing eachother. But there was some release but since it wasn’t pleasurable sex it left him unsatisfied. His wife probably too, but she could cope. He however not. So what did a horny Lord Conrad Weller do? Jump his wife, of course. As soon as she felt hands on he lower back and hot breath against the exposed part of her neck, the instincts of Lady Weller screamed. „Mylord!“ she called out, scandaled, but her husbands lips were already on hers.

„Shhh, we still have an hour.“ He whispered as he released her mouth and attacked her ear.

„Mylord we can’t, I won’t be, we won’t be ab-oooh...“ every protest and reason flew out of the slightly opened window as he touched him in the most inapropriate places and pressed him into the wall of the living room. He went under his underskirts, yanked down the stockings and panties and pushed a finger into his entrance. Yozak moaned and almost reflexively spread his legs, while unfastening the pants of his husband. They didn’t waste time as he thrust into him, this time a bit more gently than their last time in the living room. Maybe, maybe just one quickie.

Almost an hour later Yozak cursed himself for being naive enough to believe, it would stay only at one quickie. He knew how horny Conrad could be and yet he allowed him to...he should’ve stopped him...He sighed heavily as he slumped down on the couch, regretting his moment of weakness. Now he couldn’t walk. And none of those gentle, apologizing kisses could make it better.

„Horny jerk...“

„I’m sorry...“

Yozak wished to be able to wipe that victorious smile from his face, but then a knock on the door sounded. His husband went to open it, he had at least that much thought. Maybe it wasn’t s bad as it looked.

Lady Weller stood up, albeit a bit shaky on her legs and headed outside. They got into the carriage with the owner and drove back into the capital, where Bast would wait for them. Lady Weller was torn between hoping he felt like her husband, and wishing that he felt like she.


It took me almost five hours to write this....Good grief...

Hope you liked it. I tried to add romance, sap and sexuality. I am awaiting your reviews eagerly.

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