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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Lord and Lady Weller, part 10, p2 
30th-Sep-2009 11:11 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

So, here's the second part of chapter 10

They reached their chambers and Lord Weller held the door open for his wife, who enetred with a thankfull nod. As she sat down on th ebed she sighed contently. „So beconing...Maybe you’re right. I actually really am getting tired.“

„It has been a long day.“ Said Lord Weller as he went towards the wardrobe and then headed straight for the bathroom. Lady Weller was half asleep by the time he came out. Eventually they got ready for bed. They didn’t fall asleep immediately. To be honest, after Yozak came out of the bathroom and saw Corad awake, he already assumed things. But as his husband didn’t raise his head to look at him, he was relieved and surprised at one time. Did yesterday sate him? Or did he actually learn what consequences those long hours had for his wife? Either way, Yozak felt it safe to lie down next to his husband. He was already half asleep as suddenly a thought occured to him.

„But say, how is it possible that you can stand, let alone move so good after what happened yesterday?“

Conrad closed his book and smiled at his wife. „Let’s just say that you might make a better top than me.“

As Yozak sat up straight with a shocked look on his face, big eyes staring at him, he laughed. „What? I always make you unable to walk and you make it possible for me.“ As the shocked look remained, Conrad added with a smile. „Don’t worry, I’m not trading our positions. Old habits die hard and to be honest I don’t want them to die. And you apparently agree with that. But it was a good thing we did that. I promise I’ll be more thoughtfull of you from now on.“

Finally the shocked look faded and was replaced by a soft smile. „Believe me, you are. It’s only that we do it too many times for one night. But otherwise you’re really gentle.“

„I know that since yesterday.“

Yozak gave him a startled look and their eyes met again. They didn’t notice until they were kissing heatedly. But even though Conrad pushed Yozak into the sheets, lying on top of him, nothing happened that night and they fell into deep, content sleep.


The rest of the week passed similar to the first day: Audiences by the king, where they told tales from their journeys, dancing, talking with Lord Kelly, watching the developing relationship between Lady Silvia and Lord Franklin.

The last evenig held the highlight of the grand ball: Midnight fireworks. With those the ball officially ended, but many of the people stayed untill dawn, dancing and spending the last few hours with their new or old friends until their next meeting.

The morning right before their departure, Lord and Lady Cunnighm approached them. Lady Silvia was smiling. The first thing she did was to take Lady Wellers hands in hers, a thankfull expression on her smiling face.

„Thank you Yosephine.“ (They were already at their first names) „You helped me realize a few things I have forgotten. Thank you.“

Lady Weller smiled. „It was a pleasure. I sincerely hope we meet again.“

„I do to. I wish to very much.“

They exchanged their last pleasentries and with that Lord and Lady Welelr got into their cart and Bast bid the horses. With that they left the Small Shimarons castle behind and went to another destination in their travel, wehrever it may lay.


A few days later at Blood Pledge Castle

„Heika, a letter from Small Shimaron arrived.“

Yuuri looked up from the...whatever it was he was currently signing, to look at Günter. „Sara? What does it say?“

Dear Yuuri,

I have been wondering how you are doing, with your most loyal servant missing. To speak sincerely, I was startled as I met Lord Weller at one audience I was giving. He and his lovely wife Lady Weller were passing my country on their honeymoon and decided to attend to a ball. And my, I can tell you, they ruled practically the dancefloor. If they danced only a bit better it would’ve been already rude. They are a lovely pair and have left a deep impression on my court, I can tell you that much. By now they should have already left Small Shimaron, but unfortunately, I don’t know where they are now. They said that they’re honeymoon-journey is completely spontanous, so they could be anywhere. I apologize profusely for bothering you with this matter, since I really don’t have any valuable information. I just thought you might want to know about the whereabouts of your protector and his lovely wife. She’s really an extraordinary wo-man.

I hope to hear from you soon, dear friend.



Yuuri stared at the letter for a while, then blinked slowly and reread the letter, thinking he misread a few words. But they were still present as he read it the second time. „Wife? Lady Weller? Wo-man? I thought he eloped with Yozak! And why actually wo-man? Why not woman?“

„Oooh...“ he looked at the source of the delighted squeal, only to see a sparkling Cheri-sama standing in the door. „They kept it up...“

„Kept what up?“

„I told you, didn’t I? Yozak decided to be the legitimate wife, Lady Yozak Weller and it seems he stands to his words. How romantic! I wish I had somebody like this...Conrad is so lucky...“

Wolframs eyebrow twitched. „You would be the wife, mother...“ but Cheri-sama ignored him, still delighted and squealing about the luck of her son.

„So...“ Yuuri sounded again. „Conrad and Yozak eloped. Yozak is now a Lady and wears womans clothes. And they were in Small Shimaron.“

„I say Shibuya, that sums it up.“ Said Murata with an amused smile on his face.

Yuuri abruptly stood up and hurried to the door. „Then what are we waiting for! We need to go to Small Shimaron, immediately!“

„No.“ The stern voice made him pause in mid-step. He turned around to look at Gwendal, calmly signing papers, looking absolutely apathic to the whole subject.

„But Gwendal!“ Yuuri exclaimed. „Weren’t you the one who wanted to ‚bring them back the fastest way possible‘?“

Again, Gwendal was completely unphased. „Yes. But as His Majesty Saralegui already mentioned in the letter, they are probably out of Small Shimaron without the slightest clue where they went. And also, you need to prepare for the official visit in Caloria you have next week.“

„But...“ every other complaint Yuuri wanted to make was silenced by the stern look Gwendal gave him. He sighed defeatedly as he sat back down to...sign whatever it was, he was signing.

It wasn’t until later that Günter approached Gwendal. „And you wanted to accept your brothers wish to spend time with his beloved, didn’t you?“

The dark look Gwendal gave him was confirmation enough.


I hope you liked this better than the last chapter. I’m sorr yif I ofended you. I assure you it wasn’t my intention. I just wanted to explain the way I see and feel abput certain things. It wasn’t meant to be rude and offending and it really shouldn’t have left you with the impression that I’m unsatisfied with your requests and answers. I treasure them deeply, I really do.

Also sorry for this taking so long. I hope there aren’t too much OC. In the next chapter there will be a character from the original series (if you wnat to guess you can. If you guess right, I might write a oneshot for you. You can choose from any anime which is listed in my profile.).

I’ll let you know that I’m putting the original characters in for a reason (besides because to fill in the story and create an atmosphere of ‚exploring the world and exploring the people in it‘. It would b e boring if it was always only them. The idea of the ffic is change ^^)

That should be it. Hope you review this time.


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