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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Lord and Lady Weller, part 11 
30th-Sep-2009 11:13 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Last of the dump

Name: Lord and Lady Weller

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: Conzak

Rating: K+ – M/ PG-13 – NC-17

Warnings: yaoi, citrus (mainly lemon), crossdressing (it’s Yozak, damnit!), OC (minor character) and OOC, fluff, romance, ... duh.

Summary: Conrad and Yozak wanted to marry since a long time, but things changed and Yozak is getting impatient. How far is Conrad willing to go in order to keep the one he loves by his side forever?


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Kyou Kara Maou. If I did, it would be censored 18+ and a whole episode would be dedicated to Conrad f*cking Yozak into the matress. And Yuuri would finally marry Wolfram. And so on. Seeing that none of this is happening, I guess Kyou Kara Maou doesn’t belong to me. Sadly. But I’m making plans on seducing the owners and inherit the rights.

Here’s finally chapter 11! Meet an old acquaintance. A bit angsty, but I think I displayed it pretty well. Besides a bit of melancholy Yozak. But I guess it’s okay. He isn‘t like that for a long time. Tell me what you think about it!

Fight in the woods

It has already been a few days that Lord and Lady Weller left the castle of Small Shimaron and were currently somewhere in the woods of said country together with their only servant Sebastian. Durin the Grand Ball while his masters danced and had formal talks with His Majesty, he spent his days in the servants quarters enjoying himself. Though it was boring sometimes, he met new people and even got to serve at the Ball one evening and that was something nobody could ever take from him. Especially after he got to see his masters dance. He couldn’t tear his eyes away. Now, he didn’t know much about dancing, but he did know about feelings and the way the two danced together – moved together in one beat, prefectly synchronized,- he saw how deep their love was, reaching behind anything the mind could understand. But that wasn’t the only thing Bast to think about it, he never paid much attention to how...robust Lady Weller was. She surely had strength in those biceps. She was even taller than Lord Weller and her shoulders matched his in broadness. But she still was very ladylike and she would always remain ‚his mylady‘ as he called her to himself. Not that he wanted to comepete with Lord Weller, not while they held so much love and affection for eachother. He simply came to like the sturdy and robust, but beautifull and efeminate Lady. And Lord Weller of course too. He valued the man for his honour and gentleness and first of all for the great amount of love and respect he showed his wife.

The neighing of one of his horses woke him up from his thoughts. While it was natural for horses to neigh, something wasn’t right. It sounded nervous, afraid even...

„Sebastian, faster.“ Came from behind Lord Wellers calm, but tense voice and made Bast now really worried. Not only the horses but Lord Weller too felt that something was strange. Deciding that it was better to go faster than to stand still, he jerked the reins. The horses reacted immediately, their pace changing into a gallop. At that very moment a group of heavily weaponed men jumped in front of them and the horses jerked upwards. In the time it took Bast to calm them down, the bandits surrounded them.

„Alright sissies! Give us all your money and nothing bad will happen.“ said the leader holding his short sword at Lady Wellers side, his other hand encircling her waist. „And hurry, up or the wench will suffer!“

Something flashed through Lord Wellers eyes and his hand already shot to his sword, but before anything could happen a new voice sounded: „Is this how you treat a Lady?“

Each eye turned to the newcomer, with the, for Lord and Lady Weller, familiar voice, only to see a man not younger than 25, but not older than 30 years with hazelbrown hair and bright alluring tyrquise eyes, contrasting sharply with the tan skin. A few of the bandits paled considerably, but the leader, whose sword was still pointed at Lady Wellers side, sneered. „You son-of-a-bitch...“

The hero smirked and within a second, with only one swing of the sword, the bandits laid down on the dirty earth, only the leader remained, still sneering. „Motherfucking bastard...“ he pulled Lady Weller closer. „Drop the sword or she’ll die, slowly and painfully!“ and to emphasize his word he pulled her even closer, pressing the sword tigher, ripping the fine fabric of the dress.

Lady Wellers eyes widened. „You fucking bastard...“

The hero choked as he heard those words pas teh lips of such a noble lady and Lord Wellers eyes glinted. But the bandit was oblivious to it all. „Shut up wench!“

„Enough is enough!“ she called and it took only a moment for the bandit to find himself on his back, the ladies right heel pressing tightly into his chest, while his sword, which the lady snatched from his hand, pointed at him with scaring accuracy, while she investigated the damage on her dress. Nothing a needle and a yarn couldn’t do, but she just didn’t want to let this pass. Besides, she loved to play with her prey.

„You little piece of shit...“ she said as she turned to him. „Do you know how much this dress cost?!“ (It was actually sold down) „And how long it took me to find it?!“ (It was the first she grabbed) „And now it’s ruined!“ (Given that needles and yarn didn’t exist). Her heel moved southwards so that it pressed into the one place of the male body where things really hurt. The man wanted to crawl away. But the sharp peak of Lord Wellers sword pressing into his back prevented him from doing so.

„Now listen.“ Lady Weller said. „If I as much as see you again, your manlyhood will be the last thing you’ll worry about. Have I made myself clear?“ the bandit nodded frantically. „Good. Now get out of my sight before I ruin my shoes.“ She released him and the bandit crawled hurriedly away from the scary lady. And as a a sword appeared in front of his face, the blade glinting sharply, he broke into a run, screaming bloody murder for the whole forrest to hear. The blade disappeared into the cover on the strong back of the young man, who approached the Lady, whose back was turned to him, leaning on her husband, asking: „Are you alright Mylady?“ he bowed to her. „You really surprised me. I never would’ve thought that you were so strong.“

„Thanks for the help sir Alford“ (the heros eyes widened at this) „but I think my husband would’ve handled the situation well enough. Still, thank you, my hero.“ And with that Lady Weller turned around, making Alford gasp and as Lord Weller came from behind his wife, Alford was stunned speechless. The dumbfounded look he gave them was priceless. And Bast...was completely out of it. Lord Welelr hopped down from the cart and extended his hand to help Lady Weller down too. Then he turned to the yound hero. „Long time no see, Alford Markina.“

Only now the young hero found his speech again. „Lord Weller!“ he bowed and Conrad inclined his head. The he took the hand of his wife and guided her next to himself. „I believe you remember my wife, Lady Yozefine.“

Lady Weller extended her hand for the shocked Alford to kiss it. Of course he knew her. He remembered the spy clearly, the man who seemed to have no pride but enough cunning and guts instead. Alford highly disliked him. And that he saw him now in a woman dress didn’t really help it. More like worsened it. But ‚her‘ eyes sent him a message of not daring to say a word. And Alford knew the man, uh, woman well enough t show respect to that small threat. So all he could do was bow politely and kiss the extended hand. „Of course I remember, mylady.“

„Still so gallant...“ the Lady said with a smile and then turned to Lord Weller. „Say, how about we disappear before these poor folk wakes up and go to a nice place where we could chat a little to catch up after such a long time. How long has it been?“ she turned again to Alford. „Five years?“

Alford inclined his head. Than Mylady turned to Bast. „I remember ther is a small stream somewhere near, could it be?“

This seemed to waked Bast up from his trance and he hastily bowed to his Lady. „Yes, I know the way.“

„Perfect! So what are we waiting for?!“


15 minutes later they were seated on a sheet next to the stream, while Bast poured them hot tea. Lady Weller spoke up first. „Let me express our thanks again, sir Alford.“ (It was considered near to cheating when a married woman called a man other than her husband by the first name, without adding a title) „While I know that Lord Weller would have been able to take care of them himself, I don’t want to think about what could’ve happened with me captured. We’re in you debt.“

Alford shook his head. „Please, don’t thank me, Mylady.“ Alford emphasized the last word slightly, making Lady Weller flinch a little. „It was my pleasure to help such a honorable pair.“

Lady Wellers smile froze and Alford turned to Lord Weller. „How have you been Lord Weller?“

Now, Conrad knew that Alford strongly disliked Yozak, but even then, showing it by being rude wasn’t something he would’ve expected from the young man. He glanced quickly at Yozak, whose defiant face was turned away, but still set straight. It meant that even if such a behavior from the young hero bothered him, he didn’t want to make a scene. Conrad respected that choice and so he turned to Alford with a smile and an answer. „Thank you, I’ve been fine. And yourself?“

Bast couldn’t believe what he saw. For the entire conversation Alford didn’t as much as glance at Lady Weller. And even if Lord Weller tried to bring her in a few times, telling Alford about their wedding and honeymoon journey, he didn’t react to it. Several expressions crossed Lady Wellers face, changing from defying to angry, to humiliated and finally sad. Currently she was looking ignorant, pretending to observe the surroundings, but Bast wouldn’t be Bast if he didn’t see the clenched fists and pained blue eyes mirroring something which neared public humiliation. Needless to say, Bast started to hate this Alford Markina. So what if he was a hero?! Somebody who couldn’t behave towards a lady was in Basts eyes an imbecile. He was seriously considering spilling the tea onto Markinas head as Lady Weller finally stood up. „If Mylord doesn’t mind, I’m going to take a walk, stretch my legs.“

Lord Weller stood up. „As Mylady wished. Shall I accompany you?“

Lady Weller shook her head. „Oh no, please don’t bother yourself. It would be rude to leave sir Alford alone. Besides I won’t be going far.“

Lord Weller nodded. „Alright, Mylady.“ He kissed her hand. Then he turned to Bast. „Sebastian will accompany you.“

Bast jumped on his feet and bowed. „As you say, Mylord.“

Lady Weller courtsied to her husband and walked away, Bast two steps behind her, while Lord Weller sat down and resumed talking with Alford.

It didn’t take them long to reach the shade of the trees. As soon as they did, Lady Weller leaned on the nearest tree, taking deep breaths. Bast held himself in appropriate distance. He didn’t want to. Really didn’t. It even wasn’t his place to do so. But as he saw that beautifull face twisted from humiliation, he couldn’t hold it back anymore. „That Alford is the rudest person I ever met!“

Lady Wellers reaction surprised him. The lday didn’t scold him, or lecture him. Neither did she nod or shake her head with a sad face. No, she actually laughed. And even if it was startling, Bast was relieved that his lady wasn’t upset, at least for a moment. She gave him a smile. „You’re very kind Bast. But I believe it isn’t your place to judge it. Sir Alford dislikes me and it’s true that I gave him reasons for it.“

„You Mylady? Impossible.“

Lady Weôôer chuckled again. „You think to highly of me. Alford Markina is a honorable man, a hero. The likes like me...My way of seeing things highly disagrees with his. Actually my way of seeing things disagrees with a lot men.“ She chuckled but it was filled with irony and it made Bast shiver. „But this is the way I chose. This is the role I decided to play.“ For a split second it seemed that Lady Wellers voice turned deeper, became masculine. But as she sounded again, her voice was back to normal, so Bast pushed the thought away, deciding it was just his imagination. „So I really can’t blame him.“

„I still don’t see a reason to be rude. Everybody is different.“

Lady Weller nodded. „That’s true. Who knows, maybe a day will come when he’ll accept me. But to tell you the truth, I really couldn’t care less. As long as Lord Weller loves me, everything is alright. It’s only his opinion I care about.“

Bast smiled. „Mylady, may I“

„Just boldly. What’s on your mind?“

„I like to watch you two. I see how deeply you love and respect eachother. I admire that.“

The lady smiled. „Thank you, but there really is very little one could admire about us. We both have our past and our shadows and nightmares. It’s just that we share a lot of things.“

„But you still love eachother deeply. And the amound of love you hold in your hearts is in my eyes something admirable.“

Lady Weller smiled. „You’re too kind to us, Bast. Thank you. You’re a good servant.“

Bast bowed. „Thank you, Mylady.“

„Let’s head back. Or Lord Weller will become jealous and we wouldn’t want that, now, would we?“ she winked and Bast smiled, inclining his head.

„Of course not, Mylady.“

As they returned they heard Lord Weller say „and now we’re heading to Caloria.“

„Caloria? I heard about unrest on the borders with Small Shimaron.“

„Then why don’t you accompany us?!“ Lady Weller jumped in and sat down next to her husband. „A strong protector like you...“

Alford didn’t even bother to glance at her. „How about it Lord Weller? We could also sparr together. I assume that you don’t have somebody to train with now, that you’re not at home.“

Yozaks blood froze in his veins and it really took all his willpower to restrain himself. How dare that halfassed brat implie that he was no match to Conrad...Which he really wasn’t. Yozak kicked himself as hard as he could. He was getting emotional and pampered because of that brat who believed to be something more only because he held a sword twice his size and was the son of a hero. Thought to be a good match for Conrad. And probably he was. He would give a good fight. Not like Yozak. Conrad always defeated him. It took its time, but he defeated him. Always. Yozak learned long ago that Conrad was a better swordfighter and that he could never even be near his level. Not that he was jealous. He had other qualities which he was proud of and he knew that Conrad loved him. But it still scratched on his selfesteem as he actually heard the truth.

„Well it’s true that I have been training less, but I guess I just don’t have enough time.“ This was a thing Yozak liked on Conrad so much. He always said the truth, but also remained polite and thoughtfull. And defended what he held dear. It complimented Yozak as much as it stung him – the thought of Conrad having the need to defend him, as if he wasn’t capable of doing so himself. And he sure as hell didn’t need pity! „Then sir Alford should really accompany us.“ Lady Weller said. „We don’t want you to grow rusty. I doubt that a lady like me is a match for such a renowned swordsman like mylord is.“

Their eyes met and Lady Weller saw something like admiration flash through Lord Wellers eyes and she felt Basts stunned looks on her. Finally her husband smiled and nodded. „Perhaps Mylady is right.“ Then he turned to Alford. „Besides the borders are near, so it won’t keep you away for too long.“

Alford was silent only for a split second before his unreadable expression changed into a smile. „For you Lord Weller, it’s a honor.“

Finally one thing they agreed on, Bast thought. He looked at Lady Weller. She looked calmer now. She really was somebody to admire, so strong and selfabandoning. Sir Alford lost this fight for sure.

And he lost many more of them. Not only the sparrs with Lord Weller (even though both Lady Weller and Bast had to admitt he was near to victory several times even) but also the fights of determination and dedication with Lady Weller. So after they were in safe distance from the borders and it was time for them to part, Alford actually turned to Lady Weller and kissed her hand. „Goodbye Mylady. You have my best wishes for your journey with Lord Weller.“ And even nif his tone was stil a little cold, Lady Weller smiled as she couldn’t wish for more.

„Thank you sir Alford. You also have my best wishes – on your journey to become a hero. One day, you’ll really beat Lord Weller.“

„I hope so.“

„But don’t think I’ll leave him for you. I love him too much for that. Even if he’ll be only the second best swordsman.“

Alford smiled. „I never expected that from you Mylady. Besides, I doubt Lord Weller would let you.“

The Lady chuckled. „More like kill me.“

„You’re exaggerating, Mylady.“ The voice of Lord Weller sounded next to them. They both turned to him and Alford extended his hand to shaked Lord Wellers.

„It was a pleasure to meet you again Lord Weller. The next time we meet, I’ll beat you. For sure.“

„I that a promise?“

„A challenge.“

The hold of their hands was firm and they held eyecontact, never breaking it, the eyes glinting like those of two warriors. Lord Weller smile. „I accept the challenge.“

Alford bowed and released his hand. „Untill then, Lord Weller, Lady Weller.“ He bowed one last time and disappeared among the trees. The pair was wearing smiles on their faces, but Bast was scowling. He still didn’t like the man. But as long as his masters were content, he supposed he didn’t really care.


Hope you liked it. Next chapter will be more...funny.

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