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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Love and Blood, part 1 
1st-Oct-2009 09:59 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Name: Love and Blood

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: Gwendal/Conrad

Warnings: incest, yaoi, lemon (citrus in general),

Rating: T – M/NC-17 – R

Summary: The brothers were always very close, maybe even closer than brothers could be. Especially two of them. But what if the truth came out? Maybe it's time for Conrad and Gwendal to reveal their greatest secret.




: Sadly, I do not own Kyou Kara Maou. The geniality of it doesn’t belong to me.


I know. I know. It’s incest. It’s not something everybody might like. But it has been spooking in my mind and I am really a fan of Gwendal/Conrad. Too bad there aren’s many fics about them. That’s why I’m writing this. It’s going to be smut. There’s going to be sex, lime, lemons, citrus in general. But they look so good together! So that’s why I’m writing this now: Incest, Gwendal/Conrad. I just hope you’ll like it.


Time reveals the answers


The long, dark tresses sprawled all over the bed and the swordcalloused hand were surprisingly gentle as they caressed them, almost worshipped.

„I always liked your hair.“ The deep voice of a brownhaired man sounded. „Remember? I would always braid it, despite your protests. It was always mother who convinced you to let me do as I like.“ A nostalgic smile appeared on the mans face and the other grumbled.

„It’s really ironic. You’re always so silent and don’t speak untill asked. And yet you always iniciate a pillow talk. I wonder why.“

Conrad shrugged. „I’m more open after sex with you. Stripped from my restraints.“ Conrad smiled and popped himself up on his elbows.

„And you make poor jokes.“ Gwendal grumbled again, making Conrad chuckle.

„Meanie.“ The younger of the brothers leaned down their lips met in a gentle kiss. Conrads hands, so rough and yet so gentle, abandoned the dark locks and started tracing the strong body, the torso, the abdomen, drawing invisible signs and symbols nobody else knew. Gwendal sighed into the kiss. Though he was spent and tired, he resigned from stopping his younger brother. It would be meaningless – he could try as hard as possible, it never ended with only one time. But as he felt that strong hand touch his pride, he found he couldn’t complain. While the hand worked, the lips parted from his and followed the invisible trace the hand made on his body. Down the neck, to the crook, the collar, chest, both of his nipples, making him moan, the abdomen, the hips, the navel... That was where the two traces – of the hand and of the lips started to differ. While the hand settled itself on his pride, the lips went further down bypassing the destination of the hand, exploring the thighs, outside, inside, sucking on the knee... With Conrads lips moving downwards, his body slowly turned, so that now his midsection was next to Gwendals face, making him shudder with anticipation. Conrads lips went over to the second thight, while he aided himself with his other hand, he placed on the abandoned leg, applying light pressure on it.

Gwendal parted Conrads legs, putting one on the other side of his head, so that his cock was right above his face, in reach of his lips... Conrad gasped as he felt warmth and wettness enclosing his cock and he bit into his brothers thigh, getting a moan in response, a moan which vibrated around him, making him gasp again. „Gwendal...“

Said man runned his tongue around Conrad and his brother moaned.

„You tease...“ he whispered with a smile on his face and Gwendal idly wondered if there was any situation in the world where his brother wouldn’t smile. But that wasn’t important, not now, when Conrads lips took him in...

Gwendal massaged the strong thights of the swordsman, then the buttocks, and finally spreading the round cheeks. The way his hands went was all-too-familiar for him, having marked it a long time ago... Conrads groan vibrated around him as he pushed one finger into him, the second following a split second later, and right after that the third. The opening was still wide from their coupling only a few minutes ago and still coated with his seed and that aroused him even more. Soon they were both moaning and groaning, but neither of them willing to come, waiting for the other in their small contest of willpower. A contest which Conrad lost, the pleasure from the three sides becoming unbearable. His groan vibrated around Gwendal for a one last time as he came right into the mouth of his beloved brother, who followed his example right away. They swallowed it all, not letting a single drop escape the prison of their mouths, wanting to taste the other completely.

Conrad was the first one to let go. He straightened himself and Gwendal let go of his cock, allowing him to sit down lext to him. As soon as he did Conrads lips were on his own again and he responded. They both parted them, slipping the tongues inside the others mouth, meeting in a dance, where the passion was the rhythm and seed the music. They tasted themselves and the other, the bitter aftertaste still lingering in the wet cavern, making the dance even more passionate, more needy. Only the need for air made them part and they gazed at eachother, faces  flushed, lips swollen. Conrad sighed in content and smiled again, while Gwendal said nothing, only putting the hand on his cheeks, stroking it gently, the thumb tracing the cheekbone. Oh Shinou, how could one man be so handsom? Shoulders broad enough for a soldier, but not unbearably bulky, a strong chest, a sixpack which made every man green with envy and every woman, even those with more expierience than necessary, blush. Not that Conrad showed these parts of body to other man and woman than him. Though he wasn’t innocent either as he first crawled into his bed with thoughts other than to cuddle, thoughts which were dirty, thoughts that made his cock twitch, even now, after over 20 years.

He pushed his brother down onto the matress, never breaking the gaze, midnight blue engaging with sunset-prairie golden.

„You’re so beautifull...so alluring...so seductive...“

He kissed his smiling brother, on the lips, on the neck, on the chest, nipples, navel, further down, bypassing the cock which came slowly to life again, kissing the strong thights instead, from the outside, then the inside, going upwards and finally darting the tongue into the sweet bitterness of his hole. Conrad arched his back as he gasped and spread his legs further, allowing his brother more access.

„Conrad...“ he placed one last kiss on the opening and lifted himself, looked at the man underneath him, whose smile never changed, sweet and challenging at the same time, seducing and daring, wanting and beconing... Gwendal slammed his lips onto Conrads and pushed slowly inside, knowing that Conrad wouldn’t appreciate any further preparation after the previous events of the night. Just as the first ‚encounter‘ was rough, fast and needy, this was gentle, slow and sweet. They both teased eachother, never letting the other come, always stopping at the best worst time, they rolled over and Conrad rode Gwendal untill the older man became tired of it and pressed Conrad into the matress again and fucked him hard, but slowed down as his brother was almost about to come. They didn’t know how long it took before they ended their game and they burst in one moment of infinite pleasure and seconds after collapsed into the sweat-drenched sheets, gasping for air, their chests heaving with the fast rhythm of their heartbeat.

Even through their exhaustion, they didn’t fall asleep immediately, still pressing their bodies close, enjoying the fading heat of the afterglow, the sheets covering only the half of their frames. Slowly their heartbeats calmed and their breathing became even and regular. That was when Conrad sighed contently.

„It’s always so wonderfull with you... I love you, big brother.“ No answer came. „Gwendal?“

Conrad raised his head and a little smile spread slowly on his lips upon seeing his older brother sound asleep, making the impression of a sleeping child. Conrad lifted a hand and traced the cheekbone which was in reach lovingly. Then he dropped the hand, his palm resting right above his brother’s heart and rested his head on the strong shoulder. He was asleep not a minute later.


Conrad was the first to get up in the morning. He dressed silently, even though he knew that Gwendal woke up the moment he pulled the sheets off and rose from the bed. He didn’t want to disturb his older brother, knowing that the man liked to stay still for some time after he woke up, simply enjoying the silence and calm of the mornig, the time before he got up and went to the office and faced his daily routine. But when spending the night in Gwendals bed, Conrad had to rise earlier, needing to go to his own room, quickly puting himself together and get ready for the morning jog with His Ma- Yuuri. The nights he stayed with Gwendal were passionate and never over before past midnight, both of them wanting to be together in the most intimate way, like they have been for the past 20 years.

With one last glance to the calm frame of his brother whose lower body was covered by the sheets, hiding the parts only Conrad got to see, said soldier exited the room, heading towards his own chambers. He enjoyed a warm bath, which relaxed his muscles still aching from the events of the previous night, then dressed into his jogging outfit and headed out, to the grounds. As he arrived, Yuuri was already waiting. Upon spotting him, the young Maou waved his hand enthusiastically.

„Conrad!“ But as Conrad came closer, he frowned. „You look sleepy...Are you alright?“

Conrad nodded with a smile on his face. „I am, thank you. Actually, I slept very well the night. I guess I still enjoy the remaints of it.“ Damn straight you do, a voice said in his mind.

„Oh. OK! Then let’s go! We have a wonderfull morning!“

During their jog, Conrad let Yuuri speak, but listened only halfway about the ‚problems, worries and achievements of the young maou‘, which involved paperwork, progress in reading the difficult files, progress in his relationship with Wolfram, a whining Günther and a sadistic Gwendal. Gwendal. Right now that was the only thing on the mind of the swordsman as he contemplated their relationship. He knew, that they both loved eachother truly, madly and deeply, even through the obstacles, the differences, the arguments and many more problems their complicated relationship brought. They were brothers. They were lovers. They were friends. They were companions. They were two men who understood eachother soundlessly. And even though their social statuses were high and thus didn’t appreciate the kind of relationship the two of them had, they loved eachother deeply.

Conrad always felt relaxed and safe in Gwendals presence, in his embrace and in his touch. With Gwendal he slept through thunderstorms, with Gwendal he could drop his defences and give into his fears, because Gwendal held him and made him feel safe and warm. At first as an older brother, then as a lover. And Gwendal, Conrad guessed, felt relaxed too while he was with his younger brother, felt able to sigh in content and show his care, embracing Conrad and holding him tight, in a strange kind of comfort. Though, nobody knew about this, not even their mother. Only Yozak. But that was a story which Conrad didn’t like to recall. He knew that they both hurt Yozak immensely back then. He couldn’t even imagine how the orangehaired man, who was always so devoted to them, could feel. Conrad admired his strenght and acceptance, how his best friend could let go of them without a second thought, only so they could be happy. He earned both Conrads and Gwendals respect at that point.

Conrad jerked as he heard his name being called. He didn’t forgett that he was still jogging with His Majesty, he only didn’t realize that Yuuri would actually ask him something in his high spirits. Only now he noticed that he was slacking behind his king.

„Are you ok?“ the concerned voice asked. „You are slower today and you look like you have trouble running. Conrad, if you aren’t feeling well, you can tell me that.“

Conrad smiled. „I’m fine Your Majesty.“ I’m just a little sore from the passionate night with my brother, he added in his mind. But before he could even finish that thought, a sharp pain shot through his lower regions and he stumbled and finally tripped.

„CONRAD!“ Yuuri was at his side in an instant. „Are you alright, did you hurt yourself?!“

Conrad smiled yet again as he pushed himself up on his ellbows. „I just tripped. Clumsy me...“ but as he moved his knee to help himself get up, another sharp pain shot through him and with a surpressed gasp he laid down again, laying face down, willing the pain to subside. In the meantime, the maou was panicking.

„Conrad, what’s wrong?! I’ll get Gisella and the other, stay here!“

„Your Majesty, there’s no need to-“ but Yuuri was already off, running into the direction of the infirmary. Conrad sighed.

„Could it be that you two overdid things last night?“

Conrad managed to turn, laying on his side. He spotted Yozak, leaning on the tree.


„The one and only.“ The spy replied as he approached his best friend. As he stood next to him, he bend down towards Conrad. „How many times did you do it?“

„3, 4 times?“

Yozak sighed. „Rabbits...“ he rose and extended his hand to Conrad and helped him get up. Just then, Gisella came, Gwendal, Yuuri, Wolfram and Günther right behind her.


Said man smiled. „I’m fine, just a little pain. Nothing to worry about.“




Conrad sighed. There was no helping it – when Gisella used that tone, you better answered. „Backside.“ Günther choked. Wolfram made a sound of surprise. Yuuri looked something between confused and disbelieving. Gisella blinked once in an understanding. Gwendals expression didn’t change, but Conrad knew him well enough to say that he was concerned. And Yozak snickered behind him. Wanting nothing more than to disappear, Conrad did the best thing he could do in his situation. „Nothing bad. I’ll simply lay down a little.“ With that he rushed past them,- or at least wanted to. As soon as he was in Gwendals reach, said man seized his hand and looked strictly at him. And suddenly Conrad fought the extreme urge to blush. Yozak was chuckling harder. „I’m fine.“

Gwendal looked that sternly, that Conrad had to avert his gaze. Yozak was actually laughing now. Growing tired of it, Conrad yanked himself free and brushed past Gwendal, his steps more hurried than usually.

„Weller wait!“ the angry voice of his little brother made him halt instantly. „Explain yourself!“

„Conrad you...don’t tell me...could it be?“ the disbelief in Yuuris words made him flinch.

He turned around slowly and looked straight in his kings eyes. It was damn hard to keep a straight gaze. „Yes I had sex, yes it was with a man, yes I was bottom, and yes it was willing.“

„Conrad! How yould you do something this inappropriate?! Something like this from my student!“ Günther called scandalloused and Yozak simply burst out laughing. Conrad sometimes really hated his best friend, he really did.

„Why were you keeping this from us?!“ Conrad was asking himself whether Wolfram was disappointed, or simply angry that he made Yuuri sad. He sighed.

„It’s complicated.“ Yozaks laughter ceased. „Even though His Majesty is more or less at ease with gay realtionships now.“ An incest relationship was a lot harder to understand, after all. Even in the mazoku society.

„How so?“

Conrad stared at Wolfram with a thoughtfull look. Maybe...maybe it was time to tell their frineds. Maybe this was the moment where they should tell them the truth. Conrad met Gwendals eyes and he saw his brother nod. Yes, it was time.

„Let’s go to the office.“




Part one, hope you liked it. In the next chapter, you’ll read about the reason they kept it a secret, why Yozak knew and how tha others will take it. Untill then, Mana



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1st-Oct-2009 10:54 pm (UTC)
Surprising but fun.
Thanks. :)
2nd-Oct-2009 07:43 am (UTC)
Your welcome! ^^
It was fun to write! And the next chapter will be on, today or tomorrow
1st-Jan-2010 03:28 pm (UTC)
cute brotherly love it was the greatest thanks
2nd-Jan-2010 09:19 am (UTC)
Thanks! I love writing brotherly love...in the double meaning and not. ^^
20th-Nov-2009 07:56 pm (UTC)
I haven't finished this chapter so I will comment again later. What I have read is great! Poetic groping is such a good thing. I love this line that you wrote:

"They both parted them, slipping the tongues inside the others mouth, meeting in a dance, where the passion was the rhythm and seed the music."
21st-Nov-2009 02:26 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the review! It really encouraged me! Because I wasn't sure about that exact sentence...the "seed" seemed kinda out of place for me, but I really wanted something like that there, so I left it. ANd now you're telling me that you loved the sentence and it really makes me happy. ^^
Thanks again and I'm looking forward to the second part of your review!
23rd-Nov-2009 11:21 pm (UTC)
Okay. I must say that I think your style of writing is my favorite I've ever read. It's so pretty! It flows and is poetic. And it's a good storyline. I'm surprised their aren't more comments! I am glad you left that one line in! ^__^ Now I must go onto the second and third parts of this wonderful story!

By the way: Your icon is spot on!!
24th-Nov-2009 05:29 pm (UTC)
I like it when I get compliments to my writing style!
And I love to get compliments on my icons! ^____~
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