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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
B-day fanfic for haruyan - Quenstionable actions 
3rd-Oct-2009 07:38 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Hey there folks! It’s been a while since I posted a Bleach fanfic and since it has been haruyan’s birthday not so long ago, I aksed her whether she wanted me to write something for her. The theme was: ShuuheixKira and the promt: a little torture. I interpreted it my way. Hope you’ll like it! It’s smut...

So if you want to read, scroll down and click the cut!


Name: Questionable actions
Genre: shounen-ai/yaoi
Pairing: Shuuhei x Kira
Warning: graphic displays of lemon in some parts
Rating: M/R
Disclaimer: I really do not own bleach... *sniff*

Questionable actions



„Oh come on...“


„Just this once...“

„I said no.“


„No, Shuuhei.“

Hisagi Shuuhei, acting captain of the 9th division of Gotei 13 in Soul Society, pouted. And the answer he got from Kira Izuru, vice-captian of the 3rd division of Gotei 13 in Soul socity, also his drinking partner and lover was a dark look. „That doesn’t work, you know.“

Shuuhei sighed. „You’re no fun.“

It was just a sugestion. Just a small request, which wouldn’t harm anybody. Not really at least. But apparently, his lover thought otherwise.

„Maybe, but at least I’ll be able to move. Maybe you didn’t notice it, but I can’t afford staying put, since I have to run a demoralized division all by myself, thank you very much.“

„I could take over for a day.“


„Izuru really! It’s just a whip!“

Kira eyed him scpetically.

„And maybe a few other toys...“

Dark look.

„Just imagine what awonderfull feeling it would be to remain on the peak of pleasure for several minutes!“

Kira’s look became thoughtfull and Shuuhei knew that the blond would forfeit soon.

„I know you enjoy the feeling when you go over the edge...“

Something sparked in Izuru’s eyes. Shuuhei thought it resembled want.

„It’s only for your best.“

As the blondhaired lieutenant sighed Shuuhei knew that he had indeed won this battle.


It took much of Hisagi’s selfcontrol not to squeal.


„Turn over.“

How in the seven hells could he have agreed with this, Kira asked himself as he obediently turned over, lying face down in his bed, exposing himself to the man above him. To Shuuhei. To his lover. To his kinky lover. Izuru screamed as he felt the whip descend upon his flesh with a loud crack, marking it with thin, red lines.  


„That’s it, say it again! Scream my name!“

„Hisagi Shuuhei!“ it was more anger than obedience in those words, but apparently, for the darkhaired shinigami it was more than enough. Kira was rewarded with another set of whiping. He screamed again. Damn, it hurt! How could people get turned on by this?! Maybe he should ask Shuuhei after they finished, because judging by what Kira felt against his rear, Shuuhei got turned on very much.

Kira was glad as he heard Shuuhei (heard, because he couldn’t see – he was blindfolded) put away the whip and he hissed ashe felt hot, moist lips caress the marked places with soft, almost ghostlike kisses. Now this was better. Much better. Even if it hurt as he did that, the fresh wound burning under the salty saliva, it had something what made Kira gasp. He felt a known sensation shooting trhough him, going straight into the groin. As he felt Shuuhei go lower, kissing the small of his back, he let out a low moan.

So this was what was meant by ‚sweet torture‘. His arousal was pressed into the matress, unable to show itself in all of its glory, not being able to get free. Kira squirmed. This was so good, so infinitely sweet... And the kisses burning his skin gently, caressing it like a small flame of a candle could, caused him slight pain, which let him know that he was alive, that this was real, all of this pleasure, these sensations, he was living them...

Maybe Shuuhei was right. Maybe this was something what would do Kira good. Make him realize that he still could feel real and alive, and in all of that pain pleasure and love so scorching that it could burn the whole Soul Society if it turned into real fire.

Kira felt something metallic enclosing itself around his cock and he knew even without looking that this was another of Shuuhei’s new toys: A pennis ring. Izuru, now more open for the ‚experiment torture‘ sighed and wondered how this would feel.


15 minutes later, as he screamed into the matress from the sweetest pleasur eof all, he asked himself how he even could’ve doubted Shuuhei’s idea. His ass was up high and Shuuhei’s hot and thick member was thrusting into him with ferocity and determination which could equal that of two gods fighting for world domination.

Kira screamed as he felt himself get near to the point of release and he heard Shuuhei behind him chuckle darkly and scratch with his short fingernails Kira’s inner thighs, as he went harder and faster with his thrusts, hitting the sweet spot of Izuru’s insides.

Only a little more...Kira chanted and then as if on cue, he felt it: He felt his insides clench, he felt his inner volcano errupt with force equaling the Big Bang, he felt how he desperately wanted to burst... Except he couldn’t. His scream was something between frustration, lust and pain, and he wanted nothing more than to be free, yet at the same time remain in this state forever. If this was what torture felt like, he would gladly repeat this sometime, or another. He trembled and trashed around, trying to ease the intensity of the emotions he felt, while Shuuhei just laughed. He kicked around, but Shuuhei caught his leags and suddenly his ass wasn’t up, but his groin was pressed into the matress, making the pleasure even more unbearable.

Shuuhei’s chest was now firmly pressed onto his back, his face rested in the crook of Kira’s neck, his breath hot against his ear. And as Kira heard that ragged breathing he knew that Shuuhei was sufferin too, that for him it was also unbearable to hold back. And Kira knew, his lover held back, wanting to feel the same pain Izuru did. He noticed it a while ago, and that was only for the blindfold preventing him from seeing, but encouraging him to feel even more. So even if he couldn’t see Shuuhei’s face, he knew that the darkhaired shinigami was struggling. Two lovers going through so much torture and so willingly...


An hour later they laid panting and spent on the bed, bodies hot and the sheet underneath them sweatdrenched.

„Never again...“ Kira laughed as he heard Shuuhei say this.

„What a pity.“ He said. „I wanted to suggest just now that we repeat this sometime soon.“

The surprised look Shuuhei gave him bordered bewilderment and highly amused Kira.  

„What? Are so little of a man that you can’t bear a little torture?“

Shuuhei looked like he was about to groan in defeat and slump dpwn onto the sheets, but to Kira’s surprise he grinned like a wolf.

„Tomorrow is it then!“ He throwed himself onto the bed and closed his eyes, a satisfied smile playing on his lips. He was asleep in less than a second.

Izuru blinked twice and then smiled gently, shaking his head. This man was unbelievable, really. He carressed the handsom face and traced the sharp contures of the jaw and nose. How could one man be such a devil at day and such an angel when asleep?

Kira sighed and he put himself to sleep too. As sleep was slowly consuming his mind, he remembered that he didn’t ask Shuuhei how he could be turned on by such things. But then again, it wasn’t so important. Kira knew the answer anyway.




So. This is it! Hope you liked it, my love!


Happy birthday, again! Even though the present was a bit late ^^“


3rd-Oct-2009 05:58 pm (UTC)
Oh, my......my nosebleed!

Damn, that was so hot~! I love it, thank you~! ^_^ *HUG*
3rd-Oct-2009 06:09 pm (UTC)
*returns the hug*
^_____________^ I'm glad you liked it!
*gives you and handkerchief*
Here, for the nosebleed. ^^
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