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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Alluring Tunes 
12th-Oct-2009 07:20 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

I know it has been quite a time since I updated this, but seriously, I didn’t have much time to write. I do write, but I come only slowly forward. I have plans, I know what will happen, it’s just that I don’t have that much time to write it down. You’ll have to have patience with me... I’m exceedingly sorry for making you wait for so long...

But anyways, now it's here! Hope ya’ll enjoy it!

Also, thanks to my best friend x.juliett for the beta! (The only one I actually allow to look into my writings before they’re published)

Fanic: Alluring Tunes
Rating: K+
Warnings: shounen-ai, AU
Pairings: Conzak
Summary: And then there was music. Wonderfull music and a heartbreaking ballad sung by a melodical voice. And he remembered ... A song the man knew by heart and those two skyblue diamonds rested on him, locked with his own prairie-golden hues.

: Since I don't see happening what I would like to happen, I guess I don't own Kyou Kara Maou

Melody of the lonesome soul



„You aren’t going to tell me about your last assignment, are you?“


A sigh. „It’s not fair, you know.“

Conrart and Yozak, friends since childhood, separated by the paths of their destiny, but brought together occassionaly, were now retsing on their journey. For now they would travel together – it has been too long since they had done that.

„I always tell you my poems and you never say a word about your assignemnts.“

Yozak was a bard. Conrart was a slayer. Some would wonder how such different people could share so many feelings, but the ones who knew the pair, knew also about their past history.

At a very young age, Yozak became an orphan and had nobody in the whole world. That was untill one day, when he came across a wanderer, who, as Yozak learned, used to be a knight a long time ago. He has been taken in by him almost immediately. The wanderer had a son. A son named Conrart. And that was where it began.

They grew up together and became very close. Moreso because Conrart felt a sense of responsibility for Yozak, and  Yozak felt indebted to the boy and his father, who had given him food and shelter as he was starved and cold.Those were the inicial emotions which started that something between them, what quickly evolved into friendship and then, later, love. The carefree love of two boys who reached puberty, discovered something about themselves and enjoyed it to no end.

And then they were sixteen. That was the age when everybody decided on a proffession they wanted to do. There were twelve possibilities: Wizards, Healers, Slayers, Merchants, Craftsmen, Farmer, Lyricians, Knights, Soldiers (the difference between the last two was in the latter being paid), Worshipers, Sailors and Nobility. Many of them were determined already at the moment of birth – into a noble family, a merchant family, or a simple farmer family. Of course that didn’t mean one couldn’t abandon that profession and go to do something else instead, when they turned sixteen. To go with the family tradition was only the most convenient choice. Also, for some professions certain qualifications were needed – for wizards and healers, who needed the abilities enabling the control over The Power.

Yozak didn’t posses such inclanations and neither did he want to spend his life killing, or fighting or reciting dull prayers for some spirit, or god he didn’t even believe in. He could be a sailor, a farmer, or a craftsman – he had talent and skills acquired. But he didn’t want to. It seemed boring to him. So all that was left, was lyrician. Back then, as he turned 16 it was the first thing which sprung into his mind. He didn’t know why, or where exactly that idea originated from, but probably, it was his love for freedom and hatred for fighting. Not that he didn’t know how to fight. Actually, Yozak was a very good fighter. It was only that he hated the despair it brought – he had felt that emotion enough in his childhood.

And he loved the art of storytelling. While on journeys with his caretakers, Conrart’s father would always tell them ballads about bravery, courage, honor, loyalty, knights and heroes, and also ballads which spoke about love and hope, virtue and fidelity, friendship and faith. And Yozak wanted to be able to do that too – to awaken emotions in the dulled hearts of the people he came across.

Conrart on the other side, chose despair. His father had been a knight, but for some reason, he never bothered to tell them, he was freed from that title, not worthy to call himself a man of such an honor and pride as a knight. Maybe that’s why Conrart chose to be a slayer. As a slayer he could help the people, kill whatever enemy threatened them, without holding back, without any ostacles like honor, which meant not striking an oponent while his back was turned, not to kill somebody in his sleep, basically without everything the „Code of Honor“ had, a codex of restrictions and rules for those who wanted to call themselves knights. And he got paid for it. Knights didn’t get money from their „brave deeds for the better of humanity“. It was an honor to help.

Not that Conrart cared about money. If he did, he could’ve chosen to become a soldier: a puppet in the hand of the king, whose pay was guaranteed, just as shelter and food, without needing to do anything productive, unless there was some sort of war, which currently wasn’t the case. And soldiers also didn’t have to make tough decisions – that was the job of their superiors. Soldiers only followed their orders, without rethinking their meaning or consequences. It was a very convenient profession. Convenient and, because of that, nothing the independent, stand-off-ish, with-a-strong-sense-for-justice Conrart Weller would choose to do. He chose the way of responsibility for his own actions.

Yozak always thought the two of them were polar opposites. Maybe that was why he used so many antonyms in his poetry: Su and Moon, Darkness and Light, Day and Night... and about them meeting somewhere, sometime,- at the break of the day, or at the approaching of the night. Just like the Day needed the Night, and the Night needed the Day, Yozak needed Conrart and Conrart needed him. But their paths rarely crossed. Conrart seeked despair, Yozak turned his back to it. Yozak was always surrounded by lively people who wanted to listen to his music and Conrart’s ‚encounters‘ ended with death. Life and Death. Happiness and Despair. But gods, how they needed eachother, how they craved, how they wished to be together, forever, if possible, even longer.

„You know that I don’t like to talk about my...assignments.“

Yozak sighed and sat down next to him. „Yeah yeah, but you know, it still isn’t fair.“ His tone changed and Conrart knew he wasn’t reffering to his silence about his assignments anymore. „It isn’t fair..“

Conrart sighed and pulled him closer. „I know. But I suppose that’s life.“

That’s life: A myrriad of moments gone,

a billion of regretts never undone.


Conrart stayed silent.


And when the paths, which differ, cross,

sadness and pain evolves.

Gone is the sweet pleassure of love,

Gone is the innocence of youth.

What remains in the coldness of the Night?

Only a million stars and the dull Moonlight.


For a full minute there was a bitter silence. „Nah.“ Yozak said and his voice was back to it’s normal, cheerfull, careless degree. „The last rhyme doen’t fit well. I’ll have to change it.“ And with that he leaned his back on Conrads chest, stretched his legs in front of him and crossed them, while he folded his hands in his lap and entwined his fingers. Conrart smiled a smile, which was only a tiny bit sad and laced with a fragment of regret, before he planted a kiss into the crook of his lover’s neck.

Yozak smiled contentedly and closed his eyes. For now, this was enough. And who knows what the future might bring? Maybe there will come a day, when the darkness of the night merges with the light of the day and everything becomes one in one magnificent burst of brilliant shades of golden and red.




Sorry for making you wait for so long with this chapter, but I was away for a long time, then I was working on other fics, then I got a new inspiration and before I knew it has been too long since I continued this. And now I have to disappoint you with such a short chapter. Forgive me?

The next one will be longer, I swear! For now, I just wanted to do an intake of their past and their relationship. And also of their personality and way of seeing life.

Hope you liked it anyway. Tell me. Speak to me. I can’t read your mind.

Yes, with that I want to say: R&R!


Aki / mana

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