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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Winter Love 
23rd-Dec-2009 09:54 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Name: Winter Love
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: conzak, yuuram, gwenissina, unrequitted gwenter

Warnings: none really...maybe fluff?  

Rating: K+/PG-13...for now 

Summary: A small fic, made up and written today to honor the various Winter holidays (Christmas, Valentine, White Day) and the various pairings of Kyou kara Maou. Not quite a drabble and not really a one-shot, because I’m planning to update it regulary on mentioned holidays. They will be loosely related. But for now, enjoy the ‚Gifting Day‘.

I’m sorry for the Yuuram though...I’m not good at writing it. Forgive me?

P.S.: I’m posting it today, because I don’t think that there will be many of you on tomorrow evening and early afternoon it doesn’t have the atmosphere ~.^


Disclaimer: I doth not own.



Year one - Future




Yuuri thought that he should’ve known. No, seriously, he should’ve. After all, if two worldy could have similar drama’s, why shouldn’t they have similar holidays? And yet, he didn’t know, so as Günter asked him what shoud he get him for the ‚Gifting day‘ and Conrad answered his unspoken question with „Shin Makoku Christmas“, he looked like a deer in headlights. But the surprise hadn’t lasted long and soon, Yuuri was out buying presents.

He got a nice perfume for Cheri-sama, new needles for Gwendal, a beautiful porcelain vase for Günter, the book ‚Technologies of the Future‘ from Earth for Anissina and for Conrad new boots (because in his opinion the best swordsman of Shin Makoku and Lord Protector shouldn’t wear worn out clothes), he even got a present for Yozak: a designer magazine as new inspirations for disguises.

However, he didn’t know what to get for Wolfram. New nightgown?  He had at least 50. Also a perfume? He would burn him. A new sword? Yuuri didn’t dare to choose. Also, the most important question was: What would Wolfram like? And that was when Yuuri gave up. He knew what Wolfram would like. And he realized, he knew it all along.


And so Christmas Eve came. The maids overdid themselves and prepared for the castle a grand dinner, several types of food – fish, pork, cookies (though, the majority of them were made by Gwendal, because he had no time to buy presents), everything you could even think about, it was there on the table. It was customary in Shin Makoku that first the dinner was eaten and only after that the presents unpacked.

It was done at the dinning table, because it was the dinning table which united the family and it was the head of the family who brought the presents. They had a little argument about who would take this task over (the hottest candidates were Cheri-sama and for some reason Yuuri), when Gwendal volunteered, claiming that since he didn’t get any present, he would be the one to bring them. Nobody could deny the Chieff of State this small request and so he became the one who laid the presents in front of the respective ones.

Besides Yuuri’s presents there were many more and there was none nobody would’ve disliked. Only Wolfram looked very disappointed and angry for a split second as he discovered there was one present less - Yuuri’s was missing. That was when the Maou stood up and turned towards his fiancé.

„Wolfram,“ he started, „I’m sorry that I didn’t buy you anything, but there seemed to be nothing apropriate I could give you...at least nothing that could be bought for money. I was really thinking very hard what you would like me to give...and seriously, I should’nt have needed to think about it. There’s nothing I could make you happy with and really, that’s the only thing I want to: Make you happy. Wolfram...I know I always said that our engagement was an accdent...and really, it was, but now...I realise...that it was the best accident I could have ever caused. Wolfram, my present for you is contradictionaly something that I would like: The next year at this time, I don’t want you to be my fiancé. I want you to be my husband.“

„Yu-Yuuri...“ Wolfram couldn’t continue as his voice broke and his eye filled with tears and he threw himself on his future-husband’s neck and sobbed.

„And you know Wolfram, so you have also something to remind you of this moment...“ Yuuri let his actions finish the sentence as he pulled Wolfram away only enough to press his lips against the beautifull boy’s.






Later, as they were cuddling on a couch, covered with a plushy blanket, while the two remaining brothers were watching them with content smiles.


Gwendal was happy for his little brother, even if he was a little reluctant to give the little-one away, being still protective as he was. But as he saw the happiness shining in the esmerald orbs, he couldn’t but be content. His only worry was his younger brother.


Conrad was smiling as he watched the two boys holding eachother close. In spite of himself, he was smiling. Yes, it was true – he had been hoping for a relationship with His Majesty as he was forst brought to Shin Makoku, he had waited for two decades for that patiently...and then his secret crush got himself engaged to his younger brother in front of his eyes, maybe an hour before Conrad wanted to approach him, having prepared the moment for what seemed forever. And then...Then there was nothing left for him that to remain the ever smiling godfather, protecting his king and the nearest thing to a son he ever had. True, he never really lost hope and for some time it seemed that his feelings were requitted, but now that he saw the two...A good commander knew when a battle was lost...if it ever was a battle, that is. Because now he saw, he was but a someone more of a brother and less of a father to Yuuri. Nothing more...and nothing less.


„Are you alright?“ a gruff voice from beside him sounded and he turned to his older brother.

„Yes. Yes, I am. They are happy...that’s all that matters.“

A short silence. „I see.“ Again silence, hesitating. „You know, if you need something...“

„I know. I know, brother, I know.“ A small sigh escaped his lips and a strong, calloused hand grasped his, squeezing it. He squeezed back. „But I’m fine. Yet still, thank you.“

They looked into eachothers eyes, one concerned the other accepting. Finally, Gwendal nodded and pulled his hand back. „Very well.“

Suddenly there was a whiny moan and a lavendel-haired petite man was hurrying across the room, calling: „Your Majestyyyyy...“

The two brothers watched him.

„And you?“ Conrad asked. „What about you?“

Gwendal stayed silent, his gaze unfocused.

„You have grown tire of waiting, haven’t you?“

Gwendal’s eyes averted his gaze to the floor.

This time it was Conrad who laid his hand onto his brother’s and squeezed it with a strength of a swordsman. „You know,“ Gwendal gave him a sideway glance, „sometimes there are situation, when it’s better to let go of the past and look around in the present.“ His eyes wandered somewhere behind his older brother. „Because sometimes we don’t notice the present when we mourn over the past. People who care. People who watch.“

Gwendal turned around to what his brother was looking at only to see a set of crimson standing next to the window, looking at the sunset almost melancholy. Then he turned back to the brunette. „Perhaps you’re right.“

Their eyes went back to watching the group of two youths and a efeminate man, who have been joined by a blond woman and was causing a small commotion. It was a rather familial scene.

Conrad looked at Gwendal again. „I’m not needed here anymore. There is something I have to do.“

„Grasping the present?“

Conrad smiled. „Yes. Yes, just like that.“

„Very well. He has been waiting for long enough.“

„I know. And she too, by the way.“

As Gwendal didn’t answer, Conrad stood up and excused himself, leaving the room unnoticed.






Yozak was looking into the fire with unfocused eyes, a small Christmas tree (as long as it could be called a tree) next to him, the only decoration a red lamette, framing the small plant. Another Eve alone, in his small cottage at the end of a small village, completely hidden by the trees. The ‚Gifting Day‘...one was supposed to give a gift for his loved ones. In the evening for his family, the next morning for his friends and at sunset for his beloved. It was a nice holiday and it left him with a fuzzy feeling, but still, alone. His Gifting Day would start tomorrow morning, when Conrad would come and they would spend the whole day together, untill evening, when Conrad would leave...before the Sun begun to set. Sure there have been several innuendos between them, but...

But for now, he was staring alone into the fireplace. Or so he thought, because suddenly there was a knock on the door. A knock he knew, by Heart. He slowly stood up and headed towards the door. Could it be? Could it really be?

It could. It could, because as he opened the door, a swordsman stood in front of him, in a brown winter-coat and new boots, but without any cap, smiling almost embarassedly. „Hey there.“

Yozak couldn’t help it: He was gaping, his mouth ajar.

„Can I come in?“

Those words tore him out of his awe and he stepped hurriedly aside. „Sure, come in, feel like home.“

And Conrad stepped in. Yozak took his coat and whild he put it onto the hanger, Conrad took of his polished boots.


„His Majesty gave them to me.“

He turned to Yozak, his smile encouraging him to ask the question which hung between them. Finally Yozak blurted out: „What are you doing here?“

„Grasping the present.“

„I beg your pardon?“

„A good commander knows when a supposed fight i slost.“

„Would you stop speaking in riddles?“

„Yuuri and Wolfram are getting married.“


For a minute there was absolute silence between them.

„I see.“ Something in the tone was off and the look in the eyes...was that sadness? „So now you need what? Somebody to comfort you? Or a replacement? Which one is it?“


„I’m tired of you pretending.“

„Who said I was pretending?“ The tone was serious, almost angry and Yozak’s eyes flew open at the anger burning in those honey orbs.

„I...you...You never...“

Conrad interrupted him with a sigh. „I know...I’m sorry. I never knew, no wait, I did know, I just refused to see how much you care about me. For these past 20 years I was hoping for something new, you were there, watching, waiting for when I finally would see...I knew you cared, I saw the love in your eyes, but I decided that it wasn’t you whom I wanted. Today I realized how wrong I was. Today I realized how much...how very much I love you. I miss you Yozak. I miss you.“

„Conrad...I...I already thought, that friendship was the best I could recieve from you, but it  hurt so much...“

„Why did you never say anything?“

„Because if friendship was the most, I didn’t want to lose it.“

„Yet, you have more. You always had more.“


„I want a future and I want it with you. I want to fill the empty place in your heart: I want to be your family. Marry me?“

There was a blurr of movement and the sound of a loud smack filled the room as Conrad’s head flew to the side. But it snapped immediately back towards Yozak. The eyes of the both of them held a surprised, shocked, in a way even scared look, before they both blurted out a simultanous: „Yes!“ And a moment later they were in each other’s arms, their lips entwined in a feverish kiss.


More than half an hour later they were laying in front of the fireplace, naked, save for the blankets covering them, holding each other close. Yozak was half-lieing on Conrad, his hand over the other’s heart, while the swordsman was on this back, staring into the cieling, a tired, but content smile on his face. Suddenly a thought came to Yozak.



„About the family thing...“ Honey-brown eyes settled on him. „How about I don’t brew that herbal tea this time?“

„I wonder...“

Yozak propped himself up. „Don’t you want to?“

„Do you?“

They stared into each other’s eyes for a long time. Finally Yozak answered. „It will take it’s time anyway.“ He looked away. „I heard that those who have been drinking it regulary after sex, need time to be able to bear children. And halfmazoku moreso. It will take months, maybe even a few years.“ He looked at Conrad again. „How about it?“

Conrad looked thoughtful as he stroked Yozak’s shoulder gently and his gaze rested on the well-muscled stomach of his lover. „Children, huh?“ he finally sounded and a small smile spread across his lips. A genuine one. „I guess it would be nice to be a father. And certainly fun trying.“

„Is that a yes?“


Yozak grinned from ear to ear and threw himself onto the swordsman again, kissing him passionately. Conrad laughed into the kiss and flipped them over.




Maybe presents weren’t really what counted...Maybe it was the thought behind it...or maybe the purpose, the three males thought as they kept watching their beloved ones.



I hope you liked it and are looking forward to Valentine’s day...and of course White Day ^_~





23rd-Dec-2009 08:10 pm (UTC)
Very cute. Everyone gets a happy ending. Merry Christmas!
24th-Dec-2009 12:39 pm (UTC)
Thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!
24th-Dec-2009 01:47 am (UTC)
Cuteee! I like Gwensinna too ^^
I have to say thank you jaja, I write a oneshot of x-mas and I forguet the theme of the gifts! how I forget that I don't know XDDD but your ic remember me this and I tought some ideas for the finish ^^
24th-Dec-2009 12:38 pm (UTC)
Then I'm happy for reminidng you!
Merry Christmas! ^^
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