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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Winter Love, New Year 
5th-Jan-2010 10:44 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Name: Winter Love
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: conzak, yuuram, gwenissina, unrequitted gwenter

Warnings: none really...maybe fluff?  

Rating: K+/PG-13...for now 

Summary: A small fic, made up and written today to honor the various Winter holidays (Christmas, Valentine, White Day) and the various pairings of Kyou kara Maou. Not quite a drabble and not really a one-shot, because I’m planning to update it regulary on mentioned holidays. They will be loosely related.

Sorry that I didn’t update this on New Year right away, but I wasn’t online for the first two days and then I was working on a challenge for kkm_media on lj. But now the New Year’s Day is completed and on too, so feel free to enjoy it ~.^

Disclaimer: I doth not own.

Year 1, New Year: Change




In the first morning of the new year Wolfram woke up to the rustling of clothes and excited footsteps. He sat up and rubbed his sleepridden eyes to finally open them, only to be greeted by the sight of a rushing Yuuri getting hurriedly dressed.


„Wolfram! Wake up, come on!“

„What the...“

„We’re visiting Conrad and Yozak for lunch!“

„Yuuri, it’s 8 in the morning...“

„Yeah, but we have to travel for 2 hours.“

„That makes two more hours of sleep. Come back to bed...it’s cold without you...“

Yuuri chuckled and went to the bed and planted a kiss onto Wolfram’s forehead.

„But we still have to get dressed and eat breakfest. Come on, sleepihead.“

Wolfram sighed.


Half an hour later they were at the breakfest table, enjoying the first meal and the freshness of the first morning of the year and an hour later they were in the carriage together with Greta, while Gwendal was giving the driver instructions how to get to Yozak. They decided to go by carriage because of the cold and the snow, which would make an unpleasent ride both to the riders and the horses and finally they broke off and Greta waved and called a goodbye.


Not half an hour passed and Yuuri, who was never a patient person when sitting in carriages, was squirming in his seat, looking outside and then back inside. And outside and again inside. And again. And again.

„Yuuri! Can’t you simply sit still?!“

„But Wolfram! This is so exciting! We’re going to Yozak’s house!“

„So what?“


„What’s so special on it? It’s a small nothing in the far end of a small village in the middle of nowhere.“

„But it’s still Yozak’s!“

„Like the most working people, he has a house too. Or did you actually think he was homeless? With that pay?!“

„Uncle Gwendal is generous ne?“ Greta sked and Wolfram gave her a smile.

„Ehehe...“ the sheepish smile said that indeed, that was exactly what Yuuri had been thinking. „I just...never thought about it. I always assumed he had his quarters in the castle, though, thinking about it now, he is almost never around there...“

Wolfram sighed his second sigh. Maybe he should start to keep a count? „Yes, he has an own room, but he uses it only rarely, in case Gwendal orders him to stay available. But otherwise, brother gives him instructions, right after he completed a mission, of how long he can take a break and when is the latest date to head on a new misison. Yozak uses his... ‚house‘ for free time and rest. Brother respects this privacy and never contacts him when he’s there.“

Yuuri was gaping a little. „I...see...“

Greta squeeled in delight. „Gwendal’s so awesome!“

„From the castle only Conrad has visited him so far.“

Yuuri grinned. „Privacy, eh? Well I guess Blood Pledge Castle is the least private place.“

„Hmph. Speking of which, didn’t you forget something?“

„And what?“

„Our wedding, you wimp. We should start planning it the soonest possible!“

„And I’ll be your flower girl!“

„We would love that Greta.“ Wolfram replied while Yuuri shrunk in his seat. Maybe he has been a little too eager with that idea. Maybe there was a way too stop it?






By the faintest sound of the neighingo of the horses Conrad bolted out of his seat and with a „They’re here.“, he run out, without even pulling his coat on.

Yozak sighed, remembering his thoughts from a week ago. Maybe he should overthink that idea with the wedding? ...Nah.

He put the hot broth onto the table and checked on the pork, before turning the stove off just in time as Conrad brought the royal family inside.

„Feel like home.“

Yozak gave him a dark look. „My home.“

Conrad smiled sheepishly and closed the door while Yozak shook his head and went to welcome their guests. „He’s right though. Feel like home. Though, it’s a bit serene.“

„It’s awesome!“ Greta exclaimed and run to the fireplce.

„Carefull princess, don’t get yourself burned!“ Yozak winked and Greta giggled.

„It is really a beautifull place.“ Yuuri said as he looked around himself. It was made of thick, wooden bricks, but the base was of stone blocks, similar to those of the fireplace. A fluffy carpet was spread through the living room and heavy curtains hung at the window, providing a good isolation not only from the coldness of the winter but also from the heat of the summer. All in all it held a warmth and seemed to be welcoming every visitor. Like a real home.

„It’s really very nice. Warm.“

„You flatter me, Your Majesty.“ Yozak grinned.

„Oh, did you furnish it?“

„Built it, actually.“

„You did?!“


Yuuri could swear that Yozak blushed.

„Well, why don’t you sit down, while I serve the food Your Majesty? Or else it’ll get cold.“

„Wouldn’t want that now, would we? What’s it today?“

„Bouillon and pork.“

„Sounds great!“ Yuuri exclaimed and sat down at the table. „And it smells even greater!“

„Yozak is a wonderfull cook, Your Majesty.“ Conrad said as he, along with Wolfram and Greta, sat down too, while Yozak served the broth.

„Don’t call me Your Majesty!“

„Yuuri.“ Conrad smiled. „As I was aying, there’s no better cook than Yozak.“

„I trust you. This is awesome.“ Yuuri said as he tasted it.

„Well I have to be, if I want to survive all by myself.“ Yozak winked and took Conrad’s plate.

„Why don’t you get a room-mate?“ Wolfram asked and Yozak chuckled.

„I like my privacy. Besides...“ he grinned wider, „Perhaps I’ll get one sooner than expected.“


„Now now, Yozak. You know my place is at the castle.“

„Hmm, yeah, but you could use more free-time. How much soup, princess?“

„The full plate!“

„Wait, what do you mean by that?!“ Yuuri asked, obviously confused.

„Huh? I was just asking Greta-chan how many scoops I should give her.“

„Yuuri didn’t mean that...“

Yozak laughed lightly. „Don’t worry, Your Excellency, I know.“ Then he turned to Conrad. „You say, or I?“

Conrad smiled widely. „I proposed to Yozak.“

„And on cue I proposed to him.“ He winked at his captain who gave him a smile which was almost devilish.


„What did you say?!“


„We’re marrying on Valentine’s Day.“

„You’re kidding!“

„Nope. Absolutely serious here.“







Gwendal sighed contently as he put down his feather and looked over the empty desk, noting that this had been a very good day.

He woke up to the Sun shining onto his face, ate in peace and worked in silence. Blessed silence. Everybody was out, Günter barricaded himself in the library, and surprisingly Anissina hadn’t been bothering him at all, so there had been nothing to disturb him in quietly completing the paperwork.

But still something worried him. Still, why was it so silent? After all, Anissina and Günter were the most loud occupants of the castle...Maybe something happened? Maybe he should go and check on them? Just in case?

He stood up and went out of his office, cautios in every step he made. The castle was silent and it set him even more on alert. Halfway to the invention room he passed the dinning room as something caught his eyes and his look travelled behind the slightly ajar door. There, Günter, Anissina and his mother were having a quiet, pleasent chat over a cup of tea.

Without noticing it, he opened the door, in awe over the sight. His mother noticed him the first.

„Ah, Gwendal!“

„Finished work already?“ Günter asked calmly.

„Why don’t you have a cup of tea with us?“ Anissina invited him.

It was almost much for Gwendal. Since when were thing this...this...normal?


„Come on, we don’t bite!“

Finally nodding, Gwendal went inside, closing the door behind himself. He took an empty seat at the table and a cup was placed immediately in front of him, filled with warm tea. The first sip of the hot liquid was like a balm to his sould and he sighed in delight and leaned back into the chair.

„Isn’t this nice?“ Günter asked. „Blessed silence...“

„I agree.“ Anissina said and took a sip. „From time to time a little peace does good.“

„Maybe we could take a week off? I hear that the hot spring in Small Shimaron are very relaxing and good for the teint.“

„Sounds nice...“ With that Anissina turned to Gwendal. „How about it Gwendal? You need a vacation.“

Gwendal almost asked her if she came with him. Almost. And it left him stunned speechless. He was right: Things in the New Year were changing and he didn’t know whether it was for the better. Things, which he didn’t think they would ever come true, were happening and it left him with an unsettling feeling. It was as if impossible was becoming possible and he had the feeling that a big change would be awaiting them. And even bigger change than the one which started with His Majesty Yuuri’s reign. He wondered whether that was possible at all. But as his little brother with his adopted daughter and along said Majesty told him upon their return, that Conrad and Yozak were getting married, effectively dimming him speechless, the thought that everything was possible flashed through his mind. 


That’s all folks! For now...

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