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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Winter Love, Valentine's day 
14th-Feb-2010 01:31 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Name: Winter Love
Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: conzak, yuuram, gwenissina, unrequitted gwenter

Warnings: none really...maybe fluff?  

Rating: K+/PG-13...for now 

Summary: A small fic, made up and written today to honor the various Winter holidays (Christmas, Valentine, White Day) and the various pairings of Kyou kara Maou. Not quite a drabble and not really a one-shot, because I’m planning to update it regulary on mentioned holidays. They will be loosely related.

Sorry that I didn’t update this on New Year right away, but I wasn’t online for the first two days and then I was working on a challenge for kkm_media on lj. But now the New Year’s Day is completed and on too, so feel free to enjoy it ~.^

Disclaimer: I doth not own.

Oh, will you be my Valentine,

For I’m in love with you.

You and I,

Our hearts combine,

And make my dreams come true.


Here’s the Valentine-part of Winter love! Hope you enjoy it to it’s fullest!


Year one – Bliss


First-part I


Yozak regarded himself in the mirror one last time and straightened his milky white bridal dress made out of the finest silk. His pale-blue eyeshadow complimented his eyes, just as much as his rosé lipstick complimented his hair and the powder of the darkest red slightly touching his cheek accented his cheekbones and the eyeliner underlined the almond shape of his eyes.

This was it. The day he was getting married and he found himself torn between happy and desperate. Not that he didn’t want to marry the man he has loved for almost a century, but he still had his doubts. His soon-to-be husband was a narcissistic skirt-chaser after all (though he was covering it pretty well in front of others) and His Majesty was just too cute.

He took a deep breath to calm his racing heart, but it didn’t really work. But honestly: Could something work against the nervousity you expierienced before your own wedding? Two months ago Yozak would’ve said yes. Needless to say, he had changed his mind since then.

He sighed. Conrad said he was the only one, so Yozak decided to trust him. But still...That his „Your Majesty...Yuuri.“ and that ‚innocent‘ smile accompanying it were enough to trigger at least a bit of doubt in Yozak. But then again, it wasn’t like he didn’t want to marry, it was just that...

He sighed again and finally admitted it to himself: It weren’t doubts at all. He had long ago thrown every doubt away. Instead it was simply that he had cold feet and wanted to be far far away from here. But...as he looked at the stiff Wolfram sitting next to him, looking like an angel made out of white marble, he decided it wasn’t as bad with him.


Second-part I


Yuuri’s shoulders were slumped as he sat on the chair on front of his mirror, without really paying attention to his image. One really wouldn’t tell that this was the day he was getting, but rather the day he burried his own mother. And Conrad’s understanding smile didn’t help a bit.

„Your Majesty...“

„Stop fuckin‘ calling me that!!! You’re my godfather for fuck’s sake and on top of that we’re getting married next to each other, so if you call me only one time again ‚Your Majesty‘ I will behead you!!!“

Conrad smiled. „Yes, Yuuri. But as I was saying, Your Majesty-“

Yuuri’s look was pitch black and Conrad flashed him the most innocent smile he had in his repertoire and without the least bit of bad consciousness continued: „You shouldn’t slump. Or the people will think you are unhappy. And then they wouldn’t enjoy this wedding. And then Wolfram wouldn’t be happy about this wedding and probably start an inferno. That would upset Yozak and I seriously don’t want an upset Yozak at my wedding.“

„Selfish brat. I seriously can’t understand how you can be so calm! You’re marrying, damnit!“

Conrad chuckled.


Third-part I


Double-wedding. Someone was gonna die for this, Gwendal decided. A perfectly slow death. Too bad he wasn’t able to kill his baby brother. This genious idea providing him with more stress than necessary had been Wolfram’s and if it wasn’t bad enough that he had to organize it, he couldn’t let out his anger on the responsible for this disaster, because it really would end up in a disaster.

Fate was a bitch, he decided.

He looked around the garden. The pairs decided that despite the cold, they wanted to marry outside, under the blue sky of the late winter which announced the coming of the spring. And then Shin Makoku was a warm country and even if here and there was still a bit snow, the weather was fresh, but nice and one could stay out for a while even without a coat. And also, as the Sun shone down on them, the snow shone around them, bathing them in a warm glow, so Gwendal decided it was fine.

Roses were to bloom yet, but the first flowers were already growing, their white petals harmonizing with the small piles of the last snow. The paleness contrasted with the pink hearts thrown around everywhere – Anissina helped with the decorations. But all in all, Gwendal liked the effect it gave: Romantic, but not mushy, cute, but not sweet, fluffy, but not cheesy. It was very subtle and nice, accenting the romantic atmosphere of the happy occassion. Neeldess to say, Annissina had better sense for decoration than he.


First-part II


As Conrad saw him walk down the aisle, his eyes almost fell out and his jaw learned the law of gravity as it fell down and, wouldn’t it be for his mouth, almost colided with the floor. He had seen Yozak countless times in a dress, he had seen like every dress in his huge wardrobe and he knew how he looked most of the time in them, but this...this was just breathtaking. He never would’ve imagined that a day would come he wouldn’t wish Yozak out of a dress, into less ridiculous and far more sexy leggins, but this moment he was proved so so wrong....Yozak looked like no living being could look. He was just plain simply beautiful. The dress covered his shoulders and upper arms, but revealed a low neckline. He didn’t have a ridiculously large chest (actually, he didn’t have one at all, for a change), but rather made it seem like it, by that wonderfull periwinkle-blue ribbon. From there the dress hung loose, arranged into small waves, falling down to his feet, covering his legs completely. From his height Conrad could tell he wasn’t wearing high-heels.

hair was held up, revealing an ivory-pale neck, and small white flowers, were arranged in it, instead of a lace. The ivory was disturbed only by a blue choker with a single rose quarz embedded in a silver ring. He looked so stunning, it took Conrad’s breath completely away, leaving him alive only by the mere image. As he came closer Conrad’s eyes settled on his lips and he saw rosé lipstick. He resisted the sudden urge to kiss it away.


He felt himself more and more eager with every passing minute of the wedding and he couldn’t keep his eyes from Yozak. The redhead seemed to realize it, because he was smirking like a fox that robbed a bunch of eggs and the farmer’s henn. Conrad knew this because his eyes rested especially on the rosey lips. They were so tempting, so inviting...

And as he heard the words „Their bond is sealed. May Shinou bless it and watch over it.“ he couldn’t hold himself back anymore. As he heard the whistles and cat-calls and felt Yozak smiling into the kiss, he found himself grinning into it.


Second-part II


The moment Wolfram appeared before his eyes and an image of a god spread out in front of him, every bit of reluctance fell from him and his back straightened within a split second and a huge grin spread across his face.

Wolfram’s dress was off shoulder, revealing strong arms, but accenting his lean form. From the chest down it hung loosely, but a golden ribbon hung freely across his hips. The dress was longer at the back and it seemed it was flowing behind him, following his every move. A golden lace was tied by golden clips to his hair and a golden choker with an esmerald stone was around his neck. He look god-like and his whole presence seemed to glow. Yuuri caught himself wanting him then and there.


The marriage was a blurr to him. He barely heard himself saying the right words, his lips were authomatically following Conrad’s words. Everything he could think of was Wolfram, his beautiful Wolfram standing next to him. Then finally, after what seemed to be an eternity, Ulrike said: „Their bond is sealed. May Shinou bless it and watch over it.“

For a split second the thought „Please not!“ flashed through his mind, but then he realized that he was married. It was like a bucket of cold water splashed over him and eh whipped around towards Wolfram and what he saw made his breath hitch. Wolfram was smiling...Genuinly smiling...he looked like an angel...

And suddenly there were whistles and cat-calls around them and he turned his head to see the other pair married today doing something what bordered public sex. „Hey!“

Wolfram silenced him with a kiss.


Third-part II


Gwendal sighed as he slumped down into one of the chairs and looked around the hall only to see dancing couples wearing happy smiles on their faces, glowing as they moved to the rhythm of the music. Someone was really going to die for the idea of a double-wedding. He was tired and barely stood on his feet and wanted nothing else then lay down and sleep untill noon of the third day. But as his eyes drifted towards the middle of the dancing floor, where two dark-blue and two creamy-white fogures twirled around in a contrast of colors, the idea flew out of the nearest window.

He wondered whether he had ever seen his brothers so happy, with genuine smiles on their faces going from ear to ear. The answer came immediately: No. No, he didn’t. Because his brothers had never been as happy as they were now. And see the both of them happy at the same time was something Gwendal had always longed for. And if this double-wedding was the cause...he really should be gratefull.

„This is rare.“

He looked up to see a crimson haired woman standing in front of him. For once in her life, Anissina wore a gown of the deepest sky-blue, with a wide skirt and a low neckline it surprised Gwendal.

„What is rare?“ He asked only to get his attention to the present and prevent his mind wandering around into territories he didn’t want to think about right now.

„You’re smiling.“

This surprised Gwendal. „I am?“ his hand involuntarily wandered to his lips and really, there was a faint trace of a smile. And to his even greater surprise, Anissina smiled,- smiled: not smirked, but smiled, as well.

„It looks good.“

Gwendal smiled some more and stood up, scooting the crimson-haired woman into his arms.


In the end, he supposed, as he twirled Anissina around to the rhythm of the music, it turned out well. His little brothers, his king and his best spy were married, without any strange incidents involving water dragons, fire-lions and puddles of ‚Judgement‘ all around them, so he really had little to complain about. Especially when there was this..., he finally admitted it, beautifull woman in his arms, her arm laid on his shoulder, her hand in his hand, smiling to herself, just like his two little brothers, his king and his best spy were smiling.


This was fun to write!

So, this was it. What do you say about the double-wedding? Good idea, huh? (I just figured Wolf would never let Conrad be wed before him, especially since his fiancé was a wimp, so a double-wedding would be the least he would inciate, don’cha agree?)


16th-Feb-2010 01:59 am (UTC)
I do indeed agree!

I like the way that Gwendal took in his surroundings outside. Almost critically but not mean.

I'm just commenting as I read each section so these may seem a bit broken up.

I love it when men are more/as sexy in dresses/skirts as in pants. So great. I would be a little weird to go through life knowing that you could obtain absolute physical perfection by putting on some makeup and a dress. And a chocker. And flowers in you hair. I'll stop now. If I don't then I'll end up just listing off every part of his outfit. *looks back on what I just typed* Wait. I already did list it all! Oh! And flat shoes too. There. ^_____^

*tries to get the fluff away before it suffocates me* You said in the warning that there was maybe fluff. You could have said there were buckets of it!

It's always nice to have someone around that can make you feel like dancing when all you wanted to do a moment ago was sleep for three and a half days!!
16th-Feb-2010 06:48 pm (UTC)
xD Actually Conrad thinks the oposite about Yozak
(Conrad: Well, isn't it a pity to hide such nice legs under skirts instead of showing them with tight leggins.)
but just then and there he was beautifull to him

Yozak: That's because I hid that awfull mass of muscles! I always look better when my arms are covered!
Conrad: By the way, you hid your hips too...Another pity
Yozak: Oh, kiss my ass, captain.
Conrad: If you pull up the skirt, gladly.

...Oh. Okay! I'll try to think next time! ^^"

It is, isn't it? ^^ Anissina is just made for Gwendal. I hope you notice that their relationship is progressing slowly, and step by step from both of their sides. ^^ It's meant to be a contrast to the fast progress of conzak and yuuram.

Gwendal: You might have noticed, that unlike my hotheaded and reackless brothers, I like to take things slow.
Yeah, it makes it more enjoyable.
Gwendal: Yo're doing it again!
Gwendal: Twisting meanings!
You know, the pervert is the one who understands it in the twisted way.
Gwendal: *veins all over his head*
Anissina: Gwendal, do you want to assist me?
Gwendal: ... Everything's better than this pervert. *goes with Anissina*

Glad, ya liked it! ^^
*bear hugs*
18th-Feb-2010 10:08 am (UTC)
*dies a happy death in your bear hug*

"Gwendal: ... Everything's better than this pervert. *goes with Anissina*"

Aha. But what he didn't know, was that in the twisted mind of me, He slept with her as soon as they got to a closed of room!!

Gwendal: I said I liked to take things slow!!!
Me: But you didn't really mean that did you?? Manaika said herself that you just want it to be more fun.
Gwendal: I didn't mean it like that!
Me: *ignores* Well it's almost just as fun when you let a little fast spontaneity in your life.
Gwendal: *grumble grumble*

Oh! And that's another thing. I'm sure it's more fun to get to really take the leggings off then just lift a skirt up. Depends on the time, really. But it's more fun to take it of I should think.

And thank you for trying to put the proper warnings on your fabulous story's!

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