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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Prince of Tennis fic: Tango towards destruction 
23rd-Aug-2010 10:44 pm
Tango pair
Name: Tango towards destruction
Pairing: Tango pair = Sanada/Atobe
Rating: M/R for smut and themes
Warnings: smut, themes, yaoi, angst, OOC
Summary: What would you do, if your perfect life suddenly shattered? Would you bend, or would you stand tall? This is the question Atobe Keigo has to deal with right now. Can he start anew? 
Disclaimer: I do not own Prince of Tennis, or any of its characters. I own only those weeks of writing this. Credit at least that much, ok?

Hello! One Tango oneshot coming up right now!

Before you start reading, I would like you to read the author's note, which is at the beginning because of the length. I'm sure you wouldn't want to scroll all the way down to read a note and then back.

1, ore-sama, or the self-honorific Atobe uses, is used in most fanfic in the third person, f.e. „ore-sama is not pleased", which is simply wrong, since ore means I and it should be „ore-sama am not pleased", which sounds weird. I took the liberty of using ore-sama in sentences, where to the third person and the first person follow the same words, like „ore-sama will do this and that".

2, hime-sama means litterally princess, but it's used often as „Lady", in high society, refering to a heiress of some large company or lands.

3, I have no idea what Kirihara's parents are like. If you know, let me know. Even if I won't correct it, I will make sure to remember it.

4, I hope they're not too OOC...

5, Enjoy

6, If you have anymore remarks, or questions: R&R!

And now to the fic!

Tango towards destruction

„Ore-sama will not listen to this anymore!“
„Fine! Then get out of the house and don’t bother coming back!“


„Ore-sama will be attending to dinner with you at the right time. For the last time Sanada, I am never late. I always come at the right time.“
„Meaning fashionably late. And don’t speak with me like that.“
„Ore-sama will do as I please.“
„Just don’t be too late.“
„As ore-sama already said-“
But before he could finish the sentence, a beeping sound was his answer.


As much as Atobe Keigo hated to admit it, one of the things why he was so fond of Sanada Genichirou, were his guts. And to say, out of the persons Atobe knew, including himself, Sanada Genichirou was one of those with the biggest guts. He didn’t fear, or hesitate to tell his mind. When Sanada Genichirou wanted to say something, he said it. And unlike Atobe, he didn’t use a thousand words for it. A simple sentence was enough for him. Though, it wasn’t that Atobe wasn’t able to do that too, he just thought it was less fun. Besides, he wanted that people actually used their brains to figure things out, so he preffered to rather drop hints. Bud he didn’t mind saying bluntly, that something was not to his liking. He didn’t have any more self-restraint than Sanada.
But there was one thing he hated on those guts: That arrogance accompanied by it. (Some would say he had no room to talk, but that was besides the point now.) How dare he hang up on ore-sama?! No one hung up on Atobe Keigo, not one single person! Not even Jiirou dared that much. But then again, Sanada wasn’t Jiirou. If he had been, Atobe wouldn’t have fallen for him that hard and that fast. And to say, Atobe Keigo had the grace of a free bird as he fell, shot down by cupid’s arrow.

Not that Sanada knew what a cupid’s arrow was. Admittedly, Sanada was a simple guy with simple tastes and maybe it was this simplicity that drew Atobe Keigo to him, like something he had never known, never learned, never expierienced. And he found he wanted more of it. Wanted more of Sanada and his simple world. And this want was what caused their dating. (Because heavens knew, that Sanada, through all of his resolve and courage, would never have made a move on Atobe, though Atobe suspected, that was mainly because he himself didn’t realize he was interested in him.)

Á propós dating. Atobe guessed by his incredible sense of time, it could have been quarter to six – fifteen minutes before the time given by Sanada to meet him for their date. They have been together now for two months, four days, twentytwo hours and fourtythree minutes, due to Atobe’s unmistaken guess (because Atobe Keigo didn’t need to count to be right) and the diva had found nothing to complain about so far. But then again: could any relationship, in which Atobe Keigo was involved, go wrong?
Just to refine his self-esteem he glanced at the clock and a self-satisfied smirk settled on his lips as he was proven right. He combed once again through his hair and then patted into place what the comb couldn’t. Perfect. As always. He blew a kiss to the reflection in the mirror and stood up.
Now only snatch the driver and let himself be brought to the man of his sweetest dreams. He traced his lips with his fingers gently, briefly wondering if Sanda would like the balm. The answer came instantly: Of course he would. There was nothing that was not to like on Atobe Keigo. With one last smirk at himself into the mirror, he snatched his silver cell phone and went out of his room.
„Ore-sama will be attending to dinner outside. Prepare the car.“ He said to the buttler.
„As you wish Keigo-sama. To the regular restaurant I assume.“
His buttlers’s tone was as always, polite, calm and reserved, but Keigo had known the old man for too long not to know, that the invisible, conspiring smirk was there. He smirked right back.
„Of course.“
„Sir.“ The buttler bowed. Keigo almost smiled fondly. The old man he had known since he was a child, was more of a father to him than the man who had fathered him. He knew where he went, what he did and who his friends were, he was proud of every match his master won. And he supported him in everything. Everything. „But before you leave, Atobe-sama requested you in his office.“
„Father wants to see me?“ Keigo was actually surprised. His father rarely wanted to see him. Suddenly Keigo begun to worry. The last time his father wanted to see him...He supressed the bad feeling settling in his gut and nodded. „Wait for me outside.“


„Come in.“
„Excuse me.“ Keigo entered. „You wanted to see me, father?“
„Yes.“ His father put down the pen. The bad feeling intensified. His father rarely considered anything as important to let his business rest for five minutes, much less look at him like that. Suddenly Keigo felt like he was about to be sick.
„You will cancel your meeting.“

Now, Atobe Keigo wasn’t one to let his emotions show freely, but he couldn’t prevent it, as he felt his eyes widen a look of genuine surprise, bordering with sheer horror, settling across his features.
„You seriously thought that I wouldn’t pay attention to your intermezzos? That I wouldn’t notice that...disgrace? Keigo, the future of the company is at stake. You need an heir. You will call that man here and now and break up with him. After that you will call the number I give you and make an appointment with that person. She is the daughter of the concuring company and we-“
That made the man stop the volley of orders and it was his turn to widen his eyes in surprise. „Please repeat that. I’m not sure whether I heard right.“
„Your ears are keen as ever. Ore-sama will not break up with the man of his dreams and ore-sama will most deffinitely not meet a hime-sama of your choice. Ore-sama will leave now. If you excuse me, I have an ’appointment ’.“

Keigo turned to leave, but the noise of a chair being pushed abruptly back and footsteps approaching him rapidly made him stop and suddenly he was snatched by his wrist and spun around.

„You will not turn your back on me!!“ his father hollered. „You will call that boy in this instant and tell him-“
„No! I will not do such a thing! I will now go and meet him.“
„Do you not understand?! You need an heir! You cannot have one with a man!“
„What if I don’t want a child?!“
„You will have to have one. If the company is to survive-“
„What if I don’t care about the company?!“

He didn’t see the hand coming until it connected with his cheek in a loud smack and his head snapped back from the impact. Another look of surprise spread across his handsom features and he touched his rapidly swelling cheek. The second time. The second time his father showed interest in him, was also the second time he hit him. And suddenly he realized that everything he said, he had meant.
He didn’t want this artificially created life, full of artificial relationships, in a world where everything revolved around money. And it was only now when he realized why he had been so drawn to the simple life that Sanada led. It was the simple freedom of having a choice.

„It’s your future Keigo!“
„I don’t want that future! I don’t want the company! I don’t want this life anymore!! Sheltered and kept in a golden cage, being taught only how to collect money and trick everyone, instead of...“ he trailed of, hesitating to finish the sentence. He wanted to say ’instead of love, honesty and respect towards friends and people who are dear to one’ but he knew that his father would dismiss it as an unnecessary weakness. For his father emotions were nothing. And suddenly Keigo wondered...
„Father, have you ever loved?“
The man only raised an eyebrow. „Love makes vulnerable. I wasn’t allowed to. And I had respected my father’s orders. And I will make you respect them too.“
„You can’t. I have lost the little respect I had for you the moment you hit me.“

His father was actually startled, but Keigo chose to ignore that. If he was to pull this through to the end, he couldn’t waver. He had to be strong. He had to finally stand up against his father and say what he meant to say and do what he chose to do.
„And if the company is the reason why I can’t be with the man I love, then screw it.“

Keigo could see his father didn’t expect him to say this, because for a second he looked thrown back. But in the next second his face took on a strong shade of purple from the anger that took residence in him.
„You should be grateful for having a guarantee! I created this future for you, so you could live without worries!“
„Wrong! It wasn’t you who created this! It was your grandfather through his own sweat, tears and blood and hard work! Father, do you even know that word?! You have never created anything, you only destroyed! You destroyed my childhood and now plan on destroying my relationship only because you don’t like it!“ Alright. The childhood part wasn’t really true, but it sounded more accusing with it. „You never spare me a second thought unless I did something you didn’t like! It’s not my future your worrying about, but your money and wealth!!! But guess what? I don’t want a father like that! I’m leaving!“

With that said he tore himself away from his fathers grasp and headed straight to the door.

„Leaving? Fine. But consider one thing Keigo. When you walk out of that door now, don’t bother coming back. You will no longer be my son.“
„Were I ever?“ Either he said it too silent to be heard, or his father chose to ignore it, but either way, the man didn’t react to his comment. He supposed it was the later.
„Also, since you don’t need anything from this family anymore, you sure don’t have to pack your bag. You also probably won’t need your buttler and the car.“

He should’ve expected it, Keigo mused. He should’ve seen it coming. No one defied Atobe Keichiiro without paying the consequences. Of course his father would take away from him everything when he didn’t do as he pleased. But he couldn’t waver. He couldn’t turn back anymore. He already went too far.

„That goes without saying.“

If his father replied something, Keigo didn’t hear it anymore, as he slammed the door shut. Once out of the office, he needed a few moments to catch himself. This was one of those rare things, he had never seen coming.
He closed his eyes, looked down, drew a deep breath and as soon as he looked up he came face to face with the man who has been his father the longest time. He was certain the old man overheard them. Suddenly his chest tightened and his heart clenched as breathing became a hard task. He recognized the feeling: It was the pain of loss. He opened his mouth to say something, anything, but he didn’t find the words. But the buttler didn’t need to hear them. He already read them in his eyes.

„I just wish you won’t regret it.“
„I promise not to.“
He turned to leave, but suddenly the old man was in front of him, adjusting his jackett. „Take care of yourself. I’m afraid it might rain. Clouds started gathering a few minutes ago. Though I’m not sure if you are allowed to take an umbrella.“
„You should be going now, or you will be really late.“
For several moments Keigo watched the other man. He knew he saw him probably for the last time. Finally, he nodded. „Yes. You’re right. As always.“
He turned to the staircase, ready to leave everything behind.
„Send my regards to Sanada-san.“
The sentence made Keigo halt only for one second, and a sad, ruefull smile tugged at the corners of his lips. „I will.“ And he left.


He was already down the street when suddenly a lightning struck the sky and small dropplets started to pour and it was all that it needed for Atobe to come to a realization: What to do? He couldn’t walk to the restaurant – it was just too far away from his house, just as every spot he and Sanada met at. It would take an hour to get there. He couldn’t use his driver.
He realized he should probably call Sanada to let him know what happened. He pulled out his cell phone only to find out it was turned off. He frowned. He didn’t remember shutting it down. He tried to turn it on, but nothing happened. And realization hit him harder than his father’s hand: He was out of battery. Fantastic. It looked like lady luck wasn’t on his side today. He sighed. Looked like the only thing he could do was walk there and hope he didn’t catch a cold in the process.

In the time Atobe got to the restaurant, soaked and frozen to the bone, no one was there. Sanada had left.


Sanada Genichirou was a patient man. Being the vice-captain of the tennis team with the most psychotic players in the whole Kantou region, if not Japan, and having a gentle captain with a nice smile, who could go ballistic on any oponent with every passing second of the match and destroy them in the blink of an eye, required that quality. And having a schizophrenic boy in the team didn’t help either. Alas there weren’t many things that managed to tire Sanada Genichirou out.
That also involved waiting for his boyfriend. That also involved bearing with his antics and moods. That also involved standing in the rain for over an hour. But somewhere there was a thin line that indicated what’s enough. And Sanada contemplated if that line hadn’t been severely crossed by now, without him noticing it. He even tried to call him several times, but the phone was turned of. Sanada wondered if Atobe was angry with him for hanging up on him. That would really typical for the drama queen. Sometime it annoyed Sanada to no ends.

He almost sighed. Getting angry wouldn’t solve anything. Instead he settled for contemplaiting why his boyfriend was so late. It was nothing unusual for Atobe Keigo to be late, but it never went above ten minutes. He started to get worried. Maybe something had happened to Atobe? It was raining, so maybe he had an accident. And he didn’t call Sanada, because he was injured and had to be brought to a hospital. But then his driver would’ve called Sanada. They couldn’t have been injured both...could they?
He was on the verge of calling each hospital that was available in Japan, when his phone rung. He almost got an heart attacked and before he even noticed it, he had picked up, even though he didn’t remember reaching for the phone.

„Hello?!“ He hoped he didn’t sound as frantic as he thought he did.
A soft chuckle could be heard at the end of the line and his shoulders slumped a bit from disappointment.
„What’s it, Genichirou? Your boyfriend causing trouble?“
„Yukimura. What can I do for you?“
„Oh? Aren’t you hurrying to oblige? Most of the time it’s near to impossible to get you away from a date with your boyfriend.“
„You’re exaggerating. I always come to help you, without any complaints. I know that, because Atobe always makes a fuss about it.“
Yukimura chuckled. „True, but you always ask first if there isn’t someone else who can be of assistance to me.“
Love-15 for Yukimura.
„Let me guess: You got ditched.“
„I...“ Sanada found he couldn’t say anything fitting, so he tried to divert the attention. „How did you know?“ There was no point in denying it anyway.
„Because if he was with you now, I would be already hearing annoyed complaints in the background by now.“
Game, set, match.
Sanada sighed. „Just tell me what I can do for you. I’ll deal with Atobe after that.“
„It’s about Kirihara.“
As much as he was thankfull his captain for not pressing the subject, the more displeased he was with the answer. „What did he do?“
„He almost set a convennience store on fire, got kicked out and now...“
Yukimura didn’t need to continue. Sanada massaged the brink of his nose. Talk about psychotic teammates.
„Convenience store in the third street. Hurry.“ And he hung up.

For several seconds, Sanada stared at his phone, then sighed for the second time already. Which was to say, it wasn’t his habit to sigh when a problem encountered him. It was always better to solve it first and then there was no more reason for sighing and complaining. But this time it was just too much. He had to worry not only about a lost boyfriend, but also a rabbid teammate. With one last look to the corner of the street, he turned around and made his way to the third street.


Atobe couldn’t believe his eyes. And as far as he knew, his sight was perfect. But that still didn’t change the fact that, right now, he saw nobody. Nobody in front of the restaurant he and his boyfriend were supposed to meet. How long could he have waited? For sure not as long as to ditch ore-sama. Atobe checked his watch and paled. Impossible. It couldn’t have...could it? There was for sure nothing wrong with his watch, so there was no way that it didn’t show the right time, but it still was hard to believe...He couldn’t really be almost one and half hours late...
He sighed. No wonder Sanada had left. Even if his boyfriend was a prime example of patience, Atobe knew how hard it was for Sanada to tolerate his right-time-ness (Atobe still refused to call it lateness).

And suddenly, for the first time in his entire life, Atobe felt lost. Utterly and completely lost. He ran away from home, his date ditched him and it was raining. And on top of it all, he had nowhere to go. Sanada’s house was somewhere on the other side of the city and only Atobe’s driver knew the adress...just as he knew the adresses of his teammates. Atobe Keigo knew none. None. Only...He vagualy remembered how to get to Jiirou’s. But it was even further from the restaurant than his house and it had already taken him one hour to get here. And now go the entire way back? Atobe felt frustration swelling up inside him, creating a big lump in his throat, ready to break out, but he caught himself. He chose this. Now he had to cope with it and make the best of it. Swallowing down every complaint, he turned around, heading back to from where he came from.


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