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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Prince of Tennis fic: Tango towards destruction, page 4 
23rd-Aug-2010 10:54 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories
Tezuka didn’t stay for too long, but as he left, Atobe’s mood was considerably better. Sure, Sakaki’s call lifted it higher, but there were still ghosts in his eyes Sanada didn’t like seeing. But somehow an afternoon with Tezuka made him relax and Sanada was glad to see the tension from the back and shoulders of his boyfriend be lifted a bit. Though he didn’t deny, that it made him a little jealous, the relief that Atobe was getting better was much stronger than that. And also, Sanada had no reason to be jealous, since this whole mess, however terrible it was, only proved, that Atobe felt strongly for him and was ready to abandon everything only to be with him. In spite of the misery, Sanada couldn’t help but feel flattered. Not that he would ever admit that.

Right now they were sitting on the veranda, Atobe leaning on him, enjoying the glow of the late afternoon. Atobe’s fever didn’t return through the day and he was doing better, Sanada could tell. He just hoped everything would turn out well. The next thing to worry about, namely his family, would come tomorrow afternoon. Untill then, they had the time for themselves.
„Where’s your family?“
„They’re on a trip to Kyushu.“
„I see. Why aren’t you with them?“
„Because I had business to attend to.“ He looked straight into his boyfriend’s eyes and Atobe knew with business he meant their date, they have been planning for two weeks.
Atobe smirked. „I doubt that’s what you told them, though.“
Sanada snorted. „I said business with tennis requires my presence. They probably plainly assumed that Yukimura needed me for something. And since they adore him...“
Atobe chuckled. „Figures.“ Then he looked at him again, eyes serious. „And you? Where were you? When I arrived at the place, you weren’t there.“

Sanada looked at him thoughtfully, but then he closed his eyes in resignation. Atobe deserved the truth. And it wasn’t anything new, anyway. „Yukimura called. Kirihara has gone on rampage again.“
He felt Atobe tense against him.
„I thought you ditched me. And you can’t blame me. I’ve been waiting over an hour for you.“
Atobe looked at him contemplatingly, but then he sighed, admitting that Sanada was right. This time.
„And there I learned that a young noble and his driver were brought to a hospital, because a drunken truck-driver had slammed into them. I ran into the hospital right away.“
He didn’t look at Atobe, he knew what he would see. And he knew he wouldn’t like it.
„You worried...“
As expected, Atobe’s voice was touched. For a small moment he made himself open and vulnerable to emotions. It was very unlike him and it was probably caused by everything that happened yesterday. He was distraught Sanada didn’t like it a bit. Even if it was the most natural thing, in his situation. But that didn’t change the fact he didn’t like it.
He sighed invardly. If Atobe could face his emotions, so could he. It was only fair. He looked straight into his eyes and did, what he never did as openly before. „Yes.“ He admitted his emotions.
A look of surprise flashed through stormcloud-blue eyes and a small smile Atobe quickly concealed with a smirk, crossed his lips. He looke dlike he was about to say some smart comment, but as he opened his mouth, only one word came out: „Thanks.“
Sanada didn’t answer. Instead he put an arm over his boyfriend’s shoulder.

The rest of the afternoon wasn’t any less peacefull, but with the approaching of the night and the lenghtening of the shadows, similar shadows started darkening Atobe’s features and ghosting over his face. Night was a time when insecurities came back, with the approaching morning, that had to deal with them. Sanada knew, that once they laid down, Atobe would start something and he didn’t know if it wasn’t to be considered dooming. Atobe was afraid and that was nowhere near good. He doubted Atobe had ever in his life really been afraid. He wouldn’t be able to deal with it. He needed to calm down and clear his head, because fear was clouding the mind and the judgement, fear caused panic and panic self-destruction – a thing, Atobe couldn’t afford right now. There was only one thing Sanada knew he could do: Get the fears out of Atobe’s system. The moment Atobe started something, would be Sanada’s moment. And sure enough, only a few minutes after Sanada put out the lights, Atobe spoke up.

„You said your family is out?“
„Yeah. They’ll be returning tomorrow evening. I still have to think how to explain to them that the, quote, aristocratic person will be staying here for an undefined span of time, that isn’t likely to end soon.“ Atobe made a very sour face as he heard that. He knew that half of the Sanada family didn’t really like him, but to hear it now, wasn’t the most assuring thing. Sanada seemed to realize this, as he added: „Though, my mother might be delighted. She is fond of you.“
The corners of Atobe’s lips went up a little at the attempt of assurance. „I love to hear that. She doesn’t seem as the type of person whom I’d want to be my enemy.“
Sanada snorted. „Bet on that. Get on her bad side and you can start praying for your life.“
Atobe smirked. „A fine woman.“

Atobe listened to the heartbeat in his boyfriend’s chest for a short while. It was steady and slow, relaxed and the body beneath him was warm. On the contrary, Atobe’s heart was beating fast and his hands were slightly trembling from anticipation of what would happen if he did what he wanted to.
„I know you’re not sleeping.“
„So what?“
„Genichirou...“ Keigo raised his head from his comfortable, warm pillow and looked up into two golden eyes watching him intently.
Use of first name. Something was up, Genichirou could tell. And he already guessed what. „What is it?“ he asked as his eyes locked with stormcloud-blue hues, patiently awaiting what was to happen next.
Keigo kissed him with soft, warm lips, yet with a despair that seemed to roughen the kiss. Genichirou let it last for a while, wanting to see where it went, but as the kiss turned more intense and rougher, a roughness that was not the result of passion, he pushed his boyfriend away. „Keigo.“
The look Keigo gave him held too many emotions for Genichirou to put the right name on it, but one was sure: Seeking. His boyfriend seeked warmth as though his life depended on it. Genichirou shook his head.
„Not like this.“
„No, Keigo.“ He shook his head again. „You’re disturbed and confused and the only thing you want is someone to lean on.“
„And why is it bad to want it?“
„It’s bad how you want it. First of all you need to calm down.“ And with that Genichirou pulled him down and pressed him tightly to his chest. „Just breathe and relax.“
„I’m not some damsel in distress, Genichirou. I can cope with this. I just need to come to other thoughts.“
„Of course, but having sex with you now would make me feel like I’m taking advantage of that. It’s not because I’m afraid you would break. Just bear with me for a while. I’ll give you eventually what you want.“
Atobe snorted, but in spite of himself he felt a smile forming on his lips. „I guess I won’t mind to bear with you for a little while longer, if you are to give me what I want tonight.“

They were silent for a little while.

„If you want to say something, go ahead.“
„What should ore-sama be wanting to say, ahn?“
„I don’t know. But I feel like there’s something distracting you. Your hands are cold and trembling.“
„Now what could be distracting ore-sama, ahn? Try to guess.“ Keigo was beginning to feel annoyed. If this went on then they would never get to have sex tonight. And whatever divine power was up in the heavens, it knew that that was exactly what he needed, something that could mellow him out of his distress.
„It’s gonna be alright.“
„I know Genichirou. Now would you kindly jump over whatever shadow is holding you back and fuck me already?“
Keigo’s head snapped up to look at the sharp eyes. He was really getting angry.
„Sanada...“ he snarled.
„No, I won’t. Not while you’re like this.“
„How exactly am I?!“ Keigo’s voice was getting louder and he couldn’t control it. Not that he really wanted to control it, that is.
„Like that.“

He didn’t know if it was the indifferent tone that Genichirou used, or the way he said, or the whole nature of the sentence, but it made Keigo finally snap. „And how do you expect me to be, ahn?!“ he shouted. „I got kicked out of my home without as much as an umbrella, my whole future is screwed and right now I can depend only on one thing I don’t even know whether it will last! And all because I simply didn’t want to give you up! Because I love you! But instead of getting that love returned now, you go all psychologist on me and instead of making me forget, you let me recall it over and over again! Damnit SANADA! I just need you to...I just need you, can’t you tell?!“
To the end his voice neared hysteria and he felt his eyes watering. He resisted the urge to wipe them furiously away with the sleeves of the borrowed pyjama, because that would only be admitting, that they were there. Instead he tried to will them back behind his eyes and disperse them into nothing. He didn’t even notice that he was back in the warm embrace and that he had been hammering the last words into a strong chest. He realized it only after a few moments of angry silence. And that was when every bit of anger slipped from him and to his terror a hiccup escaped his lips.

He realized that through his whole tirade, Sanada remained silent and calm, simply listening to what he had to say.
„Are you feeling better?“ he was asked in a strong and calm voice, like a solid tree, standing tall in the storm. It was all it took for his eyes starting to water again. He hated it. He absolutely hated it. It was not in his nature to be crying. He shouldn’t even be crying – he had next to no reason. It was his decision, his choice and so he should be satisfied with it. Because there was no way that any of his decisions were wrong, least those that involved Sanada. And also, right now he was in Sanada’s...Genichirou’s warm and strong embrace, so he really had no, absolutely no reason to be crying. And yet he found his face pressing into the rough fabric of Genichirou’s pyjamas, while hot wetness burned on his cheeks. At least his didn’t sob. But he couldn’t stop the occassional shudder wrecking him.

He didn’t know how long they just sat there, but it didn’t end untill the last shudder faded and the wet streaks on his cheeks dried and turned cold. And even after that it turned out to be a while until one of them sounded.
„How are you?“
Keigo swallowed down the lump that remained in his throat, not relieved with sobs, but not longer aching and after taking a shaky breath he replied. „Better.“ He coughed.
„Good. I’m sorry that I made you do this, but I figured it would be the best for you to let it out. But I really didn’t expect it to be so bad.“ Calloused hands combed through his hair and shot little waves of electricity through Atobe’s relaxed body, bringing it slowly to life again.
„Neither did I.“ It was encouraging to find his voice stronger.
Sanada paused, debating whether he should ask. But he found it would be better to have everything cleared and sorted out. „You think that I’ll break up with you? Or that you break up with me?“
Keigo tensed. There was hesitating silence, but eventually a strong, albeit shaky voice sounded. „There’s always the possibility. It happens. Even with happy couples.“
Genichirou ressumed the stroking actions. „I can’t promise you anything yet, Keigo, but I swear that I won’t abandon you. Even if we should break-up, some time in the future, but that’s not to happen anytime soon. And even if I am the reason why you ran away from home, I think, that no matter what happens, you can be proud of yourself for having been as brave as to risk everything for something you believed in. Besides, there’s always a reason for a break-up. So far, we have no such thing. Quite the contrary, even.“
He felt a smile against the crook of his neck. „You’re right. You know what? In the end I’m really just being a damsel in distress. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. One time I’m tense, then I’m calm and happy and then I’m nearing hysteria.“
„You’re distraught, that’s everything. It had to be a shock for you to land from a mansion in an alleyway. It’s quite a difference after all.“
„Genichirou, by any chance, are you trying to joke?“
„Now, what possesed you to get that idea?“
„Just a strong and intense feeling. If you want me to, ore-sama can show you where it came from.“

Dark eyes looked up at Genichirou and a calloused hand guided his lower, in between their bodies. Atobe decided it was about time for Sanada to keep his promise, because Atobe was absolutely not letting that humiliation reoccur. If Sanada felt guilty afterwards, he would have to cope with it. He himself felt just right to be doing this.
„I see...Maybe I should do something about it, so that you won’t get any more crazy ideas?“ Sanada’s voice went down an octave and so did Atobe’s as he replied.
„That would be a wise decision...“

Without any other remarks, Sanada kissed him and Atobe was just too eager to respond. This time there was no trace of despair, only the passion and rough desire for the one whom he was with.
„Keigo...“ Sanada breathed into the kiss and moved his lips to the pale neck.
„Genichirou...“ Keigo breathed out and gasping at the contant, he moved into his lover’s lap.
„What you said earlier...“
„In your outburst...that you loved me?“
„I meant it.“ Keigo himself was surprise how he said it without any hesitation or doubt, as if it was the most natural thing to him. And, if he was honest to himself, it was. To add up to his words, he took Genichirou’s face and pressed their lips together in a tight contact, who in turn used it to slide his tongue into the hot and inviting cavern.
Hands went under the rough cloth to massage the velvety skin underneath. Keigo, still in Genichirou’s lap, writhed, making his lover utter a low moan. He felt the growing arousal underneath him press against his still covered skin and he decided that it was just enough of hiding what the divine power (or God, in Ohtori’s opinion) blessed them with. He undid the buttons on Genichirou’s top, while he felt his being pulled over his head. Then the rough lips were carressing his neck again, sucking lightly, just enough to send pleasent shivers through his entire system, but not enough to leave a mark.

„Genichirou...“ he moaned. Rough hands massaged his hips and stroked his lower abdomen, just over the trim of his pants. The lips went lower, from his neck to the junction and the shoulder and those would leave marks. But that didn’t matter. Not now, while these sensations were rippling through his body. He called out as he felt a sneaky hand inside his pants, carressing the hidden piece of hot flesh inside. The second hand left his hips and made it’s way downwards, behind him, moving everything out of the way in the process. Lips went lower and Genichirou leaned forwards, darting a tongue outside to play with an already hardened nipple. Keigo arched his back and he felt himself being slowly guided backwards, lying onto his back. His pants were halfway down as his back met the matress, and it didn’t take them any longer to be completely out of the way, put next to them into the mess of clothes that was already there, created previously by their shirts.
He was slowly losing himself in waves of passion as he heard the last piece of garment be removed and he looked up just in time to see Genichirou throw his pants into the mess, leaving them both naked, their arousals showing in all of their glory. They were both slick with precum, their bodies gleaming with sweat.

Genichirou leaned down and kissed Keigo, moving a knee between the well-shaped legs. Strong arms wrapped around him, muscles flexed underneath him, everything modelled by years of hard practice to achieve every goal. He traced one of the strong thighs with his grip-calloused hand, felt the muscles, used to jumping to perform a smash, twitch under it. He traced the leg down and then up, reaching behind to caress a perfectly round ass. He groped it and earned himself a gasp. He looked into Atobe’s face, and found features contorted with pleasure, eyes dark with lust. His hand left the hot flesh it was touching, making Keigo hiss at the sudden cold enveloping the heated and sensitive skin, and went to caress the other cheek. His fingers slipped in between them, brushing over the hole in the middle. Keigo gave a low moan and looked up at Sanada, eyes clouded with pleasure. Sanada gulped. He looked so...appetizing.

„Genichirou...“ there was something in his voice beside pleasure, something near to a warning, maybe a comand. Or an invitation, he vagualy wondered, already losing himself in the waves of desire washing over him, as he felt a tug on his thigh and he raised it, allowing Keigo to spread his legs for him. And since Genichirou wasn’t a person to disobey a comand, or refuse a well-meant invitation, he didn’t hesitate as he pulled out a small tube from beneath the matress.
He coated his fingers with it, while his lover watched him intently with the most intense bedroom eyes, making him shiver from want. He leaned down again and with a gentle kiss on the soft lips, he slipped one finger inside his lover. He felt Keigo arch his back and adjust to the sudden intrusion. A ripple of pleasure shot through both of them and they gasped in unison, throwing their heads back in passion. Immediately after that, a second finger joined the first. Keigo’s eyes flew open and he flinched a little as the fingers started stretching his insides.
Since they were dating only a little over a month, they didn’t have sex as many times for him to be completely used to it yet, but it didn’t hurt as much as the first time. Not that he ever actually admitted it did, that is. But it still was an uncomfortable feeling. But as those fingers brushed something inside him, a small bundle of nerves, every pain vanished and only the exquisite pleasure remained. He uttered a sound that, to his embarassment, closely resembled a whine, but as Sanada’s lips closed over his again and a third finger was added, he forgot to mind. Softly he moaned the other’s name. The fingers were stretching him further, but he started to want more, long for more. He grabbed the tube and spilled the rest of the content onto his hands. Without much ado he grabbed the long, hard, thick and hot member of his lover and coated him.

Sanada moaned loudly, throwing his head back in passion. The slick, hot hand felt so good on the hot piece of flesh, coating it with firm, yet light strokes. And as Keigo squeezed him hard, he decided it was just enough of preparation. With firm grip on the wrist, he removed the hand and pressed it into the matress. Keigo spread his legs even further. Sanada slammed his lips onto Keigo’s and entered him with one swift move.
He felt his lover arch his back again and a shudder run through the body beneath him, perhaps a moan that was not allowed to pass the sealed lips.
They kissed hungrily and one of Genichirou’s hands released the wrist it was holding down and found a place on the slender hip, where it fit perfectly, as if it was made for it all along. Both of their bodies fit perfectly together, like a puzzle, it always surprised Genichirou. It was almost like yin and yang, melted together, with something from the other inside. He took Keigo with deep and steady thrusts, relishing in every moment of exquisite pleasure.
The free hand went to grasp his shoulder and the legs wrapped themselves around his hips as Keigo felt the small bundle of nerves being hit over and over again, like a tennis ball hit the sweet spot of the rackett, making the shot feel just right. He moaned and his muscles twitched from the pleasure shooting through his body in regular intervals, more intense with every thrust. His mind was away, his thoughts no longer plaguing him, his worries vanishing, even if for just a little while.

He tore his lips away and finally released the moan, but Genichirou captured them again in yet another hungry kiss. It didn’t take them long to come, but as they did, it was like a raging tsunami sweeping them away. Keigo couldn’t take anymore of those precise thrusts, hitting his sweet spot all over again, the pleasure building up in his body, and Genichirou couldn’t take any more of those sweet moans and gasps from the body underneath him and the hot tightness that seemed to be all around him.
„Genichirou...I...I’m...oh dear god, Genichirou!“ Keigo shouted in the throws of passion and his vision went white for a moment as his insides clenched around the hot flesh inside him.
As soon as Genichirou felt the unbearable tightness squeezing him, it brought him over the edge as hard as it brought his lover, with a lustfull scream.
Everything was white, then black and it took it’s time for their heartbeat to calm and their breaths even. Slowly, Keigo turned his head to look through his clouded vision at his lover.
Through his clouded vision he could see a smile forming on the lips that had been kissing him into pleasure.
„Sleep, Keigo.“
He vagualy felt the limp member pull out of him and in his last thoughts, when sleep was already claiming him, he wondered, whether the alarm will wake him from the deep, calm, regenerating sleep that would follow.


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