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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Though it's not Bleach, I hope you all like it. Written… 
24th-Sep-2008 04:02 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories
Though it's not Bleach, I hope you all like it.

Written for: stark_black
Warnings: swearing
Rating: T (Rating from fanfiction.net)

B-day ffic for stark_black


A not so fucked up day


Sanji slammed the spoon onto the cupboard and spit the substance out. Fuckin damn it! This day was so screaming „fucked up“ like nothing before what happened in his life. Not even sitting with that damn old man on that cursed rock was this fucked up. He sighed an breathed in and out taking long, stady breaths. It calmed him actually a bit. But then he had to think about why this day was so fucked up and his mood went into the freezing point yet again. You see...Roronoa Zoro engaged with Nico Robin. And it was NOT Zoro who he was jealous about...Hell, yeah, he loved that damned marimo!  It only took a few years and an engagement to finaly realize that. You guessed it: A bit too late!!! And though this should be already enough to make his day fucked up, it wasn’t. The next thing that caused this current mood was that son-of-a-... Puma D. Ace. Firefist Ace. Ruffys brother Ace. He groaped him! How dare that arrogant, damned and cursed, fucked up, motherfucking not-swimmer slap his ass?!!!! And to add the final blow: He put too much salt into the soup. Fucking great. Now he had to make a new. Sanjis temper was flared and he didn’t know if he should laugh, cry, or just jump into the ocean and drown himself. He was really on the verge of crying, but this whole day was so wierd and tragic that it was already comical. Realizing this, he wanted desperately to kill himself. He was really tempted to the suicide option...

He sighed ans he went outside to threw the soup overboard.

„Oi, Sanji!“

He tensed and he had much work of not gritting his teeth.

„What do you want?“ he said in the coldest voice he managed.

„Awww...is that how you treat somebody who is nice to you?“

„Fuck. off.“

With those two words he went back into the kitchen and slammed the door. Ace scowled. Zoro peeked around the corner.

„What did you do that you pissed him like that? Usually it’s my doing. To others he doesn’t react this bad.“

„None of you bussines Zoro.“ And Ace walked away, leaving Zoro behind.


Finally Sanji managed to concentrate and serve a decent lunch to the others. But as the ate, he could feel a pair of black eyes watching him. Needless to say, he ignored them.

As the finished dinner, the others stood up, before Sanji could even open his mouth.

„I’ll finish the map I’m workig on!“

„I need to practice!“

„My, oh, my, that rumble ball needs improvement!“

„I have unfinished work to do!“

„The ship needs to be fixed!“

„That book I’m reading is so interesting...“

„What if the next island appears and I don’t get to see it?!!!“

„THANKS FOR THE LUNCH SANJI!!!“ and they were all out. Sanji looked like he bit into a lemon.

„Gee, thanks for doing the dishes...“

„I’ll help you...“

Sanji looked tiredly at Ace and with a big sigh he nodded. He really didn’t have the power to argue.

So they stood and went to the sink and made the dishes together.

Wash, „Here.“ Dry. Wash, „Here.“ Dry. Wash, „Here.“ Dry. Wash, „Here.“ Dry. And so on and on and on and on...

Wash, „Here.“ Dry. Wash „Here.“

„Sanji?“ Dry.

„Hm?“ wash. „Here.“

„Sorry for today.“ Look.

Still with the dish in his hand, Sanji looked puzzled at Ace. Ace took the teller. Dry.

„For the slap. I didn’t expect that it would bother you that much.“

Sanji looked away. Wash.

„Well, now you know. Here.“ Dry. Hesitate. „Thanks for apologizing.“ Wash. „At least something on this fucked up day. Here.“ Dry.

„So bad?“

„Uh.“ Wash. „Here.“ Dry. Wash.

„If you want to, I could make it better.“

Surprise. „Huh?“

Tackle. Kiss. Muffled scream.

„What the- Ace!“

„I know you wnat it too...“

„Ace! Let me go in this instant! What do you think – Ace!“

The next words were muffled with a strong hand on his mouth and Ace invaded his neck. Sanji could wiggle as much as he wanted, his arms were much weaker then those of Ace. So much to the day getting better. Sanji closed his eyes, now really near to tears. Why did happen these things always to him?

Then he felt Ace letting him go. Opening his eyes in surprise he saw Zoro delivering a strong punch on Aces jaw.

„Get out, scum!“ and throwing him out, full force.


The swordsman hurried to him.

„Sanji...are you okay?“

The blond nodded and Zoro took him into his strong arms.

„This is all your fault, seawead head.“

Yeah. Sanji was deffinitely alright.

„If you hadn’t announced that engagement, I never would have get pissed off, never got tired of the day and letting Ace make the dishes, never lose caution and let this happen! Damn you, dumbass. Damn you that I just now found out I love you!“

As soon as those words slipped, Sanji put terrified a hand on his mouth and looked at Zoro with surprise and fear painted in his eyes.

„I...“ but he couldn’t finish the words he wanted to say, because of those strong, yet soft lips claiming his.

„Say no more.“ Said a husky voice in his ear. „Those are the words I wanted to hear so deperately from you. But seeing you would never... I engaged with Robin. She was there for me, held me, and somehow I was so gracious, that we engaged. But now I see, what a lie that was. I’ll break up with her, I swear. And then we can be finally together. That is, if you want it.“


This time, it weren’t only his lips that were claimed...


The moon shone brightly ove the see, as the two men and a women stood next to each other, watching it.

„Had you really had to hit me so hard?“

„It had to be realistic.“

„Well at least it worked.“

Robin laughed. „Of course it laughed Ace. It was me who came up with it.“

„I still don’t understand why you didn’t take Nami.“ Said Ace as he rubbed his jaw once again.

„Then we wouldn’t have known of whom he was jealous. We weren’t sure if he loved Zoro or Name, but we were certain he didn’t love me.“ Explained Robin.

„Okay, I get it. But...Why did you need to pull that stunt with me?“ pushed Ace further. This time it was Zoro who answered.

„Because I needed to save him and make him to confess. I just couldn’t walk to him, right after I announced an engagement with Robin and tell him: ‚Oi Sanji, I’m sorry I was mistaken, I love you. I realized because you’re jealous.‘ That would have never worked.“


Robin smiled. „We’re happy you agreed to help us Ace.“

„I’m happy too...I couldn’t stand an exasperated and pissed off Sanji.“

Zoro and Robin laughed in unison.

„Who ever can?“

But then Zoro chuckled. „But as it seems, sometimes its good when Sanji has a fucked up day...“

24th-Sep-2008 07:25 pm (UTC)
XXDDDDDD OMG Thank you! What a great idea! Ace would TOTALLY help out with this! And Robin! So conniving! XDDD Great story!! xD

Thank you, thank you so much! *hugs you*
24th-Sep-2008 07:29 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it.
*hugs back*
That's the minimun I could've done for you on your b-day, so you really flatter me.
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