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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Winter Love - Chapter 6; Year Two, Christmas Eve: Happiness 
29th-Dec-2010 01:40 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories
Hello folks! My first Kyou Kara Maou fic after almost a year. Yes, I am ashamed of myself...
*bows deeply*
I apologize.

But now, onto Winter Love!

Name : Winter Love
Fandom : Kyou Kara Maou
Pairing : conzak, yuuram, gwenissina, unrequitted gwenter
Warnings : none really...maybe fluff?
Rating : K+/PG-13...for now
Summary : A fic of related drabbles, made up and written today to honor the various Winter holidays (Christmas, Silvester, New Year, Valentine, White Day) and the various pairings of Kyou kara Maou.

Disclaimer : I doth not own.

Year Two – Happiness


As always around this time of the year, Blood Pledge Castle was in an uproar. The maids vere running around, preparing dinner, everyone was running around, organizing, or decorating and of course, Gwendal von Voltaire, the Chief of State and the general of the army, skilled in strategy and tactics was the one to overlook everything. He had to be everywhere at the same time, because obviously their king thought that Mazoku can multiply themselves, which they can’t, even if they get their little brothers to help, so of course every hour something went wrong. Someone dropped a plate, or fell from the balustrade, or broke something crucial to the decór.

So it was a small miracle that when evening came, every small spot of Blood Pledge Castle was shining with cleaniness and decoration. Finally, finally he could let his guard down and rest at least a little. It had been a hard day.
He slumped into the couch in the living room, fully intent on not doing anything for the next hour, but as soon as he let out a content sigh, ready to take a small nap, a high and enthusiastic voice sounded.


He groaned.

There were footsteps that stoped next to him and he opened one eye only to see a small bundle of energy standing there. And really, even in his tiredness and annoyance, it was a sight that stole his breath away.

Anissina looked beautifull tonight.

She wore a purple dress for the occassion, that perfectly complimented her hair and Gwendal didn’t really know, but something in her face was making her eyes so huge and starry and for a moment he seriously thought she was a goddess descended from Heaven. He almost slapped himself for that thought.


He was tempted to tell her that no, he was most deffinitely not helping her out with testing any of her inventions today, but somehow he had teh feeling that if she asked, he wouldn’t be able to refuse her anything. He never had been, but recently it has gotten worse. Recently. Since a year ago... Exactly a year ago.

She sat down next to him.

„I’ve been wondering if we could use my new fireworks on the rebirth day.“


That? That was it?

Gwendal surpressed a smile. „Sure.“
Anissina grinned from ear to ear.

She leaned back onto the couch and suddenly she was so near that Gwendal could smell her perfume, could feel the warmth of her body and the silken hair carressing his hand.
Suddenly he felt hot and cold at once and he had to supress a tremble that was about to shake his body.

He watched her.

She was really beautifull.

He slowly, lifted a hand and hesitated, as no one knew from him, but then, finally, he put it around those sleder shoulders. There was a victorious smile gracing the lips and, to his mild surprise, Gwendal found that it made him happy.


This year Yozak joined them at dinner.

It seemed that after almost a year of being wed, his and Conrad’s love multiplied with each day. It was as if they couldn’t get enough of each other. It would have been disgusting to watch if everyone already wasn’t used to the sight.

But something was off. Yozak’s grinn was wider, which was never a good sign, and it seemed like he was glowing with happiness, which was always a bad omen. Come to think of it, there were a few of those birds flying around today.
And when after dinner, as everyone was seated around the fireplace, ready to recieve their gifts, he spoke up and as if on cue the blue birds took off with their „Bad omen“ chant, everyone was overcome with the urge to hide.

„I have something to tell you.“

They waited untill the chorus of the birds died out.

„What now?“ Gwendal asked.

Yozak grinned from ear to ear and looked at Conrad.
„About that matter we’ve been discussing last year and a fe times during these months...“
Something flashed through Conrad’s eyes.
„It was met with success sooner than we expected.“
Gwendal started to wonder if the grinn didn’t hurt, but there wasn’t the time to think about it, because just then a look of utter stunnedment settled on Conrad’s face, a look Gwendal had never seen on his brother.
Yozak nodded, grinn widening to the point that shouldn’t even be physically possible. „I’m due to February next year.“

And it dawned on them.

„You...You’re...“ their oh-so-dignified king stuttered, however he was interrupted by the Prince Consort.
„I believe, wimp, he wante dto tell u s he’s expecting.“
„Yes, you wimp. Now stop gaping, you look ridiculous like that.“

Anissina squealed.
Günter clapped his hands.

Gwendal’s eyebrow twitched.

Yozak grinned.
Conrad gaped.

Gwendal sighed.

Then suddenly Conrad smiled from ear to ear, a smile of sincere happiness.
„I hope you didn’t get me any present this year, because there’s hardly anything that could top this.“
Yozak laughed.
„Don’t worry captain. I know of a few things.“


Later the night, after the gifts were given and recieved, when everyone went to tend to their business, when Gwendal disappeared somewhere with Anissina, when Conrad was checking the horses, Wolfram approached Yuuri, who was doing nothing, just standing on the balcony, overlooking the palace and the city.
He saw him heave a sigh before Wolfram could say a word.


The young king turned around to look at his husband.
„I know what you want to say.“
Wolfram said nothing.
„I love you Wolfram, I really do, but I don’t feel up to it just yet.“
„Besides, it feels like we are sucked into Conrad’s and Yozak’s pace. We even had our wedding because they had their. I... I want to do this with you and not prispôsobene to others.“

Their eyes met.

„You wimp.“

But in spite of his words, there was no harsh tone in his voice, but a gentle smile on his lips.

Wolfram approached Yuuri and laid a hand on his shoulder.
„We have all the time of the world.“
Yuuri smiled at Wolfram and took his hand.

And their lips met in a gentle kiss.


Yo! It’s been a time since I wrote a Kyou Kara Maou fic, I know.
And I know I’m a bit late for a Christmas fic.
But i have been writing two challenges for Christmas and after that I needed a little rest from writing fanfictions. But I’m back now, with Winter Love.
Look forward to Silvester and New Year!

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