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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Hakuoki fanfic: The Shinsengumi family 
31st-Oct-2012 06:26 pm
Mrs. best Mother
Name: Shinsengumi Family
Author: manaika
Fandom: Hakuoki
Word count: 4277 + 3919 (it could be actually considered my „less than 5000 words per part“ challenge)
Rating: PG-15?
Warnings: Uh...gender swap, I suppose? Cursing and questionable education methods? AU
Notes: You know like in Prince of Tennis there were these Chibi episodes with the Seishun family? Where every member of the team was switched to a tag of the family? Well, it’s generally the same idea here, just without the chibifieing. There’s a Shinsengumi family, there’s an Oni family and there are troubles and humor, I guess? Ah hell, I don’t know either what hit me. Actually, I was planning to write a one-shot for halloween (a spin-off from Price of your Heart, the one where Shinkawa-chan walks in on them, actually) when this popped into my mind and didn’t let go. This is what inspired me and this is what I imagine their relationship is like. Just...just tell me what you think.
Summary: Episode 1 – Just a random Saturday in the Shinsengumi family. Episode 2 – Halloween special

Disclaimer: Doth not own. Doth not make money using thus. Doth own the idea. Doth own the swap. Doth want to die.


It was a sunny Saturday morning of the early summer in the beautiful but fictive town of ’Hakuoki’, full of peace and quiet everywhere. Particulary one house was especially peaceful, like all of the inhabitants were quietly enjoying each other’s company, not craving anything in the entire world.


Or not.

There was a loud crash coming from the house just at the end of the street, followed by a yell, laughter and the stomping of feet, loud like a hord of raging elephants.

„World’s not fair, Heisuke, get used to it!!!“

There was more laughter and more stomping of feet and another loud crash and one of the three people in front of the house raised her head, a concerned look displayed on her young, pretty doe-eyed face.

„Kaa-san, shouldn’t we do something?“ the oldest daughter of the Shinsengumi family asked, casting worried glances towards the inside of the house.

The red-headed woman with sparkling amber eyes, sitting on the upper step leading to the front door, perched against the pillar of the veranda, just raised the cup lieing next to her and took a sip of the clear liquid, never looking up from her cards.

„They are boys, Chizuru. No sense in trying to make them stop, trust me. Your move, Shinpachi.“ She told the man sitting across of her.
Shinpachi, sitting in a similar manner as his sister, just smirked and also took a sip from his sake. „Your mother knows what she says, Chizuru. Sango grew up with a bunch of energetic boys. I raise to fifty. Your move. Had more energy than us, actually.“
„As the only sister, I had to. Show me your cards.“
Shinpachi sighed and threw his hand before him. Sango smirked in unholy glee and slowly uncovered her cards.
„I win. Another round?“

Another loud crash interrupted the round, followed by yelling and a string of curses by a deep, manly voice, resonating through the house.


Sango was just dealing out the cards, when the door burst open, revealing raven-haired man, face twisted in rage in sharp contrast to the almost angelic looking dark-haired girl with huge dark-blue eyes in his arms.


Sango just turned at her husband lazily, a sweet smile playing on her lips.

„Anata. They’re boys. One is twelve, the other is nine. What do you expect?“ then her look grew suddenly several shades darker and pierced itself directly through her husband’s eyes. „And didn’t I tell you not to curse in front of the kids? And not to yell at me?!“

Toushi – that was her husband’s name – gulped.

„Yes, darling.“

The cards were dealt out and the twins took them, to analyze what they had on the hand and set the bets, while Toushi just shook his head.

„Poker again? I always wondered how anyone would ever want to learn a game like that. Keeping a straight face for hours and half-depend on luck. I don’t see the appeal.“

„I raise to fifteen. Well, when we played with his friends,“ Sango jerked her head to her brother „it always had to be strip poker and I was the only girl. You learn really fast that way.“
„I do not want to know.“
„No, you probably don’t.“

Chizuru saw this as a good oportunity to intervene.

„Kaa-san, you didn’t forget that we need to go shopping today, right? We don’t have anymore vegetables and the meat is running low too. And obaa-san, ojii-san, auntie and uncle come today over for dinner.“

It would have been an overstatement to call that small jerk that Sango’s body did a flinch, but it came pretty damn close to it. Shinpachi barely concealed his smirk. His little twin sister, or rather bro’, as he called her more often than not, might have been a good poker player, great cook, loving mother, tough drinking competition and a grandious athlete, but as a housewife she plain simply sucked. Most of the housework was done by her oldest child, their fourteen years old daughter Chizuru, the only competent girl for such things in that crazy household.

„Of course, sweetie, we’ll go shopping, I’ll just finish this round.“

At that moment the last two occupants of the house took the oportunity to venture outside, with ’venture’ equaling ’running like a hord of wild buffalos and knocking everything over that was in their way, the deck of cards, their mother and the expensive sake included’.

And suddenly everything became stock still as every eye turned to look at the matrone of the family.

Sango, covered in cards, sherds of white glas and pretty expensive sake took a deep breath.

„Alright boys. I just had enough.“

The brothers gulped and Toushi smirked into himself, then turned to the angel in his arms.

„Come on Saigo, let’s go back inside. Tou-san will read you a story.“
Saigo looked at her father with big round eyes sparkling with anticipation.
„With lots of warriors?“
„Yes, with lots of warriors.“
„And swords?“
„And swords.“
Saigo smiled a small angelic smile and snuggled close to her father, who carried her inside.

Meanwhile Sango cleaned herself up and stood now in front of her two sons, who looked at her with big round eyes simmilar to Saigo’s, just with less anticipation and more fear playing in them.

„Kaa-san...“ Heisuke, the younger of the brothers, Saigo’s twin-brother started. „Kaa-san we...we didn’t mean to...it...it was an accident!“
„And it was all Heisuke’s fault!“ Souji, the older brother said.
„What?!“ Heisuke shot his brother an angry look. „Why me?! If anyone’s, it’s your fault alone! Kaa-san don’t listen to him! He started it!“
„No way, it was you, you brat!“
„Brat yourself!“

The mother just listened to them silently, small droplets of sake occassionaly still dripping from her trademark jeans, but as soon as the door closed behind her husband, she stoped holding back any longer.


The two hassles fell quiet in that instant.

„So.“ Sango spoke in a deadly quiet voice and the brothers cringed. „Now you two will go back inside and clean the entire mess you made.“

„WHAT?!“ the boys shot a horrified look towards their mother.
„But kaa-san!“
„You can’t poss-“


There was quiet again.

„Who else do you suppose will clean after you two?! Your sister has already enough work as it is!“

„Yes, but only because you’re such a crappy housewife...“ Souji murmured under his breath, but unfortunately, his mother heard him.
„What was that, Souji?!“
„Nothing, kaa-san!“

„Good.“ Sango raised her hand and one long, elegant finger pointed to the door. „Now go.“

The boys ran inside like bitten.

„And I want it to be clean once we get home! Or else you won’t get dinner!“ their mother yelled after them and two panicked „YES MA’AM!“ answered.

Only as unusual silence settled across the yard, did Sango dare to heave a sigh and massage her head to stop the throbbing.

„Alright, that settled, we can go shopping, right? Or is there any other immediate issue I have to deal with?“ with that question she turned to her daughter, who just shook his head in answer.

„Good. Just let me change the clothes. Can’t show myself like this to people. What would our neighbours think?“
„Including, or excluding me?“ Shinpachi asked and promptly regretted is as his twin shot him one of those looks.

Aw hell, he should have stayed quiet.


„So tell me, bro’,“ Shinpachi spoke up while pushing the cart in front of himself. „Why did I have to accompany you again?“

They were currently at the nearby supermarket and he felt utterly useless. All he did was push the cart and listen to Sango rant about the upcoming summer Olympics. His sister shot him a sharp look.

„Firstly, to push the cart.“
Shinpachi couldn’t but roll his eyes. How typical.
„Secondly, for punishment.“
Yes, that was another common reason, though half of the times Shinpachi had no clue what it was he did wrong.
„Thirdly to keep me occupied. I don’t want to stand here doing nothing, looking like an idiot.“

Finally, the root of the problem.

„Yes, instead you look like an occupied idiot.“ Ah, there was that look again, but Shinpachi had an entire lifetime of training to get used to it, so he ignored it. „While your fourteen years old daughter runs around, looking for all the world like she was born into a family of housewives. I sincerely ask myself from whom she got the genes.“

„I blame it on Toushi. His mother was always a great housewife, or so he says.“

Yeah, at every possible occassion, with extra accent on the ’great housewife’.

It was no secret that Shinpachi disaproved of the marriage of his bro’. Not that he disliked Toushi, actually he though his brother-in-law was a great man, just...not exactly what he would have prefered for his little sis’, as he sometimes secretly called her.

„Right. So instead of learning from your daughter, you just stand around, pretending that you actually know what fresh vegetables and good meat looks like.“

Though it was also no secret, that if it wasn’t for stubborn Chizuru being on her way, Sango would have never married Toushi. She had just reached the top of her professional carreer at that time, ranked steadily in the world top five, became the silver Olympionic in athletical disciplines, the endless possibilities were just unfolding in front of her and Shinpachi knew his sister would have loved to stay at that wondrous place just for a little while longer. But he supposed it was her own damn fault for spreading her legs to her old crush and not using protection. (Not that he ever told her that.) Now she had to settle with working as a personal trainer at the local sports center, three evenings a week.

„Can’t teach new tricks to an old mutt.“

Shinpachi rolled his eyes again, but decided to shut his yap for time being. There was no point in arguing with bro’ over the importance of housework. He knew his bro’ and that knowledge had been enough to send him packing and moving into the house next to the new couple’s mere two weeks after the wedding. Though, now he was being used as the family’s babysitter, servant, marriage councelor and personal punching bag, all in one. It was a good thing the type of work he was doing, could be done at home too. That and Serizawa-san was a tolerant and understanding boss.



He was interrupted from his thoughts by a whistle and the smell of pheromone overdrive.

He felt another roll of eyes was in order.

„Yo, Mrs. Coach!“

Sango next to him groaned quietly, before she turned her attention to the young man approaching them, one of her trainees. A young pest named Shiranui, the oldest son of the neighbours down the street.

„What does such a pretty woman as you do at such a place?“

„Shiranui-kun.“ Sango smiled in greeting, while Shinpachi took note of the little pull the corners of his twin’s lips did whenever she was annoyed. He knew it all too well – after all, he saw it every morning in the mirror, when he had to get up early.

„That’s a bit of a stupid question to ask, considering where we are.“ Sango replied in the same manner she always did and Shiranui smirked, while shamelessly checked the woman in front of him up and down, undressing her with his eyes, untill his look finally settled on the rich bossom.

„Charming as ever, I see.“

Shinpachi found it disgusting. First of all, she could have been his mother, that boy was only seventeen. Besides the way he was trying to sneak his way into his sister’s pants was utterly unacceptable. (Admittedly, Toushi’s way hadn’t been any better, but there was no way preventing that, as Shinpachi hadn’t been there at the time.) Even if his twin was in spite of her age still hot stuff, considered one of the hottest woman in the neighbourhood, rivaled only by Mrs. Oni Kimigiku, the neighbour down the street.

„Right back at you.“ Sango retorted and looked around untill she spotted what she was searching for. „I see you’re accompanying your siblings to shopping, how really nice of you.“

Shinpachi couldn’t bite back a snort at that. One of the things he loved about his bro’ was the way she was able to manage someone who was fool enough to try seducing her. That and the trace of sarcasm in her voice. It was always a satisfaction to see the scowl form on the faces of those hormon-driven teenagers and especially on this one face.

„Yeah, well, someone has to do the babysitting.“


Shinpachi watched the teen roll his eyes and turn to his approaching younger brother and little sister.

„What now?“

„Did Maa tell us to buy powder sugar or vanilla powder?“
„Pretty sure it was vanilla powder and now screw off, I’m busy.“ Shiranui turned away form his blond brother back to Sango, but his siblings had a different opinion.
„See, I told you!“ the youngest and nicest of the three, Sen-chan, who was also coincidentaly Chizuru’s best friend, turned to her older brother and pouted, but he ignored her, turning to the oldest.
„Are you sure?“ he asked in a way that was probably supposed to be threatening, but didn’t phase Shiranui the slightest.
„Yes damnit!“
„Really sure?“ the younger male tried a darker look this time, but it brought no other reaction from Shiranui, than an outburst of annoyance and cursing.


Very mature and patient, Shinpachi noted.

Chizuru chose that moment to return with six different bags full of vegetables hanging from her arms.

„Here Kaa-san, now we only need to buy the meat...Oh, Sen-chan, hello!“ she said as she noticed her best friend standing there.

Sen-chan smiled.

„Hi, Chizuru-chan! Are you shopping with your mother? That’s so nice! Maa never has the time to shop so she always sends us.“ The girls were already inching closer with the clear intention to chat, an action that would probably require several hours to finish, considering the time those two spent on the phone and Shinpachi could feel the mind of his twin working overload in order to find a way to prevent this from happening, when Kazama jumped in between the girls, pushing his little sister not-so-gently away.

„Yeah, yeah, anyway. There are more important issues right now. Chizuru, marry me.“

„EEEEEEH?!!!“ Chizuru shot a panicked look at her mother, who had to stiffle the bored yawn that built in her throat, trying her best to look seriously and failing. Shinpachi understood. It wasn’t like this hadn’t happened before. Sure, the first time Kazama blurted this out about two years ago, it surprised them, but since then it became rather repetitive and boring, and everyone had developed a certain kind of immunity against it. Well, everyone besides Chizuru, that was.

And Sen-chan, who never failed to hit her brother across the head and chastisize him outraged.

„Kazama, enough already! How dare you say that to Chizuru-chan, in front of her mother! Apologize!“
„No, no, Sen-chan, that’s alright...“

The ever same discussion about whether it was or wasn’t alright ensued between the girls and Shinpachi cast a glance at Sango, who somehow, still managed to look amused. It was probably endless fun for her, to see her own daughter stumbling through boy troubles. And since she already knew the act by heart, she could meanwhile fall back into her own little world, pressumably wondering about who would win the Olympics.

„Are you sure, Chizuru-chan?“
„Yes, yes, Sen-chan, don’t worry about me.“

As the discussion neared to the end, Sango returned to full consciousness again and smiled at her daughter.

„Alright then, it’s time to go, Chizuru. I still need to prepare lunch and we don’t have much time left ’till then.“
„Yes, Kaa-san.“
They both turned to the three siblings and everyone bowed their byes.
„It was nice meeting you, but we have to go now.“ Sango said and Shiranui bowed a bit deeper.
„So it was. I apologize for these brats, Coach.“
Sango laughed. „No worry, Shiranui-kun, it’s nothing we aren’t used to. Have a nice rest of the weekend. See you at the training on Monday.“
„Yes ma’am.“

And with that they parted their ways. When Shinpachi turned around to confirm that those stalkers weren’t actually following them, he spotted Shiranui giving what could have only been his sister’s backside a very appreciative look.

Disgusting bastard.


„I have to say, Sango-chan, this Udon is amazing.“

Shortly after Toushi’s parents and his older brother with his wife arrived, the family had gathered around the large dinig table to enjoy whatever the matrone has conjured up. Sango was, in spite of everything, a great cook and even though her cooking was a little different from the usual, it was always very enjoyable.

„Why, thank you okaa-sama. I’m glad you like it.“ Sango smiled at her mother in law, who smiled back warmly.

Genko always made sure to praise Sango in front of everyone, especially in front of Toushi. The gradnmother had probably guessed that her son would mention her at every possible occassion, when the household wasn’t running in a way he was used to. She encouraged Sango, when everyone else was intent to prove the young mother that she was nothing short of a disaster in the household.

„Really, Sango-chan, kaa-san couldn’t have made this better! It’s great!“

The grandfather interjected, widening Sango’s smile.
„Thank you otou-sama.“

Kondou-san had also been always very kind to Sango and never blamed her for getting pregnant and failing in a world she was suddenly thrown into and knew nothing of. Probably because he knew his son and guessed that Toushi was just as responsible for it as Sango was. It took two to tango, after all and Toushi had never been one to keep it in his pants when there was time, place and oportunity.
But that might have been just because she gave him four grandchildren. That man loved kids and as it seemed, he wasn’t getting any from his second daughter in law. Itouko, his older son Sannan’s wife, just wasn’t the mother type. But shw was very good at managing the household and never failed to rub it into Sango’s face.

Especially after Sango got as much praise as now.

„It’s really good.“ Itouko spoke up, but the flat tone of her voice betryed the kind words.

„You don’t sound too convinced, Itouko-san.“ Sango replied, watching her sworn enemy with narrowed eyes.

„Ah, it’s nothing worth mentioning, I just thought that it’s a bit overspiced.“ Itouko waved off in a manner that was overly polite. Itouko was always polite and smiling, but inside she was false as a viper. Sango never really understood why Sannan had married her.

„Overspiced?“ Sango wasn’t new to verbal competition and polite insults and she knew an attack when she saw one.

„Yes, a little.“ Itouko look at her with a spark in her eyes that clearly issued a direct challenge to her cooking skills and Sango would be damned if she let this drop just so.

„Well, in our family we were used to spicier cooking. We liked it better that way.“ Sango rebutted, indirectly challenging Itouko’s taste, which was a fireway to get underneath that sweet-lipped woman’s skin. And really, Itouko’s smile faltered and her eyes narrowed a break of an inch. Sango prepared herself for another attack and she knew this one would aim low.

„Oh, I wasn’t questioning your traditions. It’s just that I was always taught, that the cooking of the wife has to be as sweet as her love to her husband. That way she’ll have him satsfied to the rest of their lives.“

For a moment Sango forgot to breathe. Did Itouko just directly imply that Sango was no good for her husband?! The nerve of that viper!

Sango was vagualy aware that Shinpachi was watching her sideways very worriedly, but she ignored it. Instead she straightened herself and countered with equal force.

„Oh, really. Well, I don’t know about you, but I know a dozen of other ways how to keep my husband satisfied.“

There. That scored.

The conversation around them died out and now everyone was watching them in a similar manner as Shinpachi.

Itouko shot her a poisonous look for the implication that the viper sucked in bed and maneuvered into a new attack, this time charging at Sango’s methods, aiming to the lowest place with sharp precisity.

„Yes, I’m sure, but good food is the safest and distinguished one. Please for give me for my language, but spreading legs isn’t that hard.“

„Sannan-san, how is your research faring?! I heard you are developing a new product to enlenghten the life, is that true?“

Before Sango was able to change her methods of attack from verbal to physical, Shinpachi jumped into the conversation, his traget Sannan-san, the only person able to gain Itouko’s undivided attention, when she was squabbling with Sango. And with the oponent leaving the battlefield, there wasn’t anyone Sango could attack. Besides the one responsible for distracting the enemy, but Shinpachi could deal with that. After years of dealing with his bro’ he was used to it.

„Yes, the research is proceeding well.“ Sannan-san nodded, his smile betraying that he knew exactly what Shinpachi’s objective was. „We have been able to overcome the side-effects of the medication and we are almost market ready.“ The problem with Sannan-san was, that it was dangerous to ask his about his reasearch, because once he started talking about it, he would soon get this glint in his eyes and then start to rant about what a great discovery he was about to make. Like now. „It will be a huge break through in genetic science! The greatest discovery of the century, even! It will-“

„And you, Shinpachi-kun? I hear you have been working on a new game recently?“ But before it came as far, Genko swiftly changed the conversation, directing the attention this time to Shinpachi.
Shinpachi, in complete udnerstanding to the old woman, answered immediately. „Yes, we are almost finished with it, I’m just doing the final editing right now. It will be introduced at the convention in October.“ Shinpachi worked as a game developer, in charge of art design and timing. It was a huge responsibility, but he had Serizawa’s complete trust. And pretty good pay, too.

„What was it called again?“ Genko asked and Shinpachi wasn’t happy to disappoint his sister’s in-law.
„Ah, I can’t tell you yet, I’m sorry.“

Sensing a dead point in the conversation, Itouko took the oportunity to start a comeback.

„Oh, but could you perhaps show me the artwork? Your games always have such beautiful artwork.“

For some reason, Itouko loved it to flirt with Shinpachi. She would lower her eyelids so they appeared heavy, lower her voice to a purr and smile in a way that would make a monk weak. The weird thing was, Sannan-san would never do anything agaisnt it, just sit there and smile that mysterious smile and leave Shinpachi wondering how to respond.

Mostly, Shinpachi was just embarrassed.

„Ahaha, thank you Itouko-san. It’s nothing really.“

„Oh, no, you have great talent. And I appreciate great talents.“ Itouko purred and pursed her lips very discreetly, but still enough not to go unnoticed by the object of the attention.

„Ehehe...“ Shinpachi scratched the back of her head, while desperately trying to find a way out of the situation, when suddenly his twin came to his rescue.

„Anyone seconds?“ Sango stood up and everyone held out their plates.

It would keep the table occupied for a while.


„That went well.“

Toushi said later that night, after everything was over, the visit gone and the kids asleep, and they were preparing for bed.

Sano snorted, not looking up from the article she was reading in the newest issue of the sports magazine she subscribed to.

„Yeah, but no thanks to you, you hero. You were silent the entire evening.“

„I was busy enjoying the good food.“ The bed shifted as Toushi sat down on it and leaned towards his wife, while Sango was trying not to show how much amused she was by her husband’s husky tone of voice. Toushi was now really close and she could feel his hot breath on her neck. She didn’t even protest as he took the magazine away from her and exchanged it for himself. „Besides, I would never do anything to spoil your fun.“

Sango smirked and eyed her armfull of Toushi.

„Well, I’m really glad to hear that.“

A warm hand carressed her cheek and the quality of Toushi’s look shifted a little, from miscievous to something gentler.

„You know I love you, don’t you? And that I value everything yo do for me.“

Sango smiled and covered the hand of her husband with her own and then, angling her head, kissed the palm reassuringly.

„Yeah, I know.“ She said, looking directly into Toushi’s midnight purple eyes.

Then the moment between them disappeared and she was smirking again.

„Now, why don’t you show me, what exactly you understand with me having fun?“

Toushi smirked right back.

ox*xo END ox*xo




„I said no, Sango.“

„I heard you, Toushi. But I know you’ll say eventually yes, if I keep persuading you intently.“

„NEVER! I won’t allow my WIFE walking HALF-NAKED around the place where I WORK AT! FORGETT IT!!!“

It was a week beafore halloween in Hakuoki and the entire town was busy with preparations for the holiday. The local school that Toushi worked at, didn’t stay out of it either and decided to organize a huge event, with all of the students and teachers participating.

Dress-code: Halloween.

And Sango had already found the perfect costume for herself. If brought out her curves perfectly, showed enough skin to be sexy and would surely win her the first price in the contest for the best halloween costume. In short, it was perfect.

Now if only Toushi would see it the same way.

„Anata, I’m not half-naked. I’ll have my sports bra and shorts underneath it. My chest, arms and legs will be covered.“
„You are NOT going as a MUMMY and that’s FINAL!“

Toushi was red in the face, though it was hard to tell whether it was from anger or embarassment.

Sango smirked.

„We’ll see about that.“


„So kids, tell momma what you want your halloween costume to be.“

It was one afternoon roughly a week from the big event, when Sango decided that it
was time to do something for the children’s costumes. So they sat down in the living room, the kids gathered around their mother, who was comfortably nestled on the couch as the rascals presented their ideas.

„I wanna be a pirate!“ Heisuke, sitting in his mother’s lap, exclaimed first. „I’ll fight for the freedom of the seas, against the evil marines!“

Sango smiled and ruffled her little boy’s head. „Alright, you’ll be a pirate.“

„And I’ll have a sword and a black strap and a big hat!“
„Yes, you’ll have all of that. So, next one.“ Sango still smiling at the antics of her youngest one, turned to the older brother. „Souji, you wanted to be a vampire, if I remember correctly.“

Souji, leaning on his mother’s leg, looked up with pouting lips. „Naah. Tou-san is already vampire.“

Ah, that was right. Toushi had surprised everyone with announcing that he would put on such a spectacular costume and unintentionally spoiled Souji’s fun. That kid would never do anything to resemble his father.

Sango frowned in thought.

„Then how about a demon?“

Souji shook his head. „No, I wanna be something with a sword!“

Sano thought for a while about that „Hmm...then how about Musashi?“

Souji’s eyes lit up and he threw himself in his mother’s arms. „Kaa-san, you’re genius!“

Sango smiled and returning the hug, she turned to Saigo. „And you Saigo? What do you want to be?“

Saigo looked up from where she was playing with her rasetsu plushie and said with a face so serious like she was announcing she was going to war: „I’ll be papa’s bride.“

Sango watched her daughter for several moments with a blank expression. She knew better than to argue with Saigo over something that concerned her father, because that little girl would always be on tou-san’s side, no matter what. Most of the times this innocent adoration was utterly cute, but there were times when it caused a throbbing deep inside of Sango’s skull.

„We’ll figure something out.“ She said and turned to the remaining child. „And you Chizuru?“

Chizuru smiled one those smiles that had a small spark of mischief in them, that not many knew the soft-spoken girl had, and Sango knew she was going to like this one.

„I thought I’d go as a witch.“

Sango’s eyebrows shot into her hair in surprise.

„A witch?!“

Chizuru smiled sweetly. „Yes, kaa-san. After all, Souji keeps calling me that a lot and I thought I could make his wishes come true.“

Souji pulled a face that was supposed to be worried and Sango grinned.

„You’ll be a perfect witch!“

Souji then turned to his mother again. „And you kaa-san? Did tou-san approve of your idea to go as a mummy?“ The boy looked very hopefull. „It’d be so cool!“
Sango smiled evily and patted her son’s head. „But Souji. Since when do I need tou-san’s approval to do something?“

Souji’s face split into a grinn, while Chizuru and Heisuke burst out laughing.


„I can’t believe I actually let you out of the house like this!!!“

Toushi exclaimed when the family got out of the car in front of the school building, the evening of the school’s halloween event.

„Oh, anata. You couldn’t stop me even if you tried. I have a key and I have a car.“

Toushi was near hysterics, which Sango found extremely amusing and utterly hilarious.

„What are my colleagues gonna say?! What will the schoolboard think?! The vice-director’s wife, HALF-NAKED!“

„Tou-san, chill! Kaa-san’s hot, that’s what they’ll think!“ Souji, dressed in his bloody-samurai-that-was-supposed-to-be Musashi get-up interjected and the pirate king Heisuke nodded eagerly.
„Kaa-san’s SO COOL!“
„It really suits her, tou-san.“ Chizuru, smiling shyly in contrast to her rather daring costume, voiced her agreement placidly.
Saigo didn’t say anything, just stood next to her father, holding his hand, looking absolutely convincing as a bride of a vampire lord, dressed in an all-black lacey dress.

Clearly over-voted, Toushi sighed heavily and cast a glance at his wife.

„Suits, or not, it’s just...“

Bandages were covering Sango’s chest and middle, but left her belly uncovered, suggestively accenting the rich bossom and sharp hips, and temptingly presenting the taut abdominals graced with a pale scar, the reminder of a complicated birth, which she painted red for the occasison.
Wrapped around her upper arms, shoulders and tighs, they gave a nice glimpse of the strong muscles hidden beneath them, that flexed every time the woman moved.
Inconspicious white ballerinas were covering her feet, since she didn’t dare to walk completely bare-footed in the cold of the last night of October.

„I was just thinking kaa-san,“ Chizuru spoke up. „Aren’t you cold?“

Sango smiled gently at her daughter. „I’ll be fine as soon as we get inside.“

„Then let’s do that.“ The father of the family said and started walking towards the school building rather hurriedly, hoping for all the world that no one noticed the flush on his face and recognized it for what it was. Sango was too hot for her age.


Once inside, they got almost immediately sucked into the huge crowd that was there. People were everywhere and all were dressed in spectacular, fantastic costumes. Blood and pumpkins were scattered everywhere and wherever you looked there was an attraction in the spirit of halloween. There was even a horror cabinet somewhere and the boys were already all-too-eager to visit it.

„Alright.“ Toushi spoke as they found a small quiet spot. „Since everyone wants to see something different, we should split up. The main program starts in one hour in the gym, but you have to be there earlier, especially since you’re contributing to the program. Don’t come late and don’t get into trouble.“

„Yes, tou-san.“ They all chorused and immediately after that, the boys disappeared into the direction of the horror cabinet. Toushi said he needed to talk with the halloween event comitee about something and Saigo, never letting go of Toushi’s hand, went with him. That left Sango and Chizuru, standing there and shaking their heads in amusement.

„Come on, let’s find your uncle. He called me twenty minutes ago, said he’d just arrived. Knowing him, he’s probably already found the bufet.“
Chizuru chuckled. „You might be right, kaa-san.“


They found Shinpachi, dressed as a werewolf, next to the fried shrimps and after they took a small snack, they hit it off together. On their stroll through the ’halloween market’ they met Souji and Heisuke, who looked a little pale around the nose and pretty shaken up. Sango wondered what encountered them in the horror cabinet, but she supposed that as long as there weren’t any lasting psychological effects, it didn’t do them wrong to get a little traumatized.

They hung around for a little while longer, untill it was nearly time to gather for the main event. They were on their way to the gym, when they met another of their neighbours.

„Hot costume, mrs. Coach!“

Heading towards them was the oldest Oni boy, dressed in dark clothes, that somehow resembled a hunting get-up. A gun was proudly strapped to the left hip and a crossbow was dangling against his back.

„Shiranui-kun.“ Sango greeted her trainee and looked him over. „Let me guess – hunter.“

Shiranui grinned. „Almost. I’m a vampire hunter.“ Sango laughed and watched with eyes sparkling with amusement as Shiranui came to stand right in front of her and leaned towards her in what wanted to be an intimate whisper. „And I heard that a Vampire was around here, somewhere, taking innocent maidens as their brides and molesting handsom mummies?“

Sango’s mouthwinkles pulled into an evil smirk. „What a coincidence. I know where you could find one. We were just heading that way.“

Shiranui smirked back. „Oh really? Well then, will you let me join your little group of wanderers?“
„Oh, I don’t know, I have to ask my companions first.“

But before Sango could turn to ask the merry fellowship, a shout interrupted them and suddenly they were standing face to face with the Devil himself.

„Chizuru! Come with me and become the queen of the Underworld next to my side! Marry me!“

Shiranui groaned and Chizuru took a step back, while he eyes were widened in utter disbelief at the sight of Kazama standing there, looking a weird mix of devil, vampire and sex puppet.

Sango hid her laughter behind coughs, while Shinpachi looked torn between being annoyed and being amused.

Souji and Heisuke were openly laughing.

„Chizuru-chan!“ A voice called from behind them and as they turned, they saw Sen-chan, dressed in a dark-red medieval dress with a lot of frills and laces, hurrying towards them. „Don’t listen to that idiot!!!“ She arrived slightly out of breath and Sango noted that she had to be wearing high-heels, because there was no way that girl had grown almost four inches since yesterday. He also noticed the small golden crown on her head, adorned with red stones.

She had to be some kind of princess then.

And if Sango was to judge it from the red get-up, she’d have guessed it was supposed to be Bloody Mary.

Sango smiled. It did look surely nice on Sen-chan.

„Kazama has been going on about making you his bride since the school announced this event.“

An evil idea came to Sango.

„Oh, I don’t know, Sen-chan.“ The mother said. „In the Medieval Ages, witches were considered to be the worshippers and the brides of Satan.“

Chizuru shot her an utterly mortified glance, while Sen-chan looked shocked about the betrayal. The boys were grinning evilly and Shiranui and Shinpachi looked like they had real trouble supress an outburst of laughter.

Kazama looked like he hit the jackpot.

He seized Chizuru’s and gave her an intense, heated stare. „You heard her. Now, come with me.“

The blood drained from Chizuru’s face for a moment and then it rushed back like her life depended on it.


Sango, although still amused, finally decided to come to her daughter’s rescue.

„Now, now, kids. We have strict orders not to miss the main event and as a member of the student council you shouldn’t either, Kazama-kun. And Shiranui must still slay the vampire. You can return to your plans later.“

Kazama looked thoughtfull for a moment, then finally let go of Chizuru.

„I admitt, that you’re right, Shinsengumi-san.“ He looked at Chizuru. „Accompany me then to my duties, my bride.“

Chizuru, who had began to look relieved, was instantly on alert again.

„What?!“ she cast a pleading glance to her mother, but Sango just smiled at her and so she was lead away by her ’lord and master’.

Shinpachi shook his furry head and leaned towards his bandaged sister. „You are really enjoying this, aren’t you? You have a fetish for seeing your daughter suffer, don’t you?“ he said in a hushed voice, so that they wouldn’t be overheard by the youths, or the kids.

„I have many fetishes.“ Sango whispered back, winking at her brother and then she turned to the others and said out loud: „We should go too. The event starts in a short while.“


As they arrived, the gym was already getting full with families waiting for their kids to go on stage.

Before Sango could even say anything, Souji and Heisuke hurried quickly backstage, Shinpachi following them to make sure they got there on time, while Sen-chan made herself on the way of finding Chizuru and playing chaperone.

And suddenly, for a few quiet moments, Sango found herself, save Shiranui, alone.

She stoped a few feet from the door that lead to the hall, closed her eyes and breathed deeply in and out.

The hall was empty and the only noise was coming from inside the gym.

„Do you hear that?“ she asked Shiranui.

„Hear what?“ Shiranui asked in a mildly confused voice.


Shiranui let out a small chuckle, but other than that didn’t say anything. Sango enjoyed the quiet for a while longer before she finally opened her eyes and turning to Shiranui, spoke.

„So, I suppose you’re gonna find now that vamp and slay him, huh?“

Shiranui was standing less than a feet away from her and was smiling amusedly.

„You know what? I think I’d rather enjoy the silence with you for a little while longer.“ With that said, he leaned himself on the wall, just beside the door.

„Siblings can be tiring, right?“ Sango asked and leaned herself onto the wall just beside Shiranui.

Her trainee looked at her with smiling eyes. „Just as four kids, a husband and a brother, I suppose.“

Sango smiled, but didn’t reply.

For a while they stood there like that, but then the sound of approaching footsteps reached them and the door banged open loudly, disturbing the peace.

Sango turned her head towards the intruder just in time to see her husband’s stunned face split into a raging expression.


Sango just raised calmly her eyebrows and whispered in a low voice to Shiranui, so that he rhusband wouldn’t hear: „Seems like the vampire found you, before you found him, Hunter D.“
„I’m not so sure it was me whom he was looking for.“ Shiranui whispered back, but then Toushi was already standing in front of Sango, arms firmly crossed on his chest, apparently awaiting some sort of explanation.

Sango looked at her husband calmly and said without batting an eye: „We were right here, enjoying the few moments of peace.“

At the ’we’, Toushi’s head snapped towards her companion.


„Yo, Vice-director-san.“

„GET INSIDE!!!“ Toushi hollered and pointed towards the gym.

Shiranui raised his arms in defense. „Yo, chill, man. I’m going, I’m going.“ He turned to his trainer. „See ya later, Mrs. Coach.“

Sango only nodded at him, her eyes not leaving her husband as she stared at Toushi angrily. As soon as Shiranui disappeared behind the door of the hall, she snapped.

„What the hell was that about?! Why are you so rude to my trainee?! Can you tell me what-“
She was cut off as Toushi seized her arm and with a resolute „Come!“ he started pulling her away from the gym.
„Hey, what are you doing?! I wasn’t finished...HEY!!“

They stoped by a door that Toushi yanked open and suddenly Sango was being thrown inside.


The door closed behind her husband and suddenly they were alone in the dark room, that could have only been the PE cabinet, where the various utensils for PE were kept. There was the shuffling of clothes as Toushi talked in a hushed, hurried voice.

„...The entire time, not knowing anything...wondering who would jump you...found you outside with that pervert...too hot...can’t stand it any longer!“

The more Sango listened the more confused she was.

„What the hell are you talking about? I don’t understand a word you’re-“

But her husband cut her off once again, this time silencing her in a very affective way.

Sango’s eyes went wide as Toushi’s lips crushed her own in an urgent kiss and she gasped as hot hands grasped the soft parts of her body possessively. A heated body pushed against her and she could feel something hard and burning pressing against her middle.

She moaned into the kiss and tried to push the man away, but he held her only firmer.

Only after several moments, when Sango’s skin felt equally hot and flushed as Toushi’s, did he let her go.

„Mine!“ Toushi gasped and look at his wife with such a possessive heat, that it made Sango’s toes curl and words completely leave her.

„Mine!“ Toushi repeated and claimed her lips in another heated kiss.

When that one ended too, they were left gasping for air, not being able to do anything but stare into each other’s eyes, neither of them really knowing what to say, untill Sango finally found her voice.

„What...was that?“

Toushi gulped in an attempt to moisten his dry throat and deep, purple eyes locked with amber hues.

„Since we arrived, I have been in the gym. I didn’t know what was with you, or if you were alright, or whether anyone tried anything. I know you can take care of yourself, but it just wouldn’t leave me alone. My beautiful, sexy wife out there alone...I was anxious, nervous, worried and yes, hard.“ Toushi admitted and slowly Snago started to understand.
„And then I was just standing there, completely oblivious to your inner turmoil and you...“ she moved her hand to rest over the bulge in her husband’s pants, „couldn’t stand it any longer.“ And she squeezed.

Toushi’s eyes shut tightly together and a hiss escaped him.

„Yeah.“ He breathed out and Sango eyed him.

„We’ll miss the show.“

„I know.“

A look.




Sango smirked.


„Now look what you did.“


„You ruined my costume.“


„You don’t even feel sorry, do you?“


„And I worked so hard on it...“

An eye opened lazily and a purple orb cast a glazed, tired glance at her.
„Are you complaining? Because I can still offer you a compensation.“

For a full second Sango paused from where she was trying to adjust her bandages into the state they were in before the encounter, and turned to look at her husband blankly, before she broke into a snort.

„Oh no, thank you. I think I had enough of compensation for today.“

Toushi smirked. „What a pity...I was hoping we could go for another round.“

Sango laughed. „Oh, I finally remember why I married you.“

Toushi’s smirk grew wider. „That’s great to hear.“

Sango returned to adjusting the bandages. „We missed the main event.“

Toushi smiled knowingly. „I’m sure our kids did well.“

Sango looked at her husband again, smiling gently, before she nodded. „Of course, anata.“ Then her smile turned into a proud smirk. „They’re our children, after all.“

Toushi snickered and they both leaned into a kiss.


„This was an eventfull halloween.“ Sango said, smirking into herself, as the fammily headed towards their car, after the show had ended. Then, turning to her husband, she added. „We should repeat it sometime.“

Toushi cleared his throat.

This went unnoticed by the kids, who were all talking about which of them had the best costume and best scene.

„My costume was better, Souji!“
„But I was loads better on the stage! You were just stammering, Heisuke!“
„So what, Saigo barely talked!“
Saigo, proudly walking at her papa’s side, looked at her brothers. „I was papa’s bride.“
„We heard!“ Heisuke cried out. „You announced it to the entire hall!“

Souji turned to his mother, who had her arm around Chizuru’s shoulder and they were talking together quietly.

„Kaa-san, you tell us which was the best one!“ Sango turned to her son, smiling proudly. „All of you were great.“

„Yeah, but who was the best?!“
Sango smiled. „I’d say, that each of you were the best in something different. Souji’s introduction was very spectacular and smart, while Heisuke’s was funny and entertaining. You all have different strengths.“

The boys looked like they were contemplaiting this.

Meanwhile the family reached their car and Sango opened it.

Toushi nodded. „Kaa-san’s right.“ Then he turned to his little bride. „But the cutest was Saigo.“
The small girl beamed at her father and her small arms encircled his waist in an affectionate hug. Toushi ruffled his daughter’s head and put her inside the car.

„There you go, sweetie.“

Souji, Heisuke and Chizuru also crawled into the vehicle and Toushi sat inside, to start it.

Sango turned to her brother, who had his own car parked a few lots away, but before she could say anything, Shinpachi spoke first.

„I thought they had you there, for a minute.“

Sango raised an eyebrow confusedly. „Huh?“

Shinpachi snickered. „You two weren’t at the show.“

Sango eyed her brother with a smile. „You noticed.“

Shinpachi nodded. „Yeah. I kept looking for you, but I couldn’t spot you. I thought that maybe you’re just sitting somewhere, where I can’t see you, but that obviously was not the case.“
„And how, pray tell, do you know that?“
Shinpachi hesitated for a small moment, before he said: „Your bandages. Your bandages gave you away.“
Sango frowned questioningly and Shinpachi elaborated.
„You tied them the other way. They were right to left before. Now they’re left to right. And your paint’s smeared.“
Sango’s eyes widened and she glanced down. She hadn’t even noticed...
„...It was dark.“
„I figured. The PE cabinets are never well lit.“
Sango gave her brother a stunned glance, before her eyes narrowed suspiciously. „Alright, how much do you know?“
Shinpachi smiled evilly. „Enough to blackmail you in front of your kids for the rest of your life.“

Sango gritted her teeth and Shinpachi laughed heartily, putting an arm around his siter’s shoulder.

„Consider it sibling love, bro’!“

Sango sighed. „I pray that in the next life I’ll be an only child.“

Shinpachi patted her shoulder, still snickering to himself.

„See you tomorrow.“

And with that her twin headed for his own car.

Sango, still shaking her head sat into the passenger’s seat and secured the seat-belt.

Toushi looked at his wife sideways, started the engine, then slowly pulled out of the lot.
„You took your time. What did your brother want?“
„Shinpachi just needed to inform me of a few things about your PE cabinet.“
A shiver ran down Toushi’s spine and his teeth gritt. „That bastard...“
For some reason Sango found herself smiling. „Let him. He has to get his victories somewhere.“ She then glanced to the backseat and noted, that their kids were either dozing, or spacing out, so she found it safe to put a hand onto her husband’s tigh and leaning close, she whispered intimately: „You already have me.“

Toushi risked another glance at his wife, eyes sparkling, mischievous smirk playing on the handsom lips.

„Oh yeah. You’re mine and your brother can go fuck himself.“

Smirking, Sango leaned back into her seat.

„Alright, but you are the one who’s telling him that.“

Toushi was snickering the entire ride back.

ox*xo END ox*xo

31st-Oct-2012 09:40 pm (UTC)
Lol, it's good to read something funny once in a while XD Except a few spelling mistakes and such, it's great.
But when I reached the family dinner and there was "Itouko" I was like, "wait a sec, why the name sounds familiar?"... and they I added a face to it...
and god I'm still laughing my head off XD
31st-Oct-2012 09:51 pm (UTC)
*gg* Thank you!
I wrote the most of it today, so around the half of the fanfic, the errors get more frequent. I just didn't have the time anymore... v_v
But I'm glad you liked it. *snicker*
Yeah, Itouko. I thoud he...I meant SHE would make a perfect wife for Sannan, so...yeah.
And Genko is actually Inoue Gen-san.
And I think you were able to guess the others. xD

I'm happy you enjoyed it and thank for the comment! ^^
31st-Oct-2012 10:06 pm (UTC)
Ah, Genko! Didn't realize that...
But yeah, I got the others, though it took me a while before I realized Saigo = Saitou XD...
and Kazama's "Marry me!" lines competed very well with Itouko! XD
Only shame Shiranui didn't get to kill the vampire XD
Should have know it was him the moment there was his "Yo, Mrs.Coach" XD

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31st-Oct-2012 10:11 pm (UTC)
Although now that I think about it... how could Sango and Shinpachi be twins, when Sano's got amder eyes and Shin emerald ones?
Just a though... :)
And you got the mummy idea from the picture I posted, didn't you? :)
31st-Oct-2012 10:42 pm (UTC)
Ah, the twin thing. Well, they are dizygotic and I remember hearing on bilogy (when I was still on high school...oh those times) that dizygotic twins don't have to resemble each other at all. Same thing with Heisuke and Saito...I meant, Saigo. ^_~

How did you know?! xD

Aw, busted. ^___^
Yeah, your picture inspired it too. :)
31st-Oct-2012 10:54 pm (UTC)
Just a hunch *winks*
...and he DOES look sexy in it... even if it's "she" XD
1st-Nov-2012 04:54 am (UTC)
AHAHAHAHAHA That was great! probably better than the prince of tennis ones i must say.... i want this animated so bad!

1st-Nov-2012 11:26 am (UTC)
Aww, thank you!
That's a great compliment to a writer, I'm really flattered. ^///^
(try sending otomate an email, maybe they'll hear you out ~_^)
12th-Nov-2012 05:41 pm (UTC)
This is the sweetest fanfic I've ever read. *melts*
I was quietly screaming "somebody draw this! I wanna see!" in about every paragraph.

I'm a little surprised to see Shin & Sano as siblings. Their brotherly quarrel is wonderful as usual. XD
I never imagined Hijikata/Sano could be this funny (while being sooo hot at the same time). And wow Pheromone dispenser Shiranui. XDD
The two senior couples are impressive too. One is jolly old couple and the other is OMG the creepiest combination. Their interaction must be quite a scene.
Love the children too. Heisuke is so sweet I wanna hug and squeze him. Ah but Toshi-san is right: the cutest is Saigo. >///
12th-Nov-2012 08:04 pm (UTC)
Whoa, thank you! ^___^
Actually, it crossed my mind a few times as I was writing this, that it would even come over better as a webcomic, instead of a fic, but I didn't have the time and the skill, unfortunately. Thank you for the wonderfull compliment, it makes me really giddy happy that you enjoyed it.

Surprised because I'm the one writing it? xD Yeah, I must admit that in the first draft, Shinpachi was the neighbour and childhood friend of Sango, who is always flirting with her, but since Shiranui was already doing that, I rather changed him to her twin. I thought that's the closest I could make them, if I didn't make Shinpachi the husband. And Hijikata just had to be the father. Just the idea of Saigo as "papa's bride" was enough to send me into a frenzy that just wouldn't let go. That and the occassional urge to ship Hijikata/Sano. I don't know why, but sometimes I have the feeling they'd make a great couple. The serious Hijikata, with the hint of insecurity and the playfull, but understanding Sano...I don't know, it kinda works. If Hijikata wasn't so in love with Saito, that is.

For the record - I do not want to know what is going on at night in the Sannan household. Assumably something that is various degrees of creepy, exponentionally bloody and nothing near normal. It's probably a hardcore SM and bondage relationship with a bram stocker twist xD And Gen-san makes a wonderfull granny. ^^

Thank you for the kind revies and it honors me that you liked it so much.

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