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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Hakuouki fanfiction - Hijikata/Saitou: "Poem for you", part 3 
8th-Feb-2013 08:56 pm
the PUSH
Title: Poem for you
Author: manaika
Series: Hakuouki, between Reimeiroku and Shinsengumi Kitan
Pairing: HijiSai, with a bakatrio threesome and hints of Kondo/Okita and past Tani/Sano on the sideline.
Rating: PG-15 and up. Varies between chapters, but only one is really for Mature Audience, I’ll warn you in time. (IMO 17 and 16 years old would cope, but there are actually rules for rating, that I have to follow.)
Genre: humor and romance, written for the purpose to amuse
Warnings: sexual scenes, language, male/male relationship, graphic depictions of sexual intercourse, my attempts of imitating Hijikata’s haiku-style in english, bakatrio threesomeness, meddling Okita, fluff?
Summary: Sano, Shinpa and Heisuke decide it’s time for their vice commander to take some action in regards of a certain taciturn left-handed swordsman. Written for tokio_fujita, because she is as devoted to HijiSai as I am to ShinpaSano and because Reimeiroku is full of Saitou moe.
Disclaimer: I do not own Hakuoki and neither am I making money writing this. But it is still my work.

Set in the months between the end of Reimeroku and start of Shinsengumi Kitan.

Poem for you, the plan
Poem for you, the first try
Poem for you, the second try


PART 3 – the second try

Lunch had been, in spite of the situation, an uneventfull business. Besides the occassional banter for food, small teasings and arguing over nothing, no significant happenings marked the event. No embarrassed coughs, or telltale looks, stolen between the moments, when no one looked. No unspoken words hanging in the air, or anything else that would give away the longing in two lonely hearts. Nothing.

Nothing that was besides the usual.

Simply nothing.

It was unsettling, to say the least.

It couldn’t be, that if you supposedly gave your secret crush a hint, you didn’t feel at least a little giddy. Not that anyone expected Saitou to give them a prime example of anticipating giddiness, just...something. Anything, really. Any kind of reaction, from a faint, barely noticeable blush to a few stolen glances would have been perfectly normal. But Saitou’s face remained as unphased as Hijikata’s. Though, Shinpachi did catch a few sad looks from the taciturn man directed at Hijikata-san and Sano caught a few glimpses of confused looks that their demon vice sent Saitou, but that was about it. It was just one time, that Hijikata-san’s and Saitou’s looks met and they promptly looked the other way.
Sano and Shinpachi exchanged exasperated looks. Whatever Heisuke said to Saitou, it seemed to have shot to a different direction, than planned. And that kid was oblivious to it all, making appreciative sounds at the food in front of him.

How typical.

They sighed simultanously. They needed to get this fixed and promptly, preferably before the entire thing escalated into a disaster, that their organisation couldn’t afford.

It was time for plan A.


After lunch, most of the executors remained sitting, or stood around on the veranda, enjoying a light conversation, or the last last sips of their tea, stealing themselves a few more moments before returning to whatever business they had going on, or the work they needed to complete until the day was over.

As usualy, Hijikata-san excused himself first, the ever dutiful Saitou following his example after a few seconds. Hijikata-san headed straight to his office, without ever looking back, but Saitou remained standing there for a few moments, his gaze lingering on the retreating back of his superior officer, when his ears suddenly picked up the rest of the conversation from beside him.

„Just get him there, I’ll take care of the rest."
„Alright. How much do you need?"
„Give me a short while, but it shouldn’t take longer than you need. Just give me a few spare moments to prepare- Saitou!"

The young swordsman saw the expression on the angular face change from secretiveness to startlement when Shinpachi noticed him and as even the usually composed Sano whipped around in surprise, his icy eyes narrowed slightly, in suspicion.

„Shinpachi, Sano." He approached them while watching their expressions carefully. They were smiling, but it was too terse, to be natural for those two open, expressive males. He eyed them with even greater suspicion than before. But he could do little to stop them without a solid proof of their intentions, so he said nothing, just put himself on more alert. If those two were plotting something, he shouldn’t let, under any circumstance, his guard down. It was really troublesome to deal with it afterwards, however, admittedly, also very fascinating, watching them get in and out of trouble. It also provided a good lesson for the rookies and to most of their members, not just a small entertainment. And, even though he admitted it only out of honesty to himself, a small, well-hidden part of him found amusement in their ploys. And it wasn’t like he was admitting it to anyone else than himself. Alas, he passed them with just a little bow and a simple: "Take care," before heading to the temple grounds to train. It was always better to be in what could be considered safe distance from the house when Shinpachi and Sano were plotting something. And he needed to get his mind of things.

As he passed them, the two of them visibly relaxed and exchanged glances.

From his peripheral vision, Saitou saw Heisuke emerge from the dining room, stretching himself in content, loudly praising the meal, but then Saitou rounded the corner and heard no more of the conversation, nor did he see how Heisuke turned to his two partners in crime and narrowed his eyes in a manner similar to as Saitou just a few moments before him.

„Hey, what are you two plotting?"

Sano and Shinpachi didn’t answer. Instead, exchanghing another look, they pointed into different directions, Sano to the one where Hijikata’s office laid, Shinpachi towards the corner Saitou disappeared behind moments ago and without any other word, they parted, leaving a dumbfounded Heisuke torn between which of them to follow.

„Hey! Wait, what are you...Argh, damnit! Why do you always leave me out of things?!!!"


Saitou was training on raising his attack speed, when Shinpachi entered the temple grounds, boken in his hands. He spotted Saitou immediately and approached him, calling out to him.

„Hey, Saitou!" he held up the wooden sword. „Want to train with something that actually fights back?"

Saitou eyed him for a contemplaiting moment. The last he had seen Shinpachi a short while ago, he had been busy plotting something with Sano and Saitou wasn’t so sure if it was safe to be in direct contact with the blue-eyed swordsman yet.
In hindsight though, Shinpachi had a point with ’something that fights back’. It was surely better training to fight an oponent who could come up with an actual strategy, than practicing alone.
So Saitou figured, that as long as he didn’t let his guard down, it was alright.

He nodded at Shinpachi and took notice of the wicked grinn spreading on his friend’s face and he narrowed his eyes suspiciously. Having learned the basic expressions of his friend’s face, Saitou knew from the way that the azure eyes sparkled, that something was up.

He raised his boken and cleared his head.

Even if there was something up, he would deal with it when it came. Now there were more important things to focus on. For a while they just stared at each other, trying to read the movement in the oponent’s eyes, when Shinpachi suddenly moved, his sword adjusting to a downward slash. Saitou didn’t hesitate a second, prepairing his sword to a parry and a following thrust.
The tips of their wooden weapons were an inch apart, when suddenly Shinpachi changed his stance, opting for a slash across instead. Saitou, realizing the feint, reacted instantly and the wood met in a loud thwacking noise and a rain of splinters.
They pushed against each other, then sprung apart, the momentum bringing several feet of distance between them. For several moments they eyed each other again, then charged with a viscious ferocity and another stream of splinters flooded over them again.

„What is it Saitou? You seem distracted?!" Shinpachi called out with a lethal smirk on his lips, the one that usually settled on his face when he grasped the weakness of his opponent and was ready to strike it. Saitou knew how formidable and precise Shinpachi was in his attacks, when he knew the weakest point to hit, but the taciturn male didn’t let his face betray the raise in alert he felt was necessary. One always had to be on alert when he fought Nagakura Shinpachi. Straight, honest and fair in the usual daily affairs, Shinpachi became a real beast once he held a sword. Merciless to his oponents and ruthless to enemies, the otherwise cheerfull male was known for not holding back when it came to exploiting your weakest points. A feared monster among those who had gotten a taste of his sword. Saitou had his fair share of expierience fighting monsters and he would decidedly not give Shinpachi a cheap fight, but he still raised his cautiousness when he saw that infamous grinn. He wouldn’t make this easy for Shinpachi. However the next words that his friend said, caught him really off guard.

„Is what happened this morning upsetting you really that much?!“

Now that was something that Saitou had not expected to leave his friend’s mouth, but he had to admit, it struck precisely and deeply as ever. For a moment, Saitou froze in his movement, his focus lost in the surprise the strong male caused and that one moment, the split of a second of lost focus was enough for Shinpachi. Saitou realized the mistake in his defense, but this time Shinpachi was faster and in a moment of movement, his boken was flying out of Saitou’s hands, the tip of Shinpachi’s wooden blade pointed straight at his heart. Saitou couldn’t but think how fitting it was. After all, it was his heart that had given up on this fight.

Shinpachi had won.

They withdrew from their stances and bowed to each other, but Saitou was still distraught. How could he have let it come this far? His sword skills were suffering, even though now they seemed to be the only thing he could offer to his love. And yet...

Saitou had lost.

Lost a honorable fight, because his heart wasn’t in it. Even though it was only a practice match, Saitou wasn’t idealistic enough to believe that it couldn’t happen in a real fight, in which case, he would be dead. And dead he would be of little use to anybody, much less to Hijikata-san. But if his heart was distracted because of Hijikata-san... Saitou stopped the thought before it formed. He was not to be blaming his honorable superior for his own failings. That he let his thoughts wander into that way, proved to him only how much he had strayed from his path. He strictly needed to meditate on this matter. But first he needed to pay his respects to Shinpachi. His friend had not only won the fight fair and square, he made Saitou realize a few things, that he couldn’t come to on his own.

However, as Saitou looked into the tall male’s eyes to properly congratulate him to the victory, he was surprised to see instead of joy the one thing he never expected to see in his friend’s eyes: sadness.

It made his breath catch.

But before he could say anything, Shinpachi beat him to it.

„Would have never thought that someone like you would let himself get so vexed.“

There was nothing happy, or malicious in that sentence, just a deep-seated feeling that went beyond anything Shinpachi had ever showed a living being. A feeling of apprehension settled through Saitou and for a moment a terrifying thought came to him: Could his friend be worried about him?

Before he could contemplate that thought, Shinpachi spoke again.

„You got it really hard for Hijikata-san, don’t you?“

Saitou wasn’t even surprised anymore.

„How do you know?“

He never expected Shinpachi to show such a huge knowledge about his fellows, but then again, everyone seemed to underestimate Shinpachi in these kinds of things. Not once had the strong male surprised them with revelations of issues no one else, not even Sano, seemed to know about in their entirety.

Shinpachi sighed.

„It’s not that hard to figure out. You went to talk to Hijikata-san this morning and since then, you look like some weird two-legged incarnation of a ghost.“

It didn’t take Saitou too long to put two and two together.


After all, the short captain could have been the only reason that Shinpachi knew about his morning talk. Heisuke had been the one to suggest it, after all.

Shinpachi nodded sideways, in half a confirmation.

„Heisuke and then some.“

That was unexpected. Was there anyone else who knew about his feelings towards their vice-commander? Saitou raised his eyebrows at his friend and Shinpachi sighed again.

„Saitou, please forgive me for saying this, but you couldn’t be more obvious. I don’t think I was this obvious when I was chasing Sano.“

Saitou frowned. It was the first time he heard he was obvious. Hijikata-san had always praised him for subtlety.

Shinpachi shook his head.

„The way you watch him. The way you listen when he talks. The way you always take his side. The way you follow him, every time he leaves. The way you support him. The way you look at him. You always get this melancholical look on your face, like you should start sprouting cheesy haiku full of devotion and love any moment. You should see yourself.“

Saitou gave Shinpachi a look. What was his friend saying? That everyone could read him easily, when the vice-commander was near? That he had let go of his hard trained self-control in the presence of not only his superior but the others too? It couldn’t be, could it? He couldn’t have let go of something he had worked so hard for. He had always practiced his self-control and now he was hearing that he had failed? Saitou narrowed his eyes, studying his friend intently.

Shinpachi returned his stare steadily, his eyes not wavering.

Or maybe, it came to Saitou, it was just that some people just read him better. Maybe to Shinpachi he was just as much of an open book as Sano was. Shinpachi had always been more perceptive than people gave him credit for and since he had gotten together with Sano, who with his keen eyes saw things escalating before they even started to develope, he became even better at seeing people’s hearts.

Or maybe Saitou really couldn’t hide anything if it came to his feelings to Hijikata-san. Maybe the depth of his emotions was too large to hide.

He seriously needed to meditate.

„So?“ Shinpachi’s voice brought him back to reality. „What did Hijiikata-san say to you, that had you so distracted?“

No matter how he trusted Shinpachi, or how much his friend already seemed to know, Saitou really didn’t want to talk about it. And it wasn’t his issue to deal with. What Hijikata-san was doing, was sorely Hijikata-san’s decision and if he wanted to ban nanshoku activities from the shinsengumi, because he thought it to be for the best of their organization, it wasn’t Saitou’s place to complain.

But Shinpachi’s eyes were too blue, too honest and too worried, too deep and too much wanting to help, that Saitou couldn’t let him stand there without an answer. Especially not, if the newest rule would essentially disturb the ’arrangement’ Shinpachi was currently involved in.

And so Saitou told him about the encounter he had this morning with the vice-captain and the new rule it provoked.

Saitou didn’t think his short-tempered, straight-forward friend would take the news well, in fact he expected nothing short of an explosion, but Shinpachi surprised him yet again. His friend didn’t cry out in shock and anger, neither did he clench his fist and slamm it into the enarest available hard surface. The only reaction Shinpachi gave was a nod.

„I see. And now you think that Hijikata-san is banning nanshoku activities from the Shinsengumi not to get intimate with you.“

As soon as those words were out, they struck a chord very deep in Saitou and the young man faltered. How did Shinpachi do this? How could that short-tempered man hit the root of the problem without even trying?

Saitou didn’t deny that it had been the first thought that came to him, after Hijikata-san uttered those words, but he had efficiently supressed it and locked it deep within himself, so that it never surfaced. He was not supposed to think such things. Whatever Hijikata-san did, Saitou was sure, it was of the sincerest intentions to the Shinsengumi and strictly unpersonal. Saitou’s feelings had for sure nothing to do with it and it was selfish and egoistical of him to feel hurt because of his vice-commander’s decision.

But something in Shinpachi’s eyes just had the quality to bring supressed thoughts to the surface, like a nagging annoyance that won’t go away untill dealt with. Which was the proper way a man should handle his emotions, Saitou admitted.

Feeling like a dirty, cheating, unworthy liar caught in the middle of his unhonorable ways, Saitou said nothing.

For a long moment there was silence between them.

Then there was another sigh from across of him and the rustling of clothes as Shinpachi scratched his head in a defeated manner.

„You’re the most selfless man I know, Saitou.“

Saitou couldn’t but snort. He didn’t doubt for a second that it was Shinpachi’s honest opinion, but at the moment, he felt everything but selfless.

Shinpachi just shook his head again.

„You know what I do when I get upset?“

„You stuff yourself with food untill you can’t walk?“

Saitou didn’t know where that had come from, but he was too exhausted to show some regret over his words. Besides, it was true. Whenever Shinpachi was upset, he would showel food into himself, while cursing underneath his breath at whatever had annoyed him. Saitou wasn’t taking back his words, because they were impolite. Shinpachi wouldn’t do it either. And also, his friend looked like he should laugh any moment.

True enough, a small snort passed Shinpachi’s lips, before he retorted. „That too. But what helps best is a relaxing, hot bath.“

Saitou raised his eyebrows. A hot bath? Now, that was new. Since when did Shinpachi encourage their members to take baths when they were upset? He almost always grabbed them and took them for a drink, they somehow ended up paying.

„You should try it. There’s nothing that soothes the nerves better, not even sex.“

Saitou fought a wave of hotness attacking his face. It was so improper how open-mouthed Shinpachi sometimes was, but saying something wouldn’t change anything. Saitou knew his friend well enough to know that any attempt to change Shinpachi would result either in a drinking party or a deathly sword duel. So instead of saying anything chastifying, he just nodded and replied.

„I...I’ll consider it.“

„Do that!“ Shinpachi, seemingly very accomplished, grinned in answer and turned to walk away, while Saitou just watched his retreating back.

This entire situation had been very confusing.

Shinpachi had acted all too seriously the entire time and then the advice to take a hot bath, it just didn’t make sense. Why would Shinpachi tell him to take a hot bath, all of a sudden? It just wasn’t something the strong male would usualy do in such a situation. The only conclusion Saitou could thus draw, was that the situation had to be unusual in some kind of way. Suddenly another feeling of apprehension washed over him, as he realized what Shinpachi had to be getting at.

„Maybe I smell?!“

Instantly he started sniffing on his clothes. And really, he had a slightly displeasent odeur around himself. He had bathed a day ago, but it seemed that the intense heat and sword training made him sweat more intensely than usually. And someone with Shinpachi’s sense of smell would surely feel it. And a man that grew up in an urban enviroment would of course find lack of personal hygiene improper.

And what would Hijikata-san, the son of a healer, say, if he found out that Saitou had neglected his personal hygiene? No matter what their current situation was, Saitou would never want to disappoint the vice-commander.

Without any second thought, he headed for the baths.


Sometimes, watching their vice-commander, was really quite a sight, Sano contemplated. If one paid really close attention, he could recognize strong, passionate emotions beneath a layer of cold masks, strict faces and necessary gruffness. If one looked directly into Hijikata-san’s eyes, he would see scorching passion and burning determination, and the readiness to do everything it takes to achieve the goal that had been set.
Those were the things easily recongizable upon a second glance.
But the ones who could look deeper than that, those who were capable of a third glance, would see the layer of doubt and unsureness beneath all that. They would see the questions behind the acts, the questions that Hijikata-san couldn’t afford having, but still were nagging him, when the vice thought no one else was there to see it.

More often than not it was really tragic to watch the doubt spread across the otherwise so determined features, that it put even the fiercest warriors into a state of hesitation.

But sometimes, it was also a bit funny, to watch Hijikata-san, for the lack of better word, fret.

And sometimes, it felt downright justifying.

It was good to know, that the demon-vice himself was sometimes nothing more and nothing less, but human.

A human being, who could mull over his decisions and question them, maybe even show a little regret over making them and having thoughts how to undo the shit he caused.
Because right now, if Sano had to choose how to describe their vice-commander in his current state, those would have been the words he’d use.

Hijikata-san was just sitting there, behind his table, a stack of papers within reach, but untouched, as the vice-commander seemed preoccupied with other, seemingly more important things than paperwork, for a change.

And when it came to Hijikata-san, it wasn’t really hard to guess what could have been more important than the mountain of paperwork stacking up beside him.

It really could have been only Saitou.

Somehow it was calming to know, that even through all of his determination to see things to an end, Hijikata-san could feel something like regrett over hurting a comrade’s emotions. Moreso if it was such a dear comrade like Saitou. It wasn’t really hard to guess the extent of their vice-commander’s feelings towards the young, taciturn master swordsman with the eyes of the color of darkest, deepest ice at night, with the moon reflecting on the surface, breaking his light into a million of patterns and rays upon the roughend surface.

Or something like that.

Sano shook his head, a tiny smile appearing on his face.

Who would have thought, that their gruff vice-commander, the embodiment of harsh determination and hidden emotions, could be so transparent at times...

But enough of contemplation. He was here to take some actions.

Objective: Peace of the organization.
Mission: Bring Hijikata-san and Saitou to finally admit their feelings towards each other.
Methods used: Everything that was necessary.

He cleared his throat to bring the vice-commander’s undivided attention to himself. „Hijikata-san?“

He saw his vice-commander jerk with the shoulders in startlement and turn around in a bit more hasty manner than usual, which only proved to Sano the gravity of the situation.

Hijikata-san was distracted.

Even though the vice-commander recovered from the state quick enough, it could prove to be dangerous, if not life-threatening, when a high-ranking commanding officer, of an organization like the Shinsengumi was distracted. Sano could not let this continue any longer. It was high time, that Hijikata-san got it finally on with his desired one.

„Sano.“ Hijikata-san spoke, finally out of his daze. „What is it?“

From his peripheral vision Sano saw Heisuke, whom Shinpachi had apparently briefed about the newest developement, appear around the corner and nodding at him. Not wanting to betray their plan, the spear wielder didn’t dare to even glance in young captain’s direction, so he just made a subtle gesture with his hand, indicating, that he understood and hoping that his friend caught it. It seemed so, as in the next moment, Heisuke disappeared to where he came from.

It was all set.

Sano had trouble surpressing the smirk that threatened to spread on his lips. The next words he would say, were crucial to things going the way he wanted to, but it was also very important not to let it show. Sano made sure his face betrayed nothing but profesionalism, as he said: „Please pardon me for disturbing, but Saitou kindly asks if you could be bothered to join him in the baths.“

Hijikata looked at him with eyes of the size of a miso bowl.


Sano smirked invardly and mentally patted himself.

Hijikata-san looked right now a healthy combination of bewildered, disbelieveing and hopefull and he couldn’t have spoken a clearer language to Sano: Deep down Hijikata-san regretted whatever he had said to Saitou, because he felt he had somehow upset the younger male. Hearing an invitation like that, no matter how unlikely it seemed, sparked hope in Hijikata-san, hope that not everything had been lost and that Saitou still treassured him somehow, while his mind tried to rationalize with him, that it all was probably different than it sounded.
Sano saw how torn between utter disbelief and hopefull emotions Hijikata-san was, not wanting to believe what he was hearing and yet hoping he was hearing right, even if it was utterly impossible.

And all because Sano had so carefully contemplated what he was going to say.

Hijikata-san should give him a raise.

But back to the present. Keeping Hijikata-san in such a torn state for too long, would prove counter-productive, so Sano elaborated, before the demon-vice came to himself and demanded an explanation.

„He detected a damage on the tub that would need you inspecting it.“

Hijikata’s chest heaved slightly and Sano would have betted his entire month’s pay that it was with disappointment, not relief.

Well done, indeed.

„I see.“ Hijikata-san rose. „I’ll inspect it immediately.“

Sano, smirking into himself, followed his vice-commander out and towards the bathing establishments a few steps behind him, but gradually let himself fall further back, into a safe distance. When they arrived at the place, in an unnoticed moment, the spear-wielder took a dive into the bushes, where Shinpachi and Heisuke were waiting for him, already eagerly awaiting what would unfold before their eyes.


Saitou let himself sink into the hot wetness and a soft sigh left him. Shinpachi’s words earlier had really distracted him, but now that he could relax, thoughts about the previous events started invading his mind.

It looked like Hijikata-san didn’t think approvingly about nanshoku. But then again, Saitou himself had heard and read a lot of unsettling things about the practice, and someone with a medical background like Hijikata-san had surely twice as much knowledge than a simple gokenin like him, and might consider the male ways disconcerting, if not downright dangerous.
While this was understandable, Saitou found himself a little frustrated about the fact. After all, three of their members were practicing nanshoku on a regular basis together, in their curious, yet seemingly comfortable threesome and neither of them had been heard to complain (besides Heisuke, but that was more the youthfull zeal and ambitions, rather than pain and discomfort, speaking).

So maybe Hijikata-san was over-reacting.

As soon as he thought that, Saitou reprimanded himself and shook his head to get the disturbing thought out. One must not think badly about his superiors. Especially not if they were such honorable men like Hijikata-san.
Maybe Hijikata-san had never been faced with such an expierience and was because of that a little prejudiced?
Saitou admittedly had no expierience in the field either, but he tried to be open-minded about it. Though, that was more out of necessity, than by his own choice. Being friends with Shinpachi, Sano and Heisuke just required being open-minded.

And then it happened to him.

He fell in love with a man himself.

He fell in love with his vice-commander.

He fell in love with Hijikata-san.

And now he had a problem.

How could he achieve that Hijikata-san changed his mind? Was that even possible to accomplish? Could he do that? Or was it better to forget and move on, and watch from afar? Could anything convince Hijikata-san of the oposite of what he believed?

Saitou higly doubted it. There was no man under the Sun, who had more resolve in his heart than Hijikata-san. It was one of the qualities, that Saitou loved on that man so much. And yet...and yet...he wished now that there was a way how to weaken that will of steel.
He shook his head to clear it from those invading thoughts. No, he must not think like this. It wasn’t right to think this way. He had to let go of Hijikata-san. He would hold the love still in his heart, but he would set the man free. And at the very least, it wouldn’t do good to Hijikata-san’s image, if such a spawn of the devil became such a honorable man’s lover.

As if on cue, the person in question turned the corner.

„Saitou, I’m here. What did you...want to...show me...“
Hijikata’s words slowly died in his throat as he took in the sight that was in front of him.

Saitou was sitting in the hot bath, visibly enjoying himself as the warm water relaxed his usual taciturn self. His head hung back and his hair was losely tied up, revealing the pale, slender, yet muscled neck and the well-toned shoulder with a part of the defined abs. His features were relaxed and unguarded, only a slight thoughtfull frown creasing the skin of his forehead. His lips were parted like a content sigh lingered there and to Hijikata-san they were begging to be kissed.
He found himself torn between wanting to watch the beautiful male forever and turning around on his heels in fear of being spotted, however before he could wage his options, the captivating male noticed him.


Saitou exclaimed in startlement and hastily stood up in respect.

„Please excuse m-“ but before he could finish the sentence, the towel that had been covering Saitou’s middle, fell from the waist, heavy with water, and revealed the man in all of his glory.
Saitou sunk back into the water in the same instant, the heavy flush visible against his pale features, while Hijikata-san tried to cover up his own with a cough.
„Please forgive my immodesty.“
Hijikata nodded, looking somewhere behind Saitou, strictly avoiding eye-contact with the other male. „I take it the bathtub has no immediate damage that needs to be fixed.“ Hijikata pressed the sentence out of himself, trying to sound as calm as possible. If this was a joke, it was a very bad one.
„I beg your pardon?“
Hijikata shook his head, while he felt a vein on his forehead popp. What was this supposed to be? A sick joke for an equally sick amusement? He was already suffering by not allowing himself to give into his improper feelings, not to taint the purity of the other male and now he had to endure this sadistic teasing? Sincerely, he would have thought better of Sano than that. „If you happen to see Harada, tell him to come to my office.“
With that he turned on his heels and stomped off, not noticing the flash of worry pass the icy eyes.

Behind the bushes the three partners in crime simultanously sighed.

„See? I told you it won’t work. And now Hijikata-san thinks gods-know-what.“
„I think, Sano-san, we should go with your plan.“
„Oh, so now you agree with me, Heisuke."
„Would you two shut up? I think we need to scram. Saitou’s been eyeing this bush for a while. And I don’t think he’s up for a friendly chit-chat right now."
„And whose fault is that?"
„Sano, one more word and I’ll make Heisuke top you."
„Like hell!"

„That’s an interesting idea, Shinpa-san."

At the sound of the new voice the three of them jumped from where they were crouched a feet high and turned on their heels to meet esmerald eyes sparkling with mischief.

„Would you mind if I watched?" Souji smirked.



I really expected having troubles writing Saitou, but...it was surprisingly easy. His thoughts just came to me and before I knew it, I had written three pages of it. What was more troubling was writing him in character. I wanted him to be as cute as he’s in the game, but there were a lot of situations, when I just thought „Saitou wouldn’t do this, Saitou wouldn’t think that.“ I have rewritten those parts, but I’m not sure if they still aren’t totally OOC. Forgive me for being such a crappy writer...I’ll stick to SanoShin in the future and spare you, I promise. v_v

Part 2 (the first try) / Part 4 (the third try)
16th-Feb-2013 05:15 pm (UTC)
No problem. My brain even automatically converted Saitou's lines to Japanese and dubbed them with Toriumi's voice as I read. XD

I lol-ed at Saitou's conclusion of why Shinpachi told him to take a bath. That was so unexpected and tennen moe. Yet it makes sense, since Saitou tends to reflect himself and thinks over if he did something wrong.

"Shinpachi had always been more perceptive than people gave him credit for." That's so true! It's a shame that he doesn't have a route and he only gets developed in Sano route (main game) or Saitou route (Reimeiroku).

I lol-ed again when Sano told Hijikata that Saitou invited him to join him in the bath. XDDD At first I thought gosh can't you be less straightforward? Than I see he's doing so to observe Hijikata's reactions. Good job!

BTW I like the way you describe the spar in detail. Most fanfics skip this kind of scene and only want to spend time on icha-icha stuff. XD
16th-Feb-2013 06:08 pm (UTC)
Really?! Wow! xD
That's actually a big compliment, thank you! ^^

That's great that you mention that, it was actually the thought behind it. It was someting I noticed while I read your translation of Saitou route. Whenever he recieves an advice, Saitou starts reflecting why he recieved that kind of advice and what it says about him. At least, that was the impression I got and somehow it turned into this. I have hesitated about the scene, during one of my edits and considered removing it, because it seemed a bit too clueless, but in the end I let it be. I was too sorry to delete it, I had too much fun writing it. ^^

I'm starved for a Shinpachi insight and this is the result. ^^" I gave him and Sano actually pretty much room, considering they're the side-pairing. I think I put every Shinpachi developement that had been ever shown in the series into this fic. Gosh. I need a fandisk.
I'm not entirely sure if I don't idolize Sano in this fic a bit, next to Shinpachi and Saitou. ^^" I guess I can't fight against my fangirl nature, heh. But then again, why should I, right? ~_^ The bishies need a little loving care.

Oh, thank you!
I was so unsure about the spar scenes!
I think most fanfics skip the part, because the authors aren't sure about the theory around it. Can't say I'm any better. v_v Few hours of Kendo practice with former boyfriend just doesn't meassure up to guys like Saitou and Shinpachi. But I wanted to try writing something like this and see what came out of it, so I'm glad you like it! ^_^
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