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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Complicated as Love - Halloween Special 
31st-Oct-2008 02:16 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories



So, I've been thinking, since today is halloween I'll make a special chapter for you! ^^


Actually it doesn’t stand really out. It happens in a chronological order, so it really isn’t a spoiler or something. But that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a special and has in fact nothing to do with the plot.

Chapter: Dreams - Halloween special
Genre: Shounen-ai/yaoi
Pairing: Ichigo x Keigo
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Slight Angst, but in the majority fluff
Summary: A highspirited Keigo was an energetic Keigo. And energetic Keigo was a tiring Keigo. And a tiring Keigo annoyed Ichigo. And an annoyed Ichigo was an Ichigo whose head throbbed. And an Ichigo whose head throbbed wasn’t a good Ichigo. It was a very annoyed Ichigo. A very snappy Ichigo.
Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach. If I would own Bleach, we would see Yumichika and Ikkaku fucking eachother senseless, Ukitake and Shunsui would marry, Gin would be killed by Kira and Yamamoto by Aizen. And some shounen-ai pairs would out themselves. Seeing that none of this happens, I assume I really don't own Bleach. Maybe in my imagination, but that doesn't count, does it?




Keigo was in a hight spirits as he bounced down the streets of Karakura. The sun was setting and the streets were alive. Maybe it had to do something with the fact that it was 31st October... Hell of course it had to do something with it! In fact it had to do everything with it!

Keigo giggled. Oh how he loved Halloween! The ghost stories, the streets that for once stared to live after sunset, not before, and the whole thing about halloween enchanted the boy. Ichigo, on the counterside, hated halloween. Irony had a really twisted sense of humor - Ichigo hated halloween because Keigo loved it and it left him in high spirits. A highspirited Keigo was an energetic Keigo. And energetic Keigo was a tiring Keigo. And a tiring Keigo annoyed Ichigo. And an annoyed Ichigo was an Ichigo whose head throbbed. And an Ichigo whose head throbbed wasn’t a good Ichigo. It was a very annoyed Ichigo. A very snappy Ichigo. And that exact snappy Ichigo walked right at this very moment beside a highspirited Keigo, massaging his right temple.

„Why exactly are we here?“ he asked for the upteenth time, exasperated, desperately trying not to sneer. He loved Keigo, he really did, but that didn’t chnge the fact that Keigo could be very very tiring.

„We’re here to have fun!“

Keigo threw his arms aroud Ichigos throat and wrapped his legs around the hips of the orangehaired boy, momentarily knocking the air out of him.

„Come on! Enjoy yourself Ichi!“ he grinned at him and Ichigo sighed for what seemed like the hundreth time in one hour. How he hated that he couldn’t be angry at his boyfriend...

„Keigo...“ he held the brunette by his firm ass so he didn’t fall (what a cheap excuse...) „You know I’m not into such festivals...“

Keigo pouted. „You’re such a nerd...“

He unfolded his legs and jumped off of Ichigo. But he didn’t pull away. Instead he leaned into the taller boy, his lips only and inch away from the others.

„And what if you would consider it a date?“

Ichigo raised one eyebrow. „A date.“

„A date.“

„Hmmm...“ Ichigo stroked the slender hips. „That could work...“

„But?“ asked Keigo with a sly smile, knowing already what his lover was about to say.

„But only if I get something for it.“

„Really?“ Keigos smile grew. „Any special wishes?“

„I trust that you can come up with something yourself.“

„Oh, there is something I can offer...“ and with that he leaned forward and captured the soft lips with his own, feeling how he was pulled closer and how his kiss was deepend, becoming more intense, more passionate.

„I think I am willing to consider it a date.“ Breathed Ichigo into the kiss and Keigo grinned. He had him wrapped around his finger.


They jumped and broke instantly the kiss to see who interrupted them in such an ugly way, only to see 2 punks standing on the other side of the street, glaring at them and making obscene gestures.

„Piece of shit!“

„Let’s get going.“ Said Ichigo and taking Keigos hand, he headed down the street.

„Yeah fuck off you gay freaks!“

Ichigo was angry. How dare that 2 punks disturb them and say things like that?!

He cast a look at his boyfriend and he realised, that he liked a highspirited, cheery, sugar-high Keigo better than an upset one.

He stopped walking and pulled his boyfriend close.

„Oi. Don’t you dare crying over some punks.“

„I’m not crying...“ said Keigo in a small voice.

„Yeah, sure.“ And Ichigo hugged him.

„They aren’t worth it, hun. Besides, even if they were the 1st ones, they won’t be the last ones treating us like that. So don’t get upset over it. They’re pieces of shit, who don’t understand that there actually are people who love eachother. And I love you. That’s the only thing that matters to me. The rest of the world can go fuck herself.“

At this point tears were falling from Keigos eyes. „Ichigo...“ but unlike Ichigo thought it weren’t tears of sadness. „That’s the most wonderfull thing you ever said to me...“ It were tears of joy.

And Keigo threw himself at Ichigo and kissed him with desperate need.

Ichigo was surprised, not to say overwhelmed, but he quickly caught himself and responded to the kiss eagerly.

„Is that so?“ he asked as they parted.

Keigo nodded, tearstreaks visible on his face. Ichigo wiped them with his thumb away, gently stroking a flushed cheek. Keigo leaned into that touch.

„Do you realize this is our first date?“

Ichigo looked at him puzzled.


Keigo nodded. „We always hang out at mines or yours, or in the school, occasionaly at the arcade, but I don’t think they could be considered a date.“

And Ichigo realized that Keigo spoke the truth. „You’re right...We’re in a serious relationship, we’re already sleeping with eachother, but we’ve never been on a date...“

„So, are you finally willing to enjoy the evening?“

Ichigo smiled. „More than ready.“

And so they started walking hand in hand.


An hour later night fell over Karakura and the only source of light were the lit jack-o‘-laterns. The most of the people were in costumes, or in traditional kimonos, you saw children walking by, trick-or-treating and the stars at the sky were shining brightly, alsmost as if it was august. Everything was wonderfull.

Keigo and Ichigo currently sat in a café, drinking ‚pumpkin juice‘ (in reality it was orange juice mixed with powdered sugar) and just enjoying eachothers company, occassionaly smiling at eachother, or stroking hands, simply having a good time.


Around Midnight they ended up at Ichigos home, since nobody was there this evening. Karin and Yuzu were on a sleepover and Isshin...God knows where. And Ichigo couldn’t care less. It wasn’t like his Old Man was comlpletely defenseless.

„Want some Midnight snack?“ Ichigo asked as they entered the house and he went for the kitchen.

„Sure...“ Keigo meanwhile sat down on the couch and waited, but not for long, cause Ichigo came after mere minutes in and handed him a toast and a coffee, which he had too. Keigo gladly took it.


Ichigo sat down too and Keigo didn’t hesitate and leaned on him. Ichigo wrapped and arm around the waist of the brunette and the boy sighed in content.

„Today was good. I enjoyed myself.“

Ichigo smiled. „Yeah. Me too. I’m actually glad we went on that date.“ He smiled mischievously. Keigo laughed.

„My idea!“

Ichigo ruffled his head.

„What are we going to do the rest of the evening?“ asked Keigo as he finished his toast.

„What? Haven’t already had enough?!“

Keigo grinned at him like a madman. „Nope!“

Ichigo could only shake his head and wonder how could he have ended up with such a crazy boy. And the answer came instantly: He loved him.

„Fine. Got something you wanna do, or shall I pick something?“

Keigo thought for a second before his face lit up and his lips produced a grin that could concure the grin of the cheshire cat.

„What about som scary movie? Like Scream! Or Van Hellsing! Or-“

Ichigo silenced him with a kiss. „And then you won’t sleep the whole night, will you?“

„How can you say something like that! I’m the man who watched every horror on this planet-“

„-And after each one came to school tired and yawning widely.“ Ichigo finished for him sarcastically.

„Tomorrow’s no school.“

„You’ll keep me up whole night.“

„That’s not necessarily bad.“

Ichigo lingered at the thought. Scared an sleepless Keigo. Kissing the sorrows away. Leading to more. Ichigo grinned. „Fine!“

Keigo smiled to himself. He really had Ichigo wrapped around his finger. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

Keigo picked a movie, Ichigo shut the light down and cuddling on the couch, they started the movie.

And it came as Ichigo predicted. Keigo screamed and trembled and hid in his chest. But Ichigo would never change with anybody. Wrapping his arms around Keigo, holding him firmly, stroking comfortingly his back, kissing his head was making him content. Not that he would ever admit it out loudly. But having Keigo in his arm was sometimes near bliss. He loved the brunette with all his heart.


Eventually the movie ended and Ichigo carried a scared Keigo, whos legs felt like jelly, up into his room and laid him on the bed.

„See? I told you, you’ll be too scared to sleep.“ Sai Ichigo and climed into the bed next to his trembling boyfriend, who launched himself at Ichigo.

„Gee, it was just a movie...“ he said while pulling Keigo closer.


„Baby...Don’t be afraid...“ and he started to kiss Keigos neck.

„I’m not scared...“

„Sure you aren’t...“ his kisses went up to the jawline.

„Don’t make fun of me...“

„I would never...“ and Ichigo claimed Keigos lips with his own, while stroking his sides soothingly.

„Ichigo...“ whispered Keigo and his arms sneaked around the neck of his lover, while Ichigos mouth travelled to his ear.

„Once upon a time there was a you prince. He was very handsome and there wasn’t a princess which didn’t want him.“

„Shouldn’t it be other way around?“ breathed Keigo, feeling the hot breath against his skin and the skilled hands gently stroking his bare hips.

„Shut up and listen.“ Ichigo licked his earlobe and Keigo whimpered. „The king was very proud of his son. But life wasn’t good in the kingdom. It was threatened by vampires!“ Ichigo bit on Keigos neck and Keigo yelped. If from the bite or the sudden change of the fairytale, he didn’t know. But most probably it was from both.

„Ichigo!“ he wasn’t planning on telling him a ghost story, was he?!

„And the dark leader of the vampires knew that the prince was very handsome and beatyfull and wanted him. So he gave the king an ultimatum: Either he gives him his son...or he’ll destroy the whole kingdom, kill the men, and the women and children turn into vampires.“ Ichigo hissed into Keigos ear, who resumed trembling.

„You’re so mean...“ Keigo wnated to sleep desperatly. He was so tired, the whole evening was so eventfull and the movie had worn out his nerves, he simply had to sleep. But Ichigo couldn’t but continue the story. Not that he enjoyed scaring others, but making a bit fun of them wasn’t that bad, now, wasn‘t it? Who said that this will be actually scary?

„And the prince knew, that something had to be done against the vampires. He was very proud and brave, so he told his father to accept and send him to the vampires. But the king didn’t want to lose his beloved son. So he simply put him under arrest, so that nobody could reach him. Especially not the vampires.“

Keigo was now calming a bit. He laid his head on Ichigos chest and listened to his steady heartbeat.

„But the brave prince didn’t want the kingdom suffer because of him. And since the since wasn’t only handsom and brave, but clever too, as night fell, he took off his cape and hung it out of the window, to indicate the vampires where he was. And they found him. The prince made the leader promise that he’ll leave the kingdom when he goes with him. And so the prince was taken.“

Ichigo looked at Keigo to check how he was doing, only to find out that the brunette had fallen asleep from exhaustion. Needless to say, it startled him. Had he been that exhausted? But soon a smile claimed Ichigos face. A sleeping Keigo sure was a sight. He tucked both of them in, swiched the light off and soon he too traveleld into the realm of dreams...

But unlike Ichigos dreams that were empty, Keigos were filled. Filled with bad things:

He run. He was running for his life. Two followers were chasing after him. Two punks. The same punks from earlier the day. He turned left, he turned right. Then he turned again right, then left. Again left. Dead end. Footsteps behind him. He turned only to see the 2 punks standing 3 feets behind him, grinning evily.

„Well well, what do we have here? Our little fag. We’re going to tear you into pieces like that disgusting lover of yours.“ They spat at those word, but Keigo didn’t pay attention to that. What caught his attention was the thing before it. Tear into pieces like your lover?

„ICHIGOOOO!!!!!!!“ Keigo watched mortified as the teeth of the 2 punks grew, how their expression became wilder, how they turned into vampires. In the back of his mind he heard echoe Ichigos words: 'You can’t run away forever. What if there’s a moment when you’ll have to fight? ... I’ll be there to protect you.'

The vampires approached him, caught his throat, their teeth coming near...


Keigo sat straight up in the bed, his throat sore from the scream, that was not only in his mind, panting and his heart racing. He jumped as he felt a hand on his shoulder, the remains of the dream still within him. But as soon as he saw the concerned face of his lover he calmed down.

„Ichigo...“ he threw himself at his boyfriend and clung to him like to his dear life.

„Shhh...calm down...it’s alright, I’m here, I’m here...“ soothing words were whispered into his ear and Keigo was relieved that he only dreamed everything, that Ichigo was alright, he was here.

„You’re alright...“

„Of course I am. Why shouldn’t I be?“

„I dreamed that you were killed by the punks who turned into vampires and then they went after me, I run into a dead end and and...“

Ichigo hugged him tightly again shis chest as Keigo began to hyperventilate, whispering calming words of endearment into the boys ear. „Shhhh...it’s okay, it’s okay...Just a bad dream, it’s okay...“

And soon, Keigo found in his arms peace and calmness. Then he heard Ichigo say: „Do you wnat to know how the story ends?“

Keigo felt himself nodding. He trusted Ichigo, he knew he wouldn’t want to scare him now. Besides he needed a peace of mind, to be able to go back to sleep.

„The prince was taken by the vampires. But there was this one knight from the neighbour kingdom, which heard about the bad luck that fell upon his neighbour and the handsome prince. He wanted to help them, so he took his trusted friends and they rode to the vampires. It was day, so they all were sleeping. But the knight didn’t want to slaughter those who couldn’t even defent themselves, so they waited until the sun set. As the time came the vampires woke up and they saw the threat, so they took their weapons and jumped up to fight. But they were still dazed from the sleep and the knights defeated them. Then they broke in to the leader, who was just about to claim the prince and killed him nd saved the prince. The kingdom was saved, the prince retrieved, the vampires defeated. The kingdom was celebrating and the king told the brave knight that whatever he asks for, he shall have it. And do you know wht the knight said? He said he’ll take what the prince wants him to have. And the prince answered him: ‚The thing I want you to posses is the thing you already have: My heart.‘ And so they lived happily ever after.“

As Ichigo finished the story, he looked at Keigo, only to see his eyes shutting down a lite smile dancing on his lips.

Ichigo smiled and closed his eyes.

This time their dreams were filled with happy memories and the thing that were still to come.






Here the Halloween special of Complicated as Love! ^^

Hope you liked it!
Heya! My brother is alright again, yo if you want to read the 7 Chapter now, you can. I'll get Norm *gets Norm*

Heya! Long time no see! My legs feeling better, so I can guide you to the 7 chapter! All you have to do is follow me!



3rd-Nov-2008 05:51 pm (UTC)
I loved how sweet your Ichigo was! *squees*
8th-Nov-2008 10:33 am (UTC)
Thanks! ^^
Though I don't know if I didn't make him a bit ooc...
8th-Nov-2008 10:41 am (UTC)
OOC is a difficult issue, especially when in dealing with relationships. Everyone acts differently when in love, and when someone they love is struggling. It's a hard balance, and in the end, it's probably not anything that can be commented on correctly. For the situation and the fanfic, he could be sweet like your's, or almost the complete opposite. It's all up to the writer's interpretation.
9th-Nov-2008 01:53 pm (UTC)
Well thanks! ^^
You surely encouraged me
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