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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Lessons of Lead 
16th-Jun-2009 01:32 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Name: Lessons of Lead
Genre: shounen-ai/yaoi
Pairing: Conzak (Conrad/Yozak), hinted Yuuram (Yuuri/Wolfram)
Warning: drabble, hints, sticky situations (not what you might think)
Rating: T (ratings from fanfiction.net)
Disclaimer: I really do not own kyou kara maou... *sniff*

Summary: Yuuri wanting to make everything perfect for Wolfram goes to learn from the experts in this matter: Conrad and Yozak! Sticky situations arouse, thought not quite what you think. Drabble.

Lessons of Lead


„Come again?“ two brown eyebrows shot up into equaly brown hair and skyblue eyes sparkled witch mischief as thin lips were drawn into a smirk as black eyes stared to the floor.

„Teach me how.“ Yuuri repeated. „I want surprise Wolram and show him that I can do something like that.“

„It will be physically very straining if you have never done it before.“ Yozak commented with a sly grin on his face and Conrad nodded seriously.

Yuuri looked up with pleading eyes. „But I want it to be perfect when I’ll do it with Wolfram.“

„You’ll be all sweaty so it won’t really surprise him.“ Said Conrad with a stoic face, but his smile started to return.

Yozak nodded. „It will rather throw him into one of his jealous fits.“

„What doesn‘t?! I...“ the young king averted his gaze. „I really need to know...“

„You’ll be all sticky.“

„I don’t care!“

The married pair exchanged looks and Yozak shook his shoulders at the silent question in Conrads eyes. ‚I know you always wanted to‘ his eyes said. With that Conrad turned to Yuuri. „You’ll have to watch first to see how it’s done. Then you can join and try it out.“

Yuuri nodded eagerly and Conrad scooted Yozak into his arms. „See, it’s about lead and being led. Control and submission. You have to show who’s dominant and who has the say in this. But you can’t forgett about the willingness of your partner. You both have to enjoy it.“


Conrad moved and a split second later Yozak joined, while saying: „Captain is really good at this. He knows how to bring people to do what he wants. Actually he’s been considered the best at the academy in this particular activity.“ He smirked looking his captain straight into the eyes.

The man smiled back and pulled the slightly flushed Yozak close. „But only because you’re so devoted to let yourself fall.“ He whispered against the lips of his ‚wife‘.

„Only to you, fearless leader.“

After a while they finished the play of their bodies and Conrad turned to the fascinated Yuuri and extended his hand. „Come on, Your Majesty. I’ll show you how it has to feel. Then you can apply it on Yozak. He’s really good in the submissive part.“ He smiled and Yuuri approached him shaking his head. „You probably shouldn’t call me ‚Majesty‘ when you’re showing me this kind of  things. Conrad chcukled. „Yes, Yuuri.“

And he took the kings hands and took over the lead of the play of their bodies, showing the unexpierienced youth when he had to push and pull and exactly when and where the preassure on the body should be applied to make it enjoyable, to make it feel as it had to feel. After that Yuuri tried the earned knowledge on Yozak. It was awkward at first, Yozak being taller and all, but nonetheless, the spy seemed to be enjoying himself pretty much.

Later they laid panting on the bed, muscles aching, faces flushed, sweat pouring from them. „Maaan...“ Yuuri breathed out. „Never would’ve thought that it could be this tiring.“

Yozak laughed as he and Conrad joined their hands. „Told you you’ll be all sticky. But truth be told, I have never enjoyed myself this much.“ Yozak panted and Conrad chuckled. „Carefull what you say, I might become jealous.“

Yozak laughed. „Only because I enjoyed dancing with His Majesty? Come on, captain, don’t be ridiculous. Besides, I wouldn’t trade you for anybody.“ They exchanged loving smiles and Yuuri sighed contently at the sight.

„You’re such a nice pair...“

„I’m sure you and Wolfram will be too, Yuuri.“


The second of my two KKM os. I always wanted to writ esomething like this.

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