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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Alluring tunes 
15th-Aug-2009 09:19 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Hey there, today I got an inspiration for a new fanfic.
I got inspired as I read Sapkowskij’s „Sword of Destiny“. It’s AU, will be probably multichapter (though I have no plan how to continue it), main pairing Conzak. I hope you‘ll like it.

Fanic: Alluring Tunes
Rating: K+
Warnings: shounen-ai, AU
Pairings: Conzak
Summary: And then there was music. Wonderfull music and a heartbreaking ballad sung by a melodical voice. And he remembered ... A song the man knew by heart and those two skyblue diamonds rested on him, locked with his own prairie-golden hues.

: Since I don't see happening what I would like to happen, I guess I don't own Kyou Kara Maou

Alluring tunes – Melody of the Nightfall and Stars


It was twilight as the young man on his brown horse arrived at the small town near the mountains, next to the riverstream which crossed the whole country. It was clearly an agrar town with only a small amount of merchant carts and handicraft workshops, but it was too spacious to be called a village. And it obviously had a nightlife, which was slowly starting with the setting sun. The man stoped in front of an inn and got down from the mare and patted gently her neck. As he stepped inside the inn he headed straight to the bar, ignoring the curious glances he got from the other (3) occupants.

„Whiskey.“ He said.

„Money.“ Countered the cautious barman. The clothes of the man were dirty and not the newest. It was clear cotton, but low-trade. And they cost much less than the whiskey. Luckily, the man wasn’t offended like any other bandit would be and wordlessly reached behind his worn out cloak for the moneybag, revealing for a little moment the simple sword dangling on his side. He throwed a few coins onto the bar. The barman regarded them closely with a sceptical look but after a while he finaly decided they were genuine and with a nod he poured the man a little of his whiskey. The man didn’t complain as he took the whiskey and downed it with one gulp.

„Do you have free rooms?“

„Do you have money?“

The man throwed again wordlessly a few coins onto the bar and the barman nodded.

„Two nights.“

„Agreed. Your room is upstairs, on the end of the floor.“ The man stood up without a word and went upstairs. He found his room quickly. It was probably the cheapest room the owner had, with one chair, one bed and one table. It was also small in size, but for the man it was enough. He looked around. He still had some time to wait for what he was here. So he went to the small window with no curtains and opened it, looking out, breathing in the chilly night-air. He saw the square, where people were gathering, wearing wonderfull clothes, laughing, eating, drinking. A wedding celebration. And then there was music. Wonderfull music and a heartbreaking ballad sung by a melodical voice. And he remembered...

He took his time to get to the celebration. At first he looked around, then went toone table, where the food was rapidly disappearing. Weddings in small towns were a public event and everybody could join the celebration as long as he knew how to drink, how to eat and how to have fun. The man knew how to do the first two. Having fun was not a part of his profession and he wondered how long it has been...how very long...

He got into a talk with some man, but he listened only halfway and replied onewordedly. The majority of his attention got the music, the sound of the lute and the melodical alto voice which sung a song he didn’t know. The man loved music. He loved it since childhood, since he heard the lute for the first time, since he knew... He looked towards the singer. The female figure stood there, the long fingers stroking the cords almost softly, the lips open wide, singing one of the most beautifull songs the man ever heard. And then those eyes, those skyblue eyes, glinting in the light of the stars like diamonds, diamonds which always made him the richest man alive, even when his moneybag was empty. And he knew...

And suddenly another song started to sound, a song the man knew by heart and those two skyblue diamonds rested on him, locked with his own prairie-golden hues. The song was infinitely long, so long, so long ago...So very long ago...It made his heart ache and his smile soften, but he was rich, so rich....

As the song ended, the singer bowed by roaring applause and announced a small break and went behind a tent, to a spot which has been forgotten by the guests, a private spot, where you could see the stars shining brightly in the late twilight. The man followed.

The singer didn’t even turn around as he approached, stood beside, stared without a word...

So the first to speak was the singer, with his deep, bottomless tenor voice.

„How long do you intend to stand there like a marble statue? Or do you need my permission to finally kiss me?“

And kiss they did. They kissed long, their lips wet, rough and passionate, filled with too many things to describe. There was need, there was love, there was lust and there was return. Return to where he belonged to. To this one person, to this singer... „Yozak, gods Yozak...“

„Conrad...“ the singer whispered as they finally parted and their eyes met again. They didn’t ask what the other was doing here, they knew that it was the wind of destiny which directed them into unknown directions, where no paths and roads were, only their feet on the cold earth of the forrest. „So long, so very long...“ Yozak whispered and Conrad only nodded.

„I see you are well.“ He said and Yozak nodded.

„I get to sing occassionally. And since I can sing both, masculine and feminine, I have no problem to come to a job. So when I heard there was a wedding I thought, what is a wedding without a bard? So I came and asked whether they need a voice like mine. And as you can see, they needed an alto. And you? You look again like the last wanderer. Like a vagabond, or something.“

Conrad smiled apologetically. „Money is low.“

„But still enough for whiskey?“

„You are as astute as ever.“

„No. I just have a nose. Which also tells me that you didn’t change. Sweat, Blood, Earth, Dirt...But it’s not that bad. Did you take a bath in the stream?“

Conrad smiled. „Two days ago. And you smell like always.“

Yozak smirked. „Really? How would that be?“

„Different.“ It was true. Yozak didn’t have a specific smell – he wore so many costumes, played s many roles, used so many perfumes...But somewhere underneath that, Conrad could distinguish the smell of wind, field flowers and forrest honey. And a good tavern.

After looking at him with that smile of his for a while, Yozak turned away and averted his gaze towards the nightsky, where billions of stars shone right down on them, bathing them in their diamond-light. And he was rich, so rich...

„Embrace me.“

And Conrad did. Yozaks body was hot, so hot against his own cold skin, his neck was sweet against his salty lips, and later the night his cavern was wet against his own dry mouth. Yozak didn’t ask what job he had to do this time, or how long he stayed. He didn’t ask when or if they meet again. No, Yozak didn’t ask, because Yozak never asked. He only sang.


Yeah I know it's short...But still, did you like it? Reviews? Please?

16th-Aug-2009 03:36 am (UTC)
So far so good. Your writing style is smooth and easy to follow (except maybe for one or two oddly placed words), and I truly love the atmosphere that you created. And of course, Conrad and Yozak is always love.

Thanks for sharing, and please continue.
16th-Aug-2009 12:52 pm (UTC)
Thanks! So it's settled then, I'll continue! (I got a review on fanfiction.net too and it also requested a epic fanfic.
Thanks for the compliments! ^^
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