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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Alluring Tunes 
17th-Aug-2009 05:06 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

So, since some of you requested a continuation, here it is. Hope ya’ll like it – I hope I made it confusing enough *evil grin*

Fanic: Alluring Tunes
Rating: K+
Warnings: shounen-ai, AU
Pairings: Conzak
Summary: And then there was music. Wonderfull music and a heartbreaking ballad sung by a melodical voice. And he remembered ... A song the man knew by heart and those two skyblue diamonds rested on him, locked with his own prairie-golden hues.

: Since I don't see happening what I would like to happen, I guess I don't own Kyou Kara Maou

Ballad of the „Two Joined Hearts“


They were laying on the hard matress in the room, two naked bodies warmin eachother in the chilly night of the newmoon, pressed tightly together. Neither of them spoke. Neither asked. Because they knew... Yozak knew that the time left for them is short, he knew that the man next to him won’t even wait for the sickle of the moon to appear. And he...he will wait only for the first sunstrays. They will part, again, who knows for how long, untill their differing paths cross again, who knows when, who knows where...

„I paid for two nights.“

Yozak nodded, understanding. He would stay to see the sharp edge of the moon, cutting through the nightsky, like his sword cut through the flesh of so many enemies... But Yozak would wait for the first sunstrays which repel the darkness of the night, clearly winning without even having to fight. The two paths of two hearts, heading for the same end, crossing, differing, unsure...Only their hearts were joined, in one infinite thought. The thought of their two hearts joined in one, one being, two bodies, always together, far apart, like day and night, sun and moon, meeting only at twilight and dawn, melting together into one in a brilliant burst of colors...

„I didn’t pay. I’m leaving the town in the morning.“

„True, you always liked more to sleep with only the skies above you.“

Yozak just smiled. His daylight-sky-blue eyes looked into the sunset-prairie-golden and seeked for something deep withing, a connection, melting together, melting together like their lips...

„Two nights...“ he whispered against those raw lips and a flash of a thought crossed their minds, a split moment of understanding. „Two nights and one burst of sunlight

meeting in the twilight and the dawn,

completing the chain of the time,

the infinite cycle of life and death.

A neverending story enfolds and ends,

Like book opening and closing,

Like a river rising and meeting,

Like two hearts meet and melt,

Like two souls merge,

Like life which repeats itself.“

Conrad was smiling at him. „Have you made it up now?“

„I’ll call it the Ballad of the Two Joined Hearts“.

„Sounds great.“

„Just wait how it will sound with a lute. It will make a good alto.“

Conrad laid a hand on the cheek of his beloved and traced his contures. „My beautifull poet...“

Yozak leaned into the touch and touched the hand on his face. „I could eventually make a ballad about the Newmoon Stars shining down on Love.“

Conrad chuckled. „Where do you always get these ideas?“

„I read them in your eyes.“

„I almost forgott how romantic you can get at night.“

„It has been long enough to forgett...Let’s make new memories from the few hours left.“

„Sounds like an idea.“

They kissed again. And then again. And again. And again, and again, and again, the kisses repeating like the infinite cycle of life and death...


As always, Yozak awoke with the first sunstrays which stroked gently his face. Conrad was still next to him, asleep, but Yozak knew that with the tiniest movement of him, the man would wake up. He was deciding whether it was good or bad, like he always did, but never came to an answer. So sighing, he sat up and went to retrieve his clothes, scattered around the room. He almost forgott that he wore female garments last night. His male clothes were in the bag on the back of his horse, which was...somewhere nearby. That inttelligent beast knew well enough how to hide, so that no thieves or bandits found it.

„So you’re really leaving.“

Yozak turned around to the man on the bed with a sad smile. „I am. But you know that. You knew that. So why do you ask?“

„Will you go through the forrest?“

Their eyes met and Yozaks understood. „We’ll see.“ And with that he went to the door. He paused only for a moment as he asked: „Two nights?“

„Two nights.“ Was the only reply he got.

„It has been a long time since... We’ll see.“ And with that he left definitely.


Fifteen minutes later, he sat on his horse, dressed in his male attire (which consisted of a simple tunic, a belt, tight pants, an undershirt and his beret with the feather from a skylark). They (he and his horse) were standing on the bridge over the sidestream „Ti-ěwa“ (read: Tie-yeva – yes, I made it up) of the „Wide River“, staring at the forrest in front of them.
 (Local map 1 picture)

 His horse neighed nervously.

„You’re right. People don’t call for slayers without a reason.“ Yozak said.

A snort.

„I see we agree in this. Let’s see...Two nights. That means tomorrow morning, meaning a few hours. Going through the fields – one day, meaning tomorrow morning...“

Another snort.

„And we’ll stay alive.“

A loud neigh.

„Clever boy.“ Yozak patted his stallion with a smirk on his face and turned around, going down from the bridge and then turned off the highway, into the wide fields. Just standing in front of that forrest gave him the creeps and apparently his horse agreed totally with him. And the fact that Conrad was in the town only multiplied those creeps. Conrads appearence always equaled bad news. Simply always. Yozak guessed it went with the job.


„The situation is very bad.“

„So I see.“

„Will you help us?“ the bald man licked nervously his lips as he asked that. Obviously the whole story made him very worried. Maybe even scared. But Conrad understood that, he has seen it so many times – what human fear was able to do with people, with merchants, with soldiers, even with brave knights. It could turn them into a crying mess withing a few seconds, but it also could make them braver and stronger. Fear was a two-edged sword. Conrad Weller used a two-edged sword. He was strong.

„Of course I’ll help you.“

„Thank you, thank you, Your Grace, brave and kindhearted slay“

Conrad stood up, interrupting the ‚empty thank-you-speech‘ as he called it and said: „Show me where.“


Yozak was right – it really took them the whole day to bypass the forrest. It was already the dead of the night as they arived at the other end, where the highway continued, where they would’ve come out in just 3 hours if they went through the forrest. Yozak jumped down from the stallion and as he did, he heard cawing in the distance, coming from the middle of the dark forrest. His look became melancholical as he heard the sound which, in poetry, symbolized death. Three hours, he decided, three hours, not a minute longer. He sighed.

„Time to rest Rory.“ He said and his only answer was a tired neigh.

He was woken by the gentle strokes of the wind and the sunstrays descending on his face. It was dawn.


Two nights and one burst of sunlight meeting in the twilight and the dawn


He stood up. His stallion neighed and followed the example of his master. Yozak swung himself onto the bare back of the horse and jerked a little with the reins. As they set foot onto the highway, a figure emerged from behind the trees and the darkbrown stallion fell into rhythm with the lightbrown mare. The riders were silent for a few moments. First to speak was Yozak.

„I added another stanza to the ballad. And I’ve got the melody for it. In the end, it’s sung with tenor.“

Conrad smiled. „Then sing.“


Two nights and one burst of sunlight

meeting in the twilight and the dawn,

completing the chain of the time,

the infinite cycle of life and death.

A neverending story enfolds and ends,

Like a book opening and closing,

Like a river rising and meeting,

Like two hearts meet and melt,

Like two souls merge,

Like life which repeats itself.


Two hearts and two bodies,

Two souls and two minds,

dancing around the circle of time,

the chain of destiny leading their ways,

parting them, joining them, blowing away,

Like an eternal game,

Like the torch and the flame,

Like two hearts together in time and space,

Like two souls heading to one place,

Like life repeating itself.


Like the life which repeats itself.

Life repeats itself.

So, uh, what was it like? I hope I answered some questions and opened even more. ^_____^

Ah, yes, if anybody who plays lute (yeah, sure) wants to make a melody to that...“ballad“ (how funny – note the sarcasm), feel free to do so. ^^“


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