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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Lord and Lady Weller, part 1 
30th-Sep-2009 09:59 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

So, since I've been writing this for some time now and posting it only on fanfiction, and the next chapter is almost finished, I decided to do a big dump here and post the most of it I can.
So here's is: Lord and Lady Weller

Name: Lord and Lady Weller

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: Conzak

Rating: K+ – M/ PG-13 – NC-17

Warnings: yaoi, citrus (mainly lemon), crossdressing (it’s Yozak, damnit!), OC and OOC (minor character), fluff, romance, ... duh.

Summary: Conrad and Yozak wanted to marry since a long time, but things changed and Yozak is getting impatient. How far is Conrad willing to go in order to keep the one he loves by his side forever?


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Kyou Kara Maou. If I did, it would be censored 18+ and a whole episode would be dedicated to Conrad f*cking Yozak into the matress. And Yuuri would finally marry Wolfram. And so on. Seeing that none of this is happening, I guess Kyou Kara Maou doesn’t belong to me. Sadly. But I’m making plans on seducing the owners and inherit the rights.


While reading various kkm fanfics this idea popped into my mind and I need to get it out. It’s OOC, because I needed to write one to get it finally out of my system. It’s a nightmare. Hope you like it. It was originally planned as a OneShot, but I thought farther ahead and stories started to popp into my mind. Tell me if you like the idea of an eloping Yozak and Conrad. The next chapters will be better, I swear. Also, I have a severe writers block on Fatefull Encounters and I need to inspire myself. So please, please, send me some requests, something concrete. I can’t work like this.

Dreams come true

„I’m going to tell them.“

„Are you insane?!“

„Then you tell.“

„Hell no! You know how Yuuri thinks about it!“

„Yuuri here, Heika there, what I want and feel doesn’t matter a thing, does it?!“

„You’re being ridiculous. Now stop this childish behavior and calm down!“

„You don’t love me!“

„That’s why I’m engaged to you Gurrier!“

Slam, shatter. Silence.

„That was a gift from my mother.“

„Why should I care! Since you obviously care more about gifts from your mother and your beloved Yuuri than me!“

And with that Yozak Gurrier ran out of the room, past Conrad Weller, shielding his tearstrained eyes from view. „I’m done with you!“

„Yozak wait!“ Conrad hurried after his escaping fiance. This felt so wrong...Luckily he caught up with him and grabbed him by the wrist and spun him around. „Wait.“

„Let go you jerk!“


„Why do you even hold onto me if you don’t love me anymore!“

„But I do love you, you stubborn ass!“

„Then why can’t we tell them?! Don’t you remember?! What we promised eachother? If we live through the battle? We wanted to elope and go on a journey for a year, only the two of us! And now you’re refusing to come out with me!“

There was silence between them for a while, the only thing interrupting it was an occasisonal sob from Yozak. Conrad hated to see the tears in those clear skyblue eyes. Yozak didn’t usually cry (even though he was a really extroverted guy and wore his feelings up on his sleeves) but it looked like he really was at the end with his patience and strenght and began to shatter. And suddenly Conrad knew very clearly what to do. He let go of his lovers wrist and looked at him.

„Go pack your things.“

The look Yozak gave him was so scred that Conrad kicked himself as hard as he could for making it sound like that. „Mother is leaving in an hour for one of her free-love-trips. If we hurry we can make it.“


And Conrad smiled. „We’re eloping.“

For a second he thought Yozak will faint. Then a wide smile spread over the mans face and he ran into their room, throwing their things together. Conrad followed him and folded the bedsheets to makeshift ropes. At the risen eyebrows he simply shrugged. „If we’re eloping, let’s do it right.“ The eager nod was answer enough.

As he was ready to climb down, Yozaks voice stoped him. „And Heika? I don’t want you to throw away everything for me. I’m sorry for my fit, I know you swore-“

„His Majesty doesn’t have only me.“ Yozak looked up into Conrads smiling face in awe. „He has Wolfram and Gwendal and Günther and many more. Besides, I’m sure he’ll understand. So listen, I’ll climb down and catch you, alright?“

Yozak smiled. „As you wish, anata.“

So Conrad climbed down, caught the bag Yozak threw down and then as Yozak jumped, he caught him too. A few moments they remained like that staring into eachothers eyes lovingly, caught in the moment and then Conrad put Yozak down and they made a run to the harbour. While they ran, they laughed from the joy which suddenly engulfed them.

„I can’t believe this is happening!“ Yozak called halfway through the city.

„If we don’t hurry we won’t make it.“ Came as the answer but Conrad too was smiling like a madman. He never thought he actually would do something like this. And he never expected it to feel so good. Just throw away his responsibilities and be free. And he found that he couldn’t care less whom he will disappoint. The only thing he cared about was the laughing Yozak at his side. /Mother will be delighted./ the thought crossed his mind.

They really made it just at the nick of time. And just as thought, Cheri-sama was delighted. „Conrad...just as expected from my son! Throwing away everything to be with the love of his life...Of course I’ll help you! Where do you want to go?“

The two men looked at eachother a bit surprised. „Well, we haven’t thought about that...“

„Oh, how about Bandarbia! I heard they do there eloping marriages without much asking!“ Yozak squealed while Conrads smile grew nervous.

„Mother, how do you always know these things...“

„Let’s head for Bandarbia, the Island of Dreams!“


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