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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Lord and Lady Weller, part 2 
30th-Sep-2009 10:21 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Name: Lord and Lady Weller

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: Conzak

Rating: K+ – M/ PG-13 – NC-17

Warnings: yaoi, citrus (mainly lemon), crossdressing (it’s Yozak, damnit!), OC (minor character) and OOC, fluff, romance, ... duh.

Summary: Conrad and Yozak wanted to marry since a long time, but things changed and Yozak is getting impatient. How far is Conrad willing to go in order to keep the one he loves by his side forever?


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Kyou Kara Maou. If I did, it would be censored 18+ and a whole episode would be dedicated to Conrad f*cking Yozak into the matress. And Yuuri would finally marry Wolfram. And so on. Seeing that none of this is happening, I guess Kyou Kara Maou doesn’t belong to me. Sadly. But I’m making plans on seducing the owners and inherit the rights.

Wherever they take us

„This is crazy!“

„You are the one who wanted this.“

Conrad and Yozak stood on the upper deck of Cheri-samas ship, watching the Island of Dreams, where they were heading at for no other reason than to get married. They were eloping.

„It’s still crazy! You, I, your mother and Bandarbia is a minute away. We’re eloping, marrying, disappearing without a word! This is...like a dreeam.“

Conrad smiled. „I hope it’s a pleasent one then.“

Yozak looked into the eyes of his soon-to-be-husband and leaned on him, content. „The best.“ Conrad put an arm around him and pulled him closer a genuine smile gracing his lips.

Soon they reached land and just as they sat foot on it, Cheri-sama grabbed Yozak by the wrist and dragged him off. „We need to find you something to wear! I’m sure you’ll look stunning in white!“

At first startled, then Yozaks face lit up and broke into a cheshire-cat grin. „Of course!“ then he turned to Conrad and called: „Pick a nice suit, anata!“

Conrad could only shake his head, while his mother called: „Meet us in two hours at the court!“ What had he dragged himself into?

In two hours he stood in front of the court in a brand new suit, slowly growing impatient. He was waiting for already 20 minutes and still no sign of his fiancé or his mother.

„Sorry to keep you waiting. It took us time to get Yozak into it.“ He jumped startled by the voice. He had been so nervous and in thought that he didn’t even notice them. But as soon as he laid eyes on Yozak he was stunned speechless. A wonderfull dress of pure white adorned him and a milky white lace was tied losely to his hair, in his hand a bucket of red roses. The dress was off shoulder and trimmed with gold, on the skirt a floral motive created with fine golden yarn.

„Beautifull.“ He breathed and Yozak even blushed as he looked down, embarassed like a little girl. Cheri-sama was only smiling.

„Let’s get in, no? Finally my son is marrying! This has to be the happiest day of my life!“ both men smiled and looked shyly at eachother and Conrad extended his hand. „Shall we, my beautifull lady?“

Yozak courtsied. „I would love to, mylord.“

Approximately 20 minutes later he was carrying Yozak out, grinning from ear to ear, looking more happy than he ever had in his entire life. If yesterday somebody told him he would elope and marry regardless of what situation was he in, he would’ve laughed, seriously. But now it only seemed natural. Completely natural to hold Yozak clad in a wedding dress in his arms, carrying him to a boat Bandarbia gave to eloping couples so they could leave the island the fastest way possible. It was like living a dream. Throwing away everything, doing something unexpected, unacceptable and irresponsible while feeling so damn good. If this was what freedome felt like, he regretted never taking it. But he had it now. With a beautifull wife in his arms, who was smiling contently.

They reached the boat and Conrad put Yozak down, got into the boat and helped his ‚wife‘ inside. „Mylady,“

Yozak grinned as he accepted his hand. „Mylord.“

„Please, make yourself comfortable.“

„Mylord is so kind.“ He answered.

Conrad turned to his mother. „Hahawe, thank you for everything.“

Cheri-sama was delighted, her eyes were sparkling with joy and excitement. „I’m so happy!“ then she and Yozak shook hands.

„Mother, thank you for making this dream possible.“

Cheri-sama giggled as she squeezed his hand lightly. „Take good care of my son.“

„I will.“

And the boat cast off. Yozak sat down and Conrad began rowing, while Cheri-sama waved with her handcaircheef, crying a river. As she diisappered from sight, Conrad turned to hiy wife, asking: „Where to, mylady?“

Yozak smiled. „Wherever the waves will take us, anata.“

„As you wish, beautifull lady.“

„Mylord is flattering me.“ Yozak hid his face halfway into his bouquet and Conrad smiled. The dream had only begun.

„Because you are th emost beautifull being that walked the lands of this world and swamm in the sea, whose color can’t match with the wonderfull colour of your skyblue eyes.“

Yozak put a hand over his heart as his cheeks were tinted red. „Mylord has never said something this beautifull to me. It makes my heart flutter and my knees go weak. My whole body trembles from the sweetness of those words.“

„Then I shall repeat it some time again.“ He eyed the dress. „And after we land, I’m going to buy you a dress which will underline those wonderfull features of you.“

„You are so kind to me, mylord.“

„Because I love you with all my heart, mylady.“ And reaching out, he took Yozaks hand and kissed it, making Yozak flustered again. Yes, indeed. This was the mere beginning of a wonderfull dream. A dream that felt more real than anything in his life ever did. And as he realized that this dream had a future he felt like he would burst from joy. And as he looked into the wonderfull eyes of Yozak he knew that he was heading into certain future. They were.


A few days later a few miles away from Bandarbia

A blackhaired boy entered his office a frowned in thought. „Gwendal, have you seen Conrad? I didn’t see him for a few days now. Is he somewhere on a mission?“

Gwendal raised an eyebrow. „I thought you sent him somewhere.“

Yuuri scratched the back of his head. „This is strange... Maybe Murata knows something.“ But just as he was about to head out, a blond woman entered the room.

„Gwendal! Heika! How nice to see you!“

They greeted her and a thought crossed Yuuris mind. Maybe she would know. „Cheri-sama, do you possibly know where is Conrad?“

At the mention of the name Cheri-sama squealed and clasped her hands in glee. „Conrad?! My beloved son followed the calling of his heart and escaped with the love of his life so they could share they dreams!“

There was silence for a few seconds and then a chair fell backwards and a thunderous voice hollered: „HE ELOPED?!“

Cheri-sama scowled. „You make it sound so unromantic...“


So, what do you think about it? To make things clear: The two will act like this for the whole time. That’s why the fanfic is called ‚Lord and Lady Weller‘

And before I forgett: I’m taking request but I need something to work with. What do you want to see, where do you want to see it, whatever you like. F.e.: Big Shimaron, winter and snow, renting a small cottage and spending the nights with cacao and sharing body heat.


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