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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Lord and Lady Weller, part 4 
30th-Sep-2009 10:31 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Name: Lord and Lady Weller

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: Conzak

Rating: K+ – M/ PG-13 – NC-17

Warnings: yaoi, citrus (mainly lemon), crossdressing (it’s Yozak, damnit!), OC (minor character) and OOC, fluff, romance, ... duh.

Summary: Conrad and Yozak wanted to marry since a long time, but things changed and Yozak is getting impatient. How far is Conrad willing to go in order to keep the one he loves by his side forever?


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Kyou Kara Maou. If I did, it would be censored 18+ and a whole episode would be dedicated to Conrad f*cking Yozak into the matress. And Yuuri would finally marry Wolfram. And so on. Seeing that none of this is happening, I guess Kyou Kara Maou doesn’t belong to me. Sadly. But I’m making plans on seducing the owners and inherit the rights.

Into the future with new

It was cold. That was the first thing in the ?morning? Yozak realized. Popping himself up on one arm he looked sleepily around and suddenly memories of yesterday came crashing down. Their argument in the morning, their eloping, Bandarbia, marriage at noon, the little game they started, taking a boat to Big Shimaron, renting a room in the inn and then...And suddenly Yozak realized why he was so damn cold. He looked around in search for his husband, but he was nowhere to be seen. He was halfway through discussing whether to stand up or not, when somebody entered. But before he could react he saw the brown fur of his...husband... The man smiled.

„You’re up.“ He approached him and sat on the bed. „How are you?“

„Cold.“ Yozak snapped. „Where were you?“

Conrad had to laugh. „I was ordering lunch.“

„Lunch. We just got up. It can’t be-oh.“ He stopped his speech as he noticed the sun standing high. „What time is it exactly?“

„One hour past noon.“ Said his husband with a smile which was something between understanding and sadistic (at least for Yozak as a knowledgeable).

„...oh.“ Yozak sighed. „Time to get up, then.“ He sat up and rubbed his tired, sleepridden eyes. „How long were we up yesterday? Not that I mind. I never felt this good in the morning, mind you.“

„I believe the sun was rising when we fell asleep. That’s the last thing I remember.“

„What else do you remember?“

„You being beautifull.“

Yozaks head snapped up in a surprised manner. He blinked twice, then a small genuine smile spread across his face. „Will I get such compliments now on daily basis?“

„If mylady wishes so.“

Yozak laughed at the implications of their ‚little game‘. „Mylady should get dressed. And take a little shower perhaps.“

„Need any help?“

Yozak snickered. „I manage.“

„What a pity...“

„Now, now, get your testosterone down, lunch will be here soon. Besides, we have one whole year for those things.“ With that he rose up but he didn’t come far as his knees bend and with an „oof“ he landed face down on earth.

„Yozak!“ At an instant Conrad was next to him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

„We really did it till sunrise, didn’t we?“ came the muttered question, but it sounded rather like a statement.

„Are you okay, can you stand?!“

He heard his husbands frantic voice and was torn between smiling, sighing and groaning. He chose chuckling as he lifted himself up on his arms. „You sateless devil...“ he muttered, but in spite of his words he was smiling.

„I’m so“ Conrad didn’t even get to finish the word as a hand was gently placed on his mouth.

„Quiet. I’m fine. Just no hasty movements.“ He stood up, this time slowly and as he made his way to the bathroom he made sure that his steps were as ‚considerate‘ as possible and his hand was placed on the wall for slight support. Ten minutes later he was ready and steady as if the morning scene never happened, dressed in his yellow dress, eating lunch with her husband.

„What does Mylady want to do today?“ he asked. Yozak smiled.

„How about escaping further? We could buy a cart and head to the honeymoon of our dreams.“ She said as she put her chin into one hand and looked dreamily at her husband.

He smiled gently and placed a hand on her other one lying on the table. „That sounds like a really good idea, love. I’m already looking forward to it.“

„You’re so good to me, anata.“ Their faces came steadily closer, inch by inch.

„Anything for my beloved...“ and they kissed, lips gentle and sweet. But they parted soon, for they had already other plans. They still could return to it later. So they stood up, lord Weller took the travelling bag (which was about to rip apart from their ‚renewed closet‘ – the lord bought new outfits too) and headed down with cautios steps. They came to the reception and placed their keys on the pult. „Here. Thank you for your help. I already thought yesterday that I won’t be able to find a room.“

The man smiled kindly. „For such a gentleman and such a beatifull lady always. But are you sure you want to leave? I don’t have any reservations for the next week.“

The lord smiled. „We would love to stay, but a honeymoon is waiting for us and we’re eager to explore it together.“ They looked into eachothers eyes lovingly and the receptionist smiled.

„Of course. Well then, good luck and again, my best wishes. You look good together. Wonderfull even.“

„Thank you.“ Conrad nodded and his wife said with a gentle smile: „You are very kind to us. Of course we accept your wishes and hope to meet soon.“ She courtsied.

„But say,“ Conrad said „do you by chance know where we could buy a cart?“

Of course he knew and so, with the last goodbyes, they left. They found the carts easily and one caught their attention at once. It looked like a two-wheeler, only it had four wheels. It was open, but it had a shelter over the seats which were clad in red satin. The inside was yellow and the outside lilac. There where it wasn’t painted (f.e. the wheels) one could see it was made of light wood. For sightseeing it was perfect, but it could be used for long journeys too. All in all, it was perfect for the pair. Given that there were rest stations along the road where they could stay overnight. But that shouldn’t be a problem if they stayed on or near the highways. They approached it.

„May your work be honoured, good man.“ The lord greeted the man which seemed to be the owner of the unusual verhicle. He turned to them.

„And may your good hearts be blessed, Mylord, Mylady.“ He bowed to them. „What can I do for you?“

„Is that cart for sale?“

„Yes, of course.“

For a moment the noble pair exchanged looks and understanding passed between them. The lord turned to the man.

„Say good man and what about your service?“

The man looked confused. „I beg your pardon?“

The Lady smiled. „You see, we’re heading for our honeymoon and we would need a vehicle and a guide, servant and driver, the best would be all in one. Do you think you would be interested?“

The man considered as he let his eyes guide from the one to the other and back. Finally he said: „First of all, accept my congratulations. Your offer sounds indeed intersting, but may I ask under what conditions would I serve, if I were to accept?“

Conrad spoke. „You would be our driver and, when it is needed guide and servant for one year, which is the time our honeymoon will last.“

His wife continued. „We plan to journey across the world, through different countries. Of course you would get pin money.“

Conrad spoke again. „And we would pay up at the end of the year. We would discuss the sum then, depending how heavy your work turns out.“

A smile spread across the mans face as he saw that everything was in his favor. He would be safe for a year and would get a say in his payment. And he would be in a very pleasent company of a noble couple. Who was he to refuse?

„Mylord, Mylady, I accept.“

The Lord smiled. „So up untill now, we are Lord and Lady Weller. You may call us Mylady and Mylord too. How shall we call you?“

„My name is Sebastian Schmitz, Mylord, but people call me Bast. Which one you please.“

They shook hands with the lord and he kissed the Ladys hand, which made her spread her fan and wave with it for air. „What a nice man we found.“

„Lord Weller, Lady Weller, your cart is ready.“ He bowed to his new masters and they got in, smiles on their faces. Bast got into the drivers seat (if it has a separate name, please feel free to tell me) and bid the two darkbrown horses. And so they rode off into their future.


So, what do you think? I added Bast because really, a noble pair needs at least one servant on their travell. And a driver too. I didn’t want to give Conrad that job, he needs to be with his ‚beautifull lady’ after all, no? ~_^ But don’t worry if you don’t like oc’s because he’ll be getting only minor roles, such as find a stay, buy something and get pin money for his dismissal from work for the day.

The cottage will come in two or three chapters and the bikini is planned too.

Hope you enjoyed it

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