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Love through Dimensions
The Journal of a Fujoushi
Lord and Lady Weller, part 5 
30th-Sep-2009 10:35 pm
Conrad & Yozak's memories

Name: Lord and Lady Weller

Fandom: Kyou Kara Maou

Pairing: Conzak

Rating: K+ – M/ PG-13 – NC-17

Warnings: yaoi, citrus (mainly lemon), crossdressing (it’s Yozak, damnit!), OC (minor character) and OOC, fluff, romance, ... duh.

Summary: Conrad and Yozak wanted to marry since a long time, but things changed and Yozak is getting impatient. How far is Conrad willing to go in order to keep the one he loves by his side forever?


Disclaimer: I do NOT own Kyou Kara Maou. If I did, it would be censored 18+ and a whole episode would be dedicated to Conrad f*cking Yozak into the matress. And Yuuri would finally marry Wolfram. And so on. Seeing that none of this is happening, I guess Kyou Kara Maou doesn’t belong to me. Sadly. But I’m making plans on seducing the owners and inherit the rights.

So here’s chapter no. 5 I hope you all enjoy it.

Also, since this chapter is long, there will be a big amount of typos, so sorry...

Now feel free to enjoy the story!

White enjoyment

They arrived at the borders of the small town soon and the ways divided., so hesitating where to lead the horses, the new driver of the noble pair turned to the couple and asked. „Where to, Mylord, Mylady?“

The Lord smiled. „Where do you advise us to go?“

The Lady smiled at the puzzled look. „You see, Bast, we didn’t plan our honeymoon. In fact, it wa quiet spontanous and so we really don’t know where to. That’s why we asked you to be our guide too.“

The man thought for a while. „Since it’s late autumn here, I would advise to go to the capital. It’s starting to snow there, but it won’t be that cold. And the capital is beautifull when it’s snowing.“

The Lords looked at eachother. „What do you say, Mylady? Shall we?“

The Lady smiled. „I say we listen to our advisor, anata.“

Conrad nodded and with a smile and a gentle wave of hand he told Bast: „Capital city is it then.“

„As Mylord wishes.“ So Bast bid the horses and they drove off.

Lady Weller looked around. „You know, Mylady, the south of Big Shimaron differs grately to the north. It’s late aurumn and here, on the coast it’s, well not exactly warm, but just enough for this thin dress of mine.“

Lord Weller nodded. „That is so, Mylady.“ Then he leaned forward and whispered into her ear in a tone which ought to be called seductive: „Maybe a bit of positive weather from Shin Makoku?“

Yozak laughed, putting his hand in front of his mouth in a lady-like matter. „Perhaps.“ She said and leaned into the gentle touch of lips on her neck.

They rode the whole day with taking rest every now and then until the sun began to descend on the horizon. They were currently resting at a lake Bast knew and thought that „Mylady could really like it“. And he was right, because sitting there, on a ground she was, her skyblue eyes looking around taking in her surroundings. The small lake was surrounded by trees and the sun was shinig through the leaves casting a play of light and shadow onto the lake, making it shine. She was sure that even if it would be raining, or dark, this place would remain beutifull, in a mysterious way.

„I’ve really never seen such a beautifull place and believe me, I’ve been to many places in my life.“

„Does Mylady like to travell?“ Bast asked and she smiled.

The Lady turned to him. „It’s not that I like to travell. It’s rather that I enjoy freedom.“

Conrad smiled. „If I had to compare Lady Weller to an animal, I would say pigeon. Flying wherever they like, but never forgetting their duties.“

„Duties?“ Bast wondered and the Lady smiled at him. „A woman like me, in my position, has the duty to support her husband in his every decision, in every choice he makes, accompanying him on the path he decided to walk.“ Now Yozak was looking straight into those two honeybrown eyes and his own skyblue held a meaning only Conrad could see. „If it was him, I would follow him everywhere. That’s something I decided long ago. And nothing can make me change that decision. He could throw me from a cliff and I would still be following him, I wouldn’t leave his side. Untill death bonded. That’s the way I chose to go.“

Their eyes held the gaze and Yozak could see that his husbands eyes were shining and as he saw the sad, yet happy, genuine smile, he knew that his husband understood what those words said, what meaning they held.

„My beautifull lady...“ the voice was almost shaking, Yozak could tell and standing up, he smiled as he approached her husband and laid a hand on his face.

„Anata.“ Darling. Husband. Partner. Destined one. That’s what Lord Weller meant to Lady Weller. He laid his hand on his and smiled a smile which was filled with love and greatfullness. The scene was so intimate that it made Bast go red in embarassment and regretfully, clear his voice. The pair almost jumped.

„Oh, my goodness, how thoughtless of us!“ Lady Weller exclaimed as she spread he fan, waving air and hididng a blush on her cheeks.

Lord Weller chuckled. „Why don’t we head back? Also, we’ll check in in the next rest-station and stay for the night. It’s getting dark.“

„Of course, Mylord.“ Bast bowed and so they headed back.

The sun had already set as they arrived at the next rest-station. Lord Weller extended his hand to help his Lady out of the cart, checked in on the reception and gave his last instructions to the servant. „We would like to head off at ten, the latest. Also, here’s your pin money. Get yourself dinner for it.“ He handed him a few coins.

„Mylord.“ Bast bowed. „If I may be so daring, but I would like to point out to you that it will be getting colder since now, so I recommend that you dress into something warmer.“

„Thank you for your concern, we appreciate it and will follow your propose. For today you are dismissed. We shall retreat now.“

„Should I come to wake you up in the morning Mylord?“

„Thank you, but there’s no need to.“ Conrad smiled and Bast bowed again and they both went their ways, Conrad into their room and Bast into the bar. Reaching the door he knocked 3 times to give notice that he was about to enter and opened the door. Lady Weller was sitting in the couch, looking out into the starry sky. As Conrad entered, she turned to him and gave him a smile.


He approached her and sat into the couch next to her. They looked at eachother for a long time. „Do you really feel like that about me?“

The Lady smiled. „I said so, didn’t I? If it was you, I would follow you everywhere. And what happened on the Francshire borders only strenghtens that decision now. It was there that I saw that no matter what, I could always trust you.“


The man snickered. „It’s Lady Weller, anata.“

Conrad smiled. „Mylady.“

„That’s more like it.“ She smiled and stood. „Now, if you excuse me, I’ll go take a bath. I’m tired after the long day.“

„As mylady wishes.“

„Mylord is so kind.“

„Because I love you.“

They smiled at eachother for a few seconds and then Lady Weller headed to the bathroom. They spent the night quietly and point ten, after a good breakfest, they stood in front of their cart, ready to travell further. Bast was already waiting for them. „Mylord, Mylady. I wish you a good morning.“

„You too, Bast. How long do you think it will take us to reach the capital?“

„If we ride like yesterday, we should be there some time afternoon.“

„That quickly?“ Lady Weller, dressed in a thick red dress, exclaimed.

Bast nodded. „Yes, ma’am. After all, nobody has such a good horses than I.“ And with that he patted the two greyish horses. The Lady smiled.

„Well then...“ Her husband helped her in and so they rode off again, into the new day. The further they got, the more colder grew the weather. Even if it still wasn’t chilly, it was recomended to put on warm clothes. Lord and Lady Weller followed that recomendation. The Mylady had a thick red dress with a white collar which was held together by a golden pin in the shape of a leaf and a white turtleneck undershirt, to shich an onyx was attached. At the hip was a golden belt shaped into a V with the same onyx in the middle. Matching to it were the black leather gloves, white boots and a red hat with a feather held by a golden leaf with an attached onyx on it. One accessoires was the fur of a white fox dangling losely on the neck. Lord Weller had a simple, long, white-ish brown, thick coat, equaly white boots and a lilac shirt. He also held a black walking stock held by hands gloved in white cotton. The warm clothes proved to be good use as around noon it started snowing. Upon spotting the white dots floating gently in the air, Lady Weller extended her hand, letting them land on it. „Is this...“ she looked around.

„Yes.“ The voice of Lord Weller was quiet in the gentle breeze. „It’s snowing.“

„I never would’ve imagined that snow could be this beautifull. The snow that I knew was cold and merciless.“

„I guess so. But that’s past you, past us. All we can do is enjoy and cherish these time we were given the chance to live.“

The Lady smiled. „You’re probably right.“ She closed the still outstretched palm where the snow already melted to a tiny puddle of water. „It’s past us.“ As they smiled at eachother Lord Weller leaned forward and captured tha ladys lips with his in a gentle kiss. When they parted their eyes met. „It’s all past us and we have eachother now and nothing stands in our way. It’s just you, I, this carriage and our new servant. And a few clothes.“

The Lord laughed. „You mean that stuffed bag?“ for a few seconds there was silence between them untill the Lord spoke again. „I love you, my beautifull lady.“ And he kissed her hand.

„I love you too, my kindhearted lord.“ She smiled.

They didn’t even notice that the time passed and it was already around four o’clock as Bast announced from the drivers seat: „We’re arriving at capital city, Your Lordships.“

They passed the gates without problems and the began to search for a place where they could stay. They found one little hotel soon enough, on the main street, directly on the promenade of the city. They parked the cart and checked in. One of the hotel servants brought their bag into their room, to which a small room for the servant(s) was attached. The Lady nodded in approval and the Lord plucked back the curtains to create a view of the outside world covered in white. A small fireplace was in one of the corners of the room and Bast didn’t hesitate to put some coal in and light it. The room was not small, but also not large. It could be described as cozy with the red carpet and carved furniture. The bed looked soft and beckoning too.

Lady Weller smiled. „I think we can stay here a bit longer, does Mylord agree with me?“ with that she turned to her husband, who with a smile nodded.

„I think so too. It looks like a nice place. To spend here a week or two would be surely nice.“ He looked outside. „The scenery is beautifull too.“ He turned to their servant. „So for the week this should be enough pin money.“ He handed him two golden coins and Sebastian looked stunned. „Mylord, I can’t accept this. It’s too much.“ Conrad shook his head. „You have been a good service until now, you deserve it. Keep it up.“

Sebastian bowed deeply. „Mylord is very grascious.“

That earned him a smile. „You can go now. For this day you are dismissed. You deserve that much.“

Bast bowed once again and left with that to his own room. Mylady watched him and as he closed the door, she turned to her husband saying. „I think we chose good.“

Conrad smiled. „I think so too. He’s been faring well so far and he proves to be a pleasent company, pointing this and that out to us. For example that lake.“

Lady Weller nodded. „He knows his homeland.“

„So do we.“ He smiled at her and she chuckled, then looked outside.

„It’s already dark...“ she went to the window and looked out. „But it’s beautifull, with all the snow glistening in the streetlights, don’t you think?“

Conrad went to stand next to his wife and nodded. „Yes, it is.“

„Maybe we could go for a walk.“

„Sounds good.“

„Do you think I should put my coat on?“

„I don’t think there’s need to. But take that fox fur, gloves and your hat.“

The lady nodded. So they put on everything needed to keep themselves warm and Conrad knocked on the servants room, then entered.


„I and Lady Weller wish to take a walk. Take care of things in our absence.“

„As Mylord wishes.“

He smiled. „That was all. Now feel free to enjoy yourself.“ With that he left the room and with it a stunned Sebastian Schmitz. He offered his arm to the fine womand and they went outside together.

The streets were really beautifull and since it wasn’t chilly, one could enjoy their walk. It was still snowing and the streetlights painted the little flocks a golden color. A nearby restaurant had open and had even chairs outside, if anybody would like to enjoy their meals in the brisk evening air, but with the wonderfull view of the shining street. They had a very pleasent walk and a surprise waited for them on one of the corners.

„Lord Weller?“ Conrad turned around and looked at the man who greeted them. He didn’t recognize him on first sight, but a second later he remembered.

„Lord Kelly!“

„Mylord?“ Yozak still hooked into his arm asked. Conrad turned to him.

„Mylady, this is Lord Kelly an army commander. I met him while I served under His Majesty Belal and later under His Majesty Lanzhil.“

„I see.“

Then Conrad turned to Lord Kelly again. „Lord Kelly, this is my wife, Lady Weller.“

The Lady turned to the middle-aged man. „It’s a pleasure to meet you Mylord.“ She said it with a smile but Conrad could feel that Yozak was very cautios as Kelly proceeded to kiss the Ladys hand and said „The pleasure is on my side, Mylady.“

Then he straightened and turned to Conrad. „What business brings you to Big Shimaron Lord Weller, if I may ask.“

„I and Lady Weller are enjoying our honeymoon travelling around the world.“

„My congratulations Mylord, Mylady.“

„Thank you sire.“ Yozak courtsied.

„I apologize deeply, but I’m in a hurry, so if you excuse me...“

„We wouldn’t dare to interrupt your business.“ Conrad said.

„Of course. However, I would like to continue this pleasent meeting another time, if Your Lordships have time. I would want to invite you to my house in this city.“

Exchanging short looks with his husband, Lady Welelr turned to the soldier. „We would love to visit you. Just say, when would be the best time.“

„You choose, Mylady.“

„Basically, we have time anytime now. We don’t have plans. Whatever spontanously crosses our way, we do.“

„If that is so, then how about the day after tomorrow, at noon? I would invite you to lunch.“

Conrad inclined his head. „That would be fine.“

„Well then, the day after tomorrow is it then. Should I send a cart for you?“

„Thank you, but there’s no need to.“ Conrad said with a smile.

Lord Kelly inclined his head. „Well then, please excuse me, Mylord, Mylady.“ He bowed in a military manner to Conrad, kissed Yozaks hand again and went to do whatever business he had.

Yozak followed him with his eyes until he disappeared in the crowd, then turned to Conrad. „Who was that sir?“

„His name is Lord Fritz Kelly. He is a commander of Big Shimarons army. As I served here ee had the same rank and got relatively good along. He was loyal to Belal, even though their opinions dissented often. He is a man of honor.“

„So how come that he speaks with a traitor?“

Conrad smirked. „I told you we got along. Actually, as I ‚returned‘ to Lanzhil, he approached me and asked me why I did it. I managed to blurt an answer out of me. I don’t think he believed me, but he understood that I had my reasons. That was enough. And as for why he speaks with me now...he didn’t like Lanzhil, said that he is a fool without honor, so I assume he completely understands my ‚betrayal‘. At least that’s what I think.“

Yozak nodded. „I’m already anticipating the day after tomorrow.“ He spread his fan and waved a bit air towards himself. „He is definitely an interesting man.“

Conrad snickered. „Should I be getting jealous?“

Yozak smirked. „Maybe...“

Conrad chuckled. „You’re really incredible at times, My fair Lady.“

„Why, Mylord is flattering me...“ he waved with his fan more quickly and ‚fought the blush creeping into his face‘. But Conrad noticed the breath which came now in visible puffs of air out of his wifes nose and mouth.

„Perhaps we should return to the hotel. Mylady seems cold.“

Lady Weller claped he fan back and smiled. „I guess I am a little.“

„Then we really shall return now.“

The Lady nodded. „As Mylord wishes.“

And with his wifes arm hooked into his, Lord Weller led the way back to their hotel.


So, whad‘ya think? I guess we could see it coming, no? They’re in the capital, where the soldiers and commanders of Big Shimaron center around the king. And I thought I’ll put this in. If anybody wants to know the appearence: I’m imagining the man with the long black hair and closed eyes, but it isn’t necessary. If you want to imagine anybody else, I’m the last one who would stop you.

That should be all from my side. Questions? Criticism? Compliments? Reviews?

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